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November 20,  2019 @ Automobile Club De France

The Demand is growing for High-Quality Content and New User Experiences, with some Specific Trends in the Society and Businesses: Media Convergence, Social Media, Widespread Use of Mobile Devices, Broadband Internet Penetration, increasing Computing Power, the Consumption of Content anywhere, anytime and on any Device.

JÉRÔME DONCIEUX Co-Founder & CEO Relaxnews


While some Branding Trends are abandoned as fast as they appear, leading with a Social Conscience is Evergreen. Today, Consumers want to believe that Companies care about the same Causes they do. According to the 2018 Edelman Earned Brand Report, 64% of Consumers Worldwide are “Belief-Driven Buyers.” Modern Brands need to demonstrate that they put People before Profit to increase Trust and Loyalty… Digital Marketing World has predicted that by 2021, 13% of all Internet Traffic will consist of Live Video. And that is just one chunk of the whole Video Gamut….Always remember: People don’t need Brands, Brands need People. You need to build Authentic, Personal Relationships with Customers rather than just trying to sell to them.

 In the past 25 years, the Journalistic Sphere has gone through Radical Changes and Transformations, progressively adapting to the Contemporary Global Trends in News‐Making. Traditional Understanding of Journalism as a Profession has changed significantly, mostly due to the fact that Digital Media Environment has brought new Opportunities but also Challenges related to the Journalistic Practice.

Was held on November 20, 2019 (Automobile Club de Paris) a Summit with the Theme “The Content & Motion Talk”.

* Introduction : Louis Desanges (President Automobile Club de France) & Jérôme Doncieux (Co-Founder & CEO Relaxnews)

* Keynote : Bruno Patino (Editorial Director of Arte, Author of the Book “La Civilisation du Poisson rouge : Petit Traité sur le Marché de l’Attention” Grasset Editions)

* Panel “Strategic Trends: Content, a Key Driver of Value for the future of the Auto Industry?” with Frédéric Bedin (President of Hopscotch & Co-Founder of the “Paris Motion Festival”), Tom Betts (Chief Data Officer Financial Times), Alexandra Montaron (Head of Strategic Planning Relaxnews), Laurent Rossi (SVP Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer, Groupe Renault)

* Keynote “Product Trends, which Media & Service Innovations to make a differrence?” with Franck Louis-Victor (New Media’s Services Innovations DIrector, Groupe Renault)

* Panel “Editorial Challenges: Content at the Heart of this Revolution?” with Antoine Baduel (CEO & Owner, Radio FG), Thierry Cammas (President, Viacom International Media Networks France), Sophie de Sivry (Director, Editions L’Iconoclaste), Frédéric Jouve (Director of Programs and Music, France Bleu), Charlotte Pudlowski (Co-Founder, Louie Media), Maurice Szafran (Editorial Director, Groupe Challenges)

* Panel “Economic Challenges;,which Offer and Business Model to create Value?” with Guillaume Devauchelle (Group Innovation and Scientific Development Vice-President Valeo), Catherine Krokos (International Content Marketing Consultant Countnt.Biz), Alexandre Menard (Senior Partner McKinsey & Company)

* Conclusion “France & Europe at the Forefront?” with François Renard (EVP, Chief Marketing Officer Groupe Renault) 


Closing speech by JÉRÔME DONCIEUX



An increasing number of Businesses are starting to adopt the Platform Business model and its Digital Strategies in order to remain Competitive. This digitally based New Economy, utilizing these Online Frameworks, has been given a Variety of Names, that are often interchangeably used. To name a few examples, it is frequently labelled as ‘the Creative Economy’, the ‘Sharing Economy’, the ‘Gig Economy’, or the ‘Peer Economy’. Traditional Linear Business Models create Value through creating Products and Services that are sold to a Customer. Platform based Business Models on the other hand, create their Value by connecting Users (both Consumers and Producers) on an Online Network.

Value Drivers will make a Company’s Products seem better than its Competitors’. By creating as many Value Drivers as possible, a Company can boost its Leverage on the Marketplace. They will further influence Consumers to purchase that Product. These provide Products with Distinguishable Traits that Companies can use to make their Respective Products more Desirable in the eyes of the Consumer. To continuously add Value to Products and Services, Businesses should constantly be monitoring the Market so that they can be the first to take advantage of Changes in Demand and Consumer Behavior. Value Driver’s do not have to directly relate to a Product. Something such as a Reputation of having great Customer Service can be a Value Driver for a Company.


Franck LOUIS-VICTOR – Renault Group

Panel “Editorial Challenges:…”

Panel “Economic Challenges:…”

Panel “Economic Challenges…”


Louis DESANGES PDt Automobile Club de France

Louis DESANGES PDt Automobile Club de France

F. RENARD EVP Dir. Mark. World Renault Group

Closing speech by JÉRÔME DONCIEUX










November 07,  2019 @ Hotel FAUCHON – Paris







 Aubade is by far the number one Luxury Lingerie Designer in France. Aubade has a long History that spans back to 1875 with the Foundation of a Corset and Girdle Company that would later be acquired in 1958 by the Pasquier Family, the Creators of Aubade…. Seduction on the Skin. Inspired by Courtly Love, the name Aubade itself implies Seduction in French. Sophisticated. Dangerous. Risqué. Dominant. All these Words & more spring to mind when you think of Aubade. With its Stylistic Audacity and Stunning Photography, the Brand empowers Women to fully appropriate their Inner Powers of Seduction.

 Despite its Longstanding Presence in France it wasn’t until 1992 that Aubade cemented its Status as the Nation’s Favorite. It was that year that the Brand began its Famous Lessons de Séduction (Lessons in Seduction) ad campaign that propelled it to Center Stage, on every Parisian Billboard and into the Hearts and Imaginations of Millions of French Men and Women. The Lessons in Seduction are so Wildly Popular that they continue up to this Day.


The CALIDA GROUP is a Global Player specializing in Clothing with its Brands CALIDA, AUBADE, MILLET, EIDER, LAFUMA Outdoor, LAFUMA MOBILIER and OXBOW. The CALIDA and AUBADE Brands make the CALIDA GROUP one of the World’s Leading Providers of High-Quality Underwear, Nightwear and Luxury Lingerie. CALIDA and AUBADE are sold in around 70 Countries via High-End Specialty Retailers, Upmarket Department Stores and CALIDA Stores and AUBADE Boutiques.

The Woman provokes Desire and envy with Simple Suggestions that she masters to Perfection. The Word is now Useless, everything depends on the Language of th Body, which finds itself liberated and able to do everything. Transparent Panties, Lace Bodysuits, Light and Playful Fringes, thanks to her Lingerie, all the Seductive Power is once again restored to the Woman, who no longer even needs Words to express her Mood and Desires…. That’s the Language of Aubade.






















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November 4-5-6,  2019


@ Hotel Le Meurice (Paris)











 Creativity, High Technology and Quality: three Requirements of the International Luxury Industry. In the early 90s, Richard David Zaoui regrets not only the Lack of a Business Network but also of a Demonstration involving SMB (worldwide Leading Luxury Suppliers Brands) sharing the same conception of the European Luxury That is why, he imagined in 1994, an Exhibition called “Les Places d’Or” where Profesionals, Clients and Prospects can meet in a Prestigious Area, with a Muted Ambiance in Paris. This Union of Skills bound for perfumery; Jeweler’s; Ready To Wear; Leather; Culinary Arts; Wines and Spirits; Chocolate; Delicatessen and Press… give the Opportunity to regroup in one area Creativity, Realizations and Raw Material…. This Year was the 25th Anniversary and the 15th Edition taking place the 5th, 6th and 7th of November at the Hotel Le Meurice (Paris).

 Luxury and Specialty Packaging is the Design, Research, Development, and Manufacturing of Packaging, Displays, and for Luxury Brands. The Packaging of a Luxury Product is part of the Brand’s Image and Research Shows Consumers are willing to spend more on Products if the Packaging looks appealing and luxurious. As well as adding to the Value of the Product, Luxury Packaging fulfils various other roles; it enhances the Image of the Brand, increases Consumer Engagement through Personalised Packaging, performs a Function, creates Appeal and diversifies the Product…. Globally, the Luxury Packaging Market continues to grow, driven by Global Trends of Personalised Packaging, attention to Sustainability Issues, Economic and Demographic Drivers. .













 The Distinction between Mass-Market and Luxury Products is becoming blurred, prompting Luxury Brands to turn to Innovative Technologies and Strategies to attract Customers to their High-End Goods. According to the Smithers Report The Future of Luxury Packaging to 2022 – the luxury Packaging Market was valued at over $13.77 billion in 2016, with Global Sales Forecast to increase by 3.4% in 2017 to $14.25 billion. In volume terms, a Growth Rate of 2.6% is forecast for 2017, after which the World mMrket is expected to increase by an annual average of 1.3% up to 2022.

The Major Study from Smithers pinpoints the main developments in Technology that are expected to aid Market Growth over the next five years. Among the Four Principal Drivers are:

* Using packaging as a medium to premiumise a product
* Creating a consumer connection via personalised and customised print
* The growing importance of consumers in non-traditional markets
* Engaging with an online sales culture


  LES PLACES D’OR 2019 (Hotel Le Meurice) – Exhibitors’ List 







  • Léna PERRAGUIN – textile Designer


  • (R) LUCIE TOURE – Design textile & papier


  • S/C ATELIER – Marqueterie contemp.



  • EKCELI – Orfèvrerie textile









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November 6, 2019

Sommet du Luxe et de la Création – Augmented Retail Summit

@ Hotel Intercontinental Paris – Le Grand

(L) Laurence SOULOUMIAC & (R) Jacques CARLES


 Le Retrail Augmente Summit Program


Introduction by Laurence SOULOUMIAC (CEO Le Centre du Luxe et de la Création) and later few words from Jacques CARLES (President Centre du Luxe et de la Création). Animated by Patricia MARTIN (Journalist & Producer France Inter).


* Keynote by Jonathan SIBONI (CEO LuxuryInsight) on “World Key Trends and Innovations.”

* Round Table 1: “Strategies, Organizations, Technologies serving the Changing Nature of Retail.”

With Xavier DALLOZ (CEO Xavier Dalloz Consulting), Tony PINVILLE (CEO & Co-Founder Heuritech), Delphine VITRY (Co Founder MAD Network)

* Round Table 2 : “Towards a Revolution of Customer Experience: Augmented Retail serving Humans”
With : Michel CHEVALIER (President Des Parfums Dusita, co-author “Luxury Retail Management”), Anne-Laure de BROISSIA (Senior VP, Head of Luxury Practice PRS In Vivo), Caroline EGAL (Senior Director, Deputy Head of Luxury Practice PRS In Vivo), Antoinette LEMENS (CEO LEMENS & Partners).

Hotel Intercontinental Paris – Le Grand


To do that, they rely more and more on Digital Technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, which are helping them in redesigning Customer Engagement Techniques through Data Analytics. In this Path between the Old and the New, they are facing Customers’ Increasing Sensitivity towards Privacy but are trying to convert it into an Opportunity to offer more Personalized Products and Services to their Customer Base.



 Historically, the Luxury Industry has been associated with Concepts like Excessive Consumerism, extremely High Costs, Elitism or Guilty Pleasures. However, as the New Generations are taking over the Market with their New Values, Consumers’ Expectation for Luxury Brands are changing accordingly. Ethics and Moral Values are becoming increasingly important for Consumers, in such a way that they are starting to strongly influence their Purchasing Decisions. Environment, Sustainability, Animal Welfare, Production and Labor Practices, Positive Impact on Communities are all elements now taken into consideration when buying a Product, and Luxury Goods are not an Exception.

 To stimulate Interest among Millennials and Gen Z, luxury Brands are increasingly using Social Media Platforms to engage with Young Consumers, while trying to keep their Brand Value Intact.The Future Success of Luxury Brands depends on how well they will be able to communicate and market their Goods to the New Generations of Tech-Savvy Buyers. The Rapid Digitalization and ease of use of the digitalized platforms have led Consumers, especially the Youngest Ones, to increasingly use Social Media Tools to express their Brand Preferences.


In an Age of Fast Changing Trends, Luxury Companies have started to keep an eye on a New Consumer Class that is rising nowadays and is going to become increasingly Relevant in the Future: the HENRYs (High-Earners-Not–Rich-Yet). In addition, Companies are committing to make significant Investments in stimulating the Interest of the Younger Segments of the Population, namely Millennials and Gen Z: the Customers of the Future

Since these ‘New’ Tech Savvy Generations look for Individualized, Seamless Brand Relationship, Brands are investing Worldwide to market Digitally, increasingly using Social Media to engage with these Consumers. Meanwhile, Companies are also re-examining the Value of Brand Heritage and Brand History for their Customers. Consumer Demand has become the Core Focus of the Business, hence the Adoption of an Onmi-Personal Approach, Irrespective of the Choice of Channel.


  • Laurence SOULOUMIAC CEO Centre du luxe et de la Création


  • Patricia MARTIN Journalist & Producer France Inter


  • Jonathan SIBONI CEO LuxuryInsight @ Sommet du Luxe et de la Création      



  • Round Table 1 @ Sommet du Luxe et de la Création


  • Round Table 2 @ Sommet du Luxe et de la Création


  • Jacques CARLES Pres. Centre du Luxe & La Creation








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October  2019

Barbie 60th Anniversary Event organized in Paris (Cercle D’Aumale), on October 11, 2019.
Exhibition of Dolls “over the Years”, Conference, Workshop, Party were on “The Menu” for Kids and Adults.







