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May 20,  2021

BEEF STOCK Restaurant by Sazar Design

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BEEF STOCK Restaurant

BEEF STOCK Restaurant



Established in 2013, Sazar Design is a creative firm which is firmly committed to the scientific art of interior design. Its expert team of engineers and designers are constantly striving to further their understanding and knowledge of this immersive and all-encompassing field, so they can help their clients achieve their dreams in creating the perfect environment for the mind, body and soul.

From interiors and exteriors, residential homes to commercial buildings and offices, Sazar Design is dedicated to enhancing the environment of a given area or building to create a healthier, more aesthetically-pleasing space. Its mission is to provide its clients to creative concepts, high-quality design, beauty, and flawless execution.

By making sure that each project is tailored to each individual clients taste, requirement and budget, Sazar Design ultimately creates a bespoke end result which is every bit as unique and individual as their clients. This was why the owners of Beef Stock restaurant in Saudi Arabia knew exactly who to turn to.

They were looking for a restaurant design which was able to combine luxury with an exuberant, American-style atmosphere. After consulting with the clients, Sazar Design set to work and with an innovative use of colour, lighting, furnishings and indoor planting, gave Beef Stock restaurant a unique, fresh, contemporary look which made it the perfect go-to place for relaxed but stylist American dining, exactly as the client wanted.

This made it a clear winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Commercial Interior Design for the project Beef Stock restaurant in Saudi Arabia.

This project clearly shows the vision of Sazar Design, which is to deliver interior design concepts with a world-class service. It takes pride in the fact that it listens closely to what its clients are looking for with each project, working with them side-by-side from the start of the project to completion, and making sure that every detail is considered and executed to the best of the ability of its expert teams of designers and engineers.

Clients who contact Sazar Design are first given an extensive consultation before deciding whether to move onto the commissioning of the project, as the company believes it is crucial to have the time and space to consider the various ideas and options open to them. Taking the time to debate all the possibilities at the very start of the project is the best way to ensure that the end result is exactly what the client was hoping for ““ and hopefully even surpass expectations.


BEEF STOCK Restaurant

BEEF STOCK Restaurant



BEEF STOCK Restaurant

BEEF STOCK Restaurant





Using a whole range of the very latest in interior design techniques including 3D design technology as well as more intimate methods such as mood boards, plans and detailed drawing, Sazar Design is able to clearly show the myriad of possibilities to each client.

Whether it is changing the mood of a room thanks to lighting, innovative use of colour or using custom-made furniture, Sazar Design´s experts are on hand to convey the rich tapestry of design tools including Feng Shui. In large spaces landscaping can transform an environment and Sazar Design will supply a fully-qualified visiting site supervisor who, during the course of the works, will take full control of the interior package for the project.

By guiding and working closely with its clients, Sazar Design is able to create truly unique projects which bring to life exactly what the client had only been able to dream of ““ until now.









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March 18,  2021

Evelyn Hendrich

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The European luxury real estate market always has something special to offer for those who want to buy or sell upscale properties. However, it is essential to have a trustworthy person who will be a reliable intermediary not only in search of available variants but also will help to find the ideal deal based on the client’s personalized requirements.

The ability to combine extensive experience with careful attention to the expectations of each customer allows Hendrich Real Estate GmbH to be one of the leaders in its field for a decade and become the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Real Estate Brokers in Austria.

The real estate agency Hendrich Real Estate GmbH was founded over ten years ago by Evelyn Hendrich in Vienna. With a Master’s degree in Science for Real Estate Valuation and Management at the Vienna University of Technology, she had sufficient competence and ambition to establish her own company for the brokerage of luxury properties. Long-standing successful work experience with upscale properties gives Ms. Hendrich and her team the grounds to guarantee the best results for each customer.

The high standards of work to which Hendrich Real Estate GmbH adheres are based on a balance between impeccable service quality at every stage and a client-oriented approach. The team’s commitment and dedication to making the clients’ vision a reality ensured its impeccable reputation and was one of the arguments for the positive decision of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards committee.

Each real estate transaction made by Hendrich Real Estate GmbH is an example of an individual approach to the requirements of the transaction participants and a passion for searching and finding the best solutions in the slightest detail. Whether you are looking for an exquisite property to buy, sell a historic mansion, or are contemplating an investment in luxury real estate in the most exquisite locations in Austria or Europe, the company’s experts will be your reliable assistants in achieving your goals.





Hendrich Real Estate GmbH is best known for beautiful villas and city residences in and around Vienna and castles all over Austria, but the types of luxury properties that can be purchased through the company include villas, castles, chalets, penthouses, chateaux, wineries, lakeside properties and farmhouses in the most demanded regions in Europe – the choice is limited only by the client’s wishes

If the client does not have the time or opportunity for an independent search, the company’s specialists become his full representatives in the search and purchase process. Evelyn Hendrich and her professional team will take care of the market overview, comprehensive advice on the selection before the purchase, and full support after the purchase.
Owners of exclusive properties for sale and luxury properties for investment can count on the Hendrich Real Estate GmbH full support in assessing market value and finding the ideal buyer or investor. Cooperation with the company opens prospects for international marketing of the premium modern and historical real estate for sale and investment in Austria, Italy, France, Spain, and Switzerland.

The company also has the support of a network of experts on any specialized topics. It allows Hendrich Real Estate GmbH to provide comprehensive support in all aspects related to the purchase or sale of high-end real estate.









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February 10,  2021

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Utopia Naiharn

Utopia Karon



The ability to see new opportunities where no one else sees them, the willingness to stand up for your position and defend your vision until you win, the strength to go from nothing to completion, and to benefit so many people – that is the way of the leaders and winners.

