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Chinese Business Club Event – December 11, 2019 @ Four Seasons Hotel Geroge V  – Paris


H.E.M. LU Shaye Guest of Honor of The Chinese Business Club





Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Visit to France in late March marked the 55th Anniversary of Official Relations between the Two Countries. The Event came just over a Year after French President Emmanuel Macron paid a State Visit to China (from 4 to 6 November 2019), which confirmed the Two Countries’ Desire to maintain their Global Strategic Partnership. China is a Significant Trading Partner for France. The Country is France’s Seventh Largest Market for Exports and its Second Largest Source of Imports. France also has more than 1,100 Companies with a Presence in China.

France and China jointly declared, through their Two Heads of State, to have decided to carry out Joint Action in the following Areas in particular :

– Strengthening Political Dialogue and promoting Mutual Trust
– Protecting the Planet
– Promoting Interconnectivity
– Promoting Bilateral Trade and Cross Investment
– Promoting Cooperation in Key and Emerging Sectors
– Promoting Cultural Creativity and People-To-People Exchanges

At a time when United States-China Trade Relations are deeply troubled, with a Tariff War underway, President Emmanuel Macron and President Xi Jinping in late March, 2019, signed a Series of Large-Scale Trade Agreements that covers many Sectors over a Period of Years. The Centerpiece was a €30 Billion Purchase of Airplanes from Airbus. It came at a Time when the Leading American Firm, Boeing, saw its Entire Fleet of new 737 MAX Passenger Planes grounded Worldwide.


M. Laurent DASSAULT & H.E.M. LU Shaye


Also, many French Products are highly regarded in the Chinese Market, such as for Cosmetics, Luxury Goods, Cars, Wine, and Food Products…. Still, Survey published in 2019 by the Pew Research Center found that 62% of French had an Unfavourable View of China.


H.E.M. LU SHAYE is a Chinese Diplomat currently serving as Chinese Ambassador to France and Monaco… In 2006 he was Chinese Ambassador to Senegal, a Position he held until 2009. In July 2014, he became Vice-Mayor of Wuhan, Capital of Hubei Province. On July 22, 2015, he was appointed Director of the Bureau of Policy Research, Office of the Leading Group of Foreign Affairs of the Central Committee. In February 2017, he succeeded Luo Zhaohui as Chinese Ambassador to Canada, and served until June 2019, when he was appointed Chinese Ambassador to France and Chinese Ambassador to Monaco.

Ex-Ambassador in Canada, H.E.M. LU SHAYE New Posting in Paris is considered as a Promotion. Relations between Canada and China have grown strained following the Arrest in Vancouver of Huawei Executive Meng Wanzhou and China’s Subsequent Arrest of Two Canadians. Chinese Authorities have also blocked Imports of a Series of Canadian Agricultural Products – including Canola and Pork – and Stonewalled Requests for High-Level Communications with the Canadian Government…. The newly appointed Chinese Ambassador in France is Famous for his Plainspoken speech, a Break from the Cautious Public Comments made by many of his Predecessors…. On December 11, 2019, as Guest of Honor of Chinese Business Club, he made a long and very detailled Speech where a wide spectrum of Fields / Issues were covered, such as : US-China Trade War and Chinese Position in International Trade Relationships (including mostly Europe and France)…








Examples of Agreements reached between China and France :

– An Agreement worth €1 Billion (US$1.12 billion) to set up a Wind Farm Project in China was signed between EDF and China Energy Investment Corporation (CEIC).
– A Memorandum on the Creation of a Franco-Chinese Cooperation Fund estimated to be worth €1 Billion was signed by BNP Paribas, Eurazeo, and the China Investment Bank.
– A Memorandum worth up to €6 Billion (US$6.74 billion) was signed by BNP Paribas in the Framework of Co-Financing, but this time with Bank of China.
– A Strategic Partnership Agreement aimed at Industrial Upgrading worth €6 Billion between Schneider Electric and the Power Construction Corporation (PCC).
– A Global Framework Agreement to build 10 New Ships, worth €1.2 Billion (US$1.25 billion), signed by CMA-CGM and the China State Ship Building Corporation.







  • M. Harold PARISOT President Chinese Business Club


  • H.E.M. LU Shaye Chinese Ambassador In France


  • H.E.M. LU Shaye & M. Harold PARISOT (Chinese Business Club)



  • H.E.M. LU Shaye & M. Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN


  • H.E.M. LU Shaye Chinese Ambassador In France


  • H.E.M. LU Shaye & M. Harold PARISOT President CBC




Second Edition

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2nd Edition of the Ad Tech Summit on 22nd November, 2019 (Hotel Rothschild in Paris)IAB France and IAB TechLab hosted the 2nd Edition of the Ad Tech Summit on 22nd November (Hotel Rothschild in Paris). The Theme of the Event was “Shared Values” and brought together a Stellar Line-Up of Industry Experts to explore and discuss.
* The Summit was animated by Nicolas Jaimes (Journalist JDN).
* The Introduction was given by Frédéric Olivennes (President iab France).
* IAB Europe’s Chief Economist, Daniel Knapp
* IAB Tech Lab USA with Alexandra Salomon (Head of Global Business Department) & Shailley Sinngh (VP Product)
* Side Workshops were held to discuss Use Cases

Introduction by Frederic OLIVENNES w/ Nicolas JAIMES


 Adverting Technology (Ad Tech) is an Umbrella term that describes Systems of analyzing and managing Tools for Programmatic Advertising Campaigns. It covers the Entirety of the Ad Delivery Process from selecting the Subject of an Ad and its Position to choosing its Recipient. Ad Tech Solutions allow you to see Bigger Picture regarding your Campaign and lets you make use of it to Maximum Effect. Direct benefits of this Tight Knot of Broad Array Processes are the Higher Efficiency of Operation which means growing Brand Recognition which leads to Increased Profits. That indirectly leads to an Expansion of Interest.

In the Center of Ad Tech Operation is the Advertising Ecosystem that consists of Advertisers, Demand-Side Platforms, Ad Exchanges, Supply-Side Platforms, and Publishers. Together they form a loop of Ad Supply and Demand that generates Revenue – this is achieved through collecting and processing information on the User Activity on a Particular Platform….A thorough study using User Tracking (among other things) forms the foundation of an Ad Campaign. Subsequent Reaction of the Consumer to the Advertising leads to further developments. Not only that but it also helps to calculate the best Area for placing Ad Content…Ad Tech ups the stakes considerably by making the process of Interacting with Ads the part of Money-Making. It is achieved by the diverse system of Monetizing where every Player involved gets his cut for his services.

There is no magic behind Ad Tech – it all depends on Skills and Ability to use them correctly. The Scope of Operations is leaning on tried and tested Solutions and Reliable Platforms to keep the Information Safe from leaking and to stay away from the Fraud….Digital Trust is the measure of Consumer, Partner and Employee Confidence in an Organization’s Ability to protect and secure Data and the Privacy of Individuals. As Data breaches become bigger and more common, Digital Trust can be a Valuable Commodity for Companies that earn it, and it is starting to change the Way Management looks at Security.




The Speakers were :

– Marie-Laure Denis, Présidente de la CNIL
– Nathalie Sonnac, Conseillère, Présidente du Groupe de Travail Télévision, CSA
– Alexandra Salomon, Head of Global Business Development, IAB Tech Lab
–  Shailley Singh, Vice President Product, IAB Tech Lab
– Daniel Knapp, IAB Europe’s Chief Economist,
– Lynn Chealander, Director Product Management Digital Platform, Xandr
– Grégoire Pauty, Principal Innovation Designer & Strategist, Adobe
– Frédéric Layer, Director Agency Partner Advertising Cloud, Adobe
– Michael Tiffany, President & Co-Founder, White Ops
– Michèle Benzeno, Directrice Générale, Webedia
– Anton’Maria Battesti, Head of Public Affairs, Facebook
– Romain Job, Chief Strategy Officer, Smart
– Julien Rosanvallon, Directeur Exécutif Télévision et Internet, Médiamétrie
– Mark Howe, Managing Director, EMEA Agencies, Google
– Claude Chaffiotte, Managing Director, Accenture Interactive
– Mathieu Azorin, Managing Director EMEA, Criteo
– Pierre Calmard, CEO, IProspect
– Augustin Decré, Managing Director, Southern Europe, Index Exchange,
– Tom Kershaw, CTO, Rubicon Project
– Thomas Husson, Vice-President, Principal Analyst, Forrester
– Anne-Marie Gaultier, Marketing & Communication Director, Intermarché
– Karine Rielland, Directrice Générale Déléguée Digital, Media.Figaro
– Christian Bombrun, Président de l’AFMM, Directeur Produits et Services, Orange
– Samuel Baroukh, Head of eBusiness, CDO, Nestlé France
– YanClaeyssen, Vice-President, Epsilon
– Jacques Cazin, CEO, Adways
– Yann Blat, Directeur Général France, The Trade Desk, Inc.
– Alexis Marcombe, Directeur Général, Carrefour Media
– Christophe Blot, Directeur Général, 3W RelevanC
– Emmanuel Crego, Directeur Général, Values
– Luc Vignon, DGA en charge de la transformation digitale, 366 communities
– Jeremy Parola, Directeur des activités numériques, Reworld Media
– Gael Demessant, Directeur Programmatique, Prisma media



















Alexandra SALOMON – IAB Tech Lab






  • Shailley SINGH – IAB Tech Lab


  • Aurélie STOCK-POEUF – Bouygues


  • Olivier ROZ & Emmanuel GUYOT



  • Panel 1 – “Display,…”


  • Michael TIFFANY – White Ops


  • Anton’ Maria BATTESTI – Facebook



  • Daniel KNAPP – IAB Tech Lab


  • Panel – “The Media of the Future….”











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November 20-21, 2019 @ Espace Champeret – Paris






Data-Driven Marketing has transformed from an Innovative Approach to a Fundamental Part of Advertising and Business Strategy; it can now be defined in Several Ways. Both Businesses and Consumers can gain a lot from taking a Data-Driven Approach to Marketing. When Strategies are implemented successfully, such Benefits include:

* Personalized Marketing. It’s essential that Companies convey the Right Message, to the Right Audience, at the Right Time.

* Clear-Cut Clarity. With a Wealth of Information in their Database, Marketers can sift through to determine the most Accurate and Actionable Information about Customers and Prospects.

* Multi-Channel Experience. Marketers can leverage Data to extend reach across Multiple Networks, and take Communication beyond just Email.

* Refined Customer Experience. Many Popular Brands use Data-Driven Marketing to enhance their Customer Experiences.

* Better Product Development. Data-Driven Marketing considerably diminishes Product Failure Rates.



L A User Centric Strategy is fundamentally about understanding your Users and ensuring that you provide the Best Service you can, tailored to their Needs and Requirements. Ideally you should reach them through as many Touch Points as possible; however excelling in your Space in comparison to your Competitors within one Touch Point alone (Channel or Media etc.), can mean the Difference between Success and Failure and position your Brand as a Leader in your Niche.

To make sense of the Vast Quantities of Data that Enterprises are gathering, analyzing, and storing today, Companies turn to Data Management Solutions and Platforms. Data Management Solutions make processing, validation, and other essential functions simpler and less time-intensive. Leading Data Management Platforms allow Enterprises to leverage Big Data from all Data Sources, in Real-Time, to allow for more Effective Engagement with Customers, and for iIncreased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Data Management Software is essential, as we are creating and consuming Data at Unprecedented Rates. Top Data Management Platforms give Enterprises and Organizations a 360-Degree View of their Customers and the Complete Visibility needed to gain Deep, Critical Insights into Consumer Behavior that give Brands a Competitive Edge.

In order to create more Compelling Messages, one could suggest the Creative Effort should be split almost evenly between Marketing and IT Departments. The Marketing Team may create the Content, but the Method in which it’s digitally presented can significantly impact its Success. As Digital Marketing becomes more and more Mainstream, the relationship between Marketing and IT Departments is more critical than ever. Marketers want to be the first to market a New Product or Service, but without adequate Technology and Speed, they could fall to their Competitors and be another Latecomer that missed a Chance to become a Leader. That’s where the IT Department comes in. Marketers are in need of New Technologies, and IT has the ability to develop and support those Ideas.

 In business, Artificial Intelligence has a wide range of uses. In fact, most of us interact with Artificial Intelligence in some form or another on a Daily Basis. From the mundane to the breathtaking, Artificial Intelligence is already disrupting virtually Every Business Process in Every Industry. As Artificial Intelligence Technologies proliferate, they are becoming an imperative for Businesses that want to maintain a Competitive Edge…. Machine Learning is one of the most common types of Artificial Intelligence in development for Business Purposes today. Machine Learning is primarily used to process Large Amounts of Data quickly. These types of Artificial Intelligence are Algorithms that appear to “learn” over time, getting better at what they do the more often they do it. Feed a Machine Learning Algorithm more Data and its Modeling should improve.

Deep Learning is an even more specific version of Machine Learning that relies on Neural Networks to engage in Nonlinear Reasoning. Deep Learning is critical to performing more advanced functions, such as Fraud Detection. It can do this by analyzing a wide range of factors at once…. Many People think that Cyber Security refers to the Software and Monitoring that protect their Email, Operating System, Network, and Printing Devices from Malicious Attack or Data Theft. True, this is a large and important part of Cyber Security for Business. But Employees also play a significant role in making sure your Company is protected. The Proper Training and Awareness of Best Practices can help prevent many Major Security Breaches….









DATA MARKETING PARIS 2019 (Held @ Espace Champeret in Paris) on November 20-21, 2019 :

Main Issues developed during the Conferences

* Data Storage and Analysis Technologies
* Customer Experience ((UX/ UI Design…)
* Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Recommendation Engine…)
* Data Protection (RGPD, Cybersecurity)
* Data Management
* User Centric Strategy, Retargeting, Personalization
* Advent of 5G
* E-Privacy 2.0
* The Tools of the Modern Marketer
* The Cognitive Biases of our Brain and their Application in Neuro-Marketing
* Unforeseen Issues to create Values with Data
* How to implement a Data Driven Culture in your Company…
– Animated by Aurélien GOHIER (Founder & blogger at BtoB Marketing Sales)
– List of Exhibitors / Companies / Speakers :
– Animations :
* Products Workshops
* Statups Innovation Labs
* Masterclasses
* Ask An Experts









  • Wided BATAT Doctor & Teacher-Researchers










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@ Cité Universitaire Internationale de Paris – On November 13-14, 2019


Pierre PERSON Deputy 6th District of Paris








 Blockchain is a digital and Decentralized Public Ledger with a System that records Transactions across Several Computers linked to a peer-to-peer Network. It was originally developed for Cryptocurrency Assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but in recent years more Opportunities have presented themselves….An Article published on FXCM lists some of Blockchain’s Potential uses beyond Cryptocurrency, including for Government Applications, Healthcare, Identity Management, and the Music Industry. It also mentions Blockchain’s Potential Uses with the IoT (Internet of Things).

Blockchain also has huge potential in Analytics. Modern Businesses have been benefiting from Data Analytics for several years now. According to Forbes, Data Analytics Adoption in Enterprises increased from 17% in 2015 to 59% in 2018. Now, only 10% of Businesses have refused to utilize Big Data. It is focused on making Predictions about Future Outcomes based on a massive amount of Historical Data as well as Techniques like Machine Learning. With this type of Technology, Enterprises will be able to forecast Trends and Behaviors.

The Idea of Self Sovereign Identity is not new. In the same way that Bitcoin built itself on the Shoulders of Giants, the Concept of Decentralized Digital Identity has been explored for many years. In fact, it has its roots originating from the 1970’s when Pioneers like Whit Diffie, Martin Hellman, and Ralph C. Merkle, Creators of Public Key Cryptography aimed to help People protect their Privacy in the New Digital Age of Computers. Blockchain Technology is the Crucial Breakthrough that is now propelling Digital Identity forward into the Era of Self Sovereign Identity — a Watershed Powerful enough to reshape the Future of the Decentralized P2P Economy.


 Blockchain Paris 2019 offers a Complete Overview of Blockchain Opportunities and Technologies with Two Days of Exhibitions, Strategic Conferences & Business Use Cases, Workshops and Networking. It was held @ Cité universitaire Internationale de Paris on November 13-14, 2019…. The Meeting Event of Blockchain Ecosystem…. Unique Event dedicated to Concrete Business Applications.
* Animated by Philippe Ducellier (IT Reporter & Senior Business Analyst LeMag IT)
* Opening Speech : Pierre Person Deputy 6th District of Paris
* Entire Conferences Program :
* Entire Workshops Program :

No Blockchain is merely a Single Entity. The Physical Ecosystem itself consists of a Network of a large number of Interconnected Nodes or Devices (computers, servers, smartphones, etc.), sometimes numbering in the thousands, tied together through the Internet, and powered by electricity generated from external sources. From the Human Perspective, the Blockchain can be seen as a Collaborative Ecosystem involving Users, Investors, Miners/Forgers, and Developers. From a Functional Perspective, the Blockchain can be seen as an Ecosystem composed of a Distributed Database Platform on top of which run a number of Interrelated Software Applications and Services, each playing a separate but important Role in the Overall Operation of the Business.


Philippe DUCELLIER Master of Ceremony









 The Policy and Regulation uncertainty has been identified as one of the main Challenges for the Deployment of Blockchain Based Solutions. While the Blockchain Technology is in use since 2008, its Application in Business and Public Services has steadily grown in the last years. Policymakers and Regulators recognize the Need to set up a Framework that helps unleash the Full Potential of Blockchain as a Revolutionary Technology….One of the most important Business Risks is linked to Compliance with Laws and Regulations. Blockchain opens up a full new way to approach Business Solutions and Regulations are actually not fully addressing this Decentralized Reality. New Regulatory Challenges appear such as defining the Liability of Network Participants/Providers, Application of AML Regulations, Governance, Data Protection Regulations, Territoriality and some Specific Industry Based Laws such as Capital Markets Legislation and others. Companies need Legal Certainty to develop their Business Solutions. A Revision of the Regulatory Framework for Blockchain would serve this Need.

Libra is a Permissioned Blockchain Digital Currency proposed by the American Social Media company Facebook. The Currency and Network do not yet exist, and only Rudimentary Experimental Code has been released.The Launch is planned to be in 2020. The Project, Currency and Transactions are to be Managed and Cryptographically Entrusted to the Libra Association, a Membership Organization of Companies from Payment, Technology, Telecommunication, Online Marketplace and Venture Capital, and Nonprofits. The plan is for the Libra token to be backed by Financial Assets such as a Basket of Currencies, and US Treasury Securities in an attempt to avoid Volatility. Facebook has announced that each of the Partners will inject an Initial US$10 million, so Libra has full Asset Backing on the day it opens.

















  • Thierry ROEHM – SG GTB


  • J. FAVIER – Bitcoin & Blockchain Strategist


  • Stéphane CREN – GS1 FRANCE












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October,  2019

“Connected Cities Summit” @ les Echos-Le Parisien Headquarters in Paris. On October 25, 2019 The Extreme Pace of Urbanization is affirming Cities across the World as drivers of Economic Growth, Innovation, Global Leadership, and, above all, as Magnets for People looking for a Better Life. With Growth comes Major Challenges. Cities and the Private Sector have begun to address these Issues…. The Aim is to build a Path towards a Sustainable Urban Future focused on the Needs and Dreams of People.

David BARROUX & Alexandra DUBLANCHE VP Region IDF


LES ECHOS-LE PARISIEN, October 25, 2019


Many Major Cities are facing and addressing head on Challenges such as Vacant Properties and Depressed Neighborhoods. The Regions like Ile De France should be investing aggressively in Revitalization Initiatives, including a Multimodal System of Transportation including Ridesharing and Public Transit. Partnerships are a Key to driving Program Success. A key Part of moving forward together is grounded in using Data Visualization Tools to support City Planning, Risk Management and Crisis Response.