BARBIE is a Fashion Doll manufactured by the American Toy Company MATTEL, Inc. and launched in March 1959. American Businesswoman Ruth Handler is credited with the Creation of the Doll using a German Doll called Bild Lilli as her Inspiration. Barbie is the Figurehead of a Brand of Mattel Dolls and Accessories, including other Family Members and Collectible Dolls. Barbie has been an Important Part of the Toy Fashion Doll Market for Sixty Years, and has been the Subject of Numerous Controversies and Lawsuits, often involving Parodies of the Doll and her Lifestyle.

BARBIE has been breaking Boundaries and sparking Imaginations since her Debut. Barbie appeared in her First Commercial in 1959, airing on ABC during the Mickey Mouse Club Program. The TV Commercial spoke directly to Kids and presented Barbie as if she were a Real Person. After the Spot aired, Barbie Dolls flew the Shelves, selling 350,000 the First Year…. In the Early 60s, to inspire Girls and to support more Women entering the Workforce, Barbie released her First Careers Fashion Editor (1960), Registered Nurse (1960), Flight Attendant (1961) and Executive Career Girl (1963)….

After receiving Hundreds of Letters from Little Girls asking for a Boyfriend for Barbie, Mattel debuted KEN on March 11, 1961. He came dressed in Red Swimming Trunks with a Yellow Towel and Sandals…. In 1962, Barbie hit the Road with her First Car (an Austin-Healey 3000 MKll BN7). The Sporty Peach Two-Seater Convertible was perfect for Barbie to zip around in and it set the Stage for Girls to image what the Life of a Woman could be…. Before the Women were even allowed to open their own Bank Accounts, Barbie bought her First Dreamhouse in 1962. Barbie represented Women in New Ways becoming a Symbol of Independence and Empowerment. With its Mid-Century Modern Decor, Hi-Fi Stereo and Slim-Line Furniture, Girls could imagine entertaining Friends or relawing in a Stylish Living Room…

In 1965, Barbie went Galactic four Years before Man landed on the Moon, Astraunaut Barbie celebrated the Excitement of the Space Program and exploring New Frontiers. Dressed in a Cool Space Suit and Helmet, she showed Little Girls they could reach for the Stars… In support of Equal Rights, Barbie released Christie, one of the First Black Dolls. Christie was created as a Friend of Barbie and came dressed as a Mod-Inspired Wimsuit with a Short 60s Hairstyle…



Over the Years, many Diverse Dolls were available, but they were always Friends of Barbie. In 1980, Mattel released the First Black and Hispanic Dolls named Barbie…. In 1981 Barbie released its Dolls of the World Collection. Each Doll wore an Ensemble inspired by its Country’s Traditional Customs and Fashions. The Collection celebrated different Cultures and Traditions while introducing Girls to the World through play… Barbie has been running for President in every Election Year since 1992…. In 2016, Barbie released an All-Female Ticket with a President and Vice President Doll set to inspire Girls to believe they can do anything, including Leader of the Free World…











“BARBIE is a Fashion Doll manufactured by the American Toy Company MATTEL, Inc. and launched in March 1959. American Businesswoman Ruth Handler is credited with the Creation of the Doll using a German Doll called Bild Lilli as her Inspiration. Barbie is the Figurehead of a Brand of Mattel Dolls and Accessories, including other Family Members and Collectible Dolls. Barbie has been an Important Part of the Toy Fashion Doll Market for Sixty Years, and has been the Subject of Numerous Controversies and Lawsuits, often involving Parodies of the Doll and her Lifestyle.”












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October  2019

Circular Fashion Summit is the First Collective Action Summit (powered by Lablaco), supporting United Nations SDGs 2030. It has a Clear Aim to tackle Environmental Issues and accelerate Digital Transformation of the Fashion and Textile Industry, by uniting Industry Leaders to share their Knowledge. As the First Circular Fashion Social Platform powered by Blockchain, the Mission is to accelerate the Digitalization and eventually Transition towards the Circular Economy of the Fashion Industry. By providing the Open Platform as a Technology Enabler, the aim is to create a 360° Eco-System introducing New Sustainable Business Models and Re-Defining the Relationships between Retailers, Brands, Designers, Influencers, Content Creators and Consumers within a Single Platform. With this Tool, both Businesses and Individuals can easily manage to a New Closed-Loop Consumption System with Impact Measurement.

Shih Yun KUO, Evelyn MORA & Lorenzo ALBRIGHI

The First Collective Action Summit For Fashion – September 28, 201 @ Station F (Paris)



– PROGRAM – Circular Fashion Summit on 28th September 2019 at Station F (Paris)

*** Master Stage – Panel 1 : Design_ Upcycling for Good
Moderator – Bojana Kozarevic, Fashion Editor, iD UK
Speakers : Jeffrey Hsu, Chief Innovation Marketing Officer, NEWTECH Textile & Technical Advisor, The Mills – Kristen Nuttall, Senior Sustainability Design, adidas – Yama Saraj, Founder, Sensai & Yama Consulting – Andrea Rosso, Creative Director, DIESEL Living & Founder, MYAR – Amanda Parkes, Chief Innovation Officer, Future Tech Lab

*** Master Stage – Panel 2 : Technology_ Blockchain & Traceability
Moderator – Noémie Balmat, Founder, Futur404
Speakers : Christine Goulay, Senior Sustainable Innovation Manager, Kering Group – Fabian Vogelsteller, Founder, Lukso & former Lead DApp Developer, Ethereum – Karen Harvey, Founder, Fashion Tech Forum – Luca Comparini, Blockchain Lead, IBM France Fabio Di Liberto, Strategic Relations Advisor, ISKO

*** Master Stage – Panel 3 : Sustainability_ The Power of Recirculation
Moderator : Carina Hopper, Sustainability Lecturer, ESMOD ISEM Fashion Business School
Speakers : Hannah Phang, Marketing & Advocacy Manager, Futerra – Nora Gherbi, Chief Representative France, City of London & Founder, WHo CAREs!? Chronicles – Orsola de Castro, Founder, Fashion Revolution – Sennait Ghebreab, Program Leader BA Fashion Business, Istituto Marangoni London – Dana Thomas, Journalist, The New York Times Style & Author, FASHIONOPOLIS: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes

*** Master Stage – Goals & Commitment Annoucement
Evelyn Mora, Consultant & Founder, Helsinki Fashion Week
Patrick Duffy, Founder, Global Fashion Exchange
Shaway Yeh, Founder, YehYehYeh & Group Style Editorial Director, Modern Media Group
Isabelle Lefort, Co-Founder, Paris Good Fashion
Doina Ciobanu, Model, Next Model & Ambassador, No More Plastic
Sami Miro, Impact Fashion Designer & Influencer, Sami Miro Vintage
Marie Carpentier, Director, Afghanistan Libre



*** The Whole Day : OPEN PLATFORM : IMPACT DESIGN HUB (Meeting Designers of the Future, with Direct Conversation.) – This is a Curated Design Collective of Avant-Garde and Sustainable Designers creating Waves of accelerating Circular Design in the Fashion Industry,

Quote from Green Strategy, June 2014

“More sustainable fashion can be defined as clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects. In practice, this implies continuous work to improve all stages of the product’s life cycle, from design, raw material production, manufacturing, transport, storage, marketing and final sale, to use, reuse, repair, remake and recycling of the product and its components. From an environmental perspective, the aim should be to minimize any undesirable environmental effect of the product’s life cycle by: (a) ensuring efficient and careful use of natural resources (water, energy, land, soil, animals, plants, biodiversity, ecosystems, etc); (b) selecting renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc) at every stage, and (c) maximizing repair, remake, reuse, and recycling of the product and its components. From a socio-economic perspective, all stakeholders should work to improve present working conditions for workers on the field, in the factories, transportation chain, and stores, by aligning with good ethics, best practice and international codes of conduct.”





Sept. 6-9, 2019 At PORTE DE VERSAILLES

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September  2019







Who’s Next – The Leading Fashion Trade Show
On September 6-9, 2019

@ Porte De Versailles (paris)

More than 25 years after its creation, Who’s Next is the international trade show leader for women’s fashion in Europe. In September and January the event brings around 50,000 visitors to the Parc des Expositions at the Porte de Versailles in Paris, to visit 1,200 French and international ready-to-wear brands. Buyers, brands, journalists and trendsetters from more than 100 countries together create the trends for each season over 4 days of networking, conferences, lifestyle activities and celebrations.


The Leading Fashion Trade Show :

* 1,200 Brands – 550 ready-to-wear brands and 650 accessories, beauty and lifestyle brands
* 4 Days – twice a year in January and September
* 50,000 Expected Visitors for Each Edition – buyers, press, influencers
* 50,000 m2 of total area
* 70% Buyers (Ready-To-Wear, Accessories, Beauty & Lifestyle) – Multi-brand retailers, department stores, e-commerce
* Masterclasses : Who’s Next offers visitors and exhibitors a range of 25 free practical Masterclasses to develop their business.
* Book a a 1-2-1 meeting with an Expert : experts are available to give personalised advice to fashion retailers on the needs of their business.
* Lab. Scene : WSN x Istituto Marangoni Paris are talent scouting for the launch of their contest for young designers: Lab.Scene. The 3 winners gain full support in both the commercial and brand strategy development of their fashion business.
Apply now

The show covers all market sectors: women’s ready-to-wear, urban and men’s fashion, fashion accessories, shoes, leather goods and bags, and jewellery. WHO’S NEXT is so much more than a trade show. Through its dynamic programme of special exhibitions, talks and catwalk shows, it is also a key source of information on the latest trends. From young designers to established brands, urban labels to artisans, our team has always highlighted beauty and craftsmanship, whatever the product’s background or origin.This quest for novelty, innovation and attractiveness that also takes into account the human dimension has helped the show to gain global recognition.At a time when standardisation and globalisation are everywhere, WHO’S NEXT is doing its utmost to respond to the questions, doubts, needs and hopes of the fashion industry.



SheaMoisture Pop-up

From Tuesday, July 30 to Friday, August 2, Award-Winning Personal Care Brand, SheaMoisture, will hold a Pop-Up Activation celebrating Beauty and Culture, inspiring Guests to “Be Your Beautiful!”. Located in Downtown Toronto at 128 Peter Street and leading up to North America’s largest Caribbean Cultural Festival, Toronto Caribbean Carnival, the SheaMoisture Pop-up will become a destination to celebrate the global Black Community with an impressive and empowering line up of Speakers, Artists and Community Leaders. Complimentary hairstyling services with SheaMoisture’s iconic haircare will be provided by Toronto’s Top Salons.



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June  2019


The SheaMoisture Pop-up will feature a keynote by Tracy Moore, host of Cityline who will talk about the Successes and Struggles in being a Black Woman in Media, and Sister Talk Leadership Academy’s Karlyn Percil will conduct a workshop titled, “HAIRstory” discussing the Aesthetic, Emotional and Cultural Layers associated with Natural Hair. The Pop-Up will feature Musical Performances by JUNO nominated Recording Artists Jully Black and Ammoye, and Indie-Pop Singer Domanique Grant, as well as featured beats by Toronto’s Top Celebrity Deejays. The Pop-Up will also host Informative Panel Discussions, Artwork Showcases by Benny Bing and Alexis Eke, and a Natural Hair Masterclass and Q & A Session with Cosmetic Chemist, Sister Scientist.

“It’s exciting for us to debut the SheaMoisture Pop-up in Canada and partner with influential women and organizations, who are leading conversations about beauty, culture and identity through stories and learnings,” says Kimberly Paige, Chief Operating & Brand Officer of Sundial Brands, manufacturer of SheaMoisture. “SheaMoisture has always been committed to serving the underserved in beauty by honouring every woman with products that address her individual needs and empower her to celebrate her unique journey. Our foundation is built from Sofi Tucker, our founder & CEO Richelieu Dennis’ grandmother, who sold nuts in the village market in Bonthe, Sierra Leone to support her family. SheaMoisture is her legacy.”

Source : SheaMoisture




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June  2019







Luxury Marketing Innovation Summit,
on June 27, 2019 @ CCI Paris Ile-De-France





The Customers are so empowered today because of the Technology and the Resources available to them. The basically unlimited Data, Content, and Information that the Audience has access to has set the Bar a little Higher for Brands. To reach this New Standard of Brand Experiences, the Marketer has to harness his own Data, too. Data is the Key to making Good Business Decisions, and to get the right information, you must have the Technology to get the Data in the first place; ask the right questions to interpret it; and affirm the Data by analyzing what the Customers actually do.


And as Marketing evolves to become Savvier and more Intelligent, so will the content it’s creating for Audiences. Most Audiences and Content Consumers have grown to expect somewhat more Personalized Content from the Brands they interact with. And with Additional Players in the Game -(especially Social Media Platforms and other Tools that make it easy to distribute Content) the Audience Members’ Journeys are more complicated than ever… Luxury is finally getting its Tech Upgrade. Until recently, Luxury Companies have shied away from selling Online, hoping to preserve their Brands from being perceived as Mainstream. This Strategic Shift is being driven by the Rise of Luxury e-Tailers and the Success of New Luxury Brands selling their Products Online. Both reflect a Change in Consumers’ Expectations: being able to shop Luxury Products 24/7, anywhere in the World.
Another Significant Trend is the Rise of Experiential Luxury, including categories such as High-End Food and Wine, Luxury Hotels, and Exclusive Vacations. Nearly half of all Consumers (and a Majority of Millennials— centered in everything they do) say they’re buying Fewer Products and purchasing More Experiences. By 2022, the Experiential Segment is forecast to account for nearly two-thirds of the Total Luxury Market (representing a Fundamental Shift in Consumer Behavior, from Owning to Being).