This is the way of Utopia Corporation, this year’s winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Phuket, Thailand. The company has built and created an ideal living environment in a number of luxury residential properties in prime locations in Phuket. Utopia Karon, one of these properties, has also been recognized as the LLA winner in the category of The Best Luxury Residential Development in Phuket.

Utopia Corporation was established in 2015, having seen the huge investment potential of Phuket, with the goal of solving the fragmentation of the services and offerings on the island by creating a masterplan that would integrate all its businesses harmoniously. The company has shown high efficiency, and today it is the largest real estate developer on the “island of beaches.”

Utopia Corporation is a real estate group with extensive expertise in the development of condominiums, villas, hotels, entertainment facilities, and housing. It provides a wide range of services, among which architectural and interior design, construction, hotel operation and management, tourism services, financial and investment services for real estate and rental management. However, the company goes beyond the usual real estate development company, providing comprehensive support in matters of investment and at all stages of cooperation, from project planning to aftercare service. Such full support is the privilege of all Utopia Corporation clients, including corporate and individual investors, real estate buyers, temporary residents, and tourists.


Utopia Karon

Utopia Naiharn


Utopia Karon

Utopia Karon



Currently, the company has 10 projects on the island of Phuket. The fifth of these projects is Utopia Karon, a condominium complex designed to resemble a 5-star hotel. The property is located on the top of a prime hill, just 800 meters from Karon Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. The magnificent location provides breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea. Utopia Karon offers 238 one- and two-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 33 to 68 square meters. 1-bedroom apartments have a spacious living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and a large outdoor terrace with a jacuzzi. Owners of 2-bedroom apartments enjoy two en suite bedrooms, a separate dining room, and a terrace with a jacuzzi.

Utopia Karon, like any other Utopia Corporation development project, is a unique property whose maintenance and support continues even after the sale. Investors continue to enjoy all the benefits that visitors to 5-star hotels enjoy. Utopia Karon services include 24-hour reception, 24-hour security, a world-class restaurant, a stunning mountain top pool, and room services. Property investors are guaranteed an annual return of investment, free stays per year at any Utopia Hotel, as well as a beach shuttle bus service and shuttle service connecting all Utopia Corporation projects in Phuket.










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February 10,  2021

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Think of modularity and prefabrication and you may conjure up images of ‘off the peg’ mass produced products, but defining this clever construction mode into the luxury market has seen HYPERLINK “https://casasinhaus.com/” inHAUS become a leader in providing the convenience of kit build to the luxury market.


Located in Spain, the inHAUS team provide a unique service for new build homes that are created in their design studios before being shipped to discerning homeowners around the world. Pushing the boundaries of modular design has resulted in a competitive and time efficient solution for the high-end residential sector. Their extensive knowledge of best practices, technical design and an enviable relationship with key suppliers has seen their growth to a global specialist in luxury modular home design.

Modular building techniques lend themselves particularly well to the luxury market as clients can choose, define and create their dream homes facilitated by the professional know-how of an on-hand team of architects, designers, technicians. Whereas traditional new build processes rely on multiple trades at all stages, the inHAUS team are able to provide an all-encompassing, 360o service, from initial discussions with clients through to designing and installing an efficient luxury home. This easy approach has made modular and prefabrication attractive to the high-end residential market who can choose from over 111 pre-established designs and tailor them to suit their lifestyles and family.

Initial consultations look at the demands of the new owner; from understanding their dream home to identifying issues such as energy efficiency, citing and future proofing. Once clients are happy with their chosen design the inHAUS team put to work their skilled team to source, create and build. But their work doesn’t stop at the structural phase. A team of specifiers and interior designers make it possible for homeowners to define their home right down to the fixtures and fittings, bespoke kitchens and technology. All homes come with the luxury essentials such as air-conditioning, kitchen and wardrobe elements.

The multiple benefits of modular design mean that projects are created that are true to their original concept. Whether that is remaining within a fixed budget to providing a timely turnaround without any nasty surprises, the inHAUS team are on hand throughout the process.






Examples of their work can be seen throughout the globe and include properties such as the use of their Manacor model in Ibiza. This delightful home maximises the use of light and allows users to take advantage of panoramic views over the Mediterranean and pine forests. Adapted to fit perfectly with the owners plot, its calming design provides the ideal retreat from the city noise and crowds.

Modular design lends itself perfectly to the desirable cantilever looks of modern homes. An example from the inHAUS team is the Rivas model used for a plot in Tarragona. The project had to take into consideration a long plot but needed to create the space for family and living areas. This two-floor modular build features two blocks that work together to maximise space while providing the aesthetics associated with a luxury home and interior.

In addition to the main home spaces inHAUS can design and create swimming pool areas. Previously, homeowners would have to engage with a separate company to create leisure facilities such as swimming pools. Providing a full service means that inHAUS can create a home and outside space that complement each other and work as a whole aesthetic, from small plunge pools to family friendly or entertaining areas, outside spaces are carefully configured to match the requirements of the owners and to work with the home rather than an after-thought.

It was this dedication to creating an all-inclusive luxury build project that caught the eye of the HYPERLINK “https://luxurylifestyleawards.com/”  Luxury Lifestyle Awards  team who have awarded inHAUS with the highly sought after title of The Best Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Spain 2020. Representing a growing demand for discerning homes that minimalize the opportunity for build delays or the need for exhausting sourcing, homeowners can truly demand a bespoke home with the convenience of modular build practices.