Today, roughly 55 % of the World’s Population are City Dwellers. By 2050, it’s expected to reach 70 %. That’s a Double-Edged Sword for Urban Residents and Leaders. Cities are the Primary Engines of Economic Growth, generating 80% of Global GDP. The Continuing Influx of Diverse Talent should continue to make Cities Hotbeds of Innovation and Job Creation…. And this Trend also increases the Pressure on Already-Stressed Urban Infrastructures.
Cities are even more challenged to provide Access to Housing, Transportation, Utilities, Education, and Financial Services. How can Leaders ensure that all Residents, regardless of Social or Economic Standing, share in the Growth and Enrichment Opportunities the City has to offer?


Round Table One

Round Table Two

Round Table 3   


Alexandra DUBLANCHE VP Region IDF



Debates animated by David BARROUX (Editor-In-Chief Les Echos)

* Opening Speech by Alexandra DUBLANCHE (VP Region Ile-De-France)

* Round Table One : Mobility As A Service – What Issues in The Territories?
Jean BERTRAND-HARDY (Strategy Director, Business Development & Innovation – BU France B2C / Engie)
Arnaud COIFFARD (Director of Transformation Department E-Voyageurs SNCF)
Laureline SERIEYS (General Manager, France, Bebelux JUMP

* Round Table Two : Real Estate – The Human Being at the Heart of Technological Innovation?
Diego HARARI (Innovation & Sustainable Development Director Vinci Immobilier)
Henri PAGNON (Co-Founder Proprioo)
Robin RIVATON (Smart City Investor & Essayist)

* Round Table 3 : General Wi-Fi Development – Which Impacts on Cities & Territories 2.0?
Régis DUBOIS (WiFi Business Development Department Director Orange Business Services)
Jean-Louis MOUNIER (Deputy General Manager in Charge of Industry & Innovation TDF)
Gaël SERANDOUR (In Charge of Digital Infrastructures Department Banque Des Territoires)






In PARIS  October 23-24, 2019


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October,  2019

Sierra Wireless IoT Innovation Summit – Distributed Computing from Assets to Cloud
October 23-24, 2019

Introduction by Kent Thexton CEO Sierra Wireless






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 Technology has been transforming our World for Millennia, from the Invention of the Wheel around 3,500 B.C., through Archimedes’ Screw and the Steam Engine, to the Internet. These and other Innovations have delivered Huge Benefits to our Societies in terms of Prosperity, Health, and Knowledge…. The World Economic Forum has recognized this with its ‘Shaping the Future of Digital Economy and Society’ Initiative, which focuses on building a Sustainable, Inclusive Future. The IoT is a Key Part of that Initiative, and will be Critical in accelerating Progress towards the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which include Eradicating Hunger, Ensuring Good Health, and Delivering Clean Water and Energy Globally.

 The Internet of Things is transforming every Corner of Life: the Home, the Office, City Streets and beyond. IoT Products give us Greater Control over Door Locks, Lights and Appliances; offer Insights into Resource Consumption Habits; streamline Business Processes; and better connect us to the People, Systems and Environments that shape our Daily Lives…. Many “Entry-Level” IoT Products fit smoothly into the Patterns of Daily Life by simplifying Routine Tasks. A Truly Smart Home is full of Products that know your Preferences, anticipate your Needs and respond dynamically to your Behavior, so you can spend less time micromanaging your House and more time living in it.


mangOH Yellow kit collection


 The IoT has a lot to offer Businesses, both for Tech Firms looking to get in on the Actions and for the Numerous Industries that are being transformed by the Injection of Smart, Connected Technology into Manufacturing Processes, Supply Chains, Customer Engagement, Performance Tracking and other Areas. Today’s Companies need to take Full Advantage of IoT Devices, Platforms and Tools to build Business Models that will thrive in a more Connected World.

Since its Inception in 1998, Open Source has become the De-Facto Standard for Software Development and proven itself as a Viable Business Model. While making Source Code Freely Available for Redistribution and Modification may seem Counterintuitive, the Success of Companies like Red Hat and Canonical are Proof that an Open Source Model can turn a Profit. Investment from Multinational, Enterprise Companies like Google, Facebook, and Adobe, points to the Growing Value of Open Source and its Longevity. It should come as no Surprise: at the Heart of Open Source is Fast-Paced Innovation in the Form of Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing. When everyone is encouraged to work together, the Rate of Progress is Greatly Increased.



 External Collaboration with Customers, Partners or Suppliers can yield Tremendous Competitive Advantage and boost a Company’s Bottom Line. However, Companies have to use a Systematic Approach to develop a Sound and Successful Strategy for building Collaborative Ecosystems and Communities…. So, Business Users are collaborating and creating their Own Ecosystems and Networks of Collaborative Interactions with Partners and Customers. However, much of it is ad hoc and done with Tools that aren’t owned or managed by the Enterprise…. Many Enterprise Collaboration Systems were designed only for Internal Collaboration, but External Collaboration is also a Natural Part of doing Business, and doing it Successfully can improve your Bottom Line.









Sierra Wireless IoT Innovation Summit – Distributed Computing from Assets to Cloud (October 23-24, 2019 – Novotel Paris Centre Tour Eiffel) Program ( :


– Developer Workshop (Wednesday, October 23)
Build an IoT Solution using mangOH Yellow Open Source Hardware, Octave Edge-To-Cloud Data Orchestration Platform, and LTE-M Cellular Network. Some Developer Skills are required. To bring the laptop

– Plenary (Thursday, October 24, all day)
Keynotes and IoT Use Cases presented by IoT Solution Providers. Focus on the Technologies and Services that solve Today’s and Tomorrow’s Challenges and enable Reliable Solutions and Businesses.

– Exhibition Showroom (Thursday, October 24, noon) meeting with Experts from Sierra Wireless and IoT Ecosystem and viewing Demos of IoT Technologies & IoT Use Cases.

– Breakout Sessions (Thursday, October 24, afternoon)

*** Technical Track
Deep dive into key IoT technologies presented during concrete how-tos

*** IoT Ecosystem Track
Concrete use cases and how they can be solved

***Product Track
Detailed IoT products features and roadmaps

*** Mobile IoT Innovators Challenge Presentations
Finalists speeches, jury panel deliberations & award ceremony









  • Philippe GUILLEMETTE CTO Sierra Wireless


  • Sylvain EKEL Dir. IoT Tech. Sales Microsoft EMEA


  • Olivier PAUZET VP & Gen. Man. Sierra Wireless



  • Jan Ten SYTHOFF Sen. TEI Consultant Forrester


  • Thibault CANTEGREL Dir. Dev. Prog. Sierra Wireless


  • Alicia ASIN  –  Founder and CEO of Libelium



  • Ashish SYAL Chief Engineer Sierra Wireless


  • François COUADAU Product Man. IoT serv. Forrester


  • Arnaud LE RODALLEC Co-Founder & CEO Zoov





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October,  2019

Smart Reboot Now – Hubforum @ Maison De La Chimie in Paris on October 15-16, 2019

The Problem with the Actual Traditional Business Modeling and how to approach it….Traditional Business Modeling, often using a Framework like the Business Model Canvas, has been trendy for many years now. Without understanding the Vision, Values, Goals and Unique Personality Makeup of the Entrepreneur, we risk many Opportunities for a Good “Business Model Match.”.

Every Commercial Organisation has a Marketing Discipline in one form or another. Whether you have a Structured Proactive Marketing Function or just a “Man with a Van” Approach, you are Marketing. The World of Digital Marketing is constantly and quickly evolving. What is Hot and Effective today, is tomorrow’s Old News. If you’re noticing that your Digital Marketing Efforts aren’t generating quite the Impact they once did, it might be Time for a Marketing Strategy Reboot…. Whether your Company is a Startup that has experienced some Success or an Established Company, one Thing is nearly certain: at some point your Business is likely to hit a Plateau.



HUBFORUM, October 15-16, 2019

One of the latest Changes rocking the Business World is Web-Enabled Disintermediation. As more Customers shop Online, standard Wholesale/Retail Relationships of the past are being replaced by Direct-To-Consumer Business Models. These Changes are causing many Companies to rethink their B2B Strategies, skipping the Middleman in the Process. Another Reason many Companies hit a Plateau is the Lack of Ability to accommodate Growth. Lack of Capital is another common Catastrophe for most Companies in Growth Mode. Business is poised to dive into an Immersive Digital Future, powered by a Convergence of Innovative Technologies (he Cloud, Mobile, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), among others) that will require Finance Executives to rethink every Aspect of their Businesses.

Achieving Transformation requires the Imposition of a Collective Mindset that emphasizes Collaboration and Communication. Depending on the Company, the Finance leader will have to identify a Structure that best aligns Business Goals with Digital Strategy. Centralization? Decentralization? Hub & Spoke? The Shape of the Organization to come must be rewired to bypass Traditional Silos and unite the Organization in a Shared Commitment to Risk, Innovation, and Investigation.


Emmanuel VIVIER, Perle BAGOT & Vincent DUCREY


SMART REBOOT NOW Event (October 15-16, 2019 @ Maison De La Chimie in Paris) PROGRAM :
Introduction by Perle BAGOT, Vincent DUCRUET & Emanuel VIVIER (Associate Directors & Co-Founders of Hub Institute).

– Session 1 – Tuesday 15th oct.
* Prepare the Future of Your Business with Emmanuel VIVIER & Perle BAGOT
* Towards a New Model that reconciliates Human & Digital with Karine SCHRENZEL (CEO 3 Suisses)
* Business Fueled by Data with Olivier LE GALLO (CMO Se Loger) – Jérémy DEROUET (E-Commerce Director Canal+ Group) – Jalil CHIKRI (Director Services Google)
* AI Factory at Engie with David LEGENDRE (Chief Data Officer Direction Grand Public France @ Engie – Vincent LUCIANI (Co-Founder & Global COO Artefact)
* Building Brands on Amazon with Stéphane GRENIER (Managing Director Amazon Advertising)
* Digital adapted to Multilocal, a winning Model to boost Sales & Business with José JACINTO (Trade Marketing Director McDonald’s & Eric BOUSTOULLER (General Director SoLocal)

* Reinvent the Architecture of your Growth with Matthieu MORGENSZTERN (Country Manager – WPP, CEO Group M)
* Drive-To-Store, take Advantage of the Geolocated Data to increase Store Traffic with Brice RENVOIZIE (Digital & Experience Manager Seat) & Dominique BLANC (Managing Director Finance S4M)
* Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality- Tomorrow’s Communication Platformss with Laurent SOLLY (VP South Europe Facebook) & Lucas PERRAUDIN (Commercial Director AR/VR/ EMEA Facebook)
* Trust, Attention & Interaction – The New Customer Digital Path with Pierre CHAPPAZ (Executive Director Teads)
* Speeding Digital Transformation thanks to Democratization od Social Data with Laurent GEFFROY (Social Data Director Orange) & Arnaud STEINKUHLER (Head of Solutons Europe Talkwalker)
* Maximum Innovaton, Transformation starts with Human Experience with Olivier CAMINO (Operations General Manager Sitel Group)
* To give back the Power to Brands & Signs with Fabien VERSAVEAU (CEO France Rakuten)

– Session 2 – Tuesday 15th oct.

– Session 3 – Wednesday 16th oct

– Session 4 – Wednesday 16th oct.

*** For More Info – Session 2, Session 3, Session 4 and Workshops






  • Laurent SOLLY














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October,  2019


Presentation of the New Study by Les Echos Etudes for Geodis.called “La Logistique : Atout Clé des Filières d’Excellence Française”.

@Les Echos-Le Parisien Headquarters in Paris. On October 16, 2019





Presentation October 16, at LES ECHOS

Was held on October 16, 2019 the Presentation of the New Study by Les Echos Etudes for Geodis Logistics Company (@ Les Echos-Le Parisien Headquarters in Paris). Geodis, As a Logistics Company, it covers five lines of Business: Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express and Road Transport. In today’s fast moving Global Economy, the Company believes to be the Growth Partner for a Large and Diverse set of Customers. With over 41,000 People in 67 Countries around the Globe, they design and deliver “Tailored Solutions” to solve Complex and often Unique Problems

Their Activities to find a “Solution” :

* By Vertical Market : Retail – Fast Moving Consumer Goods – Industrial – Automotive – High-Tech – Aerospace & Defense
* By Activity : Express & Parcels Delivery – Overland Transport – Air & Ocean Freight – Industrial Projects – Contract Logistics – Supply Chain Optimization – Customs.

The Event was organized around GEODIS and Clients to present Conclusions expressed in the New Study called “La Logistique : Atout Clé des Filières d’Excellence Française” highlighting the different Issues in FRANCE regarding the Logistics. It was animated by Jean-Marc Vittori, Editor, Les Echos. An Opening Keynote was given by Marie-Christine LOMBARD, President of Executive Board, GEODIS.





* Panel One : Logistics, a Key Role in Competitiveness. A Pillar of the Success of Exporting Companies?
Thomas BERTHAUD, Logistics & Supply Chain Director, MICHELIN
Marie-Christine LOMBARD, President of the Executive Board, GEODIS

* Panel Two : The Intelligent Supply Chain, New Vector of Performance. How is AI needed in Logistics? Why and how to transform your Supply Chain?
Marie-Christine LOMBARD
Olivier THEULLE, Director of Information Systems Operations, FNAC DARTY

* What about Sustainable Logistics?
Pierre-Yves ESCARPIT, Deputy General Manager, CDISCOUNT

* Conclusion : What are the Next Challenges of Logistics?
Marie-Christine LOMBARD

Roughly, the Main Conclusions in the Survey were as follow :
* The Efficiency of Supply-Chain, Second Factor of Business Success
* The Supply-Chain is not an Investment Priority for Companies
* Improving the Customer Experience, first Challenge for Logistics Chains
* Third of the Companies entrust their Logistics to an External provider
* Outsourcing remains confined to Supply Chain Execution Functions
* The Price Criterion prevails in the Choice of the Provider
* The International Success of Companies goes through a Perfect mastery of the Business Environment
* Logistics, a Key Role in the Export Power of France
* A Need for Personalized Support
* Digital Transformation of the Supply-Chain is engaged but still remained Partial
* Priority is given to Collaborative Tools and to the Improvement of Upstream Processes
* Sustainable Logistics, a Source of Competitiveness to exploit….


Marie-Christine LOMBARD

Marie-Christine LOMBARD & Thomas BERTHAUD

Marie-Christine LOMBARD & Olivier THEULLE

Marie-Christine LOMBARD & Pierre-Yves ESCARPIT






        Guillaume ROQUETTE



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October,  2019

Big Bang Sante @ Maison de la Chimie in Paris. On October 9, 2019


Dementia is a Blanket Term covering Diseases where the Brain loses its Functions. As well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases there are many other illnesses and some are yet to be classified. While Researchers are becoming better at preventing, treating or relieving Diseases such as Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Ailments, they still know very little about Diseases that affect the Brain’s Functions.
One thing is taking up the Minds of many Doctors around the World these days and it is one of the Largest Current Threats to World Public Health: Resistance to Antibiotics… The more Antibiotics we use, the faster Bacteria develop Resistance (and we use a lot in Agriculture, in Hospitals, and in our Homes)…. Food Allergies are seen as a Serious Public Health Issue in many Countries… Scientists have developed Proteins that can make Synthetic Genetic Material evolve over Generations in a Similar Way to DNA. The Breakthrough could lead to a Completely New Form of Medicine…

We live longer, our DNA can be mapped and Researchers can predict our Risk of getting ill, new Drugs are being developed all the Time, we know that it’s a Good Idea to exercise and eat Greens. One of the most important Tasks of Science is preventing and understanding why so many People become ill, and Scientists are currently debating how best to use Technological Advances and New Knowledge to ensure the Best Public Health.


In Digital Society, Knowledge is well distributed Virtually and Online. A Substantial Fraction of Knowledge Landscapes is also located in the Digital Environment. Both Health and Knowledge need to be understood today as a part of the Digital Society. It is important to estimate the Impact that Digital Society has on Knowledge Landscapes and on Health….Digital Health is the Convergence of Digital Technologies with Health in order to enhance the Efficiency of Healthcare Delivery and make Medicine more Personalized and Precise. The Technologies include both Hardware and Software Solutions and Services, including Telemedicine, Web-Based Analysis, Email, Mobile Phones and Applications, Text Messages, Wearable Devices, and Clinic or Remote Monitoring Sensors. Generally, Digital Health is concerned about the Development of Interconnected Health Systems to improve the use of Computational Technologies, Smart Devices, Computational Analysis Techniques, and Communication Media to aid Healthcare Professionals and their Clients manage Illnesses and Health Risks, as well as promote Health and Wellbeing.
Can we improve Training for Health Professionals? Sustainable Social Health Development requires more than Technical Knowledge and Skills Training alone. Health Professionals (Providers, Managers, and Administrators) need to respond to their Individual Challenges at Specific Times and in Particular Places. It is no longer appropriate to focus on a Single Issue; wickedly Complex Problems are the Primary Tasks of these Professionals… Health Professionals should have Access to Quality Training for them to fulfil their Respective Roles and Functions for Sustainable Development, especially at Local Levels. Unfortunately, this is often not the Case, or at the very least, we could certainly make Improvements.

Panel : Animated by Cécile THIBERT




Food Technologies play a Pivotal Role in improving the Nutritional Quality of Food, ensuring its Safety, and preventing Foodborne Disease. They reduce Losses due to Spoilage or Contamination, and are thus Vital in the Prevention of Malnutrition and Starvation. Food Technologies also have important Socioeconomic Implications. They facilitate and promote Trade in Food, provide Employment for a large Section of the Population, facilitate the Work of Women in preparing the Family’s Food, and give them the Opportunity to participate fully in Social Life. They increase the Consumer’s Pleasure and provide a greater Choice of Products.
On October 9, 2019 @ Maison De La Chimie (Paris) was held the New Edition of BIG BANG SANTE – LE FIGARO. Many Guests and Brilliant Interventions of Experts dealing with Contemporary Health Issues in the Different Sectors of Health. Animated by Guillaume ROQUETTE (Managing Director of Figaro Magazine). The Opening Speech given by Alexis BREZET (General Manager of Groupe Figaro). The Introduction given by Guy VALLANCIEN (Surgeon, Member of French Academy of Medecine).

– Big Bang De La Formation (Big Bang of Training)

* Keynote by Laurent BIGORGNE (Director of Institut Montaigne).
Training at the Heart of the Digital Revolution

* Panel : Animated by Cécile THIBERT (Journalist @ Sciences & Medecine Figaro) – Joris GALLAND (Internist Doctor a Tenon Hospital & Clinic Doctor Sorbonne Université) – Cécile MONTEIL ( CEO of iLumens, Founder of Eppocrate) – Lionel REICHERDT (Pharmageek Expert in e-Health; Blogger & Founder of 7C’S Health
Does Digital revolutionizes Training in Health?

* Pitch : Start-Up – Luc SOLER (President of Visible Patient)

* Teleconsultation : Conclusion a year later after Use in FRANCE – Interview of Nicolas WOLIKOW (Founder Qare)



– Big Bang of Digital Therapy : Keynote of Sébastien SORIANO (President of l’Arcep) onn What 5G would change ?- Keynote of Denise SILBER (Pioneer on e-Health, Founder of “Doctors 2.0 & You”) on Are our Smartphones capable to cure us ? – Keynote of Anca PETRE (Co-Founder of 23 Consulting on What is the Position of Blockchain in Health Sector ?

* Demonstration : Start-ups : Edward GASSER (Co-Founder & Director of Tilak Healthcare) – Bernard FERTIL (President & Co-Founder of Anapix Medical) – Laurent NICOLAS (CEO of Diabnext) – Docteur Fabrice DENIS (Oncologist Doctor. Designer of Moovcare)

– Big Bang of Data : Keynote of David GRUSON (Member of Board Comittee of “Chaîne Santé de Sciences Po Paris”) – Keynote of Thomas BUBERI (General Director of AXA Group) – Demonstration : Start-Up by Frederic DAYAN (Founder of Exact Cure) and Emmanuel BILBAULT (President of Posos) – Keynote of Michel LEVY PROVENCAL (Founder of Boma & CEO of Boma France)

* Panel : animated by Enguérand RENAULT Chief Editor Media & Technologies at Figaro) – Alain LIVARTOWSKI (Doctor, Data Director Institut Curie) – Laurent SCHLOSSER (Director of Public Sector Branch @ Microsoft France) – Jean-David ZEITOUN (Doctor & Clinical Epidemiology,, Entrepreneur)

– Big Bang of Food Tech. Pitch Start-Up by Antoine HUBERT (CEO of Ynsect) and Etienne DUTHOLT (General Director of Société Vital Meat). Conclusion of Big Bang Food Tech by Thierry MARX (Executive Chef & Mandarin Oriental in Paris) – Closing Speech by Jacques-Olivier MARTIN (Editor in Chief Figaro Economie @ Editor Director of Big Bang Sante.