Stanislas DE QUERCIZE & Jonathan SIBONI













Luxury Marketing Innovation Summit

Luxury Marketing Innovation Summit


Consumers in the last few years have executed brilliantly on a Disruptive Strategy to elbow their way into the Advertising Ecosystem as an Equal Player alongside Marketers, Agencies, Tech Companies, Publishers and others. Clinging to the Old Style, Marketing that puts a Target on Passive Consumers in the center of the Ad Ecosystem just won’t work any longer. Marketers are experiencing more and more Consumer Resistance that in Recent Days has overcome even the Smartest of Ad Targeting Options. You simply will not get past the Consumer’s Growing Sensitivity to Ads even if you can temporarily get past the Technology that blocks them.

Luxury Brands are up against tough Growth Challenges. In the Previous Decade, their Growth was all about Consumer Spending and New Store Openings in Emerging Markets (notably in China). But today China has more Luxury Stores than its Consumers have Demand, and Consumer Spending has cooled. Nor are Consumers in any other Nation about to make up the Shortfall in Growth Rates. Luxury Brands must find New Sources of Growth (particularly in Consumer Groups that they typically have not reached before). Digital can make a Transformative Difference in their Ability to reach and retain such Customers. Luxury Goods and Services are now sought, sampled, and purchased in very different ways than they were in the Past; Consumers expect efficient e-Commerce, engaging and exciting Interactions on Social Media, and multiple Channels through which to interact with Brands.
For Evidence of how urgently Luxury Brands need to shift in the Digital Direction, look no further than the Demographics. Millennials are quickly becoming a Huge Group of Consumers (more than 2.3 billion strong, making up about 32% of the World’s Population). And since Millennials and other Young Consumers will be Tomorrow’s Buyers of Luxury Goods, it’s important to track their Attitudes and Behaviors. More and more leading luxury brands are beginning to see that Digital Activism is essential. While it is true that, overall, the Industry’s embrace of digital lags that of other Consumer Sectors, some Brands are mastering Mobile and Social Media, continually experimenting, learning from those Experiments, and putting the best Lessons into practice…

– Luxury Marketing Innovation Summit – Finding Success in the Age of Empowered Consumer (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris – June 27, 2019) : Cross-Channel Brand Management and Digital Transformation At The Heart Of Marketing Effectiveness.


** Main Topics developed :

1) The Age of Empowered Consumer in Luxury & Retail.
Challenges and Opportunities for Luxury Brands. Interconnected Luxury Consumers engage with Brands in Empowered Actions, such as Cross-Checking Prices, interacting via Social Media, reading/writing Product Reviews. Multichannel Retailers have to capitalize on the Power of Reviews, plan for Pricing and deliver the Right Products through the Right Channels seamlessly. The Relationship with a Consumer and a Brand goes beyond a Purchase Transaction, which requires building Customized Post-Purchase Strategies, embracing both Online Community-Based Interaction and Offline Customer Service.

2) – Tackling Consumer-Driven Consciousness by Values-Based Marketing.
In the Interconnected World Demographic and Societal Changes impact Luxury Consumer Values, triggering a Shift from Affluence to Influence. Hyper-Connected Consumers can influence the Masses of other Consumers. This requires a Shift from segmented to Personalized Marketing. Values-Driven Consumption triggered a Shift from Transaction-Based Relationship to that of Trust in the ‘Goodness’ of Brands.3) – Digital Toolkit for creating Seamless Customer Experience.
Technology is the Reason that the Power has shifted to the Consumer. From Brick-And-Mortar to Direct-To-Customer Online Retail, all Aspects of Shopping Experience should be reinvented: In the world of AI and VR, D2C, 3D scanning, RFID and Blockchain, what are the Key Success Factors for Luxury Brands to use the Right Tools for the Ultimate Goal (a Seamless and Meaningful High-End Customer Experience?
4) – Creative Thinking and Art Collaboration in the Age of Technology.
Key Success Factors for Luxury Brands to Mix Craft and Tech: Technology as a Tool to sell Dreams. Craft Manufacturing & Frontier Technology: AI, 3D Printing and Robotics as the greatest Dilemma of the Modern Artisan Craftsmen. Best Practices of mixing Hand Craftsmanship with Tech-Enhanced Product Prototyping & Production. Purposeful Consumption: In the Digital World, art will be the Aspect of Luxury Consumption that will connect Products to Human Nature. Emotions and Personal Engagement will be Key to create Meaningful Customer Experiences.

– The Speakers were :

* Fire-Side Chat – Data at the Serice of Creativity: Stanislas de QUERCIZE (Advisory Board Director, Barnes International interviewed by Jonathan SIBONI (CEO –LuxurInsight))

* Fire-Side Chats – Challenges of Marketing to Asian Consumers in the Digital Age. The Future of Customer Experience in Asia: Laurent de ROUGEMONT (Managing Director, Davidoff of Geneva Asia Ltd) – Daniel MAYRAN (Managing Director of Travel Retail in Asia, Bluebell Group – CEO of LBI, Luxury Business Institute) interviewed by Claire DOMERGUE (Luxus Plus – Editor in Chief)

* Fire-Side Chats – The Art of Creative Thinking in the Age of Technology: Megha MALAGATTI (Marketing Director, St Dupont) – Federico BARBIERI (WW Omni-channel Retail Director Maison Margiela) – Chantal THOMASS (Fashion Designer) interviewed by Vadim GRIGORYAN (Luxury and Culture Brand Strategist, MA + Creative)

* Executive Focus – The Age of Empowered Consumer in Luxury & Retail: Anne KAMINSKY(Global Client Partner Luxury Instagrom & Facebook) – Alison BRINGÉ (Chief Marketing Officer, Launchmetrics)

* Panel Discussion – Technology as a tool to create Customer Engagement. Corporate and Startup Co-Creation: Matthieu GRIZIAUX (Business Development Director Fashion, Lectra) – Jérôme BERGERET (Director, FashionLab Dassault Systèmes S.E.) – Tony PINVILLE, CEO Heuritech) – Katerina GALICH (Chief Customer Officer, 3DLOOK – LVMH Innovation Award 2019) interviewed by Katia KACHAN (Cross-Border Business Enhancer for Luxury & Retail, Speaker & Writer)

* Study Presentation – Elevating Customer Experience in the Digital Age: Evelyne RESNICK (Entrepreneure, auteure, PhD, ISG) interviewed by Claire DOMERGUE.

* Opening Remarks : Claire DOMERGUE – Katia KACHAN
* Closing Remarks : Claire DOMERGUE








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June  2019

Jean-Paul is the Current Chairman and CEO of International Cosmetic Company, L’Oréal, since 17 March 2011. Agon joined L’Oréal in 1978 after completing his studies at the HEC International Business School. He has spent his Entire Career in Prominent Sales and Marketing Positions across Several Markets with the Company. He started as a Product Manager for the Consumer Products Division in France when he was 24 years old and then in 1981 was appointed General Manager of L’Oréal Greece, where he laid the Foundations of a Solid Business.









  • Jean-Paul AGON, CEO L’OREAL



  • Jean-Paul AGON Guest of Honor




Chinese Business Club, on June 21, 2019

@ Hotel The Westin Paris – Vendôme.


In 1985, he returned to France as General Manager of L’Oreal Paris, where he oversaw a number of Key Launches and Successes, including Studio Line, Plénitude and Elsève. In 1989, he became International Managing Director for Biotherm, remodeling and endowing the Brand with International Appeal. In 1994, he became Managing Director of L’Oréal Germany, where he played a Key Role in dealing with Issues related to European Markets, at the time suffering a slowdown in growth. In 1997, he was entrusted with the Task of setting up and heading the L’Oreal Asia Zone in the midst of an Economic Crisis. He created Subsidiaries in a Number of Countries, stepped up Investment and recruited a New Generation of Local Talent.


In 2001, Agon was named President of L’Oréal USA. He was instrumental in launching the Garnier Fructis line. In 2006, Agon was appointed as CEO of L’Oréal. He became Chairman of the Company in February 2011. Known for his Views on the “Universalization” of Beauty, Agon began the Process of opening three New L’Oréal Factories outside France (Mexico, Egypt and Indonesia). He is also dedicated to Environmental Protection and aims to reduce the Company’s Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Water Consumption, and Waste Production. Under his guidance, L’Oreal has continued to appear in the Rankings of the 100 most Sustainable Companies in the World for four years in a row. Agon, along with 16 other Executives and Investors signed a petition in 2011 calling for a Tax on the Rich, as a Way of Contributing to Society during Troubled Times. “I thought that, in Difficult Times, people with High sSlaries should contribute,” stated Agon…
China, which should become the World’s Leading Luxury Market within the next coming years, is one of the Foremost Growth Engines for L’Oréal Luxe. Several of the Group’s Brands, like Giorgio Armani and Lancôme, have achieved Excellent Performance in this Market, ranking among the ten most desired Upscale Brands. Lancôme was launched in China in 1993 (a veritable Pioneer of Luxury Beauty, being the first Brand to tap into Pockets of the new Middle Class Chinese Women trading up to Luxury. Through Brands like Lancôme, L’Oréal provides Chinese Consumers with Tailor-Made Products that meet their Unique Needs, made possible by Dedication and Investment in Consumer Insights and Research & Innovation.


As avid yet Highly Demanding Luxury Buyers, these Consumers (among the Youngest in the World) also offer L’Oréal an Opportunity to reinvent its Brands. To design the Luxury of the Future, the Group is particularly attentive to the Needs and Desires of the post-1980’s Generation who fit very different Consumption Models than their Parents and who will be behind the Brand Successes in China for the next 15 years…. In China, L’Oréal Luxe brand Awareness was first built at the Department Store Counters in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, as well as Hong Kong. It now extends to expanding Mid-Sized Cities like Ningbo and Kunming.
Spearheading the development of the L’Oréal Group’s Luxe Division, e-Commerce plays an essential role in Product Distribution in China. With a Rapidly Growing Rate of Connection, over two-thirds of Chinese Web Users go Online from their Mobile Phones1. L’Oréal shares this Growth with 228 million Online Customers in 2012, making the Group a Leader in Online Sales of Luxury Products. It holds this Strategic Position in a Market that combines Luxury and e-Commerce much more naturally than the Historical brick-and-mortar Markets.
Today, an Increasing Numbers of Chinese Consumers prefer buying Cosmetics Online: 18% of them according to the Ipsos institute. Among the Arguments in favour of e-Commerce is the Possibility of discovering the Brand’s Entire World and Latest News, which 61% of the Surveyed Consumers regularly enjoy. New Consumption Trends are developing rapidly, especially due to generalised use of Social Media. This Trend should continue, since 76% of Chinese Consumers consider that Social Media is a Legitimate Space for Luxury Brands… L’Oréal Luxe is well-positioned, a Pioneer, in this Digital Explosion in China.



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June  2019

* Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Premier Li Keqiang and 8th Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announce the opening of a GCA office in China

China and the Netherlands announced on June 27, a new initiative to accelerate action to make China and the region more resilient to the reality of the climate crisis on its fragile ecological environment. China is experiencing more frequent and higher intensity extreme weather events. Floods, heat waves, droughts and dust storms, which were once rare, now happen on a regular basis causing great harm to health and society.



In recognition of these challenges, the Premier of the People’s Republic of China, Li Keqiang, has accepted an invitation from Mark Rutte, Prime Minister Mark of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, to work together to accelerate action against the impacts of climate change being felt across the country. Both governments, also as conveners to the Global Commission on Adaptation, recognize that this is not an alternative to a redoubled effort to stop climate change through mitigation but an essential complement to it.
With the launch of the first regional office of the Global Center on Adaptation in China, the two countries have agreed to work closely together to accelerate action on adaptation to support greater resilience and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The regional office will support scaled-up and transformative adaptation initiatives across Asia and is the first of a planned global network of GCA offices and representatives positioned around the world to facilitate knowledge sharing and action across different territories.

The Global Center on Adaptation manages the Global Commission on Adaptation. Launched in 2018 the Global Center on Adaptation works to accelerate action & support for adaptation solutions, from the international to the local, from the public and private sector, to ensure we learn from each other & work together for a climate resilient future.

The Global Center on Adaptation is a Managing Partner of the Global Commission on Adaptation which moves communities, cities & countries to proactively prepare for the disruptive effects of climate change so we can take advantage of the best, most cost-effective options, reduce risk & come out stronger. The Commission is led by Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations, Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, & Kristalina Georgieva, CEO of the World Bank. It is guided by 32 commissioners & 19 convening countries, representing all regions of the globe.

Source: The Global Center on Adaptation




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June  2019




Just as women can turn to a suite of procedures, known as the “Mommy Makeover,” more men are embracing their own set of treatments, the “Daddy-Do-Over,” to boost their confidence and improve their physical appearance. A new report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men last year alone, representing a 29 percent increase since 2000.

Similar to a Mommy Makeover, the “Daddy-Do-Over” consists of surgical and non-surgical body contouring and facial procedures that are typically performed in a single surgery. Due to this rising trend, plastic surgery is becoming a common Father’s Day request as more men consider a surgical assist to enhance their physique and fend off the “dad bod” for a while longer.


Dr. Anne TAYLOR, ASPS member surgeon*


“Obviously, men don’t go through the same physical changes that women experience during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, but their lifestyle does change, which can impact their appearance,” said Alan Matarasso, MD, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. “Diet and exercise patterns fluctuate, and they don’t sleep as much. Men notice their body changes due to aging and parenting, and it starts to look completely different in their 30s and 40s. That is the point of a Daddy-Do-Over.”

After struggling to lose stubborn fat around his mid-section through dieting, 57-year-old Scott, a restaurateur in New York City, pursued plastic surgery when diet and exercise couldn’t help him reach his goals.

“I realized I was never going to lose the weight on my own,” he said. “Plastic surgery is a personal decision, but I know guys my age who have done different cosmetic procedures. I think an open dialogue about plastic surgery is becoming more acceptable, especially for men.”

