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May 20,  2021

(R) Portrait of Alex LEUZINGER






Cala Del Sol – Ibiza

Cala Del Sol – Ibiza



Luxury comes in many forms and has no ready-made standard solutions. Individual dreams of comfort, beauty, and functionality, brought to perfection, go far beyond basic needs. But they allow you to experience hedonistic lifestyles as an ideal form of interaction between your vision with the distinct and creative approach of professionals who are able to put them into execution

And when it comes to architecture and design, such professionals are Studioforma, this year´s Multiple Winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the categories of The Best Luxury Architect Studio in Switzerland and The Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware for “PAM chair ” in Switzerland.

The story of the premium architecture company Studioforma began in 2002 when two young architects, Alex Leuzinger and his former business partner, became business partners and founded their own globally operating architecture and design studio. Both of them received their professional education at the prestigious Swiss university for science and technology ETH Zurich. During their productive collaboration, the partners built a team of top professionals and created an impressive portfolio of architecture, retail interior, and furniture design projects.

Several years later, Alex Leuzinger bought out his business partner’s share and became the sole owner of Studioforma. Today, he and his team continue to successfully develop the company, confirming its leading status in the field of luxury architecture and design in Switzerland and worldwide. For nearly 20 years, this team of passionate and experienced architects, interior architects, planners, and designers has taken a holistic approach to creating spaces and objects that perfectly meet the needs of the company’s affluent clients.

Studioforma’s extensive experience includes innovative architectural projects (design and construction of buildings from scratch, restoration of existing buildings, reconstruction of facades, expansion of buildings, preservation of historic buildings), interior design, development of spaces for retail (including concepts for famous luxury brands Swarovski, Hugo Boss, Hublot, etc.). When working on each project, the Studioforma team puts the client’s vision at the forefront. Taking the client’s wishes as a basis, the company creates and shapes properties and objects that meet the highest standards of precision and perfection, but the main criterion remains the client’s ultimate satisfaction with the result.

The company’s DESIGNLAB is a workspace where the boldest creative ideas for creating products that combine technological innovation and craftsmanship are embodied. The list of DESIGNLAB’s works includes projects on the creation of designer lighting devices, household items, headphones, and furniture.


Neo-Gothic Villa Umbau-Arnhold

Schulz Apartment Renovation


Schulz Final

Nuolen Pegasus Phoenix



One of Studioforma’s most outstanding projects was the PAM chair, a piece of furniture developed in collaboration with Italian manufacturer Meroni & Colzani and presented at Milan Design Week 2016. The PAM chair was highly acclaimed by the design industry and received high praise from the expert committee of Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

The collection includes handmade wooden tubular chairs, armchairs, chaise longue, and sofas imitating the structure of a palm leaf. Made of oak, the pieces are characterized by their impeccable finish and slender, feminine silhouette. The PAM chairs have a curved, organic shape, with the seat and back merging seamlessly into one. The chair creates a sense of relaxation and well-being and is the perfect solution for luxury residential spaces, modern restaurants, and tropical hotels.








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March 18,  2021

Copyright Photos : Hammond International Properties






High-end luxury property owners as well as buyers of such prestigious private estates require something extra when it comes to servicing their real estate needs. Discretion, efficiency, expert legal counsel and of course, pristine property options in global hotspots are a must. The likes of which, Hammond International Properties, is identified as being the ultimate go-to professional in this market segment. So much so, they’ve recently been awarded The Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Canada, 2021, by the highly acclaimed Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

The company was founded 28 years ago by Jerry Hammond, with the purpose of creating a dynamic marketing and referral platform for luxury homeowners. They connect distinguished clientele, and provide access to prime real estate and luxury homes on the market. Significant business development support is given to their agents, being pivotal to their overall success.

Their online functionality gives homeowners instant access to available properties within their respective lifestyle interests, property type and search criteria, making it easy to get to what you’re after. Pairing the right buyer with the right seller within the global luxury property market is their expertise.