* Panel : Is FoodTech good for Health, good to feed Humanity and Good to Taste ? – Animated by Olivia DETROYAT (Agriculture & Food Journalist @ Le Figaro) – Xavier BOIDAVEZI (VP Digital Factory @ SEB Group @ National Secretary @ FoodTech Theme Network)







  • Interview of Nicolas WOLIKOW


  • Sébastien SORIANO



  • Denise SILBER


  • Anca PETRE




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September,  2019






Thursday 12 September 2019,

At Station F





A B2B transaction is, by definition, an Investment; an Investment in Future Profitability, Cost Reduction, Timesaving, Productivity, Sales or Customer Satisfaction.



There are three critical areas of differences between B2C and B2B startups: :
* Return on Investment (ROI);
* Client Relationship;
* Decision-Making Process.A B2B transaction is, by definition, an Investment; an Investment in Future Profitability, Cost Reduction, Timesaving, Productivity, Sales or Customer Satisfaction. Unlike Consumers, Businesses never buy Technology simply to look good, for fun or for the user experience. Expectations of ROI are always built into the Purchase of New Technology.
B2B Markets are generally much smaller than B2Cs. Burning leads in B2C may not be a big deal if the Market has millions of Potential Customers, but, with substantially Smaller Markets in B2B, burning Leads quickly become a big deal. To succeed in B2B, Entrepreneurs need to build deep Relationships with a relatively small number of Companies. Relationship-Building Skills are critical to landing Long-Term Agreements and growing existing Relationships. This is one of the Reasons why B2B Companies are often Service-Focused and operate with a different Business Model.


Christophe DUMOULIN, Eric BURDIER, Deborah LOYE

The leading European conference for B2B and SaaS startups -Thursday 12 September 2019, at Station F (Paris)


  • Christophe DUMOULIN & Eric BURDIER


  • Ryan BURKE


  • How to align Sales & Marketing for Good



  • Debanja SAHA & Jean-Yves SIMON


  • ‘To build & scale brand as B2B Business ?


  • How to scale your marketing Smarter?



B2B ROCKS “The leading European conference for B2B and SaaS startups”, Second Edition, was held on Thursday 12 September 2019, at Station F (Paris). The Program was as follow :


– Using Community to Supercharge Growth
With Ryan Burke (SVP Sales, InVision)

– How to align B2B Sales and marketing, for good ?
With :
* Carole Offredo (VP Marketing, Dataiku)
* Kim Walsh (VP Startup, Hubspot)
* Michael Falorni (Head of Enterprise EMEA, Intercom)
* Alexandre Prot (Co-founder & CEO, Qonto)

– The most incredible Real-Time machine I ever built : Leveraging technology to accelerate product innovation
With Jean-Yves Simon (VP Product, AB Tasty) & Debanja Saha (VP of Data Analytics, Google Cloud)

– How to build and scale a brand as a B2B business
With :
* Alison Murdock (CMO, SocialChorus)
* Sven Lindner (Brand Director, Salesforce)
* Liam Boogar-Azoulay (ex-Brand Director, Algolia)
* Alex Delivet (Founder, B2B Rocks)

– From 1 to 100M€, how to scale your marketing smarter ?
With :
* Ségolène Finet (CMO, Talentsoft)
* Tricia Miller (Marketing Director EMEA, Twilio)
* Caroline Tailleferd – Guibert (VP Marketing, Tinyclues)
* Yves De Montcheuil (Ex-VP Marketing, Talend)

– How to make the most of your accelerator: the Alsid’s story
With Anne-Sybille Pradelles (Head of Operations, Alsid) & Matthias Fille (Acceleration Program Director, Axeleo)

– How to setup your hiring process and scale company culture
With :
* Roxanne Crossley (Chief of Staff, Scality)
* Jessica Djeziri (Head of HR, Shift Technology)
* Hanno Renner (Co-founder & CEO, Personio)
* Jonathan Azoulay (Co-founder & CEO,

– Go-to-Market: how to evangelize a brand new market
With :
* Anne De Kerckhove (Co-founder & CEO, Freespee)
* Geoffrey Vion (Marketing Director, Contentsquare)
* Jean-Charles Samuelian (Co-founder & CEO, Alan)
* Jonathan Userovici (Investment Manager, Idinvest)


– Going international in a post-brexit era: Europe vs US vs Asia
With :
* Claire Houry (General Partner, Ventech)
* Renaud Visage (Co-founder & CTO, Eventbrite)
* Pontus Noren (Co-founder, Cloudreach)

– External growth: accelerate your growth by acquiring other businesses
With :
* Amélie Faure (Operating Partner, Serena)
* Alisa Roskach (Head of Strategic Partnerships, Fretlink)
* Jean Canzoneri (Co-founder & CEO, Ogury)
* Eric Dumain (VP Product, ObservePoint)

– Funding strategy: all the way up from to Seed to mega-rounds
With :
* Agathe Wautier (Co-founder & CEO, The Galion Project)
* Clément Buyse (Co-founder, PeopleDoc)
* Eric Larcheveque (Co-founder & Chairman, Ledger)
* Ismael Ould (Co-founder & CEO, Wynd)


– How do you build your B2B Saas business for scale ?
With Guillaume Princen (Head of Europe, Stripe)

– How to make your software evolve from a Product to a Platform
With :
* Marie Outtier (Co-founder & CEO, Aiden.a)
* Marion Darnet (Lead Product Manager, Privateaser)
* Sebastien Levaillant (VP Product, Payfit)
* Joseph Tempier (Head of Innovation Projects, Mirakl)- Leasons learned from young graduate to Co-founder & CPO managing 100 employees
With Alexis Fogel (Co-founder & ex-CPO, Dashlane | Co-founder, Stonl)- How engineer hiring can make or break your SaaS business
With Laurent Perrin (Co-founder & CTO, Front) & Pierre Queinnec (Co-founder & CEO, Jenji)- How to shape the most reliable and secure tech in 2019
With :
* Apolline Aigueperse (Director of Cyber, CybelAngel)
* Giovanna Giammarino (VP Engineering & CISO, Alkemics)
* Jean-Baptiste Aviat (Co-founder & CTO, Sqreen)
* Maxime Cartan (Co-founder & CEO, Citalid)
– What it takes for a technology startup to have enterprise customers
With Pavlo Baron (Co-founder & CTO, Instana)- Leverage the Value of Ecosystems when selling to large companies
With Mike Wolff (SVP Global ISV Partners, Salesforce) & Michaël Bentolila (Co-founder & CEO, InsideBoard)- Sales as a Science, a scientific approach to B2B Sales
With Andy Farquharson (GM EMEA, Winning by Design)- How to streamline your customer service process to gain in velocity
With :
* Åsa Nyström (VP Customer, Buffer)
* Harrison Rose (Co-founder & CCO, Paddle)
* Gilles Samoun (Founder & CEO, Salesmachine)
* Martial Graslin (Country Manager, Botify)- How to manage cash (flow and burn) while growing
With :
* Jana Eisenstein (President, Mirriad)
* Marie Dessaint (CFO & Compliance Officer, Iris Capital)
* Kevin Kimber (CEO, Rimilia)
* Charles Miglietti (Co-founder & CEO, Toucan Toco)
– Bulletproof elements to raise Seed and Serie A round as a B2B startup
With :
* Cayetana Hurtado (Investor, Balderton Capital)
* Louis Coppey (Principal, Point Nine Capital)
* Ben Blume (Partner, Atomico)
* Bertrand Dufour (Partner, RSM France)- How to make the most of your relationship with your investors
With :
* Pauline Roux (Partner, Elaia)
* Mathieu Viallard (General Partner, Axeleo Capital)
* Norbert Furnion (Managing Partner, Edenred Capital Partners)
* Adrien Chaltiel (Co-founder & CEO, Eldorado)

Source : B2B ROCKS


On September 5, 2019 – Station F (Paris)


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September,  2019

Based in Paris, PlugAndPlay Smart Cities Platform is aiming to bring together Players from the Real Estate, Mobility, and Sustainability industries to accelerate Innovation in Cities…. Europe has long been a Forerunner in the field of Urban Planning and Innovation. The Objective is to make this a Europe-Wide Open Innovation Initiative inciting Startups, Corporates, Investors and Gavernment Agencies to collaborate on the Futre or European Cities.

Moderator Emilia MADURO

Plug And Play – Smart Cities Selection Day: Batch 2
On Septamber 5, 2019 @ Station F (Headquarters in Paris)


When faced with concieving a Platform to disrupt our ways of living, it became clear to them that Cooperation, not Competition was KEY… Growing Urbanisation, Sustainable Development, Digital Challenge, Users’ Involvement, Economic and Cultural Attractiveness, Governance are part of the main stakes Cities have to tackle. To face this plural Urban Reality, it has become necessary to find adapted means to conceive Cities and Territorial Development. A better consideration of the Uses, the cCeation of Real Consultation Methods have Priority.

A Smart City is a place where Traditional Networks and Services are made more efficient with the use of Digital and Telecommunication Technologies for the Benefit of its Inhabitants and Business. A Smart City goes beyond the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for better Resource use and less Emissions. It means smarter Urban Transport Networks, upgraded Water Supply and Waste Disposal Facilities and more efficient Ways to light and heat Buildings. It also means a more interactive and responsive City Administration, Safer Public Spaces and meeting the needs of an Ageing Population.


PlugAndPlay 3-month, Equity-Free Acceleration Program is focused on the Business Development of Startups disrupting our Urban Lifestyles. The Program is built so that Startups boost their Growth to a Level that they would usually only achieve in 12 Months. This is done through Targeted and Relevant Introductions to a Global Network of Corporate Decision Makers, High-Level VCs and Expert Mentors.

Since 2006, they have been accelerating Startups, matchmaking them with Corporate Clients, and investing in them. Since 2010, Corporate Partners have been a Fundamental Part of their Innovation Platform. Through various Levels of Partnership, they provide Corporate Partners with exposure to our Ecosystem and access to qualified and strategically aligned Early-And-Growth Stage Startups. PlugAndPlay Ventures has as Goal to fund the Teams that are building the Defensible Businesses of the Future.



Theri “Global Innovation Platform” wants to cover : Fintech, Insurtech, Brand & Retail, Internet of Things, Mobility, Health, Supply Chain, Real Estate & Construction, Food & Beverage, Travel & Hospitality, Enregy & Sustainability, New Materials & Packaging, Cybersecurity, Enterprise 2.0, Smart Cities, Media & Ad, Startup Aurobahn, Fashion for Good-plug And Play, Plug And Play Japan, Retailtech Hub, BNP-Paribas Plug And Play, Plug And Play ADGM, Singapore, New York, Cleveland, Plug And Play China, Plug And Play Thaïland, Lafayette Plug And Play, Kering x Plug And Play, GK Plug And Play Indonesia, International, Startup Camp.

– “PlugAndPlay SMART CITIES – BATCH 2 – Selection Day.
Held at Station F (Headquarters in Paris) on September 5, 2019. The Program was made of Pitches from Startups coming from Real Estate, Sustainability, IoT, Mobility. They had a limited Time to pitch in front of an Audience made of Professionals.

REAL ESTATE Startups Pitches :

* All Things (founded in 2013 – Stage Growth) based in Basel (Switzerland)
* Carto (founded in 2012 – Stage Growth) based in New York (USA)
* Phononic Vibes (founded in 2018 – Stage Early) based in Milan (Italy)
* Around Media (Prompto) – (founded in 2015 – Stage Early) based in Gent (Belgium)
* District Technologies (founded in 2017 – Stage Eaarly) based in London (UK)

SUSTAINABILITY Startups Pitches :

* Enersis (founded in 2015 – Stage Early) based in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
* Sterblue (founded in 2016 – Stage Early) based in San Francisco (USA)
* Addionics (founded in 2017 – Stage Early) based in Tel Aviv (Israel)
* Denver (founded in 2017 – Stage Early) based in Paris (France)
* EcoG (founded in 2017 – Stage Early) based in Oberhaching (Germany)
* Gbatteries (founded in 2014 – Stage Early) based in Ottawa (Canada)
* Mob Energy (founded in 2018 – Stage Early) based in Lyon (France)


IoT Startups Pitches :

* Persado (founded in 2012 – Stage Growth) based in New York (USA)
* E-bot7 (founded in 2016 – Stage Growth) based in Munich (Germany)
*Sentiance (founded in 2015 – Stage Growth) based in Antwerp (Belgium)
* Ubble (founded in 2018 – Stage Early) based in Paris (France)
* Lexa Texer (founded in 2016 – Stage Early) based in Berlin (Germany)
* YpTokey (founded in 2018 – Stage Early) based in Berlin (Germany)
* MoonVision (founded in 2017 – Stage Early) based in Vienna (Austria)
* Creavision Technologies (founded in 2015 – Stage Early) based in London (UK)
* TankU (founded in 2014 – Stage Early) based in Tel Aviv (Israel)
* Neuron SW(founded in 2016 – Stage Early) based in Prague (Czech Republic)

MOBILITY Startups Pitches :

* Kopernikus (founded in 2016 – Stage Early) based in Berlin (Germany)
* Make My Day (founded in 2016 – Stage Early) based in Tel Aviv (Israel)
* ProovStation (founded in 2019 – Stage Early) based in Paris (France)
* Sharing OS (founded in 2017 – Stage Growth) based in London (UK)
* Xapix (founded in 2016 – Stage Early) based in San Francisco (US)
* Tanktwo (founded in 2012 – Stage Growth) based in Vantaa (Finland)
* Fleetonnomy (founded in 2016 – Stage Early) based in Tel Aviv (Israel)
* Xtract 360 (founded in 2017 – Stage Early) based in London (UK)


  • Martin BEYERLEIN


  • Santiago BLASCO







  • Vanessa BUTZ


  • Christina WUERTHNER



On September 5, 2019 – Station F


  • Moshiel BITON


  • Martin-Zack MEKKAOUI



  • Manuel HECKMANN


  • Kostya KHOMUTOV


  • Salim EL HOUAT



  • Hani RAMZI


  • Xaver LEHMANN


On September 5, 2019 – Station F



  • Juliette DELANOE


  • Guenther HOFFMANN


  • Alexander RECHLING












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August  2019





DoorDash, the largest and fastest-growing on-demand destination for door-to-door delivery in more than 4,000 cities in the United States and Canada, announced on August 14, its official launch in Montréal, its first predominantly French-speaking market and first market in Quebec. This is the first time that DoorDash has expanded its product to serve customers, merchants, and Dashers in a language beyond English, with each app and service now fully accessible in French. DoorDash is now live in 78 Canadian cities, including recent expansions to Winnipeg, Halifax (its first city in Nova Scotia), and Regina and Saskatoon (its first cities in Saskatchewan), keeping the company on pace to expand to more than 100 Canadian cities by the end of 2019. DoorDash’s entry into Montréal also brings new jobs to the area, expanded opportunities for local businesses, and customer benefits with special promotions for residents kicking off August 14.

With this launch, DoorDash will add more than 300 merchants to its industry-leading selection of restaurants, including local favorites such as Boustan, Cacao 70, Mon Ami, Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce, Abe & Mary’s, Poulet Rouge and Foodtastic Brands (with concepts that include Souvlaki Bar, La Belle et la Boeuf, and Bacaro).


In addition to serving more than 750,000 local residents, DoorDash has opened two offices in Montréal: a corporate office at Place Ville-Marie and a Dasher onboarding office in Ville Saint-Laurent. As a result of this launch, DoorDash will build a corporate team of dozens of people in the Quebec area, creating corporate employee opportunities in the Montréal community along with the flexible contracting opportunities our platform provides to Dashers.
To celebrate its entry into Montréal, DoorDash is launching a special “Dînez pour Gagner” promotion that will be live for the first 25 days of service in Montréal. When a DoorDash customer places an order through the platform, they will automatically be entered to win daily and weekly prize giveaways. Daily prizes are in the form of DoorDash credits, ranging from $5 to $100. Weekly prizes include one pair of tickets to a 2019 professional hockey home opener in Montréal on October 10, $1,000 airfare credit, and $1,000 in DoorDash credits. Customers will be notified if they are eligible to win via email. As a fun customer bonus alongside this promotion, DoorDash will offer $0 delivery fees on all orders over $10 for each customer’s respective first thirty days on DoorDash.

Source : DoorDash






To Reach $12.02 Billion By 2024


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July  2019


Identifying this Global Concern, Various Companies have currently come up with a Range of Technologies, which assist in cultivating Crops Indoors as a Substitute to Traditional Farming. These Technologies help in maximizing the Quality, Productivity, and Sustainability in Agricultural Production Systems.

The increasing Global Warming, rising Temperatures, and unexpected Weather Conditions are becoming Barriers to Optimum Agricultural Production Outdoors, while Studies have shown that adverse Global Warming in the coming years directly impacts the Global GDP, thus making Economies financially weak. Increasing Adoption of the Indoor Farming Concept across the Globe is driving the Demand for Advanced Technologies in Indoor Farming, since these are important for running an Indoor Farm. Optimum Lighting, Temperature, and Humidity are the Key Factors to operate an Indoor Farm Profitably.

Additionally, Technologies in an Indoor Farm are a Valuable Option because these provide Accurate Climatic Factors along with Specific Insights from Monitors to take better Farm Decisions. The Companies present in the Indoor Farming Technology Market have engaged in numerous Product Developments and launches to improve their market Presence. It is expected that by 2020, more Technologically advanced companies will enter the Indoor Farming Technology Industry and Resources will consolidate further.

According to Harveen Bawa, analyst at BIS Research, “In 2018, the indoor farming technologies market by type of technology is dominated by hardware systems. These systems have been predominantly used by indoor farm cultivars. Some of the commonly used hardware systems are lighting solutions, climate control systems, and sensing and monitoring equipment. Software and services are the most upcoming technologies for indoor farming in the coming years, with growers increasingly looking forward to adopting cloud services that provide better insights and eliminate the need for labor at the same time. Although many solution providers in this segment are currently providing the same at high costs, new players aim to provide pocket-friendly solutions for growers.”

Some of the most Prominent Players in the Indoor Farming Technology Market are OSRAM GmbH, Signify, Agrilyst, Argus Control Systems, Certhon, Richel Group, and Aerofarms. The result of the emerging strategies and developments are already surging the market in the form of partnerships, collaborations, and joint ventures. Moreover, the Growing Market of Indoor Farming Technology is further expected to increase the involvement of companies across different Segments of the Value Chain. Majority of the Companies preferred entering into Business Expansion and Contract to enhance their Presence, while the relatively Less Adoptive Strategies comprised Mergers and Acquisitions, thus consolidating a small part of the Market.




According to a New Market Intelligence Report by BIS Research titled ‘Global Indoor Farming Technology Market – Analysis and Forecast, 2018-2024’, the indoor farming technology market is expected to reach $12.02 billion by 2024, rising at a CAGR of 15.23% from 2019 to 2024. The growth of the market is largely attributed due to the Adoption of Technologies pertaining to Indoor Vertical Farms along with Software and Services in the Indoor Farming Industry.

Making enough Food available for the population has become an alarming Issue for Governments while meeting the Never-Ending Demand for Food prevalent across the Globe. Based on the Global Report on Food Crises 2019 by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the count of Chronically Hungry Population across the World was recorded at over 100 million since 2016. The most severely affected are the Low-Income Populations of Countries in South America and South Africa.




Since 2016, Strategic Partnerships, Collaborations, and Joint Ventures across the Value Chain undertaken by several companies present in the Indoor Farming Technology Industry act as a premeditated move to sustain the Competition. For instance, in March 2019, Nufarm acquired Syngenta and Adama Agriculture Solution Ltd. to capture its Product Portfolio of Crop Protection and to strengthen its Market Position. Earlier, in March 2019, Aerofarms partnered with Singapore Airlines to establish an On-Plane Farm for Passengers of the Airlines, the Services for which shall begin in September 2019.