With more than 200,000 surgical procedures performed on men in 2018, rhinoplasty was the most popular with more than 52,000 procedures. Eyelid surgery ranked second, followed by liposuction (up 5 percent). Breast reduction (gynecomastia) ranked number four with more than 24,000 procedures, up 22 % since 2000, and hair transplantation ranked fifth, up 17 % since 2017.

Dr. Matarasso says he finds more men are seeking plastic surgery to help them professionally as well as they feel more confident about advancing in their careers and competing in the workplace after surgery.



Despite his lean physique, Dennis, 59, a creative director in New York City, also found it challenging to lose weight in specific areas. With a desire for a natural outcome, he underwent chin surgery and buccal fat removal surgery, as well as an eye lift to achieve a more youthful, toned appearance.

“I’ve been in fashion my entire career, and it makes me feel good when I walk in the room and I don’t feel as if I look 60 in a room of 25- to-30-year-olds,” said Dennis. “I always carried weight in my neck and chin, and my droopy eyelids made me look more tired than I actually was. I’ve gained unexpected confidence from the small changes I took.”

Nearly half a million Botox procedures were performed on men last year, and more than 100,000 men had filler injections to reduce the signs of aging. Dr. Matarasso says male patients today embrace nonsurgical and minimally-invasive procedures to the same degree as female patients.

* Photo: Dr. Anne TAYLOR, ASPS member surgeon, administers filler treatment to male patient. Male use of fillers has increased 101% since the year 2000.

Source : American Society of Plastic Surgeons





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June  2019

Chanel @ Jardins, Jardin (Jardin des Tuilerires – Paris) June 6-9, 2019.

For City-Dwellers, even the Tiniest Patch of Garden is a Blessing – a little respite from the Oceans of Brick and Concrete on the other side of the Front Door. Maybe it’s just big enough for a Few Pretty Containers and a Table and Chairs, or maybe you have a little more Space to stretch out, plant a Kitchen Garden or a Flowerbed, set up a Shed or even cultivate a Lawn. Even those without a Proper Garden might be able to carve out a little Green Space on a Roof Terrace or Balcony…. The Greening of Urban Environments has many Benefits. By providing a Refuge for Wildlife, helping with Soil and Air Quality and promoting Biodiversity, Urban Agriculture presents considerable advantages for bring Nature back into Cities and improving Living Conditions to City Dwellers. Additionally, increased Green Space provides a Natural Outlet for the absorption of CO2 Emissions, helping to combat the Problem of Climate Change caused by Greenhouse Gas Emissions.



Modernization engulfs both the Developed and Developing World, it is critical to address the Importance of Urban Agriculture. Cities currently house over 54% of the World’s Population – a number that is expected to increase to approximately 59% by 2030. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) have highlighted the Importance of Agriculture and Sustainable Cities in SDG Target 11.3, “Countries should aim to work to enhance Inclusive and Sustainable Urbanization for participatory, integrated, and sustainable Human Settlement Planning and Management in all Countries.” We argue that to achieve this Target, in the Spirit of the SDGs, Governments should integrate Urban Agriculture into their Established and Growing Cities.

To live the Experience of a Walk in its Plantations in GRASSE, the HOUSE CHANEL created an Ephemeral Flower Field in The TUILERIES GARDEN (Paris), from June 6 to June 9, 2019. An emblematic Haute-Couture French Company, Chanel is also known Worldwide for its Perfumes, including the Mythical “N° 5” , created in 1921. For more than 30 years, it is in Pégomas, near Grasse , that Farmers who work with the House grow flowers with perfumes . A 5-hectare Farm entirely dedicated to the Composition and Manufacture of its Wakes.

Visitors are able to discover the Emblematic Perfume Flowers of Grasse , grown exclusively for the Chanel House. Camelia Blanc, Camelia Japonica Alba, Jasmine, May Rose, Iris Pallida, Tuberose and Geranium Rosat are honored and deployed in this Ephemeral Field of 200 m 2 . At the End of the Walk, the Public is invited to continue the Olfactory Discovery in the Country House , where is installed a Table of Raw Materials . Visitors are able to smell and test the Essences of Flowers , distilled or extracted to measure by the Laboratory of Creation and Development of Chanel Perfumes. The Transformation of Flowers into Cosmetic Active Ingredients. “Polyfractionnement” is about the Selection of the most relevant Fraction of the Flower to create a Tailor-Made Exclusive Essence to a Targeted Action. “Microfluidique” is a Revolutionary Technology creating Essence Bubbles and New Formula Sensations.



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June  2019



Inauguration of “MYT : Make Your Technology”, by L’Oréal (Its First 4.0 Technology Incubator Dedicated to the
Industry & Supply Chain of the Future). – On June 03, 2019 at Aulnay-sous-Bois, the Historical Heart of L’Oréal’s Industry and Research.
With the Presence and Speech of :
* Barbara LAVERNOS, – L’Oréal Chief Technology and Operations Officer
* Bruno BESCHIZZA – Mayor of Aulnay-Sous-Bois


On June 03, 2019, L’Oréal inaugurated its first 4.0 Technology Incubator created for its Employees and dedicated to Industry and Supply Chain of the Future: “MYT – Make You Technology”. For many years, L’Oréal has been developing Partnerships with External Start-Ups Incubators to encourage Technological Innovation. The Purpose of the MYT is to create the Same Incubation Process Internally. The MYT will help to identify, develop and implement Ideas thanks to the new 4.0 Technologies, while training the Teams in Agile Methods (Ideation – Incubation – Acceleration).

Open Innovation at L’Oréal (Programme set up in 2016) is a Dynamic Mix of bringing External and Internal Ideas to transform the way Consumers interact with Beauty. This means establishing lasting Connections with Beauty & Tech Startups. They want to create a New Generation of Innovative Beauty Products, Devices and Digital Services.

– Beauty Products and Devices Startups :
* 1) Pitch your Project to L’Oréal – October (March Applicants pitch in April) – April (September Applicants pitch in October).
* 2) Join one of the 2 annual Cohorts : #1 May to November – #2 January to June
* 3) Get your Personalised Mentoring Program & Station F Access

– Digital Services and Tech Startups
* 1) Spot Opportunities for the Beauty Consumers
* 2) Build POCs with one of L’Oréal Brand
* 3) Scale your Project globally across all L’Oréal Brands


L’Oreal, which owns who owns Brands like Lancôme, Maybelline and Kiehl’s and had Sales of €27bn last year, is one of a number of Big Companies scared of missing out on the Latest Big Trend and busily building Links into the Startup Community to help. In a World where a 20-year-old Social Media Influencer like Kylie Jenner can build a $1bn Beauty Business in less than Three Years, Established Businesses like L’Oreal are keen to make sure they stay on Trend.
‘The Beauty Industry is exploding and we have recently seen the Best Results for Ten Years, but Innovation won’t come only from us or the Big Tech Companies like Google, it will be very small Innovative Startups developing New Services,” says Camille Kroely, who heads up the Initiative…. L’Oreal offers Startups in the Accelerator Space at Station F, the Startup Campus in Paris. It has 67 Seats there and currently houses some 13 Startups. Companies in the Programme get six months of Mentoring and support from L’Oreal.
It is also interesting that two of the most Successful Collaborations to come out of the Programme are with a Former L’Oreal Employee and with a Company the Business was already working with. This begs the Question : is an External Party like Founders Factory is really needed to help find these Opportunities ? Could better Internal Communications not accomplish the same Job ?
Based in Aulnay-sous-Bois, the Historical Heart of L’Oréal’s Industry and Research, this new Incubator was set up for the EMEA (Europe – Middle East – Africa) Industry and Supply Chain Teams. It is a 800m2 Collaborative Space equipped with the latest Advanced Technologies (Robots, 3D Printers, Digital Technology, Virtual and Augmented Reality …). The MYT Team works in close Cooperation with Experts, Start-Ups and Universities.The MYT thus gives Teams all the Means to create, Prototyping and transforming their Projects into concrete Achievements, for an International Deployment.
A Call for Projects, launched in January 2019, to Employees of L’Oréal’s Industry and Supply Chain in the EMEA Region, gathered more than 160 Ideas. Following the Votes of the Community, 14 Teams, from 5 Different Nationalities and from 12 European L’Oréal Sites, joined the MYT in April to develop their Projects in Two Phases (Incubation, then Acceleration). By creating this New Innovative Dynamic within the Group, L’Oréal intends to create High-Tech Workspaces and Unique Conditions for its Teams that will contribute to its Transformation into a Beauty Tech Company.The Ambition is to make the MYT a Sustainable and Evolving Model of Transformation and Training : the Second Season will start in September 2019 while a Deployment in Asia and America is already under Consideration for 2020.

Seems like everywhere you look, big Beauty Brands are either turning to or setting up Incubators and Accelerators, hoping to capture the Next Big Thing. What was once a way for Small Brands or Upstarts, to grow into Medium-Sized Success Stories is quickly becoming the Norm in Product Development. A few recently in the News : L’Oréal’s Founders Factory, Sephora’s Female-Driven Accelerate, The Unilever Foundry, P&G’s Connect + Develop Program, and Target’s own Accelerator and Partnership with Beach House Group (Formerly Project Underground), undertaken last year to launch Lines Mayfair Soap Foundry, Marlowe, and You Are Amazing….

A Word about Accelerators versus Incubators. The major Difference is that Accelerators tend to focus on Short-Term Support to help a Brand get off the Ground, while Incubators have more of a Marathon Mentality, often starting earlier in the Development Stage. However, the Line between the two is blurring more and more, and now the Terms are used almost Interchangeably.


  • L’Oréal Launches its 1st 4.0 Technology Incubator



  • L’Oréal Launches its 1st 4.0 Technology Incubator



  • L’Oréal Launches its 1st 4.0 Technology Incubator




  • Bruno BESCHIZZA Mayor of Aulnay-Sous-Bois



  • Incubator engineer speech – 1st 4.0 Technology Incubator 



  • ncubator engineer speech – 1st 4.0 Technology Incubator 






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June  2019





“Dirty.” “Angry.” “Evil.” These are three words dictionaries still use to define the word “Black.” My Black Is Beautiful – a platform created by a group of visionary Black women – today launched a movement challenging all dictionaries to #RedefineBlack in partnership with The commitment and deliberate call for change comes as My Black Is Beautiful re-dedicates its ongoing mission: to spotlight all that is beautiful about Black beauty and culture, as well as transcend bias through promoting a more positive representation of Blackness. A timely movement, the negative associations tied to the word “Black” are pervasive and continue to live through language, as evident in many dictionaries of standard.







“For over a decade, MBIB has inspired change by uplifting Blackness and through honest dialogue about bias. The ‘Redefine Black’ movement tackles the negative associations with the word ‘Black’. Through our experience, we know words matter. Our goal is to continue to celebrate and elevate all that is beautiful about Black culture,” said Lela Coffey, Brand Director of Multicultural Beauty at Procter and Gamble. “Naturi Naughton has been unapologetic about her personal Black experience, and we are pleased to announce that she has joined us to ‘Redefine Black’. We look forward to sparking conversation and driving meaningful change with Naturi, and our partnership with A move towards progress, today we are also proud that has agreed to update their definition of ‘Black’, to raise awareness and challenge other dictionaries to follow suit.”
My Black Is Beautiful is not only leading the charge to change the negative perceptions of Black beauty, but also strives to positively change the way that people relate to Blackness. The definitions of the word ‘Black’ and negative associations aren’t just inaccurate, they are also harmful because they fuel what researchers call the “Bad Is Black” effect. This effect shows that when people associate darkness with badness, it causes real-world racial prejudice.
Said Dr. Imani Perry, Hughes-Rogers Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, “‘Redefine Black’ is a timely movement, and the modern-day challenge is to combat the continued negative associations with Blackness – both historical and contemporary – and to sustain a sense of collective identity in Blackness, while acknowledging the vast diversity in Black America.”


For My Black Is Beautiful, #RedefineBlack is aimed at driving dialogue and meaningful change, with an understanding that “Black” isn’t an individual term or identity. Words can make a powerful impact on how we feel, as well as influence how we are perceived, and how we perceive others.

Said Carrie Bloxson, Chief Marketing Officer,, “Language shapes the way we see and treat people, and can fuel real-world prejudice and bias. That’s why we’re so proud to partner with My Black is Beautiful on ‘Redefine Black’. By mobilizing young people around this issue, we can change perception and advocate for meaningful change, starting with the words we use.”

#RedefineBlack is not the first time that My Black Is Beautiful is advocating for positive change. In 2017, My Black Is Beautiful led the development of “The Talk” – a film that depicts the conversations Black parents have with their children through the decades, to prepare them for the racial bias they may face in the world. An Emmy-award-winning effort, “The Talk” broadened the conversation about bias by exploring how people from different backgrounds can use listening and dialogue to form a common ground of understanding.
Said Dr. Yaba Blay, professor at North Carolina Central University, specializing in Black racial and cultural identities, “We need to move away from the biased and negative terminology that is often associated with Blackness. These associations can diminish the joy and magic within us all. Ultimately, we should not have to justify or explain our Blackness to reach a common understanding. This is us, and we are vast and diverse.”
My Black Is Beautiful seeks to acknowledge and uplift the fabric that weaves together Blackness. While Black identity is vast and varied, despite these differences in cultural, ethnic and regional identities, Black people are often connected through a shared history of perseverance.
Source :





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May  2019

Press Conference given in Paris, on May 28, 2019.
With the Presence of :
* Jérôme Viaud – Mayor of Grasse & President of la Communauté d’Agglomération du Pays de Grasse
* Jean-Claude Ellena – Former Perfumeur Hermès & General Curator of the Exhibition “La Fabuleuse Histoire de l’Eau de Cologne (The Fabulous History of Eau de Cologne)
* Olivier Quiquempois – Director of Musées de Grasse & Heritage Curator
* Dominique Brunel – Publication Director of the Magazine “Le Nez” (The Nose)
* Guest of Honor – Jean-Marie Farina (descent of Creator of Eau de Cologne Farina (1909)


Founded in 1989, The International Perfume Museum, the Only Museum of its Kind in the World, is located in the Iconic Town of Grasse, the Birthplace of Luxury Perfumes of which France was the Initiator. Dedicated to one of the most Prestigious Traditional French Activities, the International Perfume Museum is a Public Institution labelled “Museum of France” allowing Visitors to discover the History and Uniqueness of the Profession of Manufacturers and Large Perfumery Houses. A True Testament to the International Technical, Aesthetic, Social and Cultural History of the Tradition of the Use of Scents, the Museum takes an Anthropological Approach to the History of Fragrances in all its aspects – Raw Materials, Manufacturing, Industry, Innovation, Trading, Design, Uses and through a Variety of Forms : Art Objects, Decorative Arts, Textiles, Archaeological Evidence, Unique Pieces or Industrial Forms.