After almost three decades in business, their name is renown and synonymous with high-nett-worth property transactions. Enlisting a prestigious property for sale with them will instantly set it apart, as buyers recognise the superlative standards that Hammond are all about. Sellers can be rest assured that their portfolio will be promoted to qualified buyers through a world-class marketing effort. Their sale strategies include global, national and local audience targeting, making sure your property gets in front of the right people, no matter where in the world they are.





Marketing luxury properties is an art and a science combined, and it takes careful consideration, evaluation, presentation and closing techniques. These niche skills are what Hammon Properties International focuses on with a deep commitment to seeing through the desired outcome.

Their signature approach is in recognising that your home is a unique luxury brand. They set about to get to the essence of what your property is all about, and masterfully narrating that story in its marketing presentation. This strategy aligns with the latest neuro-marketing methodologies, as it connects with clients on an emotional level. This means your property is memorable, distinctive and desirable – a winning sales combination.

Otherwise described as their ‘white glove’ marketing service, here is a breakdown of the different stages:

• Stage 1: Market Intelligence and Value Assessment Report
A thorough market analysis is performed, whereby the recent sale figures of properties within your local neighbourhood and specs are captured. This supports a realistic and professional valuation of your property.

• Stage 2: Complimentary Exterior and Interior Design Report
Prior to publishing your listing, a complete aesthetic review of your property is conducted. This home styling service ensures your property is optimised for maximum saleability.

• Stage 3: Communicating the Brand
After developing your property’s luxury brand, we start putting together the marketing components, positioning your home favourably amongst its biggest competitors. Their exclusive marketing strategies are evidently proven to be the most effective and powerful in communicating their message, which include social and digital platforms. • Stage 4: Presenting the Brand
To align with your property’s luxury brand, the Hammond International Properties Associates are professionally presented in sophisticated attire. They display discretion, composure and strong ethics in the marketing of your home.
• Stage 5: White-Glove Responsiveness
This relates to the service homeowners receive – and they remain available by call, SMS or email to assist you. Should they be unable to respond immediately, they commit to doing so within one hour from making contact (during operating hours). • Stage 6: Delivery Of Your Home To The Buyer
Once the new home is ready to be lived in, Hammond International Properties will arrange a comprehensive cleaning service for both the interior and exterior of the property, ensuring immaculate standards are maintained. This is an entirely complimentary service, and even includes mowing of the lawn and turning the garden beds.
A most fitting accolade from the Luxury Lifestyle Awards – Hammond International Properties is indeed The Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Canada!







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February 10,  2021

Copyright Photos : Luxury 778 Ltd



Chalet in Zermatt

Chalet in Zermatt


Mansion in Crans-Montana

Mansion in Crans-Montana




Purchasing luxury real estate in one of the most magnificent places on earth is a transaction in which two parties, the seller and the buyer, play key roles. However, a huge responsibility falls on the shoulders of a third party, the companion, who takes care of making sure that the old and new homeowners are happy in the process and at the end of the transaction.

The real estate agent should become not just a broker but also a mentor and sometimes a trusted friend who will consider all the needs of both parties and lead them to the desired results. Such mentors are the dedicated specialists of Luxury 778 Ltd, this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Switzerland.

Real estate agency for ultra-high-net-worth individuals Luxury 778 Ltd was founded in 2012, but the idea of the company and the formation of the network arose long before that. The founders of the agency are father and son, Stefan and Daniel Ittig. Both came to this with a solid background in real estate under their belt. Stefan Ittig has over 40 years’ experience in building and remodeling homes, and Daniel has worked in architectural offices for 14 years, most of which were related to high-end real estate.

Stefan supported his son’s idea of starting their own company. They became business partners, managed to combine an innovative approach with an in-depth knowledge of the industry and offer distinguished clients from around the world a unique and comprehensive range of services for the sale of luxury real estate in the most attractive regions of Switzerland.