Key questions answered in the report:

– How is indoor farming a solution to the increasing global food demand and depleting natural resources?

– What are the factors encouraging the uptake of indoor farming technologies? How opportunistic is the software and services market in the indoor farming sector?

– How is high investment cost affecting the adoption of indoor farming technologies by growers? What solutions can be undertaken by the companies to overcome the cost factor?

– How competitive is the industry in terms of market developments by key players such as business expansions, collaborations, acquisitions, agreements, and new product developments?


– What is the positioning of the leading players in the lighting systems market on the basis of their revenue contribution?

– What has been the investment and funding landscape in the global indoor farming technology market in the last three years? What is the market attractiveness for emerging start-ups?

– Which is the most common facility type to deploy indoor farming technologies? What is the expected growth potential for different facility types during the forecast period?

– Who are the leading players offering technologies for different facilities in the indoor farming sector?

– What is the expected future scenario and revenue generated by different types of indoor farming solutions including hardware systems, software, and services?

– How important are different hardware solutions such as lighting systems, control systems, and sensing systems in the indoor farms?

– Which are the most profitable crops and the emerging crop types that are expected to be compatible with indoor farming technologies?

– Which is the most dominant region in terms of technology adoption, revenue generation, and presence of companies?

– What are the major facility types for which indoor farming technologies are being used in different regions?


Source : BIS Research



2019 Most Influential Women in Corporate America





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July  2019


Savoy Magazine released their 2019 Most Influential Women in Corporate America listing in their Summer Edition. The Full List can be viewed Online at The Savoy Most Influential Women in Corporate America feature is the definitive listing of African American Women Achievers impacting Corporate America. With Expertise in a Range of Industries, the Savoy 2019 Most Influential Women in Corporate America embody Talent, Leadership and Grace while executing Critical Roles for some of the Largest Corporations in the World.


Savoy’s Summer Edition features a Cover Story on Oprah Winfrey and her Continued Success with a Purpose. This Edition spotlights African American Women influencing their Community and Culture. The Edition also includes Articles on Issa Rae securing a Deal with Columbia Pictures to promote diverse Screenwriters, feature Articles on Gayle King, Tyra Banks, Regina King, Valerie Jarrett, Serena Williams and Executive Profiles on the Most Influential Women in Corporate America.
Selection of the Most Influential Women in Corporate America begins by examining the Landscape of Spheres of Influence impacting Savoy’s readership including; Corporate Sector Influence, Scholastic Achievement, Career Growth, Community Outreach and Recognition. The Information received from over 500 Prospective Candidates in Diverse Fields was pre-screened by the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee includes the Savoy Editorial bBard and cCmmunity Leaders with Representatives from the Academic and Business Arenas. The cCmmittee reviewed Information on Executives in Human Resources, Information, Real Estate, Finance, Investment Banking, Diversity, Foundations, Procurement, Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Health Care, Manufacturing and Legal. After reviewing all of the Profiles, the Field of Candidates was narrowed to the 2019 Most Influential Women Listing based upon their Exemplary Record of Accomplishments and Influence while working to better their Community and inspire others.

Source : Savoy Media Group




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July  2019

In addition to working on more than 20 productions while enrolled at UWG — 10 of which he designed — LeClaire also was given the opportunity to attend several theatre conferences and festivals, including the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF).

It was through KCACTF that he was awarded a week scholarship to the Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas, where he networked with industry professionals who eventually led him to his first film set as a programmer.

“This was an eye-opener to this relatively new application of the technology I had been studying for years,” LeClaire recollected.

After earning his master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin, LeClaire spent two years as a technical project manager where he worked on a variety of shows across the country.

Then Hollywood called.

Shot in First Man, LED screen managed by LeClaire


LeClaire’s responsibility on “First Man” was to design, program and operate the media servers that controlled the LED videos on set, working with the visual effects team.
The filmmakers of “First Man” wanted to achieve realistic lighting and backgrounds for the sky and space shots. To get the best visual effects, they built a curved LED screen.

LeClaire explained that modern LED screens have many advantages over traditional green screens when filming.

“With the advent of high-resolution LED displays, we are able to create larger and brighter backdrops in more complicated configurations,” said LeClaire. “The screen can reduce the amount of time and labor needed to replace the background in post-production and provides reflections on surfaces that would otherwise need to be created in software.”

The LED screen implemented in the creation of “First Man” was 35 feet tall and 60 feet wide. It also wrapped 180 degrees to surround the action occurring on set.

Jared LeClaire



How do you recreate an event that is ingrained in a nation’s collective consciousness?

Ask University of West Georgia College of Arts and Humanities alumnus Jared LeClaire. The freelance video designer, programmer and engineer helped do just that as a crewmember on the major motion picture “First Man.” The Neil Armstrong biopic won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects 50 years after Armstrong achieved iconic status by walking on the moon.

“I always had an affinity for computers and video games, and it is very fortunate that I found a career where those interests became strengths,” said LeClaire, who graduated from UWG in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in theatre design.

Such an accomplishment must’ve seemed light-years away when LeClaire enrolled in a theatre appreciation core class at UWG. He had never spent any time in a theatre – either as participant or audience member – until then.

And it wasn’t until he saw video of a 3-D projection-mapping project in Prague that he realized he could have a career in entertainment design and technology.

“I was astonished how light and imagery could completely transform an otherwise inanimate object,” LeClaire recalled. “From that point forward I didn’t let a day go by without learning something about technology and began to work video technology into my theatrical work at UWG as much as possible.”



A prominent shot in the film – in which Neil Armstrong, played by Ryan Gosling, breaches the atmosphere and looks at the horizon – would not have been possible without the LED screen. The reflection of the scene before him is visible in his visor and eyes. The complexity of a reflection in the eye could only be captured on camera because of the LED screen’s size and technological features.

This opening scene is also the one LeClaire said was most difficult yet the one he is most proud of.

“We had to pre-program the sequence for each camera angle in order to make sure the background content was represented correctly no matter what the camera angle was,” LeClaire explained.

He shared that every day brought new challenges that required creative problem-solving.

“We came up with a workflow that allowed us to essentially make a giant flight simulator that could be manipulated in a variety of ways in real time so that we could adapt to the needs of any given shot,” LeClaire said.

So what was it like to peek behind the curtain of visual/special effects and see how much work is involved in making that magic happen?

“Something that still surprises me about working in film is the number of people it takes to make a single movie. Feature film sets are some of the most demanding working environments in this industry, and introducing a relatively new piece of technology into production can be very challenging. Every minute in production is very expensive, so everything must work as reliably as possible while being flexible enough to keep up with changes and needs in the moment. The sum of all of this can create a very stressful environment, but the first time you see a shot come together and know you contributed to it, even in a small way, it becomes worth it.”



Just as LeClaire vowed as a new student studying technology, he plans to stay on the cutting edge and keep creating powerful tools for artists to create with.

“‘First Man’ was a milestone in the technology, and I’m very thankful to have been a part of it,” he said. “However, there is plenty of ground left to cover, particularly in the realm of real-time graphics and content workflows.”

LeClaire remains grateful for the ways UWG helped prepare him for work on the silver screen.

“The UWG theatre faculty provided the resources for me to explore video technology as a design element and the mentorship to help me learn how to use it effectively for storytelling,” he concluded. “It is not always easy to introduce new pieces of technology into traditional art forms, but the theatre faculty at UWG was always enthusiastic and supportive of students who wished to explore it. I’m thankful I got to spend my early career working and learning at UWG.”

Source : The University of West Georgia


Michelle OBAMA



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July  2019

Elevate just announced that former First Lady Michelle Obama will be speaking at their 2019 Festival on Tuesday, September 24th, 2019.

“We are honoured that Mrs. Obama has chosen Elevate as her first Canadian engagement following her incredibly successful book tour” said Razor Suleman, Cofounder and CEO of Elevate. “She has championed women and young people, inspiring millions across Canada and around the world. We are looking forward to hosting Mrs. Obama along with the Elevate community.”

Mrs. Obama’s Appearance will be moderated by Claudette McGowan at the Sony Centre (soon to be named Meridian Hall)


Michelle Robinson Obama served as First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017.

As a transformative First Lady, Mrs. Obama launched and led four key initiatives: Let’s Move!, to address the challenge of childhood obesity; Joining Forces, to support veterans, service members and their families; Reach Higher, to inspire young people to seek higher education; and Let Girls Learn, to help adolescent girls around the world go to school.

Before becoming First Lady, Michelle Obama attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School. She started her career as an attorney at the Chicago law firm, Sidley & Austin, where she met her future husband, Barack Obama. She later worked in the Chicago mayor’s office, the University of Chicago, and the University of Chicago Medical Center. Mrs. Obama also founded the Chicago chapter of Public Allies, an organization that prepares young people for careers in public service.

In 2018, Michelle Obama published her memoir, Becoming, which sold more copies than any other book published in the United States in 2018, achieving that status in just 15 days and instantly rising to the #1 slot on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Mrs. Obama was born on January 17, 1964. She married Barack Obama in 1992. They currently live in Washington, DC and have two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Source : Elevate




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July  2019



It’s an Uudeniably Dynamic and Attractive Region. With its Population on average increasing 0.6% annually, Nouvelle-Aquitaine is one of the most Populated Regions in France. Even if Newcomers are often young Parisian Graduates who settle mainly in the Metropolis of Bordeaux, there is also signficant Movement across the Region from Bordeaux to the Landes, Charente-Maritime, Vienne and of course the Basque Country, where more than 9,000 People a year arrive. Not all settle near the Coast : People are also moving Inland, as far as Pau or Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port or Saint-Etienne-de-Baïgorry, which are seeing their Populations swell with many young People keen to create their own Activities. Quality of Life is a real Driver of Innovation. By 2025, 30,000 Newcomers are expected.







@ Biarritz (Basque Country) – On the Occasion of the G7 Summit in Biarritz. August 24-26, 2019.


 The Pyrénées-Atlantiques excels in highly dynamic Livestock Management: 4,500 Farmers rear Blonde d’Aquitaine Cows. It is also the second largest National Sheep Reserve. Some 1,800 Farms are involved in rearing, 80% focusing on local Sheep Breeds such as Manech Redhead, Black Head Manech or Basco-Bearnaise. Another strong characteristic of Béarn and the Basque Country is Active Pastoralism. Communal Cummer Pastures cover nearly 150,000 hectares managed by 120 grazing Collectives. The Recognition of Products through Quality and Origin Certfication (SIQO) is a Guarantee of Practices that preserve Terroir and promote Local Breeds. Agriculture here has a Rich Diversity of Producers and Farmers working together with Local Food Processing Companies.




Museum of the Sea

Covered Market of Biarritz

The City of the Ocean

Presentation of Innovations


Seaborg,  incredible machine


Presentation of Innovations


Laetitia JOURDAN

The Rivages Pro Tech Centre

Laetitia JOURDAN

The Rivages Pro Tech Centre


Shanez DJAMA



Laboratoires de Biarritz

Laboratoires de Biarritz






Voltaire Design

Voltaire Design




Guillaume LE BERRE

Pragma Industries

Pragma Industries

Pragma Industries

Presentation of Innovations


Museum of the Sea



From the Label Rouge to the IGP and AOP, the Pyrénées-Atlantiques has no less than 23 Product Categories under SIQO Certification, the most iconic of which are the Wine Appellations Jurançon, Madiran and Irouleguy, the AOP Ewes’ Milk Cheese Ossau-Iraty, IGP Pyrenean Suckling Lamb, AOC Kintoa, AOC Piment d’Espelette, IGP Bayonne Ham or IGP Foie Gras from the South-West. More than 40% of the Region’s Farmers have at least one SIQO.
Regional Crop Production accounts for 69% of Agriculture compared with 31% for Livestock Production. Agriculture shapes a highly diverse Landscape including Plains for Eld Crops, two zones of wine production around Bordeaux and Cognac, and Livestock in Areas where the Cultivation is more dfficult. Nouvelle-Aquitaine is the second largest Region of Organic Farming Production in terms of the number of Certified Producers (5,000) and the third largest in Area with 200,000 Cultivated Hectares, representing 5% of all Agricultural Land.
The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region is also home to France’s largest Forest. Occupying a third of the Region, it is divided into different Zones. Encompassing 1 million Hectares planted with 80% of Maritime Pines, the Massif des Landes de Gascogne is the largest in Western Europe. On the Haut Limousin Plateaux, where Forestation Rates are also significant, Hardwoods grow alongside Douglas Fir and Spruces. Other Wooded Areas are divided between Oaks, Beeches, Chestnuts, but also Poplars in some Alluvial Plains. 62% of the Region is planted with Hardwoods.


 The Basque Country and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region are both labelled Positive Energy Territories. Biarritz and the Basque Coast are investing in Blue Growth in Marine and Maritime Employment Sectors. This involves the Production of Renewable Energy at Sea and the valorisation of Marine Bio-Resources, including maintaining and revitalising Traditional Maritime Activities, Fishing, Aquaculture, Port Operations, Tourism and Water Sports… Sustainability Objectives rely on Data Collection programs and Management Measures such as Ocean Start, a Future Technopole dedicated to the Ocean Economy and Marine Biometrics. Respecting Natural Resources is part of the Challenge. Economic Stakeholders from across the Basque Country meet, discuss Coastal Development and jointly define the new Roadmap for Renewable Marine Energies.

The Rivages Pro Tech Centre (Suez), created in 2006 on the Izarbel Site, develops Laboratory Analysis Techniques, Digital Modelling Processes and Predictive Management Processes for Pollution in Aquatic Environments. While the Centre’s Internationally-Renowned Fields of Expertise will be maintained, new areas of Activity will also be developed. Collaborations are also underway with Businesses based on Technology Parks in the Basque Country Urban Authority Area. Rivages Pro Tech intends to develop the use of Satellite Images to boost its Ocean Observation Systems. Another very promising avenue is linked to Data-Processing Sciences, which make Software Programs more intelligent so that they can learn themselves and help us to foresee Dangers, so we can take Action at the Right Moment in the Right Place… The Projects are boosting Rivages Pro Tech’s Expertise and will enrich the Ecosystem supported by the Basque Country Urban Authority around the themes of the Blue Economy, Water Quality, and Renewable Marine Energies. (

Created in 2011 by Muriel and Jean Marc Dubois, “Laboratoires de Biarritz” is the Realization of Grand Ambitions : a Project originated of the Personal, Family and Environmental Convictions of its Founders. Indeed, Dedicated Surfers and Ocean-Lovers, the Family was looking in vain for Sunscreen that was safe for the Skin and the Marine Environment…The work of R&D started with Fundamental Research to find the Molecules of Tomorrow, in the Heart of Nature with Incredible Virtues. The Research is at the Origin of the Discovery of Several Exclusive Active Ingredients. Protected by Patents, these Active Ingredients are potentiated in Technical Formulas, beneficial for the Health of Skin.


 Organic Certification requires that at least 95% of the Ingredients used be of Natural Origin and that at least 20% of the Final Product be from Organic Agriculture. Laboratoires de Biarritz go above and beyond that because the Products are made up of 99.5% Natural Origin Ingredients and up to 96% of the Final Product is from Organic Agriculture. Their Formulas contain 0% Petrochemical Ingredients and 0% “at Risk” Ingredients (Parabens, Silicones, Phenoxyethanol, etc). Biodegradable Ingredients, 100% Recyclable Packaging, Airless Containers, Entierly Made In France. Their Patented Active Ingredients thus come from Gelidium Sesquipedale, a Red Seeweed that is specific to the Basque Coastline. To this valorization of Local Natural Resources can be added French Suppliers and Production predominately based in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques. Guaranteeing Optimum Traceability, producing Locally enables us to support the Regional Economy. (

Companies like “Voltaire Design”, a Maker of Customised Riding Saddles in Elegant Leather, are showcasing the Materials behind Premium Products. Created in 2010, the Brand chose to launch first in America. Sponsor of the Winter Equestrian Festival in 2011, it has seen a Blazing Success, rapidly becoming the Saddle of Choice across the Atlantic. Its Technical Products, all made in France, have won over Great American Riders, like Double Olympic Champion Beezie Madden, followed by Phe Equestrian World in Germany, England and France. To the Question why Voltaire Design is different ? “Voltaire Design relies on the long French Tradition of Saddle Making. But Voltaire Design is also the first Saddle Maker to get help from the Fashion Industry in the Design of our Products. Voltaire Design is also the first Environmentally-Friendly Saddler in the World.” (

Based in Bidart, Southwestern France, “Pragma Industries” is an Innovative Supplier of the best of Breed Fuel Cell Test Equipment. Founded in 2004 by Pierre Forté, Pragma Industries is a Highly-Skilled Team of Interdisciplinary Engineers, Scientists and Technical Staff. Their Expertise Domains range from Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Automation and Control, to Software Design and Electrochemistry…H2 αlpha BIKE is the first Commercially Available Electrically Assisted Bike with a Fuel Cell (FC-Pedelec). αlpha has been developed as a Response of today’s Energy Demand and Eco-Mobility Issues. The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Storage integrated inside Alpha2.0 delivers an unrivalled range of 100km on a Single Charge. Whereas Battery-Powered Pedelecs are adversely affected by Low Temperatures, Alpha2.0 provides constant Range and Performances in every Weather Conditions. Equiped with a Best-In-Class H2 Gauge, it accurately indicates the Remaining Energy to the User.


Compared to Conventional Electric Bikes, αlpha is refilled with Hydrogen in only 2 minutes using the Filling Station, while Standard e-Bikes take more 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged. Pragma Industries’ Partner Atawey has developed H2 Spring Filling Station for αlpha. It produces Hydrogen from Water and Electricity (Water Electrolysis). The Hydrogen is stored and compressed before being refilled into αlpha Hydrogen Tank. The Station is able to refill up to 35 Bikes a day, only using Water and Electricity. The Complete Solution offered by Pragma Industries and Atawey allows increased Mobility Efficiency with Zero CO2 Emissions, from the Hydrogen Production to its Consumption.Who is it for ? : Public Services, Territorial Staff Mobility, Corporate Staff Mobility, Last Mile Delivery, Tourists Rental, Bike Sharing Programs (
In exploring Historical Craftsmanship throughout this Region we find a Unique Heritage that’s mindful of preserving Traditional Arts and transforming them in an Innovative and Sustainable Way. The Region recognises the Importance of Educated Young People and has invested in Impressive University Resources. Nouvelle-Aquitaine has important University Centres in Poitiers, La Rochelle, Limoges and Bordeaux. The University of Pau and the Adour countries (UPPA) is a Multi-site Higher Education Establishment based in Pau, as well as in Bayonne and Anglet, Tarbes and Mont-de-Marsan. Bayonne is building a Basque Country Campus with the Goal of attracting 8,000 Students by 2020 to meet Local Needs and position itself as a Second Pole for training Engineers.
With a total of 195,000 Students, 15 Incubators, 9 Technopoles and more than 50 Start-Up Facilitators, the Region has developed a Pioneering Ecosystem based on a Trusted Interconnection between Public and Private Sectors. This Momentum is vital for Economic Growth that is already generating Jobs (up 0.7% on average per year between 2009 and 2014), has an Unemployment Rate lower than the National Average, and which is seeing a Continuous Increase in Managerial and Skilled Jobs. In Higher Education, Public and Private Schools and Universities are increasing their Capacity. Expansion focuses on Research Activities related to Local Challenges such as Energy, the Environment, Logistics, Sports, the Silver Economy.




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July  2019












Monaco Telecom unveiled its Nationwide 5G Mobile Network. Frédéric Genta, Interministerial Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition, stressed that “The Principality is the First Country in the World to open the 5G: the Face of the Monaco of Tomorrow is emerging Today and we could not create a Smart Nation without a Strong Partnership with a Telecom Operator.”… becoming the First Country in Europe to inaugurate a Next-Generation 5G Mobile Phone Network based on Technology from Chinese Firm Huawei, which is seen by the US as a Major Security Risk.