The Museum is organised into Five Sections according to Western Historical Chronology – Antiquity, Middle Ages, Modern and Contemporary Periods , each representing a Historical Period and Contemporary Issues : Elegance and Classicism, Magic and Dynamism, Frivolity and Hygiene. In all Civilisations, Perfumes have triggered an Incredible Production of Precious and Refined Objects in Rare Materials : Alabaster, Glazed Earthenware, Ceramics, Glass, Metalwork. Through Exceptional Collections of Objects and the staging of Different Industrial Processes, the Museum retraces the History of Perfumes as well as Soaps, Make-Up and Cosmetics back for Four Thousand Years. This 21st Century Museum looks at the Past, but also at the Present or even the Future if we consider the Section on the Era of Globalisation, Marketing and Communication and New Markets.
Thus in 1918, Francois Carnot created a Private Museum in Grasse. Since 1921, there has been a Section dedicated to Perfume in all its Forms thanks to Generous Donors. In an Essential Complementarity, Paris and Grasse Perfumers including the Famous Houses Piver, Pinaud etc as well as the Industrial Establishments Chiris of Grasse, worked towards the Creation of this Museum. François Carnot rallied the World of Perfumery and that of the Decorative Arts. It is he who introduced the Perfumer François Coty to the Famous Glassmaker René Lalique. Private Collectors are no exception, and in 1931, Viscountess Savigny of Moncorps donated a Very Large Collection of Perfumery and Cosmetics Labels dating back to the early Nineteenth Century, and from the old Seillans Perfumery (Var) to the Grasse Museum. It was not until 1955, with the Arrival at the Museum of Grasse of a Young Curator, that Francois Carnot restarted this Project, but it received no help from the Municipality despite the Growing Collections.


Inaugurated in January 1989, the Year of the bicentenary of French Perfumery, the International Perfume Museum represents the Living Memory of a Profession, but also a Very Strong Specific Identity in Grasse : Perfumery, of which Grasse which remains the Reference in the Eyes of the World.
In 2006, started the Expansion and Restructuring of the Museum. The Works started in 2006 have doubled the Surface Area of the Museum which now offers Visitors an Area of ​​3500m dedicated to the World of Perfumery. The International Perfume Museum is the First Public Collection in the World devoted to the Perfume Industry, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, on Five Continents and in Three Major Areas : Seduction, Care, Communication.

– The Internaional Perfume Museum GARDENS

* The Idea of ​​creating a Conservatory for the Botanical and Floral Heritage of the Perfume Industry in Grasse came about long ago. Utility Gardens, Flower Gardens, Botanical Collections that were in Vogue in the Nineteenth Century, and Scientific or Test Gardens like the one created by the Manufacturers of the Grasse Perfumery in 1920, contributed to the Development of the Culture of Perfume. Created in 2003, they form part of a Regional Project led by the Urban Community Pôle Azur Provence.

* In 2007, the Project “La Bastide du Parfumeur” was born, attracting substantial Private Funding, Advice from Specialists (Architects, Gardeners, Botanists, Perfumers), as well as the support of the Municipality of Mouans-Sartoux and the Urban Community Pôle Azur Provence. The “Bastide du Parfumeur” was created in order to educate the Wider Public about the Growing of Perfumery Plants in the Grasse Region. This Project focused exclusively on the Various Issues related to Local Agriculture and played an Essential Role in Sustainable Development and Heritage.

* Today, some Rose Centifolia is still grown in Grasse through a Partnership between Chanel and Mul à Pégomas, while Rose Damascena is grown in Turkey and Bulgaria. Orange Blossom is now grown in Tunisia; Tuberous disappeared from the Grasse Landscape to reappear in India ; Violet Leaf remained partly in the Grasse Region and in Tourette-Sur-Loup but Competition developed from Egypt ; Mimosa remained but Competition grew from Morocco and India. Although Production in Grasse is now reduced, the Know-How is still there and just waiting to be used and continued. It is the same for the Iconic and Prestigious Image that Grasse has in the World of Perfumery. This is the meaning of the “GRAND MIP” PROJECT As a Living Memory and Ambassador of Perfume around the World, the International Perfume Museum’s Mission is to present the Various Aspects of this Industry. Just like the Preservation of a Perfume Factory, the Creation of a PERFUME PLANT CONSERVATORY remains Essential for the Preservation and Enhancement of Grasse’s Industrial Heritage and its Expertise.
* The MIP’s gardens and the League for the Protection of Birds.
In the Context of the Partnership signed by the Pôle Azur Provence Urban Community with the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO), the International Perfume Museum’s Gardens are committed to a “REFUGE LPO ” APPROACH so as to promote the Wildlife on Site. It is a Commitment to using Environmentally Friendly Techniques, practicing Organic Gardening (no Phytosanitary Products – no Pesticides or Synthetic Fertilisers), cutting Trees back outside of Breeding Season, promoting Biodiversity by installing Nest Boxes, Hibernation Shelters, creating piles of Wood, and favouring Native Plants. Through this approach, the MIP’s Gardens have become a Haven for Birds, Insects, Small Mammals and the Associated Flora. In 2012, a Biodiversity Inventory was completed and Birds, Mammals, Dragonflies, Amphibians, Reptiles and Butterflies were identified on the Site. As part of the Development Work on the Gardens, a Pond was also created to allow everyone to watch the Wildlife on the Site.

– La Fabuleuse Histoire de l’EAU DE COLOGNE (The Fabulous History of EAU DE COLOGNE) – June 21, 2019 – January 05, 2020.

* The International Museum of Perfumery is organising for Summer 2019 an Exhibition devoted to Eau de Cologne, with the Scientific and Financial Support of ARMIP. Crossing Centuries since its Creation in 1709, Eau de Cologne is today an Essential Part of Perfumery, a Real Style Exercise which all Perfumers take on, adding their Personal Touch. Its Hesperideous Notes of Citrus and Rosemary make it Refreshing, Tonic, Dynamic and Light.

* Of all Perfumes, Eau de Cologne has an obvious, readable Olfactory Structure, which everyone can understand, enshrined over the years and in the History of Perfumery. It is aHhighly Technical Perfume which is yet very simple to produce, which does not mean that it is easy to make. It plays with the Dandy, the Aristocrat, the Punk, the Banker, the Worker and the Bourgeois. It has no Type and covers all Social Strata.





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May  2019





Showroom held @ Smalto Headquarters, on May 23, 2019. With the Presence of :
* Valerie Tondon-Durbecq – Deputy General Manager Smalto
* Ludovic Dauphin – President Smalto
* Jean-Luc Amsler – Artistic Director Smalto




The House of Smalto has been the Designer of the Official Casual Outfit of the French National Football Team since 2013. The French Label has created Made-To-Measure Suits, Shirts, Ties and Shoes for the Team’s 23 Players, and will also offer a Limited-Edition Collection in its Stores in Paris & Bordeaux (“Two Stars” City Casual Outfit from Beginning of June 2019)…. Also, The French Football Team, with the President of “Fédération Française de Football” will be wearing the Outfit during the delivery of their Legion of Honor at the Elysée (on June 4, 2019).

Football has never been simply an Athletic Endeavor; its Collaborations with the Fashion World have attracted the Attention of even those who are not Football Fans. At the Closing Ceremony of the World Cup in France in 1998, Yves Saint Laurent held a 300-Model Fashion Show. Shakira wore a Zebra-Print Jumpsuit designed by Roberto Cavalli to perform at the Opening of the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. Each of the National Teams appeared in Suits by Major Global Brands….


Fashion Brands are also making the most of other Opportunities presented by the Tournament’s Hype. But might a Team Suit have Deeper Significance than Moneymaking ? Domenico Dolce of Dolce & Gabbana says there is a Degree of Expectation because “Football Players are Style Icons now”. Tailor Charlie Allen “I think it’s Important that National Teams wear the Clothing of their Nation’s Makers.”… So, it is pointed out by Smalto House “Since 2013, The Maison Smalto is proud to dress the French football Team and designs, on this occasion, their Official Casual Outfits…. Exemplary of a State of Mind that we share the same Values of Perseverance, Excellence and Technicality, the Suit of the Blue Team, worthy of the Greatest French Know-How, refers to the Emblematic Color of the French Flag. They are going to stand gracefully for the Colors of our Country… The Maison Smalto and the French Football Team have the same Convergence Points : those of Excellence, Requirement and Passion. This reflects a Unique French Know-How.”.


The Collection of the French Football Team is composed of a Two-Piece Traditional Suit made of Super 150’s Fine Wool, a Light Blue Shirt, a Silk Tie, a Leather and Silver Belt, and Blue Brogue with a Handmade Finished Patina. It is ornamented inside the Jacket, at the Level of the Heart, by “Two Stars” elegantly sewn. The Smalto Iconic Product is The Suit and the Result of an Outstanding Work. From the Suit to the Tuxedo, they are the Key Elements of the Well-Dressed Man Wardrobe. Until today, the Smalto Style is based on certain Essential Elements that give it a Unique and Immediately Recognizable Personality. Details such as the Well-Known Parisian Lapel Notch called: ‘by the Bracket’ or even ‘Smalto Notch’, have even become a Classic in the World of Men’s Elegance.

* The Smalto Jacket Shoulder
* The Parisian Lapel Notch
* The ‘Travetta’
* The Buttonholes

The Rules of Men’s Dress with Elegance’ are rarely written, but nevertheless they contain Rules to follow. These Basic Rules are easy to apply and can turn out to be extremely helpful for every Elegant and Discerning Man (Knowing The Fundamentals – Colour Theory – Which Suit for Which Morphology)…



To Watch For In 2019


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May  2019



New Technology To Sustainable Solutions

From new technology to sustainable solutions that create more efficient and comfortable buildings, Sodexo’s Vice President of Facilities Management, Eric Jouane, names the top trends in facilities management to watch for in 2019. All are aimed at improving living experiences, which are key to helping achieve better personal and professional fulfillment. His selections cover a variety of topics, including technology, recruiting and retaining employees, data aggregation, and sustainability.


Sodexo’s trends in facilities management include :

* Technology

– Augmented Reality glasses are taking facilities management to a new level. Engineers and technicians can use the augmented reality glasses to communicate in real time with experts, share instant live video, and get the guidance they need to solve a problem.

– Chatbot Programs are the newest way to ask and receive information. This version of artificial intelligence offers an alternative to live customer support by continually learning from the questions asked by users. Students at schools using the technology can reach out to the campus chatbot for information on anything from the weather to menus at the dining hall to facilities management issues with campus buildings.


Source : Sodexo


– Ultra Violet Lights are the latest innovation in the fight against super bugs, viruses, mold, pathogens and bacteria. New research has shown that shorter wave UV lights can be a safe and effective way to slow viruses, pathogens, mold, and bacteria in public places like hospitals, schools and nursing homes.

* Engaging Millennials and Gen Z In Trade Careers

– Attracting talent in FM trade careers is one of the most pressing issues in FM today. The workforce is getting smaller as fewer young adults are choosing blue collar jobs and older workers are retiring. This has left a significant shortage of skilled talent in FM. Providing apprenticeships for high school students through partnerships with schools and giving access to the latest technology are two options to engage younger hires.

– Retaining talent is another challenge in a tight labor market. Providing a path for career growth and leadership opportunities are key to keeping top talent. One example includes creating a think tank within companies to allow employees, both front line and management, to innovate. Employees who feel they are making a difference in their companies are more engaged and happier at work.



* Using Data to Create Smarter Buildings

– Integrated Facility Services takes advantage of new technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) while eliminating redundancies that often result when you have multiple service providers. A single service provider can inventory and aggregate data from the client’s facility and equipment allowing the facilities management team to view the client’s needs holistically. The data produced by this predictive technology gives FM professionals the information needed to predict how their equipment is maintained, repaired and/or replaced.

– Building Analytics is one of the fastest growing trends in Facilities Management. The most popular systems are fully customizable and can monitor and measure all major manufacturers’ building controls equipment. They have the capability to analyze data from a variety of systems allowing data collection on benchmark performance, output and energy savings.

– Remote monitoring of commonly installed critical assets, such as mechanical, life safety, or lighting equipment, provides a 24/7/365 presence for clients. These call centers can identify failures, respond to alarms, and resolve the issues remotely, providing support to the on-site teams. Having the ability to remotely resolve system failures often eliminates the need to dispatch a service technician, saving clients a tremendous amount of time and money.



* Green Buildings

– The Living Building is becoming an affordable reality. In the coming months and years, buildings will make their own energy, whether through solar panels, which are smaller and easier to install; wind energy in areas where air flow can be harnessed for the buildings’ benefit; or other types of renewable energy.