Chalet in Zermatt

Chalet in Zermatt


Mansion in Crans-Montana

Mansion in Crans-Montana



The productive cooperation between the members of the Luxury 778 Ltd team quickly began to yield results. Billionaires began to join the list of satisfied clients, and the company’s portfolio always features luxury properties in the picturesque mountain and lake regions of Switzerland, which you won’t find anywhere else. And if you need to sell or buy a luxury property in an exclusive area of Switzerland, you can also appreciate the benefits of working with Luxury 778 Ltd right now.

As a seller, you will have the assurance of your home’s safety, as Luxury 778 Ltd thoroughly checks each potential buyer by a rigorous qualification process before viewing the house. Therefore, only those few people who will be really interested in buying your property, and not the crowds of people who just want to look or even have more malicious intentions, will get into your home.

If you are the buyer, the experts at Luxury 778 Ltd will get to know your wishes for your new home and use all their resources to make your dream of the perfect home a reality. With a minimum of time and effort, you will find what you are looking for. On average, clients of Luxury 778 Ltd find their dream home in 1-3 viewings.

Given these factors, the company’s impeccable reputation among clients and industry professionals is recognised. As connoisseurs of services of the highest quality, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts have carefully studied the activities of Luxury 778 Ltd and appreciated the agency’s achievements.

With a passion for luxury, the team at Luxury 778 Ltd surrounds each client with care and attention not only while looking for a home. The new homeowners can count on assistance in getting to know the new place of residence, its surroundings, advice on all questions related to the property, as well as in matters of repairs and construction works.









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January 19,  2021

Copyright Photos : Évolur







Parenting is an exciting journey that comes with its unique set of responsibilities – your child’s safety and comfort topping that list. While you want the best of everything for your little one, be it experiences or products; you’ve got to make sure that you’re making the right choices. Creating an environment for your kids to grow and thrive in is a great responsibility for parents.

Evolur products are designed to help parents create safe, top-quality, magical spaces for their kids throughout their growing years. This year, the brand évolur has won the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Kid Beds in the World.

Evolur is a part of the DOM Family, one of the largest and most trusted baby care brands across the United States of America. The brainchild of two brothers, Mark and Joey Srour, who opened a small baby products retail store in Brooklyn, New York in 1988, Evolur has, along with their team of industry experts, always strived to innovate and provide their customers with top-notch products and a stress-free buying experience. Their hard work and dedication have helped the company expand into five different brands – Evolur, Dream On Me, Sweetpea Baby, Slumber Baby, and Kidiway.

The common thread that ties all DOM Family brands together is the desire to create a wide range of quality products that meet the needs of families and be a complete baby care solution for parents across the continent. They design and manufacture everything from cribs to bassinets, walkers, highchairs, strollers, toddler beds, and many more products. Evolur is the DOM Family’s luxury brand, which designs and manufactures premium 5-in-1 convertible cribs, nursery collections, gliders, rocking chairs, strollers, high chairs, crib mattresses, and rugs. It was Evolur’s focus on safety, attention to detail, and their refined craftsmanship that caught the attention of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts.






Evolur upholds the concept of affordable luxury and aims to offer premium quality, safe, and thoughtfully designed products for dream nurseries. For over 30 years, the brand has been designing products that provide a seamless mix of form and function, providing long-term value to families across the United States.

It would be safe to say that nursery products by Evolur have great customer satisfaction rates. A large customer base, including celebrities, prefer these stylish and exquisite high-quality products to furnish their nurseries. They are attracted by the handcrafted design details, exclusive finishes, and long-term convertibility. The cribs are designed to transform into stylish toddler beds, day beds, and full-size beds with a headboard & footboard.

Each of the Evolur furniture collections is designed to evolve with the kid from the infancy to adulthood. They represent a perfect blend of impeccable quality and innovative design with luxurious versatility. The convertible cribs have three mattress height adjustment features to lower the mattress as the child begins to sit or stand. The beds have a strong and sturdy wood construction to ensure long and reliable performance for your little one’s comfort.

Each of the cribs is thoroughly tested by independent laboratories for compliance with all US and Canadian bedding regulations. Striving to make the safest products for the nursery, Evolur designers and engineers create beds according to the highest standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), and American Society for testing and materials (ASTM).