From a Technical Point of View, the 5G will be able to obtain Rates multiplied by 10 and Connection Times divided by 10. Simultaneous Processing will be 10 times higher and can support more Objects connected by Antenna. Thus, 5G will support the Exponential Growth of Internet Usage in Mobility. The First Smartphones capable of supporting this New Technology will be available in 2019. This Development is therefore naturally part of Monaco’s Evolution as a Precursor in the Field of Connectivity, and accompanies the Principality’s Digital Transition, a Project led by M.Genta.
5G is the Fifth Generation Cellular Network Technology. The Industry Association 3GPP defines any System using “5G NR” (5G New Radio) Software as “5G”, a Definition that came into General Use by late 2018. The First Fairly Substantial Deployments were in April 2019. In South Korea, SK Telecom claimed 38,000 Base Stations, KT Corporation 30,000 and LG U Plus 18,000; of which 85% are in Six Major Cities… Verizon opened Service on a Very Limited Number of Base Stations in the US Cities of Chicago and Minneapolis… Six Companies sell 5G Radio Hardware and 5G Systems for Carriers: Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, Samsung, Datang Telecom, and Ericsson…. Beyond Mobile Operator Networks, 5G is also expected to be widely used for Private Networks with Applications in Industrial IoT, Enterprise Networking, and Critical Communications.



Launch of Monaco 5G Full Coverage celebrated at the Salle Empire, Hôtel de Paris (Monaco), on the 9th July 2019.





Etienne FRANZI

Frédéric GENTA


Commandant Maxime YVRARD



Autonomous Shuttle Trial



New 5G Information is released Daily from around the World. Some Companies are starting 5G Trials in New Cities, others are announcing when Customers can order their 5G Service, and some Businesses are releasing New Ideas for how 5G will change the Way we live…. Available today in the Principality of Monaco, the 5G will be included in Monaco Telecom Customer Plans until July 31, 2020. In addition, during an Official Presentation of the 5G, on July 9, 2019 (at the Hôtel de Paris in Monaco), the Commander Maxime Yvrard of the Firefighters, announced a Major Revolution: the use of Surveillance Drones equipped with High-Definition Cameras, as well as a Pre-Deployment Application for Diagnosis at the Site of the Incident, all connected with the CHPG to save Time and improve the Chances of Survival of the Victims. A Project in Partnership with the Monegasque Operator (Monaco Telecom). Other Major Fields of Action of this Technology, the Advent of e-Health, the Intelligent Management of Buildings, the Automation in the Industry, the Digitalization of Furniture and Urban Planning, as well as the Development of Connected and Intelligent Transports, among others.

The Deployment of 5G is the First Pillar of the Prince’s Government’s “Extended Monaco” Programme, aimed at bringing Monaco into the Digital Age. From today, Residential and Business Customers in Monaco will be able to access this New Technology on Compatible Smartphones. 5G will also open up Opportunities in a Variety of Areas, to facilitate Everyday Life for Monegasque Residents and People Living, Working or Staying in the Principality:

* Smart Traveller Shelters offer Public Wi-Fi thanks to 5G, and will soon offer New Services made possible by the Installation of Environmental Sensors.

* Monaco’s Fire Service is keen to use 5G to help protect the Population more effectively, and is preparing to use Surveillance Drones fitted with High-Definition Cameras, as well as a Pre-Diagnostic App at the Site of Incidents, connected to the Hospital to save Time and improve the Chances of Survival for Victims.


* Future Versions of the Autonomous Vehicle already operating in Monaco will incorporate 5GTtechnology.

*For Businesses based in Monaco, the Deployment of 5G also opens up Possibilities for exploring New markets. Teale, a Start-Up based at the Principality’s own Start-Up Programme MonacoTech, specialises in Smart Building Management and has shown how 5G can improve Energy Efficiency. Originally from Singapore, the Start-Up has found in Monaco the Ideal Ecosystem in which to launch its New Solutions.

The Whole Monegasque Territory is then compatible with 5G Smart Appliances available on the Local Market starting from the 10th July 2019. This is the Kicking off of a New Digital Era, ahead of Schedule in the European Continent. Integral Part of Digital Transition, the High-Tech Shift is being involving the Whole Territory implementing Different Sectors through a Reinforced Telecommunication Network in accordance with “Extended Monaco” Program. So, the Launch of Monaco 5G Full Coverage was celebrated at the Salle Empire, Hôtel de Paris, on the 9th July 2019, in the Presence of H.E. Serge Telle, Minister of the State, Frédéric Genta, Country Digital Officer for Monaco, and an Outstanding Governmental, Corporate and Diplomatic Delegation.

During the Event “Launch of Monaco 5G Full Coverage at the Salle Empire, Hôtel de Paris in Monaco, on the 9th July 2019”, Speeches were given by :

* Etienne Franzi – President of Monaco Telecom
* Frederic Genta – Country Digital Officer for Monaco
* Martin Peronnet – General Manager of Monaco Telecom
* Patrick Bouffel – Networks and Systems Manager Monaco Telecom
* Georges Gambarini (Testimonial Video & Live Demonstration / Explanation on same Day in Monaco’s Streets) – Program Manager – Smart City / Smart Country for Gouvernement De Monaco
* Adrian Bukmanis (Testimonial Video) – Co-Founder & Technical Manager Technique Teale
* Commandant Maxime Yvrard – Head of the Fire Department (Intervention Services) Monaco Firefighters
* Philippe Baudillon (Testimonial Video) – President ClearChannel France
* 3 CEO’s based in Monaco (Testimonial Video) : Axel Hoppenot (CCEF Monaco) – Erwann Grimaud (Mc-Clic) – Cedric Biscay (Shibuya Productions)…The Evolution of 5G is about to create New Markets, New Businesses and Jobs.


HACK IN PARIS 2019  Cyber Security Conference


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June 2019







Hack in Paris 2019 
Cyber Security Conference
@ Maison de la Chimie (Paris-France)
June 16th to 20th 2019





Intrusion attempts are more and more frequent and sophisticated, regardless of their target (state or corporation). In this context, international hacking events are multiplying. A few events took place in France but until now, no one had covered hacking practices with a technical approach including both professional training and information aspects… Hack In Paris aims at filling this gap.

TALKS : Schedule
– Day 1 – June 19
* Welcoming speech (Winn Schwartau)
* Social Forensication: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Successful Social Engineering (Joe Gray)
* Cracking the Perimeter with SharpShooter (Dominic Chell)
* DPAPI and DPAPI-NG: Decrypting All Users’ Secrets and PFX Passwords (Paula Januszkiewicz)
* whoami /priv – show me your privileges and I will lead you to SYSTEM (andrea pierini)
* Introduction to IoT Reverse Engineering with an example on a home router (Valerio Di Giampietro)
* Who watches the watchmen? Adventures in red team infrastructure herding and blue team OPSEC failures (Mark Bergman , Marc Smeets)
* BMS is destroyed by “smart button” (Egor Litvinov)
* Hacker Jeopardy in Paris (Winn Schwartau) 

– Day 2 – June 20
* All your GPS Trackers belong to US (Chaouki Kasmi , Pierre Barre)
* Exploits in Wetware (Robert Sell)
* You « try » to detect mimikatz (Vincent Le Toux)
* IronPython… OMFG (Marcello Salvati)
* Sneaking Past Device Guard (Philip Tsukerman)
* Using Machines to exploit Machines – harnessing AI to accelerate exploitation (Guy Barnhart-Magen , Ezra Caltum)
* Abusing Google Play Billing for fun and unlimited credits! (Guillaume Lopes)
* RHme3: Hacking through failure (Ben Gardiner , Colin DeWinter , Jonathan Beverley)
* In NTDLL I Trust – Process Reimaging and Endpoint Security Solution Bypass (Eoin Carroll)






Intro Winn SCHWARTAU – Day 2

This 5-day Corporate Event (exclusively in English) was held for the ninth time in France, at the La Maison de la Chimie. Hack In Paris attendees discovered / rediscover the Realities of Hacking, and its Consequences for Companies. The Program was including State of the Art IT Security, Industrial Espionage, Penetration Testing, Physical Security, Forensics, Malware Analysis Techniques and Countermeasures.
** Trainings : June 16th to 18th, three days of trainings by security officers (CISOs, CIOs) and technical experts.
** Talks : June 19th & 20th, two days of talks given by international speakers and technical experts.

– Can signal extraction from openxc with radare2 (June 19 & June 20 am) with Ben Gardiner
– Document-based malware forensic and analysis (June 19 & June 20 am) with Ali Abdollahi
– Hacking AWS (June 19 & June 20 pm) with Pawel Rzepa
– Quickstart: RouterOS jailbreaking and security research (June 19 am & June 20 am) with Kirils Solovjovs
– A 45min practical introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy (June 19 am & June 20 pm) with Slawomir Jasek
– Cracking Mifare Classic on the cheap (June 19 am & June 20 pm) with Slawomir Jasek
– Advanced XXE Exploitation (June 19 pm & June 20 pm) with Philippe Arteau
– IoT & Operational Technology Devices Hacks through RF (June 19 pm & June 20 pm) with Himanshu Mehta, Harshit Agrawal
– Break into a digitally protected house (June 19 & June 20) with Sysdream Team
– Introduction to the basic tools and techniques of intrusion testing (June 20) with Sysdream Team


Computer intrusions occur when someone tries to gain access to any part of your computer system. Computer intruders or hackers typically use automated computer programs when they try to compromise a computer’s security. There are several ways an intruder can try to gain access to your computer. They can: Access your computer to view, change, or delete information on your computer – Crash or slow down your computer – Access your private data by examining the files on your system – Use your computer to access other computers on the Internet. Intrusion prevention is a preemptive approach to network security used to identify potential threats and respond to them swiftly. Like an intrusion detection system (IDS), an intrusion prevention system (IPS) monitors network traffic. However, because an exploit may be carried out very quickly after the attacker gains access, intrusion prevention systems also have the ability to take immediate action, based on a set of rules established by the network administrator.

 TRAINING : June 16 – June 18, 2019
– Pentesting Industrial Control Systems (3 days) with Arnaud Soullié
– Corelan “ADVANCED” (3 days) with Peter Van Eeckhoutte
– Masterclass: Hacking and Securing Windows Infrastructure (3 days) with Mike Jankowski-Lorek
– Masterclass: System Forensics and Incident Handling (3 days) with Paula Januszkiewicz
– Hacking IPv6 Networks v5.0 (3 days) with Fernando Gont
– Practical IoT Hacking (3 days) with Arun Magesh, Aseem Jakhar
– Advanced Web Hacking (3 days) with NotSoSecure
– RCE and analysis-aware techniques in Windows programs (2 days) with Ricardo J. Rodríguez
– Attacking and securing BLE and NFC/RFID devices based on smart locks and access control systems (2 days) with Slawomir Jasek
– Windows Post-Exploitation Subverting the Core (2 days) with Ruben Boonen
– Bug Hunting Millionaire: Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation (2 days) with Dawid Czagan
– Mobile Hacking Training (2 days) with Guillaume Lopes, Davy Douhine



  • Rep. Claranet Cyber Sucurity


  • Joe GRAY


  • Dominic CHELL





  • Andrea PIERINI


  • Chaouki KASMI



  • Robert SELL


  • Vincent LE TOUX


  • Marcello SALVATI










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June  2019







On 11 January 1908, a group of aviation pioneers, including Robert Esnault-Pelterie, Louis Blériot, Louis Breguet and Gabriel Voisin, felt the need to free themselves from the control of the automobile industry and confirming the vocation of heavier-than-air flight. They held a meeting at the Automobile-Club de France to examine the possibility of setting up an employers’ association entrusted withe the task of giving “an industrial and commercial

character to what had until then been considered as a sport”. The creation of an employers’s association of aeronautics induxstires was approved unanimously. Two days later, at Issy-les-Moulineaux, Henry Farman made the first flight over a kilometre in a closed loop.


At the same time, a certain number of aeroplane builders set up the Association of the Industries of aerial locomotion, an association that showed its dynamism publicly by organizing the first international aeronautical exhibition, at the Paris Grand Palais in the autumn of 1909.





 From 17 TO 23 JUNE, 2019

International Paris Air Show 

@ Le Bourget


– Key Figures for the Aerospace Industry in 2018

* Turnover : 65,4 Billion (Euros)
* 77% Civil – 23% Defence
* 85% pf the consolidated Turnover at export
* Orders : 58,2 Billion (Euros)
* 15,000 Hires
* 195,00 Employees
* R&D : 11% of the turnover




GIFAS has three major missions :

– To represent and coordinate. The GIFAS Board of Directors, comprising senior executives of member companies, draws up action guidelines to reflect the interests and concerns shared by its members. Actions are based on input provided by the association’s specialist Commissions and the staff who implement the Board’s decisions.

– To analyse and defend the industry’s interests. GIFAS critically examines all economic, social, financial, environmental and technical regulations likely to affect its members’ general interests, whether proposed at French, European or international level. Its remit covers issues as varied as R&D, European Defence, transatlantic relations, support for SMEs, country intelligence for the sector, procurement contracts, the environment and sustainable development, security, certification and standardisation, tax affairs, risk prevention and insurances.

– To promote and train. GIFAS promotes the image of the French aerospace industry by: participating in international events and trade shows ; organizing exhibitions, trade and fact-finding missions ; pro-actively distributing information to all media in France and abroad as well as to public and political bodies ; organizing the International Paris – Le Bourget Air Show held every two years.


– Key Figures of the International Paris Air Show

* 2, 453 Exibithors : From France : 1,185 French exhibitors – From international: 1,268 from 48 countries (26 National Pavilions, Top 5 of exhibiting countries : USA, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium) – 335 Chalets
* Exibition space : 125,000 sqm
* 150 Start up – From 21 countries
* 150 Aircraft
* 140 billion dollars’ worth of contracts signed

* 316,470 unique visitors representing more than 500,000 entries – Professionals : 139,840 ; 40% from outside France representing 185 countries – General Public : 176,630 visitors
* The show was inaugurated on Monday 17 June by the French President, Emmanuel Macron
* Prime Minister Edouard Philippe came to the Show on Friday 21 June, when it opened to the general public.
* Nine French Ministers and Secretaries of State and numerous key figures in French politics also made visits.

* 290 Official Delegations from 98 countries and 7 International Organisations – 171 Official Defence Delegations from 88 countries and 7 organisations – AED, GCC, G5 sahel, NATO, UN, EU and OCCAR, including 16 foreign ministers, 48 chiefs of staff and 18 vice ministers or secretaries of State – 124 civilian delegations with 9 ministers – 19 delegations from European institutions
* 3,450 accredited journalists from 87 countries
* Events : Paris Air Lab: 54,000 visitors – The Careers Plane: 66 000 visitors

The Paris Air Show (Salon international de l’aéronautique et de l’espace de Paris-Le Bourget, Salon du Bourget) is the largest air show and aerospace-industry exhibition event in the world, measured by number of exhibitors and size of exhibit space. In second place is UK’s Farnborough, followed by Dubai Air Show or Singapore Airshow. he latest was the 52nd Air Show, held from 19 to 25 June 2017, attended by 3,450 journalists, 142,000 professionals and 180,000 general public visitors. It claims to be the world’s calendar-oldest air show. Established in 1909, it has been held every odd year since 1949 at Paris–Le Bourget Airport in north Paris, France. It is a large trade fair, demonstrating military and civilian aircraft, and is attended by many military forces and the major aircraft manufacturers, often announcing major aircraft sales. It starts with four professional days and is then opened to the general public followed from Friday to Sunday. The format is similar to Farnborough and the ILA, both staged in even years.





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June  2019

AIPARIS By Corp, on June 11-12, 2019 @ Palais des Congrès (Paris – France)



Palais Des Congres,June 12-13, 2019

In computer science, artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. Colloquially, the term “artificial intelligence” is used to describe machines that mimic “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and “problem solving”. As machines become increasingly capable, tasks considered to require “intelligence” are often removed from the definition of AI, a phenomenon known as the AI effect. A quip in Tesler’s Theorem says “AI is whatever hasn’t been done yet”. For instance, optical character recognition is frequently excluded from things considered to be AI, having become a routine technology. Modern machine capabilities generally classified as AI include successfully understanding human speech, competing at the highest level in strategic game systems (such as chess and Go), autonomously operating cars, intelligent routing in content delivery networks, and military simulations.




  • Cédric O Secretary of State for the Digital



  • Christian CLOT – Explorer / Researcher



  • Feedback AP-HP




  • Feedback NanoEdge Revolution



  • Exhibit Area



  • Exhibit Area



 Artificial intelligence can be classified into three different types of systems: analytical, human-inspired, and humanized artificial intelligence. Analytical AI has only characteristics consistent with cognitive intelligence; generating cognitive representation of the world and using learning based on past experience to inform future decisions. Human-inspired AI has elements from cognitive and emotional intelligence; understanding human emotions, in addition to cognitive elements, and considering them in their decision making. Humanized AI shows characteristics of all types of competencies (i.e., cognitive, emotional, and social intelligence), is able to be self-conscious and is self-aware in interactions with others.

 Machine learning (ML), a fundamental concept of AI research since the field’s inception, is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience. Natural language processing (NLP) gives machines the ability to read and understand human language. Machine perception is the ability to use input from sensors (such as cameras (visible spectrum or infrared), microphones, wireless signals, and active lidar, sonar, radar, and tactile sensors) to deduce aspects of the world. Applications include speech recognition, facial recognition, and object recognition. Computer vision is the ability to analyze visual input. AI is heavily used in robotics. Advanced robotic arms and other industrial robots, widely used in modern factories, can learn from experience how to move efficiently despite the presence of friction and gear slippage. Affective computing is an interdisciplinary umbrella that comprises systems which recognize, interpret, process, or simulate human affects….

In the near term, the goal of keeping AI’s impact on society beneficial motivates research in many areas, from economics and law to technical topics such as verification, validity, security and control. Whereas it may be little more than a minor nuisance if your laptop crashes or gets hacked, it becomes all the more important that an AI system does what you want it to do if it controls your car, your airplane, your pacemaker, your automated trading system or your power grid. Another short-term challenge is preventing a devastating arms race in lethal autonomous weapons. 


In the long term, an important question is what will happen if the quest for strong AI succeeds and an AI system becomes better than humans at all cognitive tasks. As pointed out by I.J. Good in 1965, designing smarter AI systems is itself a cognitive task. Such a system could potentially undergo recursive self-improvement, triggering an intelligence explosion leaving human intellect far behind. By inventing revolutionary new technologies, such a superintelligence might help us eradicate war, disease, and poverty, and so the creation of strong AI might be the biggest event in human history. Some experts have expressed concern, though, that it might also be the last, unless we learn to align the goals of the AI with ours before it becomes superintelligent.

 – In PARIS, (Palais des Congrès), on June 11-12, 2019, was held a huge Event organized around Conferences, Exhibitions, Workshops, Keynotes, Track Consulting, Experience Feddbacks and Awards : “LEAD THE EVOLUTION”. AIPARIS Event féderates, since three years, the Domestic Market of AI offering a complete overview of opportunities, perspectives, technologies, and key meetings to meet your challenges. More than 5,000 Attendees, 110 Sponsors and Exhibitors, 80 Speakers, Two Conference Roms, 40+ Workshops.


– Which Sectors are concerned ?

* Banks, Finance, Insurance
* Industry, Transportation
* Retail, Ecommerce, Large Retail
* Public Institutions,
* Media, Publicity
* University Research and Training
* Telecoms
* Energy
* Chemistry, Pharma, Health

– Who are the Participants in the event ?

* CEO’s
* Commercial Management, Marketing Department, Communication Department
* Projects Management
* Data Scientits, Data Analysts
* Consulting
* CTO, Architectes IT, Developpers
* R&D, Innovation
* Education




120 YEARS OF HISTORY : From 1893 Untill TODAY



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June  2019

Thomson @ Technicolor Offices in paris (France), on June 04, 2019.

With a Rich Heritage stretching back for more than 120 years, the Thomson Brand has been part of the World’s Greatest Technological Revolutions with an Dedication to making Innovation accessible to all. At Home and beyond, Innovations are intrinsic to everyday life, contributing to the Special Moments you share with your Friends and Family. The Thomson Brand offers a Vast Range of Electrical Products spanning Television, Audio Video, Telephony, Information Technology, Connected Devices, Home, Small and large Appliances and Healthcare & Well-Being.