– Taking the Living Building a step further are Waste-free Buildings, which not only produce their own electricity but create minimal waste. This includes paper, food, and trash. The building, its occupants and FM teams recycle and reuse the building’s system components to achieve their sustainable goal.

– Wellbeing (WELL) Buildings that are good for the body are one of the hottest trends in facilities management. These “Well Buildings” utilize low VOC paints; furnishings and carpeting made from natural, non-toxic materials; whole-building air and water filtration systems; the maximum amount natural light; and spaces that are ergonomically designed. Well Buildings can be new-builds or retrofits.







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April  2019

Sources :
* SB Paris 2019 Event on May 23-24, 2019 at Carrousel Du Louvre (Paris – France)
* The Little Book of Kirei (A Kirei Lifestyle means living a Beautiful Life)
* Kao Integrated Report 2019

During the SB Paris 2019 (Redesigning the good Life) Event held in Paris (April 23-25) at Caroussel Du Louvre, a Press Conference was held by KAO Corporation and its Executive Officer, Senior Vice President, ESG Strategy Dave Muenz.

ESG Strategy, Consumer Lifestyle Changes


During the SB Paris 2019 (Redesigning the good Life) Event held in Paris (April 23-25) at Caroussel Du Louvre, a Press Conference was held by KAO Corporation and its Executive Officer, Senior Vice President, ESG Strategy Dave Muenz. Kao Corporation, a Japan-based Group whose Brand Portfolio includes Bioré, Goldwell, Jergens, John Frieda and Molton Brown, was announcing a New Global ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Strategy, the “Kirei Lifestyle Plan”, to support Consumer Lifestyle Changes. Dave Muenz has the Responsibility to form and execute Global ESG Strategies across the Kao Group. He has been a Member of the Kao management team for 20 years and has led the development and introduction of several successful new businesses for the company. Dave has held Leadership Roles within both R&D and Marketing during his career with Kao.


In the face of Global Challenges like Climate Change, Aging Societies, Resource Scarcity and the Management of Materials such as Plastics, Consumers around the World have expressed growing desire for a gentler and more sustainable Way of Living, which Kao has named the “Kirei Lifestyle”. The Japanese word ‘Kirei’ describes something that is Clean, Well-Ordered and Beautiful, all at the same time. For Kao, this Concept of Kirei not only describes Appearance, but also Attitude (to seek to create Beauty for oneself, and also for other People and for the Natural World around us).

To deliver this Vision of a “Kirei Lifestyle for all”, Kao has set Three Bold Commitments supported by 19 Detailed Leadership Actions for the Business to deliver by 2030 :

1) “Make my Everyday more Beautiful” by empowering at least 1 billion people by 2030 to enjoy more Beautiful Lives — greater cleanliness, easier aging, better health and confidence in self expression;
2) “Make Thoughtful Choices for Society” by ensuring that 100% of Kao brands make it easy for People to make small but meaningful choices that, together, will shape a more Resilient and Compassionate Society;
3) “Make the World Healthier and Cleaner” by promising that 100% of Kao Products will leave a Full Life Cycle Environmental Footprint that Science says our Natural World can safely absorb.

As a Manufacturer of Consumer Goods, Kao aims to integrate ESG as the Foundation of its Business Management to accelerate Business Growth and create Value for Consumers and Society. The Kirei Lifestyle Plan was developed by Kao’s newly-established ESG Division as part of the four-year Kao Group Mid-term Plan K20, launched in 2017. K20 outlines Kao’s Commitment to transforming itself to drive Change and establish a Global Corporate Presence by 2030. Over the past 130 years, Kao has worked to improve People’s Lives and help Consumers realize fulfilling Lifestyles. Kao has been recognized for Sustainability Excellence and continues to deliver Environmentally-Minded Products, such as its most recent Innovative Refills, which use 15% bio-based Plastics by Container Weight. Kao was able to reduce Plastic use in packaging by 93,100 tons in 2018 by promoting the adoption of Refills and Replacement Packaging and developing more Compacted Formulas. For five year running, Kao has been selected for Inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.
Kao creates High-Value-Added Products that enrich the Lives of Consumers around the World. Through its Portfolio of over 20 Leading Brands such as Attack, Bioré, Goldwell, Jergens, John Frieda, Kanebo, Laurier, Merries and Molton Brown, Kao is part of the Everyday Lives of People in Asia, Oceania, North America and Europe. Combined with its Chemical Division, which contributes to a wide range of Industries, Kao generates about 1,500 billion yen in annual sales. Kao employs about 33,000 People worldwide and has 130 years of History in Innovation.
The Kao Way comprises Four Elements, Mission, Vision, Values and Principles :
* Mission : What we exist for (Satisfaction and enrichment of the Lives of People)
* Vision : Where we want to go (to be Closest to the Consumer/Customer)
* Values : What we believe in (Yoki-Monozukuri, Innovation, Integrity)
* Principles : How we behave (Consumer Driven, Gemba-ism*2, Respect and Teamwork, Global Perspective)
The Yoki-Monozukuri Spirit, which embodies the Passionate Commitment of Kao founder Tomiro Nagase, has been handed down within the Company for over 130 years. Ever since the Company was founded in 1887, they have sought to contribute to the Lives of Consumers and Customers, and to meet Consumers’ and Customers’ Needs with Integrity. Through Yoki-Monozukuri, the Company has continued to provide Society with useful Products. In the Future, they wish to continue to take account of Changing Times and Changing Lifestyles, while always maintaining a close Relationship with the Customers, and, through Yoki-Monozukuri that comes from the Heart, implementing measures aimed at helping to keep Both People and the Planet Clean and Beautiful.
We live in an Era in which, because Consumers’ Attitudes and Behavior are becoming increasingly diversified and are changing in Dynamic Ways, it is difficult to accurately identify their Needs and Preferences. Kao believes that, in order to be able to continue providing Consumers with the Products and Services they want, it is more important than ever to strive for essentiality. By undertaking Research on an ongoing basis, Kao can make steady progress towards the Essentiality, while at the same time, the New Discoveries that Kao makes during the Research Process can lead to the Birth of New Products. Kao defines these Activities as Essential Research, and the Attitude towards research has remained unchanged ever since the Company was founded.
Kao undertakes Research in Several Domains that represent Intersections of its Existing Businesses. These include :
* The Hygiene Domain, which aims to control the spread of Infectious Diseases;
* The Holistic Beauty Domain, which approaches Beauty from the viewpoint of Health;
* The Food and Environmental Sustainability Domain, which aims to preserve a sustainable food supply and safeguard the environment.Kao is also seeking to challenge themselves by using its R&D Assets that Kao has achieved in these Areas to build New Businesses that extend beyond their current Business Domains. These New Domains are Areas where the Company can use its R&D Assets effectively to help as many People as possible. Accordingly, Kao is advancing Research to make a Strong Entry into these Domains. By realizing Technology Innovation that has a Positive Social Impact, Kao aims to implement Monozukuri that creates World’s First and World-Leading Technologies and Products.

Travel is not just about seeing the Wonders of the Earth but understanding our Impact upon it. With increasing Frequency, People are looking to make the Shift from “Tourist” to “Conscious Traveler” by finding Ways to maximize Positive Impacts on the Locations they visit. Making Thoughtful Choices about how, when, and where you go on a Vacation can make a Significant Difference. So, this Earth Day, Expedia analyzed its Global Bank of over eight million Traveler Reviews from last year to find the Key Hot Spots for Eco-Travelers.


(L) Nomad Hotel Roissy CDG, Paris – (R) Siloso Beach Resort, Singapore


Up – (L) Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, Mexico – (R) Habitat Suites, Austin
Down – (L) PARKROYAL on Pickering, Singapore – (R) Sherwood Queenstown, New Zealand



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April  2019


Delving deep into Sentiment, the Global Data showed the 10 Best Places to stay around the World, as reviewed by Expedia Travelers. From Boutiques with Beehives and Resorts with Rainwater Recycling, to Grand Urban Retreats with Solar Cell Power, many of these Amazing Places show that Luxury and Sustainability are not mutually Exclusive. Additionally, Expedia highlighted the Top Countries with the Best Reviewed Eco-Conscious Accommodations, with the USA topping the Charts.


— Top 10 Eco-Friendly Stays on Expedia according to Travelers

1 ) – Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, Mexico
2 ) – Nomad Hotel Roissy CDG, Paris, France
3 ) – Siloso Beach Resort, Sentosa, Singapore
4 ) – Habitat Suites, Austin, Texas
5) – Pakasai Resort, Krabi, Thailand
6 ) – PARKROYAL on Pickering, Singapore
7 ) – The Green House, Bournemouth, UK
8 ) – Listel Hotel, Vancouver, Canada
9 ) – Hotel Verde, Cape Town, South Africa
10) – Sherwood Queenstown, Queenstown, New Zealand

— Top 10 Sustainable Countries around the World

1 ) – USA
2 ) – Mexico
3 ) – Canada
4 ) – Australia
5 ) – UK
6 ) – Costa Rica
7 ) – Thailand
8 ) – New Zealand
9 ) – France
10 ) -Italy

— Take a Closer Look : Expedia’s 10 Most Recommended Eco-Friendly Stays from around the World

1. Sandos Caracol Eco Resort – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Situated between Dense Jungle and the Blue of the Mexican Caribbean coast, this Rainforest Alliance-Certified Destination is among the Highest-Rated by Travellers for the Multitude of Positive Impacts it offers.

* Extensive policies governing waste management, resource consumption and natural conservation
* Opportunities for guests to engage in ecologically sustainable practices: eco-tours, cruelty-free animal interactions and beach meditation
* A commitment to the community, reflected in celebrations of local indigenous culture, on-site markets that support local artisans, and local partnerships to improve area schools.

2. Nomad Hotel Roissy CDG – Paris, France

Located five minutes by Car from Charles de Gaulle Airport, the Nomad Hotel Roissy CDG boasts Scandinavian-Inspired Design, Tech-Enabled Customisable Room Layouts and a Mission to “to reduce the Ecological Impact of these Buildings to a Minimum, at Every Stage of Life, from Design to Operation”—making it the Perfect Accommodation for Digital Nomads with Green Leanings.

* Rigorous standards for creation/loss of heat and a low total annual energy consumption, supported by green (living) exterior cladding, solar panels, air handling units
* Proactive efforts to neutralize water impact through use of rainwater collectors
* Use of sustainable materials, including PEFC wood, carpets made from recycled fishing nets, recycled stone and glass shower units

3. Siloso Beach Resort, Sentosa – Singapore

Just off Singapore’s South Coast lies Sentosa Island, a Haven whose Southwest Coast is the Home to the Siloso Beach Resort. Steps from the Sandy Beaches of the South China Sea, this Award-Winning Eco-Resort has taken special care to integrate the Surrounding Habitat into its Design by prioritising Open Spaces and preserving established Natural Features like Mature Trees and Flowing Springs. The result ? A Uniquely Organic take on a Luxurious Beach Resort Experience.

* 200 original trees preserved (and 450 planted) on-site; landscape pool fed by underground waters and built according to natural terrain formation
* 72% of the resort is open-air—and activities including cycle tours, hikes and other eco-adventures
* Operations keep ecological impacts top-of-mind, emphasising locally-sourced foods, limited use of plastics, and reduced energy consumption.

4. Habitat Suites – Austin, TX, USA

Habitat Suites, a Sustainable Gem in the Heart of Texas’ most Progressive City, boasts a 30-Year Track Record of Forward-Thinking Environmental Stewardship. Habitat Suites has been a Charter Member of the Green Hotels Association since 1991—and won an Austin Green Business Leader Gold Award in 2018.

* Widespread use of alternative energy, including solar panels, solar thermal and electric vehicle charging
* On-premises organic fruit and herb gardens; clean, local and organic food options
* Use of plant-based, zero harsh chemical detergents for cleaning; bio-safe guest shampoos and detergents; hypoallergenic suites that include live potted plants and windows that open for access to fresh air


5. Pakasai Resort – Krabi, Thailand

Spa Treatments, Boxing and Cooking Classes plus plenty of Space for lounging by the Pool—the Pakasai Resort delivers on everything you’d expect from a Tropical Thai Resort, then sweetens the Deal with an Impressive List of Sustainability Efforts. “Krabi’s Greenest Resort” was the first in the Area to win an ASEAN Green Hotel Award (2014).

* Resource conservation efforts include rainwater capture and greywater recycling, energy efficient lighting, biogas production and reduction of plastic use
* Careful attention given to reducing carbon emissions through waste minimization program and collaboration with the local community and local organizations
* Guests are encouraged to make their stay even greener by joining the #GreeningPakasai campaign, which incentivises visitors to make low-carbon choices around food, transportation, linen services and local activities.

6. PARKROYAL on Pickering – Singapore

With 15,000 square metres of Greenery and a Cutting-Edge Design, the PARKROYAL is equally impressive in what it does and doesn’t do. This LEED-Certified Masterpiece saves 32.5 Olympic-Sized Swimming Pools’ worth of water annually and could power an estimated 680 Households with the Energy saved by its Conservation Efforts.

* Highly regulated resource consumption through employment of light, motion, and rain sensors
* Solar cells and rainwater collection mean zero-energy maintenance of the 15,000 m2 sky gardens
* Thoughtful construction processes reduced concrete (and associated waste and energy expenditure) use by more than 80%.

7. The Green House – Bournemouth, UK

Equally suitable for Weddings, Self-Care Weekends and Romantic Getaways, every Detail of this Eco-Hotel has been designed to help Guests feel Great while doing Good. That Ethos touches every Facet of The Green House, from the Building’s Renewable Energy Production and Forest Stewardship Certified, UK-Crafted Furnishings to the On-Site Restaurant’s adherence to Local Sourcing and hHgh Animal Welfare Standards—the Company car even runs on Bio-Fuel from the Kitchen’s Old Cooking Oil !

* The use of earth-friendly cleaning products and efforts toward energy conservation
* Staff are trained in the ethos of sustainability and are encouraged to find new ways to improve the Green House’s efforts
* Environmental efforts extend to the exterior grounds, including bird and bat boxes (to provide a safe place for breeding) and rooftop beehives that produce honey.

8. The Listel Hotel Vancouver – Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Listel Hotel dedicates itself to both Environmental Responsibility and the Arts. The Hotel provides a Location to elevate Local and International Artists—including a Gallery dedicated to First Nations Artists from the Northwest Coast—while participating in the City of Vancouver’s “Corporate Climate Leader” pPogram, setting an Example for Sustainable Tourism Efforts across the Globe.

* Responsible food practices including membership in Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program and a commitment to offering local and sustainable food and wine
* Conservation efforts including 20 solar panels, a state-of-the-art heat capture program (reducing the hotel’s natural gas use by 30%) and water reduction and air quality programs
* Adherence to a 100% Zero Waste policy since August 2011.

9. Hotel Verde – Cape Town, South Africa

“Sustainable by Design, Stylish by Nature” is the Modest Motto of Cape Town’s Hotel Verde. The First Hotel in Africa to offer 100% Carbon-Neutral Accommodation and Conferencing, the Cape Town Verde has earned an Extensive List of International Accolades (LEED Platinum Certification and a 6-Star Rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa) for its Extensive Adherence to Sustainable Practices.

* Restoration of the surrounding wetlands now supports indigenous water-wise vegetation and a healthy population of Cape honeybees—as well as an ecotrail, outdoor gym, and eco-pool for visitor use, plus on-site edible food gardens and aquaponics
* Energy efficiencies include photovoltaic panels on the roof and north-facing facades, wind turbines, energy-generating gym equipment and geothermal heat
* Commitment to social responsibility through sustainable procurement practices, waste management and community involvement.

10. Sherwood Queenstown – Queenstown, New Zealand

Sustainability and Connection with Nature are behind every Detail you’ll encounter at the Sherwood Queenstown, a Boutique Hotel perched on Three Acres of Alpine Hillside overlooking Lake Wakatipu. The Sherwood operates based on the Belief that “a Simple Respect for Nature lies at the heart of any Sustainable Practice”. The Hotel’s Orchards and Kitchen Garden supply its Award-Winning Restaurant; most Rooms offer Sweeping Mountain or Lake Views, and all are outfitted with South Island Wool Blankets and Locally-Sourced Beverages. Mornings start with optional Yoga Sessions, followed by Hiking, Mountain Biking, Skiing or Snowboarding.

* A focus on materiality selection that integrates the building with the landscape, while employing upcycled fixtures, fittings and furnishings
* Conscious choices about energy generation—the Sherwood is one of the largest private solar installs in New Zealand and currently generates enough electricity to return surplus to the grid
* Selection of food, wine, beer, spirits, and other consumable products that are local, natural, healthy, ethical, seasonal and sustainable in their production and use.


Source :


LONDON Was Hosting



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April  2019


Saturday April 20, in Hyde Park

The High Club (THC – Leading UK Cannabis Lifestyle Brand, & is in support of UK Cannabis Reform) was hosting the UK’s Biggest Ever 420 Event last weekend, Saturday 20th April, in Hyde Park. The Protest is against the “Unjust Laws” surrounding the Use and Possession of Cannabis in the UK. Attendees to the Free event were entertained and educated by a Variety of Acts on the Day – the line-up was including Artists such as Dappy and Educational Talks from Industry Leaders. Proceedings kicked off at Midday hosted by Hip Hop Artist Clement Marfo, who is recognized for his Frequently Featured TV Anthem ‘Champion’.

Marwan Elgamal, Founder of The High Club said just before the Event, “This Year has been Huge for the Cannabis Industry, not just for Business but also the Law itself. In the UK we’ve seen considerable Progression made in regards to Medicinal Access. To mark what has been an Unprecedented Year for the Cannabis in the UK, we’ve put Plans in Place for this to be an Unforgettable 420. Last year there were around 15,000 People, this year it will be more than double that.”





Amelia Amin, Founder of CBD company Endoboxes, and Head of Management at The High Club, also said, “It’s All Part of our Duty as a Company. We support the Liberalisation of Cannabis Laws that this Historic Protest Demands. It’s a Privilege to provide a Platform for Key Members of the UK Cannabis Community to speak on. It’s our Way to engage with the Voices of the People and to make sure their Collective Voices are heard by Government.”

The Head Sponsor of Saturday’s Festivities is Product Earth, a Well-Established Leader in the Hemp/Cannabis/CBD Industry. Product Earth runs an Annual Cannabis Trade Expo and Festival – this Year’s Expo is on the 23rd-25th August in Warwickshire.


Source : The High Club Ltd.






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April  2019




VS Angel Barbara Incredible Store Event


Global Press Appearance

Recently named Victoria’s Secret Angel, Barbara Palvin, made her First Global Press Appearance for the Launch of the All New Incredible Bra collection at the Victoria’s Secret 5th Avenue Store. Already a Customer Favorite for Everyday Wear, the Incredible Bra delivers the Most Comfortable Support with just the Right Amount of Lift and Shape. The New Bra Collection is designed with the Brand’s Softest Fabric, New Cushioned Underwire Technology, Fully Adjustable Straps and Patented Wings that give the Smoothest Look under Clothes.

The All New Incredible Bra is available in a Range of Hues, including Neutrals and Bright, Bold Spring Colors. Highly-trained Bra Fit Experts are available in Victoria’s Secret Stores Worldwide, offering a Personalized Experience for Customers to try the New Collection. The New Incredible Bra Collection is sold exclusively at Victoria’s Secret Stores and

Barbara Palvin received the Angel Title in March and said that becoming an Angel is the ‘Ultimate Career High.’ Palvin’s Appearance in New York City kicked off the Incredible Tour with the Angels traveling to Additional Cities, including Nashville, Miami, Los Angeles and London.

ource : Victoria’s Secret


Barbara Palvin intro. new Bra, VS 5th Avenue Store


“Orange Is The New Black” Actress Is The Brand’s First Celebrity Face for Their First Mascara In Five Years. Highly anticipated from the Brand that brings you their #1 Award-Winning Liquid Liner Tattoo Liner, Kat Von D Beauty is launching an Innovation in Beauty with its High Performance, Vegan volumizing Go Big or Go Home Mascara launching April 19th Worldwide featuring Jackie Cruz as the Campaign Face.


JACKIE CRUZ As Global Campaign Face


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April  2019


Go Big or Go Home is an Extreme Volume Vegan Mascara with Ultra-Long Wear that’s powered by Plant-Based Fats. The Result : Mega Volume and Intense Black Lashes that last and last – no Smudges, Flakes or Clumps (no matter how many Layers you apply) ! The 100% Vegan Formula contains a Plant-Based Blend of Waxes from Olive & Sunflower Oils, which provides the Base for Extreme Vegan Volume. Nourishing Sunflower and Olive Oils are their Solution to replacing the Beeswax typically found in most Mascaras.

The Blackest of Black Pigment and its Plant-Based Blend creates a Creamy Texture, while the Signature Fluff Brush, inspired by a Round Bristle Hairbrush, creates a Super Volumized Blown-Out Look for your Lashes. The Wavy Fiber Bristles on the Fluff Brush hold on to more Formula to perfectly separate Each Lash at the Lash Line for a fanned out, Eye-Opening Effect.

The Formula and Signature Fluff Brush paired together, yield an easy-to-apply Mascara that glides on eEffortlessly – catching and coating Every Lash, for Fluffy, Full, Intense Coverage. You can stay big until you go home with the New Go Big or Go Home Mascara.

Kat Von D Beauty Go Big Or Go Home Mascara are available in Canada since April 19, 2019 online at, and in Stores at Sephora. Kat Von D Beauty has won more than 100 Awards Globally. The Brand is distributed in 36 Countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Scandinavia, Russia, the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Source : Kat Von D Beauty



2019 Women4Climate Conference In PARIS


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February  2019





February 20 – 21, 2019 – Hotel De Ville

Women are Crucial to shaping a Healthier, more Sustainable and Inclusive Future. The 3rd Annual Women4Climate Conference brought Together Global Mayors, Business Leaders, Innovative Change Makers and the Mentees from the Women4Climate Initiative to showcase how Women are taking the Lead when it comes to Climate Action.

Themes for the 2019 Conference were including (Paris City Hall, on February 20 – 21, 2019 – under the Leadership of Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris) :

* The Women4Climate Mentorship Programme: Empowering the Climate Heroines and Women Leaders of Tomorrow.

* The Launch of the Women4Climate Research : Addressing Gender Inequality in Cities around the World throug Inclusive Climate Action Plans.

* The Women4Climate Tech Challenge : Promoting and implementing Innovative Solutions to Climate Change and Air Pollution by Women around the World.

* Inclusive Climate Action & Equitable Cities : Showcasing Women Mayors who are committed to improving the Everyday Lives of their Citizens.



Conference “Justice4Climate Internatinal Conference” on February 20, 2019

@ Salle du Conseil, Hôtel de Ville de Paris. Under the Leadership of Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris & Presidente of C40.
The 3rd Annual Women4Climate Conference – February 20-21, 2019


Women make up more than half the World’s population, and although they are often disproportionately impacted by Climate Change, their Voices are not always heard due to Lack of Inclusion and Representation at the Decision-Making Level. Now more than ever, enhancing Women’s Participation and Leadership in the Conversation around Climate Action will be Critical to securing a Healthy, Prosperous and Sustainable Future for us All.

In Recent Years, a Small Number of Extraordinary Women have emerged as Key Leaders on Global Action to tackle Climate Change. However, more generally, Women are Grossly Under-Represented in High-Level Climate Negotiations; tend to be Disproportionately Vulnerable to Climate Impacts ; and Climate Solutions tend to ignore Gender-Specific Issues, perpetuating a General Bias of Infrastructure and Services designed predominantly for Men.

Women’s Organisations and Grass Roots Activism have played Critical Roles in increasing Women’s Representation in, and elevating Gender Issues at, International Climate Negotiations, as well as empowering Women, building Capacity, raising Awareness and mobilising Collective Action. However, these Activities are often undervalued in Discussions about how Cities can deliver on what the Science says we need and avoid Catastrophic Climate Change.


C40 Networks facilitate Dialogue amongst City Officials. This builds Trusted Relationships, which in turn ensures that Ideas, Solutions, Lessons, Questions, and even Friendly Competition can flow Freely and Responsively to Cities’ Needs. Rather than end at a Case Study or Report, C40 Networks create Conversations, which enable Cities to tailor their own Actions to their Unique Situations, and band together to use their Collective Power to access Partnership Resources, including Technical and Financial Support. The Result is that Cities’ Climate Actions to reduce GHGs and Climate Risks are bolder, more impactful, implemented faster, at a Lower Cost and with less Resources than if they were to go it alone. No other Organisation facilitates such deep Connections amongst City Staff across 50+ Countries, 20 Time Zones and 26 Languages to accelerate Local Action with Major Global Impact.
Women Leaders played a Pivotal Role in negotiating the Paris Agreement on Climate change in 2015. Through the Women4Climate Initiative, C40 aims to : empower and inspire the Next Generation of Climate Leaders through a Global Mentorship Program dedicated to Women in C40 Cities ; influence the Conversation through Leadership Events and create new Momentum and Interest among Future Leaders ; and raise Awareness through Research on Gender, Cities and Climate to highlight the Key Role Women play in championing Climate Action in Cities.

— Speakers for Justice4Climate International Conference (Salle du Conseil, Paris City Hall – on February 20, 2019 under the Leadership of Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo) :

* Animated by Audrey Pulvar (French Journalist)

* Opening by Patrick Klugman (City of Paris in charge of International Relations & Francophony) & Célia Blaudel (Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Environmental Issues)

* Testimony Elliot Lepers is a French Designer and Activist, and Entrepreneur. He founded and runs the NGO Le Mouvement, a Massive Grassroots Movement, able to defend General Interest by putting Pressure on Leaders. Graduated from the Arts Décoratifs School in Paris in 2015, he works in France and internationally to invent New Forms for a Political Practice. His Action belongs to a Research Project pursued since 2010, in which more than 4 million Users has already been involved. In 2015, he contributed to launch the Guide, inventorying more than 2500 Expert Woman to reinforce their Visibility in the Media.


Early 2016, he is one of the Senior Organiser of the Movement for Democratic Parties primary driven by Citizens, and was then one of the Founders of the Movement against the Labour Law Reform, which gathered more than 1.4 millions Signatures. In 2017, he becomes the Executive Director for LeMouvement, a French equivalent to

* Clover Moore : She is the longest serving Lord Mayor of Sydney, recently re-elected for a Record Fourth Term, and the Driving Force behind the City’s Progressive Policies for more than 12 years. Under her Independent Leadership, Sydney has developed a Global Reputation for Ambitious Action on Climate Change, delivering Award-Winning Facilities, protecting Open Space, promoting Design eEcellence, delivering new Transport Options and initiating Progressive Solutions to Complex Social problems.


* Christel Cournil : Researcher conducting Doctoral Research on the Impact of EU Asylum and Immigration Policy (ISIS)

* Testimony of Marjan Minnesmma : Marjan Minnesma, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Urgenda Foundation won a Court Case against the State of The Netherlands forcing Government to act on Climate Issues. She headed a much published 600 km March to the Paris Conference of 2015. For three years in a Row, she has been named the Most Influential Person in the Field of Sustainability in the Netherlands by Newspaper Trouw. Minnesma has not only studied Business, but also Philosophy and Law, and has worked for both Shell and Greenpeace.