– A Bit Of History :
* 1893 : Foundation of La Compagnie Française Thomson-Houston (CFTH) in Paris by Elihu Thomson
* 1931 : First TSF Radio sets “La Voix Du Monde”
* 1936 : First TVs (Technology 819 Lines)
* 1963 : The Washing Machine GyraThomic is here!
* 1967 : First TV Color “AmpliColor”!
* 1982 : First Video Recorders and Personal Computers (TO7 and MO5)
* 1993 : The famous Designer Philippe Starck becomes Thomson’s Creative Director until 1996
* 1999 : Launch in Europe of the first mp3 Player LYRA
* 2007 : First VoIP Phone DECT with Internet Radio
* 2012 : THOMbox a new Concept for Home Automation
* 2015 : UltraSlim Notebook
* 2016 : Génimix Pro Connect connected Heating Robot
* 2017 : 4K TV – Android – HDR 10 TV C76 Serie


Cooker – Thomson

Multifunctional Cooker Robot

Audio – Thomson

Connected Devices – Thomson



Thomson MIC250

Audio Range – Thomson



Laptops – Thomson

HD TV – Google Ass. – AndroidTV



– To build Relationships with Customers based on Trust, Thomson claims to believe in Positive Technology that brings People Together.
* Sharing : Thomson offers one of the widest ranges of Technological Products around.
* innovation : A kind of Innovation that sees Design as a Key to User-Friendliness. A kind of Innovation that feeds Optimism, Serenity, Happiness.
* Simplicity : Thomson Products need to be Relevant, Useful and Easy to use.
* Style : Style is all in the Looks that Beautiful, Unique, Timeless pieces get.

Examples of Products recently on the Market (in Major Stores):

* Leader and Forerunner in Online Streaming Video Games, the French Company “Blacknut” naturally concluded a Partnership with Thomson, the Innovative French Brand which sells among others Notebooks, Televisions and Smartphones. It is possible to play on all these Devices a wide range of Games, including recent hits such as Gravel, Outcast or Blackguards 2. There is something for everyone: a Gamer who is satisfied or casual, alone or with Family and even many Titles for Children. There are also very popular Simple Games like Badland and Titles in retrogaming like Another World, the famous Masterpiece of Eric Chahi remastered. More than 250 titles are already available and every week new Products are making this Catalog even Richer !

* Micro-Stereo System with a Unique Design : This Compact and Monobloc Micro-Stereo-SystemTHOMSON MIC201IBT brings together all the Musical Sources of yesterday and today : CD, FM Radio, USB Key and Bluetooth. And if by chance this was not enough, any other Source can be connected to it via the Audio Jack in. As the great thing is, this Micro-System recharges the latest Wireless Smartphone by Induction, by simply putting it on top.

* WHP5407 Wireless Headphones : If you prefer to enjoy Music undisturbed and also like to listen to the new Digital Radio Stations from time to time, then the WHP5407 Wireless Headphones from Thomson are a good choice. On the one hand, the Model offers all the Benefits of Wireless Reception; on the other hand, it functions as a DAB Receiver. The DAB Receiver can also be used if you want to dispense with wearing the Headphones. So your Home Hi-Fi System can be made Digital Radio-Compatible in an Instant, for example. The Base Station functions simultaneously as a Radio Receiver, Transmitter, charging Station and practical holder for the Headphones, and offers a Backlit LC Display with Radio Text Information Display and Station Memory. The Replaceable Batteries provide Power for up to 8 Hours’ Music Enjoyment.

* NEO 360XS : As a very Compact Computer, it’s really Practical, especially if he bends over backwards. The Computer Screen of Convertible PCs such as the NEO 360XS folds behind the Chassis to allow for Tactile Uses adapted to Situations of Mobility: in Tent Shape to watch a Video on an Airplane Tablet, as an easel to surf on Internet in Bed, as a Tablet to read on the Couch. Only until now, it was necessary to compromise on the Weight and the Thickness with a less obvious Tablet Usage. After having undergone a Serious Slimming Cure, this Convertible Notebook made of Aluminum is Ultra-Thin with 10 millimeters Thick, and Ultralight with a Featherweight of 900 grams. It has a Screen of 11.6 inches in Full HD and a large Keyboard, not to mention an Autonomy of 10 hours ! In terms of Equipment and Connections, it offers the same Diversity as its Big Brother, the NEO XS Pro.





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May  2019



Viva Technology (May 16-17-18, 2019) was inaugurated by French President Emmanuel Macron, who on the Evening prior to the Opening Day had welcomed French and International Technology Leaders at the “Tech For Good” Summit. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame and Senegal’s President Macky Sall also honored VivaTech with their Presence and their Participation…. A 24% Attendance Increase over last year, comprising 125 Nationalities, more than 450 Speakers, and more than 13,000 Startups. The Fourth Edition of the Viva Technology Startup Challenges attracted 10,300 Applications this year, an Increase of 22,5% compared with 2018. Of Particular Interest: a Greater Number of International Applicants, and a Net Increase of Growth-Stage Startups.



 In more than 150 Sessions, some 450 Speakers – Entrepreneurs, Leading Business Figures, Investors, Academics – discussed the Impact of Tech on the Economy and Society. Among them : Jack Ma (Alibaba Group) – Ginni Rometty (IBM) – Antonio Neri (HPE) – Ken Hu (Huawei) – Garry Kasparov (Avast Security Ambassador and Wormer World Chess Champion) – Young Sohn (Samsung) – Three European Commissioners : Margrethe Vestager (European Commissioner for Competition), Carlos Moedas (European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation) and Pierre Moscovici (European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs).






Discussions focussed on major trends shaping the world of tomorrow, delving into artifi cial Intelligence, 5G, blockchain, quantum computing, connected healthcare, the new space race, mobility, the environment…. Among the main thematic pillars of this fourth edition of VivaTech :

– Tech for Good : Examining how to make Technology work for the Common Good and have a Positive Impact, with a Reenactment on the Opening Day of VivaTech of the Commitments from the Tech for Good Summit the Previous Evening at the Élysée Palace.

– United Tech of Europe : Building an Ecosystem to rival the American and Asian Tech Juggernauts and helping European Startups to achieve the Scale of Giants.

– Women inTech : Remedying the Persistent Underrepresentation of Women in Tech and Startups ?

– Jobs: Supporting Entrepreneurs in overcoming one of their Main Challenges, hiring the Right Talent.

– AfricaTech : Exploring the Tech Opportunities for the African Continent.

**** Acting Members of the French Government were among the many Personalities attending VivaTech in 2019 :

Elisabeth Borne, Minister in charge of Transport; Sophie CLUZEL, Secrétaire d’Etat chargée des Personnes Handicapées; Gérald Darmanin, Minister of Action and Public Accounts ; Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance ; Florence Parly, Minister of Defence ; Muriel Pénicaud, Minister of Labour ; Brune Poirson, Secretary of State to the Minister of State, Minister for Ecological and Solidarity Transition ; François de Rugy, Minister of State, Minister for Ecological and Solidarity Transition; Marlène Schiappa, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge of Gender Equality and the Fight Against Discrimination ; Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation ; Emmanuelle Wargon, Secretary of State, Minister for Ecological and Solidarity Transition. Cédric O, Secretary of State in Charge of Digital, was in Attendance with his Cabinet for all Three Days of VivaTech.

Other Important French Political Fgures were also present : Xavier Bertrand, President of the Hauts-de-France Region ; François Bonneau, President of the Centre Val de Loire Region ; Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice ; Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris ; François Hollande, Former President of France ; Lilla Merabet, Vice-President of the Grand-Est Region ; Patrick Molinoz, ice-President of the Bourgogne-Franche Comté Region ; Renaud Muselier, President of the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur Region ; Patrick Ollier, President of the Grand Paris Metropolitan Area ; Valérie Pécresse, President of the Ile-De-France Region ; and Nadia Pellefigue, Vice-President of the Occitanie Region, Jean Rottner, President of the Grand Est Region.

**** Numerous International Politicians also visited VivaTech :

Hakob Arshakia, Minister of Telecoms and IT, Armenia ; David Gruen, Deputy Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australia ; Chenmeta Kan, Secretary of State of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Cambodia ; Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Canada ; Dorothée Bär, Minister of Digital, Germany ; Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Secretary to the Ministry of de Electronic and IT, India ; M. Rudiantara Minister of Communication and Information, Indonesia ; Marco Bellezza, Legal Advisor on Communication and Digital Innovation to the Deputy Prime Minister, Italy ; Yoshihiko Sozaki, State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan ; Yukari Sato, State Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan ; Moulay Hafid El Alamy, Minister of Industry, Investment, Commerce and Digital Economy, Morocco.

Prince Constantin van Oranje, the Netherlands ; Ndiaye Diop’, Minister of Digital Economy, Sénégal ; Pyung-oh Kwon, President and CEO of Kotra, South Korea ; Stina Billinger, Secretary of State for Industry and Innovations, Sweden ; Martina Hirayama, State Secretary of Training, Research and Innovation (SEFRI), Switzerland ; Yu-Chin HSU, Deputy Minister for Science and Technology, Taiwan ; Mohammad Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, United Arab Emirates ; Omar Al Olama, Minister of State Minister of State for AI, United Arab Emirates ; Jeremy Wright, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, United Kingdom ; Michael Kratsios, Deputy Chief Technology Officer and Deputy Assistant to the President for Technology Policy at the White House, United States.

A total of 21 Countries and Territories presented their Startup Ecosystem :

Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia with the Misk Foundation, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, Wallonia. 11 countries and territories attended VivaTech for the first time:Algeria, Armenia with UGAB, Brazil, China (Shanghai and Nanjing), Denmark, DRC, Mauritius, Senegal, Spain, Quebec, Taiwan.

Africa was an honoured guest at Vivatech again this Year with a Dedicated Program Track, the Presence of 160 Startups from the Continent, and the Africatech Lab with Sanofi, Total, Vinci Energies and Société Générale.

Viva Technology Porte de Versailles (Paris – France) – May 16-17-18, 2019



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May  2019

Omnisend Omnichannel Experts Predictions

Omnisend, omnichannel marketing automation platform for ecommerce, has interviewed experts within the ecommerce industry on the benefits and future of omnichannel marketing for the digital marketing world. Including thought leaders from across the online retail world, such as Sam Hurley, Ezra Firestone, and Chloë Thomas, this publication brings together the top specialists with exclusive guidance for retailers looking to begin in omnichannel marketing.



Despite coming from a variety of different domains, each of these experts agreed that marketers today aren’t doing enough for omnichannel customers. While digital marketers in the industry have come a long way in personalization and relevancy marketing, they are still failing to provide a true omnichannel experience for their customers, according to these specialists. Including more channels, finding new pathways to customers, and thinking outside of just “digital” is just some of the advice given to those who want to keep pace with advancing omnichannel technology. Omnichannel marketing will continue to evolve, the experts said, and online retailers will have to adapt with it in 2020 to stay relevant.
Omnisend CEO & Co-Founder, Rytis Lauris, also a top contributor to this publication, provided the following statement: “Omnichannel marketing is changing faster than most can keep up with. The lines between digital and brick-and-mortar are becoming harder and harder to see, and retailers from all domains need to keep in step with how the customer is evolving. After all, omnichannel marketing puts the focus on the customer- which is where it’s always needed to be.”

Source : Omnisend






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On May 15, 2019 @ W Hôtel in Paris (France)




Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam. Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam.




Hubert De Montaignac, Eun-Kyung Hong and Rainer Kaese

© Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU / Toshiba


A Press Conference was held on May 15, 2019 at the W Hôtel (Paris – France) introducing TOSHIBA 16TB MG08 Series Hard Disk Drives.

With the Presence and presentation of :
* Eun-Kyung Hong – Product Manager, Personal Storage Division, Toshiba Electronics Europe Gmbh (Headquarters in Düsseldorf – Germany)
* Rainer Werner Kaese – Senior Manager Business Develoment Storage Products – HDD, Toshiba Electronics Europe Gmbh (Headquarters in Düsseldorf – Germany)
* Hubert De Montaignac – Senior Manager Sales France & Italy, Toshiba Electronics Europe Gmbh France Branch (Paris – France).

In 1873, the Ministry of Engineering, responsible for promoting Japan’s modernization, commissioned Hisashige Tanaka to develop telegraphic equipment. He built a factory in Tokyo in 1875 to accommodate the growing government orders. This was Tanaka Seizo-sho (Tanaka Engineering Works), one of the forerunners of Toshiba. Tanaka Engineering Works created a waterwheel-powered turbine generator and Hakunetsu-sha developed a radio transmitter. In 1921, Tokyo Denki (Tokyo Electric Company; the name was changed from Hakunetsu-sha in 1899) invented the double-coil electric bulb, later recognized as one of the six great inventions in the history of bulb technology…. Those were the First steps taken toward creation of Toshiba.
Japan’s economy was booming by the second half of the 1950s, leading to rapid growth in the heavy electrical machinery, electronics and communications industries. Sales and profits grew quickly as Toshiba created novel products, developed original technologies, expanded existing factories and built new production facilities to supply fast-growing markets. Overseas sales and manufacturing subsidiaries were established to develop the international business. The ratio of overseas sales gradually rose…. In 1984, the abbreviated form “Toshiba” replaced Tokyo Shibaura Denki as the company’s official name (in English, “Toshiba Corporation” was adopted in 1983)… Economic stagnation in Japan during the 1990s led Toshiba to adopt the “concentration and selection” approach to achieve sustained growth. This involved concentrating resources in sectors with growth potential and new businesses, while selectively promoting growth in mature or declining sectors through reform and restructuring. Toshiba focused resources on semiconductors and expanded the PC business…
Toshiba (Toshiba Electronics Europe Gmbh) announces MG08 Series, the Industry’s Largest Capacity 16TB Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) HDD. With 33% more Capacity than today’s widely adopted 12TB Drives, and 14% more capacity than prior 14TB Models, MG08 16TB Drives are compatible with the Widest Range of Applications and Operating Systems, and adapted to Mixed Random and Sequential Read and Write Workloads in both Cloud and Traditional Datacenter Environments.
The MG08 Series is Toshiba’s second-generation helium-sealed HDD family, and eighth-generation Enterprise Capacity HDD family. Toshiba has delivered its industry-leading 16TB capacity and improved power efficiency by utilizing the 9-disk helium design, introduced last year in 14TB models, and its own advanced precision laser welding process to ensure the helium remains sealed inside the drive case. The MG08 Series further illustrates Toshiba’s commitment to advancing HDD design to meet the evolving needs for storage devices suited for use in cloud-scale servers and storage infrastructure. As data growth continues at an explosive pace, the industry-leading 16TB CMR capacity will help cloud-scale service providers and storage solutions designers to achieve higher storage densities for cloud, hybrid-cloud and on-premises rack-scale storage. With its improved power efficiency and 16TB capacity, the MG08 Series will help lower the TCO of storage infrastructure designed for applications such as data-protection, big data aggregation, content serving and digital archiving.
– Enterprise HDD
Enterprise Performance HDDs for High-Performance Server and Storage Systems that require quick response and rapid data transfer. Enterprise Capacity HDDs have Large Capacity and are used in Storage Systems and Data Centers which require large amount of Data Storage Capacity. Toshiba provides several classes of enterprise HDDs to support both mission and business critical applications that demand reliable performance in 24×7 operating environments.

– Client HDD
Client Hard Disk Drives (HDD) deliver performance, capacity and power efficiency, and are the Solution of Choice for Desktop and Notebook PCs and other Client Systems Applications. Toshiba client HDDs are available in a range of capacities in standard form factors (2.5 inch and 3.5 inch) suitable for a Broad Range of Applications. Self-encrypting drive (SED) and FIPS certified models are also available.

– Specialty Applications
Toshiba offers an extensive range of Advanced Technology Drives such as Surveillance System, Video Streaming Appliances, External Storage and Automotive. Toshiba has partnered with the Automotive Industry and its Suppliers for about 20 years to provide Automotive-Grade HDD Models to enable navigation and other infotainment systems with Data Storage the achieves the required reliability and performance. The knowledge gained from these Specialty Markets enables Toshiba to improve its HDDs for other applications and find new markets for HDD Storage Technology.
Products include High Capacity Power-Efficient Storage for Cloud Data Centers, Capacity and Performance HDDs for Enterprise IT, client HDDs for PC/Desktop, and Specialty Drives for Surveillance, NAS Systems, Set-Top Box Video, Gaming and External Storage.


This Event is considered as an A Must-Attend Event for Professionals in the Media and Audiovisual Sector. Was held on May 14, 2019 at Centre d’Affaires Paris Trocadero (Paris-France) the 29th Edition (This Event is held Twice a Year). This Semina was dedicated to the Topics of Media, Digital and Convergence withe the Presence of Academics, CEO’s, Politicians, Experts…. allowing Personalities to express themselves and discuss the Major Issues of the Sector and their Impacts. The Theme was “Media, Telecom, Digital : Those Initiatives building Europe of 2024”.



“Media, Telecom, Digital : Those Initiatives building Europe of 2024” Seminar held on May 14, 2019 at Centre d’Affaires Paris Trocadero (Paris – France).




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On May 14, 2019

Following the EU Elections, it will be clear if Online Platforms were used to influence the outcome. Newly elected MEPs will have to take the Opportunity to review the Future Strategy for the Media Sector, ensuring its Sustainability and Support to Democracy. The current EU Priority of a ‘’Digital Single Market’’ has not prevented Disinformation and Populism, nor the demise of many Media.
Digital Technologies continue to benefit our Well-Being through making our Daily Lives easier. These Advances have brought New Technologies closer to us than ever before and are helping us tackle some of Europe ́s most Important Challenges. They are also enhancing Business Efficiency, making our Objectives easier to obtain. Entire Sectors are transforming and new Business Opportunities are being created. As Europe becomes more connected so does the World. While some competing Regions share our values others do not. Who will emerge as the Global Writers of tomorrow’s Digital Playbook ?


Policy must permit Innovation Opportunities and provide Legal Predictability. Monitoring the Market will foster Growth and where Failures arise, harmonised Law Making or Enforcement Actions will address Uncompetitive Conditions. As Technology evolves, we need to ensure “Smart Regulation.” Existing Legislation should be reviewed and adapted to the greatest extent possible before new Legislation is put in place. Wherenew Rules are required, they must be robust, supported by specific Impact Assessments and ensure a level playing field amongst Players offering the same Services, both within and outside the EU, under an Evidence-Based Approach. Regulation should promote Entrepreneurship and leave room for Experimentation. In other cases, Collaboration with Industry, Governments and Civil Society could be a more effective Way to address Concerns in the Fast-Moving Markets.



  • Seminar NPA – Le Figaro



  • First Round Table



  • Eric WOERTH




  • Arnaud LUCAUSSY



  • Marco BASSETTI



  • Second Round Table




  • Peter LIMBOURG & Marie-Christine SARAGOSSE



  • Pierre MOSCOVICI




  • Seminar NPA – Le Figaro




“Every company is at Risk because you’re only one thing away from becoming Irrelevant,” David Silverman, Co-Leader of PwC’s national emerging company services practice, said. “One Technology Trend of Impact and even the Dominant Players could become Irrelevant.”… Also, Advertisers don’t hesitate to use their Power. As the World of Digital Media has evolved, Advertisers have moved away, to an extent, from the Idea that Traffic equals Eyeballs on an ad and a Return on their Spend. They’re demanding more — more Guarantees of Viewability, more Insight into Reader Action and Follow-Through, more Control over Placements.

Recent years have witnessed a very Fast Adoption of New Digital Channels that allowed Billions of Human Beings to connect, share and collaborate like never before. These New Channels defined a New Marketing Environment full of Challenges. And with Great Challenges Comes Great Opportunities….We live in a rapidly changing World where a Tsunami of Data is being generated every second. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat provided the Digital Infrastructure to allow Billions of Human Beings to connect, share and collaborate like never before.

Beside Social Media, Mobile plays a Vital Role in the Digital Era. Cisco expects 11.6 billion Mobile-Connected Devices by 2020, expanding the Mobile Traffic 8-fold from 2015 to 2020. While expecting that 75% of the World’s Mobile Data Traffic will be Video by 2020 (Cisco, 2016). hat New Era of Digital and the infrastructure that lies beneath it defines a New Marketing Environment. And the Massive Expansion in Digital Media positioned the Internet as one of the most Important Marketplaces.

The speed of Television’s Development and Consolidation, before its rapid Deterioration and its Reduction to an Advertisement Vehicle of a Product or an Opinion, is obvious. The Speed with which it has gotten away from all the concrete Truth, the Intelligence, and all Authentic Knowledge, is obvious as well. To Counteract Television’s Success, Cinema tried by every mean to retain its Audience, which was deserting from the Screening Theatres. It then produced more sensationalistic and vulgar Films, and simultaneously, it disguised its Merchandising Intentions with an Advertisement made by Opulent Words:. But the only certain thing is that Cinema started to debase progressively, with Scandal and Obscenity.

Coordinated by the European Broadcasting Union, the MediaRoad Project aims to support the transformation of the European media sector by building an ecosystem for innovation involving diverse media associations, public service media organisations, commercial radios and broadcasters, media workers’ organisations; academic research institutes and innovation centers, independent producers and SMEs (MediaRoad has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 761412).

Objectives :
* Boost innovation across the European media sector
* Reawaken a “start-up” mentality in the media sector
* Bring together a broad network of media stakeholders
* Bring innovative concepts to fruition and market deployment
* Shape future media policy and be part of the digital transformation

Following a mandate by G20 Finance Ministers in March 2017, the Inclusive Framework on BEPS, working through its Task Force on the Digital Economy (TFDE), delivered an Interim Report in March 2018, Tax Challenges Arising from Digitalisation – Interim Report 2018. One of the important conclusions of this report is that members agreed to review the impact of digitalisation on nexus and profit allocation rules and committed to continue working together towards a final report in 2020 aimed at providing a consensus-based long-term solution, with an update in 2019. Since the delivery of the Interim Report, the Inclusive Framework further intensified its work and several proposals emerged that could form part of a long-term solution to the broader challenges arising from the digitalisation of the economy and the remaining BEPS issues. The work on these proposals is being conducted on a “without prejudice” basis; their examination does not represent a commitment of any member of the Inclusive Framework beyond exploring these proposals.

Those Last Years have seen growing attention among journalists, policymakers, and technology companies to the problem of finding effective, large-scale responses to online misinformation.The furore over so-called ‘fake news’ has exacerbated long standing concerns about political lying and online rumours in a fragmented media environment, sharpening calls for technological solutions to what is often seen as a technological problem… These concerns have also drawn new attention to the potential of various automated fact-checking (AFC) technologies to combat false information online. However, deciding the truth of public claims and separating legitimate views from misinformation is difficult and often controversial work.

Regarding the Event “Media, Telecom, Digital : Those Initiatives building Europe of 2024”, the program was :

– Introduction by Video of Franck Riester – Minister of Culture & Communication

– Round Table : Directive SMA, Directive Copyrights, Telecom Package…
* Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet – CEO Lagardère Studios Distribution
* Takis Candilis – Head of Scripted Drama Group at Banjay
* Elisabeth Flury-Herard – President of ARDP (Autorité de Régulation de la Distribution de la presse)
* Guillaume Klossa – Advisor to VP Ansip on new Technology & the Media sector
* Hervé Rony – CEO of Scam
* Nathalie Somac – Former Member of Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel

– Carte Blanche to Eric Woerth – Former Minister, President of the Finance Committee, General Economics, and Budgetary Control at the Assemblée Nationale

– Carte Blanche to Arnaud Lucaussy – General Secretary of TDF Group

– Carte Blanche to Marco Bassetti – CEO at Banjay Group

– Table Ronde : Information : Global Circulation and National Sensitivities
* Alexis Brezet – Director of Figaro Group
* Fabrice Fries – Chief Executive Officer of AFP
* Emmanuel Kessler – Chief Executive Officer of Public Senat
* Catherine Nayl – Director of Information at France Inter
– Table Ronde : France Médias Monde & Deutsche Welle : A New Path to the Europe of Citizens
* Peter Limbourg – General Director of Deutsche Welle
* Marie-Christine Saragosse – Chief Executive Officer of France Médias Monde- Carte Blanche to Pierre Moscovici – Former Minister, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs
– Table Ronde : European Coproductions & Distribution OTT : New Leverages for Europe of Contents
* Damien Bernet – Executive Director Pole Média, Altice France
* Christian Bombrun – Director of Entertainment and New Uses of Orange France
* Thierry Cammas – Manager of Viacom Média Networks France & Chief Executive Officer of Game One
* Pierre Antoine Capton – Founder & Chairman of the Board of Mediawan- Carte Blance to Alain Liberty – President of SIRTI, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe 1981





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May 2019

Press Briefing Viva Technology held on may 9, 2019 @ Publicis Headquarters in Paris (France)
Viva Technology (May 16-17, 2019 for Professionals – May 18, 2019 Open to the General Public)
With the Presence and giving a Speech :
– Maurice Levy (Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Publicis Group)
– Pierre Louette (CEO Les Echos-Le Parisien Group)
– July Ranty (Co-CEO Viva Technology)
– Maxime Baffert (Co-CEO Viva Technology)



May 16 – 18 2019, Paris


Few Highlights for the 2019 Edition :

– Tech4Good

Green Tech to save our planet, EdTech to increase access to education, mobile tech to alleviate poverty and improve quality of healthcare….. Tech4Good, a pillar of Viva Technology, explores ways that technology can be a positive force for the economy, society and humanity. The Tech For Good Summit, on the eve of VivaTech’s official opening, will be hosted again this year by French President Emmanuel Macron at the Élysée Palace, while a dedicated Tech4Good track runs throughout the three-day event.




@ Porte de Versailles Paris


– United Tech of Europe

With a new European Commission, European Parliament elections and Brexit on the calendar for 2019, all eyes are on Europe. While EU data protection rules (GDPR) have helped reassure privacy-conscious citizens, the jury is out on how well European companies will fare against an increasingly data-driven business sector in the US and China. VivaTech explores Europe’s specific challenges and potential with country pavilions, Europe-based startups, a dedicated conference track, European partners…and some surprise events.




Since 2016 Viva Technology has gone from Strength to Strength. The Fourth Edition of the World’s Leading Tech Rendezvous is expanding into two New Venues, and is serving up even more Immersive Experiences for Visitors, Startups and Business Leaders from around the World…


– Women in Tech

Partnering with more than 25 French and international organizations promoting gender parity, VivaTech has invited some 3,000 women to attend free of charge this year. We are also launching the Female Founder Challenge to help women-led startups get financing. A major Girl Power Conference will be held on Saturday, when VivaTech is open to the general public. And European Commissioner for Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas will be with us to present the EU Prize for Women Innovators.

– New Talent in the Spotlight

Viva Technology helps guide people towards digital professions and actively encourages the recruitment of fresh talent. This year, in partnership with TechCrunch, VivaTech hosts a 36-hour hackathon where 1,000 programmers will gather to do what they do best. And we’ll offer two rewards for youthful entrepreneurship: the second consecutive Talents.START prize rewards employees under the age of 35 who have created a new structure within their company; and the PEPITE prize for startups goes out to the most promising student entrepreneurs


– A Bigger, Better Stage One

Same power-packed program, same high-octane atmosphere, but shorter lines and improved traffic flow as the 2019 edition of VivaTech expands into two new spaces at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. The Dôme de Paris (Palais des Sports) offers a 4,400-seat theater to host global tech leaders and their audiences. (In 2018 capacity crowds heard Mark Zuckerberg, Satya Nadella, Ginni Rometty and Dara Khosrowshahi at VivaTech.)

– AfricaTech

Digital technology is developing in Africa at an astonishing rate, with entrepreneurs, investors, startups, and dynamic support structures powering the boom. For the second year, VivaTech hosts country pavilions and more than 100 of the most promising African startups to focus on obstacles and opportunities with regard to the African continent’s budding, innovative tech ecosystem. The AfricaTech Lab will feature exclusive events and presentations as well as a pitch area shared by startups and established companies.

– INNOVATIONS Presented during the Three Days Event :
3D printing in suspension (By BOouygues), 3D Printing of Drugs (By Sanofi), 3D Rudder, AeroMobil Flying Car, Agrikaïdo, Agrove, Air Liquide and MyFood (By Air Liquide), AntBot, ANYmal, Ascendance Flight Technologies, Augmented Reality: Come and Meet the Stade Français Paris Rugby Team Players (By Talan), Auxylium: Ultra-Secure communication services for the Army (By Atos), AWS Deep Racer & AWS Formula 1 Insights (By Amazon Web Services), Ayo, B:Bot, Bin-e, BOB, the mini dishwasher, Broomx – MKplayer360, Cinevr, Da Vinci, Delair Aerial Intelligence, Djingo Car : expérience unifiée entre voiture et maison connectée. (By Orange), e-TREE, Eclipse, Eco Wave Power, EMK1 – Embodme, Evbox, Evo Pods, Exhauss – Exoskeletons, Experiment Telemedicine by AXA, From Idea to Industrial Realization (By REGION CENTRE-VAL DE LOIRE), GoTouchVR, Growberry, Gyrolift, HelioRec, Help Dell Technologies to clean the ocean! (By Dell Technologies), Helper Drone, Holoparty donne vie aux futurs services immersifs de réalité augmentée (By Orange), Hovertaxi, Huawei Mate X, Hyper Poland, Hypersuit, IADYS the Jellyfishbot (By Region Sud), IBubble,…..



** Stage One : Top business and government leaders, visionaries, trailblazers – their successes, their challenges and how they see the impact of tech on our societies. By pushing boundaries in business, politics, markets, and technology, they are shaping tomorrow’s world.

** CEO Forum : The “digital transformation” of companies large and small has rewritten the playbook in sectors from finance to retail. In these sessions we’ll hear from top CEOs as we consider the tools, methods, and approaches to successfully lead change at large, complex organizations. The discussions will cover how to partner with startups to spur innovation; the benefits of a successful open innovation strategy; and the importance of communication to change company culture.

** Afric@Tech : The African continent has been transformed by tech – and it’s only the beginning. Africa-based startups have seen their funding increase nearly tenfold since 2012, according to a Partech Ventures study. And it won’t be long until these and other African startups, powered by “frugal innovation” and new business models, make their presence felt around the world. For the second year running, VivaTech looks beyond the buzz to focus on the challenges and opportunities for Africa’s entrepreneurs, investors, startups, and dynamic support structures. With country pavilions and more than 100 of the most promising African startups in attendance, the discussions will reveal opinions and insights from the government and private-sector leaders working to steer Africa forward into the fourth industrial revolution.
** Future Tech : What are the tech innovations that will take off in the next 50 years and that you haven’t heard of? The space race is back on, with China at the head of the pack, while here on Earth we’re furrowing our brows over flying cars, quantum computing, CRISPR and synthetic biology. Will blockchain technology live up to its promise of decentralizing systems and networks? Which AI models should we embrace to ensure everyone can benefit? Maybe “predictive tech” (data mining, neural networks) can help us grasp what’s trending and what’s slated for tomorrow’s slag heap. Or maybe we’ll just sit back and watch “Black Mirror” to fuel our collective anxiety while we do our best to turn the future around.
** CMO Forum : The Internet continues to up-end the advertising industry as we’ve always known it. Global online advertising surpassed TV advertising by USD 40 billion in 2018, which means 40 % of the world’s ad spending happened online. And one way or another, many of those dollars are filling the coffers of Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google. Yet even with precision targeting and reams of data, truly reaching people with effective advertising is not easy. The CMO Forum will bring together leading marketing executives, advertisers, platform owners, and agencies to discuss how to break through the noise of the rapidly changing media landscape. Sessions will focus on emerging formats (podcasts, social media video stories, voice-user interface…); the fake news conundrum; the post-GDPR outlook for data privacy; how to keep creativity alive in the age of the algorithm; and more.
** Tech4Good : CleanTech to reverse climate change and tackle maritime plastic pollution; AI to preserve and restore ecosystems; blockchain to leverage social impact… Tech4Good, a pillar of Viva Technology since the beginning, looks at the ways technology can be a positive force for the economy, for society and for humanity, with a dedicated track of keynote and panel sessions. Running throughout the three days of Viva Technology, this track explores two thematic streams to make our planet and society great again, while presenting concrete solutions to ensure real takeaways for individual consumers.
** Startup Life : Start-up life can be tough and, more often than not, founders can use a helping hand. This track of sessions are geared for solving common problems faced by young companies. Experienced founders clue us in to refining a killer idea, crafting a go-to-market strategy, hiring a team, assessing competition — all to help us avoid the major pitfalls of starting our startup. A VC Summit featuring prominent venture capitalists and an Accelerator Summit that can help you turn your idea into a real company will complete this series of discussions.


** Agree to Disagree : Will humans lose the upper hand to AI? Should Earth-dwellers cut bait and migrate to Mars? Are cryptocurrencies a Ponzi Scheme? Has China already become the world’s preeminent superpower? This series of passionate debates seeks to promote understanding in an engaging, provocative way.

** United Tech of Europe With an extensive talent pool, governmental support and a growing spirit of innovation, the European tech industry is expanding at a rapid pace. At the same time, the EU lags far behind the US and China tech juggernauts as far as the size of companies or investments in AI and emerging technologies. United Tech of Europe is a dedicated track that sheds light on how the European tech scene rates alongside tech industries abroad; and what is being done to create and promote more European unicorns.

– SPEAKERS : Jack Ma (Alibaba Group – Executive Chairman), Ginni Rometty (IBM – Chariman, President & CEO), Margrethe Vestager (European Commission – Commissioner for Competition), Martrin Villig ( Founder), Jimmy Vales (Wikipedia Founder), Ken Hu (Huawei – Deputy Chairman, Rotating Chairman), Mickey Mikitani (Rakuten – Chairman & CEO), Borge Ekhlolm (Ericcson – President & CEO), Marie Kyle (Bima – Head of Product Development & Innovation), Young Sohn (Samsung – Corporate President & Chief Strategy Officer), Gillian Tans ( – Chief Executive Officer), Antonio Neri (HPI – President & CEO), Bernard Arnault (LVMH – Chairman & CEO), Jacqueline Fuller ( – President), Stéphane Richard (Orange – Chairman & CEO), Gary Kasparov (Avast – Ambassador), Carine Magescas (Angelpad – Founder & General Partner), Melanie Perkins (Kanva – Co-Founder & CEO), Kai-Fu Lee (Sinovation Ventures – Chairman & CEO), Holly Ridings (NASA – Chief Flight Director), Emily Orton (Darktrance – CMO)…..



The Voice Of An Entire Ecosystem


Since 10 Years, FUTUR.E.S is Part of the Major Events created to promote the French and European Technological World. Created by Cap Digital, this Event is the Voice of an Entire Ecosystem involved in Innovation at the Service of Society, Individuals and the Environment. Today, Technology is embedded in Everything we do, impacting the Way we live, work, and experience the World. Technological Innovation affects all Aspects of our World, from Agriculture to Transportation to how we communicate with each other.


Press Conference “FUTUR.E.S Festival” held on May 7, 2019 @ “La Galerie des Gobelins – Mobilier National” in Paris


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May 2019


FUTUR.E.S Event (lasting June 13 To June 14, 2019) will explore the Broad Impact of Innovation on Society and what Enterprises can do to help ensure that Technology Innovation furthers Societal Growth. Technology is now firmly embedded throughout our Everyday Activities, sometimes to a Degree where Digital becomes Invisible, blurring the Lines with the Physical World… The world is reimagining Itself not just around Digital Innovation, but, by extension, around the Companies that provide those Services.






When we think about 2050 it seems like it is ages from now and we imagine a Completely Different World, but in Reality, it is just 30 Years from Now and we can already know what will be Possible to have by that Time. We have a lot of Environmental, Social Problems and let’s see how Technology may solve them by 2050. Ray Kurzweil (The World’s Foremost Futurist) predictions are such as the following : Nanobots will plug our Brains straight into the Cloud, People Reincarnation through AI, AI will become a Positive net Job Motivator, IoT Technology will change Product Designs, Space Tourism : a Week in Orbit, Self-Driving Cars will make driving Safer, Charge your Iphone with the Power of a Plant, Ocean Thermal Energy can take us to 100% Renewable-Energy, EU will face a Shortage of 800,000 IT Workers by 2020, Drone Solution for discovering Untouched Places, Half of Current Jobs in the World are unlikely to exist in 2050…

FUTUR.E.S Festival (Free Access For Everynone during Two Days) will enable Visitors to :
– Discover Over 80 Innovatives Demos selected for their Emergent, Sustainable Character and their Technological Excellence. Some Exclusivities are proposed during that Event.
– Interactive Summits mixing Workshops, Converences and masterclasses… Anchored in Reality (80 Conferences & Workshops in Different Locations).
– Experience the Event as the reflection of the World Diversity and the Place of Collective Commitment. Citizen can debate on Technology, Users feedback Devices, in Situ Experiments…
– Enjoy the Beauty & Symbol of the Venue “La Galerie des Gobelins – Mobilier National ” in Paris.
– Participate to Outside Events in different Locations around Paris (Leonard, Auditorium Niedermeyer, Ecole des Gobelins, EP7, Espace 574-SNCF)
– Other Events all around Paris : Open Air Apéros-networking, Artistic Performances, DJ Sets, Parties, Awards… Futur.e.s by Day X Futur.e.s by Night (more than 100 Off Events)


A Press Conference was given on May 7, 2019 @ “La Galerie des Gobelins – Mobilier National” with the Presence of Personalities giving a Speech :
– Hélène Allain – Director of Futur.e.s Festivals
– Franck Mangain – Isle-de-France Regional Advisor @ President of Paris Region Entereprises
– Stéphane Distinguin – CEO Cap DIgital
– Jérôme Poulain – General Secretary of “La Galerie des Gobelins – Mobilier National”

– Sustainable Cities
– To Make Society

DEMOS, The Cream of Emerging Innovation :
– Track Sustainable Cities
* HD Rain – Le Pavé – The Counter of Solutions (Le Comptoir des Solutions) – Urban Picking (Cueillette Urbaine)
– Track Tech Care
* 5th Dimension – AirO – Aurizone – FRAIL Project
– Open Cultures
* Minsar – Watstyle – Pays Cathare, le guide & Castrum, le jeu du Pays Cathare – EXILE to Home
– Track Learning Societies
* J’APPrends – Real Virtue – Plume – Alo
– Innov’Protos (Projects Testings just fresh)
* Newsrom Motors – Ep Tender – Extia – Internest – Powerup – Mip Robotics – Siview – Skipper Ndt – Ubudu


FUTUR.E.S Awards
– Prix Du Jury
– Prix Du Public
– Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou :
Architect and anthropologist, Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou is the creator of the collaborative research platform on African architecture and city issues ‘L’Africaine d’architecture’. Founder of WoeLab, a network of Togolese grassroots tech-hubs whose ambition is to « make everyone equal in the face of technology » and in which he helped launch the half-dozen shared companies of the #Siliconvillage Group. Since 2017 Sename has been elected to the Ashoka Foundation’s prestigious fellowship program for social entrepreneurs.
– Bibi Russell
Bangladeshi Fashion Designer and former international model. With UNESCO support, Bibi Russell organized her first European fashion show (pioneering event by an South Asian female) in Paris in 1996. She also organized fashion show, The Colours of Bangladesh, in Spain in 1997. In 2016, she participated in India at India Runway Week seventh edition where she presented her latest collection on Rajasthan khadi. Bibi’s collection was celebrated by the Indian fashion industry. Recently (in year 2016 & 18), she showcased her collection for the opening show at the third biggest fashion week of India, Indian Federation for Fashion Development’s India Runway Week Season 7.