* Jeremie Assouss : French Criminal Lawyer known for being in charge of High-Profile Cases. Also Specialist in Social Justice. Helped Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo to bring the City’s Case before the European Court “appeal to European sSandard”.


* Clément Viktorovitch : French Political Scientist & Media Columnist. He is well interested in the Analysis of the Political Speeches.


Anne Hidalgo : Presidente of C40. She is a Spanish-French Politician serving as Mayor of Paris since the 2014 Municipal Election. She is the First Woman to hold the Office. A Member of the Socialist Party since 1994, she was the First Deputy Mayor of Paris under Bertrand Delanoë (2001–2014), holding the title of Paris City Councillor from the 15th Arrondissement since 9 March 2001. On 22 January 2016, she was elected First Vice President of the Métropole du Grand Paris ex officio to her Mayoral Position.


* Corinne Lepage : She is a French Politician. She served as French Minister of the Environment in the Alain Juppé Cabinets 1 and II 1995–1997 and as Member of the European Parliament (MEP) 2009–2014 for the North-West Constituency. She is the Founder and President since 1996 of the Citizenship, Action, Participation for the 21st Century Party (CAP 21). She is also Co-Founder of the Centrist Mouvement Démocrate and served as Vice-President for the Party until March 2010, when she announced that she was leaving the Movement.

Corinne Lepage associates herself above all with Green and Environmentalist Politics, attempting to combine Ideas of both Left and Right on Environmental Issues. From her Participation in Ecology Generation in 1990 up to the Creation of her own Think Tank Terre Démocrate in 2009, she shows a Desire to “transcend Political Differencecs” and overcome Traditional Left/Right Opposition, in order to “bring People together, beyond their Political Colors, on the Environment”. Close at once to Daniel Cohn-Bendit and François Bayrou, she works for the Emergence of “a Genuine Pragmatic Effort, based on Fair and Sustainable Development, Democratic and Humanist”.


*Fernando Medina : He is a Portuguese Economist and Politician. He is the Current Mayor of Lisbon, in Office since António Costa’s Resignation. Medina has a Degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto. He was the President of the Faculty’s Students’ Union and then the President of the Students’ Unions’ Federation of Porto. He also has a Master’s Degree in Economic Sociology from the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão

* Marital Breton : Vice-President of CliMate and Coordinator of “Youth for Climate France”

* Jean-François Julliard : General Director of Greenpeace France. Greenpeace is a Non-Governmental Environmental Organization with Offices in over 39 Countries and with an International Coordinating Body in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Greenpeace was founded in 1971 by Irving Stowe and Dorothy Stowe, Canadian and US ex-pat Environmental Activists. Greenpeace states its Goal is to “ensure the Ability of the Earth to nurture Life in all its Diversity” and focuses its Campaigning on Worldwide Issues such as Climate Change, Deforestation, Overfishing, Commercial Whaling, Genetic Engineering, and Anti-Nuclear Issues. It uses Direct Action, Lobbying, Research, and Ecotage to achieve its Goals.

* Cécile Duflot : She is a French Politician. She was Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing (French: Ministre de l’Egalité des Territoires et du Logement) in the Ayrault Cabinet. Until June 2012, she was Party Secretary (i.e. leader) of Europe Ecology – The Greens, a Position she held from November 2006 and was, with Jean-Luc Bennahmias, the only Green Leader to have served two Consecutive Terms. In May 2012 she announced her Resignation from this Role. On 5 April 2018, she announced her Departure from Politics to lead Oxfam France starting on 15 June.

Oxfam is an International Confederation of 19 Organizations working together with Partners and Local Communities in more than 90 Countries. One Person in three in the World lives in Poverty. Oxfam is determined to change that World by mobilizing the Power of People against Poverty. Around the Globe, Oxfam works to find Practical, Innovative Ways for People to lift themselves out of Poverty and Thrive. We save Lives and help rebuild Livelihoods when Crisis strikes. And we Campaign so that the Voices of the Poor influence the Local and Global Decisions that affect them.

* Eric Piolle : He is a French Engineer and Politician. He was Regional Councillor of Rhône-Alpes from March 2010 to April 2014. In 2014, Eric Piolle became a Candidate for Mayor of Grenoble during the Municipal Elections, his Motto being “Grenoble, Une Ville pour Tous” (Grenoble, A City for All). He was the Leading Candidate throughout the Race, gathering Support from Environmentalists, EELV, the Left Party, The Alternatives, the Anticapitalist Left, and two Local Associations, ADES and the Citizen Network. He was elected during a City Council Session on April 4, 2014, succeeding Michel Destot (PS) as Mayor of Grenoble. He received 50 Votes out of the 59 Councilors. Since, he is serving as Mayor.
* Manuel Pulgar-Vidal : Lawyer specializing in Environmental Law and Policy. Current : Leader of Climate & Energy Practice, WWF International, Former: Minister of State for Environment, Peru ; Executive Director, Peruvian Society for Environmental Law ; President, Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense, AIDA Fund Steering Committee for the Conservation of Watersheds and Water Resources of Lima and Callao, AquaFund ; President, Permanent Seminar on Agricultural Research ; Director, National Fund for Natural Areas Protected by the State, PROFONANPE ; Alliance Director, Tropical Andes. Teaches Environmental Law, Natural Resources Management and Mining, Energy and Environment, and Programme Coordinator, Second Specialization in Environmental Law and Natural Resources, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

* Marie-Aimée Peyron : She is a Lawyer practicing in Paris. She practices in Litigation and Arbitration in the Field of Business Law, Corporate Law, Collective Proceedings, Criminal Business Law & Labor Law, Social Law.

* Closure by Anne Hidalgo





And $1 Million Paternity Leave Fund


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February  2019



Today, less than 1 in 5 Men in the U.S. are offered any Paid Paternity leave by their Employer. Among Fathers who do have access to Paid Leave Policies, many don’t believe they can take their FullTtime, if any, to care for their Newborn. While the Role Dads play in the Lives of their Families continues to evolve, 87% of Dads report being more satisfied with their Lives when they can be the Caregivers they want to be. Today, Dove Men+Care launches the Next Phase of the Brand’s Social Mission that Champions Paternity Leave for Dads everywhere, and invites everyone to show their Support for Every Dad’s Right to Paid Leave by signing The Pledge for Paternity Leave — because when Dads take Leave, Everyone benefits, including our Families, Workplaces and Communities. To further support this Cause, Dove Men+Care will also make a $1 million Commitment to fund Dads and their Families Nationwide who don’t have access to Paid Paternity Leave.

The Pledge for Paternity Leave

While 50% of Dads believe they should take Paternity Leave, almos Three-Quarters of them agree there’s still little to no Workplace Support. To spark increased Societal and Ppolicy Change at the Business and Governmental Levels, Dove Men+Care is launching The Pledge for Paternity Leave, a Call to Action for Everyone – New and Expectant Dads, Allies and Business Owners – to sign and drive Increased Awareness around the Importance of Access to Paid Leave Policies to bond with a New Child. EachPpledge will signal to Dads Everywhere that they can and should feel Safe when asking for their Right to paid Paternity Leave.

The Dove Men+Care Paternity Leave Fund

When asked, nearly 7 out of 10 Dads said they would change Jobs to be more involved in the Early Weeks and Months of Caring for their newborn or Adopted Child. Understanding that Dads should not have to choose between a Paycheck and their Children, Dove Men+Care will also launch The Dove Men+Care Paternity Leave Fund, a $1 million Commitment through 2020 to fun Real Dads who are Currently Unable to take Meaningful Time Off during this Important Life Moment. While the push to make Paid Paternity leave the New Standard is a Long-Term Mission, Expectant Dads are in Urgent Need of Support Right Now, and The Paternity Leave Fund is available for New or Expectant Dads who do not Currently have access to Paid Leave through their Employer, and All Eligible Dads are encouraged to apply for the Fund for the Chance to receive a $5,000 Grant.


Source :Dove Men+Care




A Brief Press Conference was held at Capital 8 (Paris) on January 17, 2019 by :
* Bernard Stalter : Co-President of MCB By Beauté Sélection & President of UNEC
* Christophe Gabreau : Co-President of MCB By Beauté Sélection and President of Standing-Events
* Salvatore Fodera : OMC World President






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January  2019

Will be held an Unique Event at Paris – Porte de Versailles on September 14-15-16, 2019, gathering in One Place Professionals coming from the Beauty Industry such as : Hair Business, Shopping Hair, Body Care, Aesthetic Material, Nails Products….
Visitors will be able to enjoy :
* The Exhibition Zone with +550 Brands displayed
* New Collections and Trends on Stage with 15 Hours of Show
* Experts taking part in Workshops and Conferences
* Future Talents with +1300 Competitors through the Hair and Make Up Contest.

MCB by Beauté Sélection offers a Unique Meeting dedicated to the World of Beauty. This is a Singular, Unique and Professionnal Event devoted to the Beauty Business and offers Unavoidable Entertainments to understand the New Challenges of the Profession and understand Innovative Practices.




* Creations and Trends Show
The New Collection in Live, Stage Performance, Artistic Shows. French and International Professionnals who give their View of Haidressing and Make-Up. During 3 Days, the Best of the Hairdressing and Make Up A schedule of 15 Unique Shows on a Great Stage in Paris with over 3000 Seats.

* Workshows
Thanks to the Two Areas for the Workshow Visitors can discover Workshops, Presentation of Trends and Innovation.

* Conferences
Three-Days Conference to meet Leading Experts and talk about Expectations and Terms of Management, Marketing and Business Development

* Competition : Talents are honored
Spaces will be dedicated to the Competitions : OMC Hairworld, Make up, Lashes and Body Care

* Highlights
Creative and Detonating Hustles will be there to punctuate these 3 Days for the Satisfaction of the Visitors.

* 280 Exhibitors

The Edition 2019 will propose for the Third Time the Hairworld in Paris , organized by the OMC. This is the Opportunity for MCB by Beauté Sélection to highlight 1 300 Talents and International Competitors.


The Cosmetic Industry (Beauty Industry or Personal Care Industry) can be broken down into 5 Segments : Hair Care, Skin Care, Fragrance, Make-up, Other. About 20% of all Cosmetic Products sold are for the Hair. Shampoos make up the Vast Majority of this Market since almost everyone uses Shampoo. Other Significant Market Segments include Conditioners, Styling Products, Hair Color, and Relaxers. The Range of Products that are offered for the Skin Care Market are much more diverse than the Hair Care Market. Skin Care makes up about 27% of the Total Cosmetic Industry and includes Skin Moisturizers, Cleansers, Facial Products, Anti-Acne, and Anti-Aging Products. Of all the Cosmetics, Skin Care Products can be some of the Most Expensive.
The Color Cosmetic Market represents about 15% of the Cosmetic Industry and includes anything from Lipstick to Nail Polish. Included are things like Blush, Eyeshadow, Foundation, etc. The Array of Products is vast and the Number of Color Variations are Practically Infinite. You can spend a lot of time as a Cosmetic Chemist working on New Shades of Familiar Products. The Fine Fragrance Market Segment has really taken a Hit in the last few years but it still makes up about 10% of the Cosmetic Industry so some Companies are still making Money. The “Other” Category represents 23% of the Cosmetic Industry and is made up of Things like Toothpaste, Deodorants, Sunscreens, Depilatories, and other Personal Care Products not yet mentioned. Actually, many of these Products could fall under one of the Categories already mentioned.

The Cosmetics Industry is one of the Rare Sectors in which France continues to be a World Leader. French Perfumes and Cosmetics are among the Best French “Ambassadors” abroad, where “Made in France” has a Cachet of Quality and Desirability. Two Key Players, L’Oréal and LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy), dominate this Very Competitive Market. The High Level of Demand is matched by Constant Innovation in the French Cosmetics Market. France spends more on Cosmetics Research and Development than any other European Country. New Trends and Brands are continuously entering the French Market aiming to attract and acquire New Consumers. This is why, Companies should put Enormous Importance on Product Updates and Presentations with a High Level of Quality. Although this is a Very Difficult and Competitive Market, there are some Market Opportunities for U.S. Niche Brands.

Organic Cosmetics are a Booming Market in France. Initially, many Organic Cosmetics were designed for People suffering from Skin Problems, such as Eczema or Allergies. Increasingly, Organic Cosmetics are positioned as High Quality and Premium Products and draw a Wide Range of Consumers. Sun Care Products have become much more Complex, now including Spot-Prevention, Tinted Creams in addition to the expected UVA and UVB Protection. The Competition between Manufacturers has increased over the past few years in order to gain Market Shares. The Ethnic Cosmetic Market appears to be a Great Opportunity in France due to an increase in the Purchasing Power of Ethnic Communities. The Well-Known Brands are beginning to dedicate more Products to this Growing Market. Men’s Products : more Men are purchasing Beauty Products and Anti-Aging Treatments. The Male Grooming Market has experienced Double Digit Growth Rates in Several Segments over the past Decade. Spa and Wellness Products still remain one of the Most Dynamic Markets with a significant Increase over the past few Years….
OMC is the Largest Professional Hairstylists’ Organization in the World and is responsibla for hosting the “Hairworld OMC World Cup Paris 2019”. This is a Special Competition for those who thrive both in their Careers and in the Competitive Hairdressing Realm. With over 50 Member Countries and over 2,000,000 Individual Members Worldwide, this is a Competition that will lure 1,000 of the most Competitive Participants in the Industry on a Global Scale. OMC was founded in 1946 and offers a Global Platform to all Organizations in the Sector of Hair & Beauty Worldwide. It is the Official Global Organization to organize World Championship in the Sector of the Hair & Beauty and present the Title WORLD CHAMPION. The Registration Dealine is June 1, 2019 and the Competitions will be held during the MCB Event in Paris-Porte de Versailles, September 14-15-16, 2019.