– Jérémy Gobé
An Artist who defines himself as a Sculptor. He models his ideas, and with wool, fabric, plaster, coral or a digital image he creates something that invades space and imposes itself to the viewer in a striking manner.​- Marie Ekeland
French Entrepreneure specialized in Startups Financing. Co-Founder of Investment Fund DAPHNI. In 2017, she becomes the First Woman President of the National Council of Digital.
– Vipulan Puvaneshwaran
15 Years Old who went to vegetarianism and converted his Parents. He eats only organic and French products, and as far as possible bulk and local. Exit sugar, bananas, chocolate, etc.. He refuses to fly, which is the most polluting means of transport. Heonly travels by public transport or on foot. “In my high school too, I try to set up projects thanks to an association called Interact’Hoche: stop covering textbooks every year for example. Right now, I’m working on adopting a vegetarian meal a week. I invite all young people to try to carry out projects in their high school, I am sure they will succeed.”- Jana Revedin
Jana Revedin is an architect, theorist, and writer. Her book Jeder hier nennt mich “Frau Bauhaus”: das Leben der Ise Frank: ein biografischer Roman (2018) has been nominated for the Grimme Prize (3Sat Documentary) and the Leipzig Bookfair Prize 2019. Since 2019 she has been a member of the Board of the University of Architecture and Landscape ENSAP Bordeaux.




For the Third Year in a row, the Society for Information Display (SID) will once again bring back an engaging Panel Discussion, where Top Women Technology Executives and Innovators will share their Unique Insights on the State of the Display Industry and where it’s going for Women in Silicon Valley. The Session, Women in Tech – Leading in the Tech World, will take place directly following the CEO Forum on Wednesday, May 15 with a special reception at 5:30 p.m.

“For 2019, we are bringing back our Women in Tech Forum with a Dynamic New Group of Participants,” said Sri Peruvemba, Chair of Marketing for SID. “While Women comprise half of the U.S. Workforce, they still hold less than 20 % of all Tech Jobs. Fortunately, our Industry is waking up to the Need of having more Women in Technology. They will also discuss the Challenges they have faced and where they see the Industry going.”


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May 2019


The Electronic Display Industry is filled with Female Pioneers and Professionals who have made Outstanding Contributions to Technology. This year, more than ever, is an Ideal Time to hear this Diverse Panel of Movers and Shakers provide their Unique Perspectives about what makes the Industry tick, how they’ve gotten to where they are, and what more the Tech World needs to do to continue enabling Women from all Walks of Life to rise to their Potential.

Moderator : Jenny Donelan, Director of Marketing, Publications, and Programs for Palisades Convention Management

*** LEE EPTING, Advisor, Speaker, Technology Consultant: Epting launched her Technology Career with a Silicon Valley startup, Palm, about 20 years ago. Ever since, she has focused on delivering Market-Winning Technology Products/Services to the World’s Two Biggest Consumer Markets, the US and Western Europe – and to Emerging/Global Markets. Following her Role with Palm and related Smartphone Startup, Handspring, Nokia recruited her to Europe in 2003. In Europe, she has had P&L Responsibility for Business Units in the World’s Largest Technology, Mobile Communications, and Mobile Phone Manufacturing Companies: Samsung, Vodafone, and Nokia. At Samsung, she led the European Enterprise Business Team (ten-figure P&L), European Product Innovation Team, and European Media Solutions Center.
*** SAMANTHA PHENIX, Board Member, AVIXA; Secretary, SID Pacific Northwest Chapter: Phenix has a 20-year Career that has spanned Engineering, Business Development, and Corporate Leadership. She has a History of Driving Display Technology Innovations across multiple, demanding Vertical Markets, while serving in Leadership Roles at Companies such as Leyard, Planar, Intel, Dell, and Barco. In 2017 she was named an Industry Innovator by NewBay Media for her Outstanding Contributions to the Professional Audiovisual Industry. In 2018, she was honored to receive AVIXA’s “Women in AV” Award. She is currently serving as a Board Member of AVIXA, as well as Secretary for SID’s Pacific Northwest Chapter.
*** CONSUELO VALVERDE, Founder & Managing Partner, SV Latam Capital: Valverde is a Serial Entrepreneur turned VC and founded her first Tech Company at the age of 21. She is the Founder and Managing Partner of SV LATAM Capital – the first VC Fund born in Silicon Valley with a Unique Focus on Latin America – to invest in Entrepreneurs using Science and Technology to transform Societies, the Environment, and Health on a Global Scale. She was granted an 0-1 Visa for “Aliens with Exceptional Abilities” by the US Government and received the “Distinguished Engineer” award from IEEE Mexico, among other awards. She is currently a Board Member of Ares Materials, a Company developing Novel Transparent Polymer Materials for the Next Generation of Truly Flexible Electronics, and Winners of Display Week’s Best in Show Award 2018.
Source : Society for Information Display


EXTENDED MONACO – SMART PRINCIPALITY is presented as UNIQUE : “For the First Time, a Government is setting out to combine the Best that Digital Technology can offer and to apply it simultaneously to all of its Public Policies and its Economy. For the First Time, a Government is openly willing to form Partnerships, whether with Local Actors or with Giants of the Digital World, offering them an Exceptional Demonstration Showcase.”

Source : Official Press Presentation in Monaco of the Program ” Extended Monaco – Smart Principality (on April 30, 2019)
With the Presence and Speech of :
* HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco (Introduction Speech)
* Thomas Battaglione – Administrator, CEO SMEG (Monegasque Company of Electricity and Gas)
* Cédric Biscay – President & CEO Shibuya Productions (Sole Animation and Video Games Production Company located in the Principality of Monaco).
* Frédéric Genta – Country Chief Digital Officer for the Principality of Monaco
* Luc Jacquet – French Film Director, Screenwriter & Producer (Icebreaker, production Company just created in Monaco using Initial Coin Offering System to finance Projects). He will be in Cannes during the Film Festival to explain why this New Way of Films financing.
* Animated by : Eglantine Eméyé – French TV Host




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April 2019

It is based on Three Main Priorities :
– Enhancing an already Exceptional Quality of Life;
– Inaugurating a New Cycle of Economic Prosperity;
– Boosting the Value of the Civil Service.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco is introducing this Upcoming and Demanding Project as follow : “For over Seven Hundred Years, the Principality of Monaco has been able to develop, reinvent itself and meet the Challenges brought by Major Global Developments in order to preserve its Independence and Prosperity. Today we face a New Challenge, that of the Advent of Digital Technology, which is redefining the International Equilibrium, transforming our Economies and having a Far-Reaching Impact on Society. Digital Technology impacts the Behavior of the Individual, regardless of his Status. It challenges our Perceptions, renews our Ideas, and is causing Profound Transformation for all of us in all Aspects of our Lives. Governments must seize the Opportunity of these Upheavals to give them Positive Meaning, to improve their Public Policies and to develop and reposition their Economies”.


  • Master of Ceremony Eglantine EMEYE

  • H.S.H. Prince Albert II




  • Cédric BISCAY (Shibuya Productions)


  • Luc JACQUET (Director)


  • Frédéric GENTA  (Digital transition)



– The Extended Monaco Program will come into Full Swing over the Next Three Years :

* February 2018 : Sovereign Ordonance approving the Delegate and on Interministeriel Delegation for the Digital Transition, made up of 120 Persons.

* September 2018 : Over 600 People trained at Digital Workshops organized Partnerships with Google.

* November 2018 : The Prince brings together 10 Global Digital Technology Experts to mark the Launch of the Monaco Digital Advisory Council.

* February 2019 : Inauguration of the Learning Lab to train Monaco’s Civil Servants.

* March 2019 : Partnership with Clear Channel for the Installation of Connected Bus Shelters throughout the Principality.

* April 2019 : Announcement of the First ICO (Initial Coin Offering) approved by a Stakehoder Government / First Educational Digital technology Summit (Assises du Numérique Educatif).

* May 2019 : Tabling of the Three Keys Laws on Digital Transformation (Digital Principality, Digital Identity & Blockchain).

* June 2019 : Monaco’s Civil Service becomes the most inclusive in the World with 100% of Civil Servants & Officials connected.

* July 2019 : Testing of the First Self-Driving Shuttle Services.

* Summer 2019 : Launch of 5G.

* September 2019 : Monaco becoming the First Country in the World where all Kindergarten, Elementary & High Scholls Students are taught Computer Programming.

* Autumn 2019 : Lauch of the First Version of the e-Health Platform offering Online Booking of Appointments with Healthcare Professionals.

* December 2019 : Lauch of Monaco’s Sovereign Cloud and its Digital Twin, Monaco’s e-Embassy in Luxembourg.

– Enhancing an already Exceptional Quality of Life :

* An interactive, fluid and pleasant living environment : Between now and 2022, Monaco’s Smart City will be focusing on Three Main Objectives : building the Final Links in a first class, connected Transport System, improving the Living Environment through Interaction with its Inhabitants and achieving better control of Urban Planning and Major Environmental Markers.

* Cutting Edge, Easily Accessible Medical Care : For the Monégasque Healthcare System, Digital Technology must be a Driving Force to boost the Performance of its Healthcare Offer, and above all an Opportunity to strengthen the Links between Patients and Caregivers.

* Enhanced, Personalized Education : Much more than a mere “updating” of teaching methods, Digital Technology must help Children to acquire the Skills they need to succeed in Today’s and Tomorrow’s World. This is how Monaco’s Education System intends to enter the Digital Age, while encouraging Responsible Use.


– Inaugurating a New Cycle of Economic Prosperity :

* Digital Technology, a Driver of Growth : Giving Monégasque Companies a Framework that is conducive to capturing all the Potential of Digital Technology ; Boosting and perpetuating its Current Economic Mode ; Creating new, highly targeted Growth Drivers for the Digital Sector in the Principality.

* Towards a Progressive Digital Ecosystem in Monaco : Monaco’s aim is to become a Funding Nation for Progress, a Global Market where Progress is developed and financed. The Clean Tech field will be the First to benefit, with the Launch of a Dedicated Investment Fund during 2019.


– Boosting the Value of the Civil Service :

* The User at the Heart of a First-Class Civil Service : Digital Technology thus complements and strengthens a Civil Service that will continue to focus on forging a more Personal Physical Link between its Users and its Officials. All Teleservices will be accessible from a One-Stop Portal, some of them mobile where appropriate


* A Modernized, Inclusive and Sympathetic Civil Service : the Principality will focus primarily on the Men and Women in its Civil Service. It is betting on investing in their Transition to a Digital World.







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April 2019






“Paris Blockchain Week Summit” is the Flagship Event of “Paris Blockchain Week”. The Summit is the Peak Event gathering more than 1,500 Attendees and 100 Speakers. During Two Days, Professionals take the Main Stage to discuss EU Regulation, Stable Coins, Decentralized Exchanges, Security Tokens, Scalability Issues, Recent Advances in Consensus Mechanisms… Renowned Speakers from the Best Blockchain and Digital Asset Companies in the World share their Stories and Insights on the Market and its Prospects. “Paris Blockchain Week” is the Biggest Blockchain & Digital Assets Event in Europe. During One Week in the City of Lights, Numerous Events are held by the Most Prominent Blockchain Organizations (April 13-19, 2019)




CO-HOSTS (Up) – Joel COMM & Travis WRIGHT – (Down) Karim SABBA


Kariim SABBA (Co-Founder of PBWSummit) : “Before the Paris Blockchain Week got set in Motion, France was Home to a Large Community of Crypto Enthusiasts, some of the Biggest Blockchain Companies, and Forward-Looking Officials. When Talks of the Event started, we knew Paris would be the Ideal Location. We were excited at the Idea of Anyone attending the Event getting to Experience Paris and France as the Innovation Hub that it is… From CEOs and Investors to Developers and Researchers, you will be put right in the Mix with the Top Talent in the Crypto World.”









In the World of Cryptocurrencies, it is believed that it is necessary to work with Public and Private Institutions to develop Standards.To help the Public Understanding of Cryptocurrencies. are needed Strategic Media Outreach, Development Benchmarking Systems and a Library of Educational Materials, with the Goal of giving Anyone the Tools to understand and interact within the Crypto Community. It’s no Secret that Cryptocurrency is a Pretty Specific Industry. Today we are experiencing what happened with Personal Computers in the early 80’s or with Internet Technologies in the 90’s ; Crypto became the “Terra Incognita” of the Digital Community. Today, its world gets gradually populated with New Places and Players, such as Startups and New Blockchain Ideas.


Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) are beginning to rewire our Digital Infrastructure and challenge our Thinking on how Data, Information, Assets, and even Governance can be reorganised and reimagined. Substantial Amounts of Funding have been invested in Blockchain Firms over a Short Span of Time. The DLT Ecosystem is thriving with Participation from both Private and Public Sector Actors. The Potential Use Cases are ever expanding, from Payments to Asset Ownership, from Insurance Claims to Intellectual Property, from Applications in RegTech to Integration with the Internet of Things (IoT).


However, Technological Breakthroughs often come with Hype and Hyperbole. In Reality, ‘Blockchain’ is still an often Misconstrued and Misunderstood Concept. DLT as a Whole is still lacking Maturity and, in many cases, remains Undeployed and Unadopted. Issues related to Scalability, Privacy and Confidentiality are slowing down Technical Advancement, whilst Regulatory Uncertainties and Legal Risks are looming Large. The DLT Landscape is Fluid, Highly Fragmented, Contested, and Complex.


Over Recent Years, DLT has been an Area of Focus across a Range of Industries, triggered by Initial Interest in Bitcoin, and then evolving into a Richer Discussion about the Underlying Technology. DLT promises Increased Speed and Efficiency, Redefined Business Models, Greater Transparency and Improved Trust across Transaction Value Chains. Both Individuals and Institutions are investing significant Time and Money in understanding how the Technology works and how its Potential can be unlocked to deliver Benefits across Industries.


We can easily Focus on the Challenging Business Problems for which DLT may present a Compelling New Solution, and in doing so, enable the Business Models of the Future. The Key Characteristics of the Technology, built on Distributed, Encrypted Consensus-Based Networks, have already begun to pave the Way for New Approaches to Clearing and Settlement, Asset Ownership and Transfer, and Automated Contracts. However, to realise the Technology’s Full Potential in a Tightly Regulated Industry, there is still work to be done to build Confidence in Areas such as Legal and Regulatory Frameworks, Industry Standards, Governance, Security, and ultimately, Identification of the Richest Opportunities to deliver Business Value.


Blockchains can be useful in Situations where there is a Desire to minimise the Degree of Trust required between Participants, or where Participants would like to reduce their Dependence on an Intermediary Service Provider (e.g., central securities Clearing House). Problems arising from the Abuse of Trust, such as Fraud, have significant Negative Impact on Business and Trade. Historically, we have either relied on Informal Trust (e.g., Handshake Agreement) or Formal Trust that functions by introducing Intermediaries (e.g., Courts) through which Legal Recourse can be sought in the Event of Misbehaviour. However, these Approaches are far from Perfect. Blockchains hold the Promise of reducing the ‘Trust Gap’ by making Actions within the System Independently Verifiable by each Participant, introducing or improving Accountability, and Dis-Incentivising Misbehaviour through Public Auditability.


Blockchains are publically distributed Online where the History of all Value Exchanges can be verified and seen as Proof of being executed. Anyone can join a Blockchain Network by downloading a Copy of a Blockchain onto their Computer or “Node”. Complex Mathematical Principles ensure that all Nodes automatically and continuously agree about the Current State of the Blockchain and everything recorded in it. Different Parties, within and between Organizations, can gain Access to the Blockchain and add Information to it by Consensus without the Need for any Intermediaries. This is why Blockchain is often referred to as a “Distributed Ledger Technology”. Blockchain empowers Users to engage in Decentralized and Accurate Transactions, including everything from Currency Transactions to Supply Chain Orders to even Medical Tecords. These Records can be accessed Online immediately, while ensuring they’re Accurate and Up-To-Date.


Was Held on April 16-17, 2019 (at Station F, Paris – FRANCE) the “Paris Blockchain Week Summit :
** Host : Karim SABBA – Co-Founder of PBWSummit + Franch Digital Asset Association
** Co-Hosts : Joel COMM & Travis WRIGHT – Co-Hosts of the Bad Crypto Podcast
** Opening Keynote Speech : David CHAUM – CEO of Elixxir, Inventor of Digital Cash & Cryptography Pioneer


MASTER CLASS (during the Two Days) :

** Tuesday, April 16, 2019
State of the Art : Blockchain & DLTs – How to regulate crypto-assets : is there a unique European answer ? – State of the Art : Institutional investments in the crypto space – Keynote Speech by Jovan Gavrilovic (General Manager Europe of OKCoin) – Old vs New : is it time for an infrastructure inversion ? – Governance : the path to decentralization – International regulatory cooperation for the development of financial innovation – Interoperability & scalability : key challenges for 2019 – How can corporates leverage blockchain on their innovation journey – DEX : a step towards decentralized finance – The Bad Crypto Podcast : Live show with Joel Comm & Travia Wright.


** Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Crypto just got real by Ivan Gowan (CEO & Co-Founder of – Why Blockchain organizations should move to France – The role of exchanges in the democratizations of digital assets – PoW vs PoS : recent advances in consensus algorithms – investing in decentralized organizations – Wallets : how to manage public & private keys – Keynote by GJ Wang (Executive Director of Ethereum Community Fund) – Blockchain : the future of payments ? – How blockchain will change the IoT – Providing market data in the crypto space – Privacy : real-world applications for zero knowledge proof – Asset Tokenization & STOs – The future of currency in a digital world – Quantum Computing : the crypto killer ? – Keynote Speech by Cedric O (French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs).


FRENCH TECH STAGE (during the Two Days)

** Tuesday, April 16,2019
KYC AML Requirements : zero lenience requires proportionate answers – Blockchain for social good – Workshop by Larry Salibra (Core Developer at Blockstack) – AMA : Brokers & Excenges – Adtech : how blockchain is making waves in media and entertainment – From VOIP to MOIP : unbank yourself on the blockchain by Alex Mashinsky (CEO of Celsius Network) – Keynote Speech by Jack Lu (CEO of Wanchain) – New blockchain-based business models in the financing industry – Woortn’s Secret Sauce : making markets on digital assets by Joseph Comisi (Quantitative Trader at Woorton) – Huobi Prime, Direct Premium Offering by Chern Chung (Europe Business Development Kead at Huobi).


 ** Wednesday, April 17, 2019
A brief sumary of everything Subsrate and Polkadot by Thomasz Drwiega (Core Developer at Parity Technologies) – Centralizd Decentralization : the challenge with consortium chains and smart contracts by Topper Bowers (CEO of Quorum Control) – Stable Coins : the keys to mass adoption ? – International trends in the coverage of crypto in the media – Millenial Investors : how tokenization connects the new and the old investing world by Benedikt Angerer (Business Development Lead at Bitpanda) – Enhance customer experience with blockchain – Keynote Speech by Ouriel Ohayon (CEO of KZen Networks) – AMA : Crypto Funds – Keynote Speech by Mrinal Manohar (CEO of daptive Holding Ltd.) – Crypto hedge funds & digigital asset trading by Christophe de la Celle (Head of Sales & GM UK at HedgeGuard) – Digital asset custody : building the market infrastructure – Workshop by Nadia Filali (Blockchain Program Director at Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation) – Rreal Estate Tokenization, present & future by Bene Archbold (VP at AlphaPoint) – PBWS Startup Awards.









AGNES BUZYN, Minister Solidarity & health


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April 2019

Philippe LEDUC & Agnès BUZYN

Think Tank Economie Santé Forum @ Salons Hoche (Paris), organized by Les Echos-Le Parisien.

Held on April 2, 2019


The Doctor–Patient Relationship is a Central Part of Health Care and the Practice of Medicine. The Doctor–Patient Relationship forms one of the Foundations of Contemporary Medical Ethics. The Quality of the Patient–Physician Relationship is Important to Both Parties. The Doctor and Patient’s Values and Perspectives about Disease, Life, and Time Available play a Role in building up this Relationship. A Strong Relationship between the Doctor and Patient will lead to Frequent, Quality Information about the Patient’s Disease and Better Health Care for the Patient and their Family. Enhancing the Accuracy of the Diagnosis and increasing the Patient’s Knowledge about the Disease all come with a Good Relationship between the Doctor and the Patient. Where such a Relationship is Poor the Physician’s Ability to make a Full Assessment is compromised and the Patient is more likely to distrust the Diagnosis and Proposed Treatment, causing Decreased Compliance to actually follow the Medical Advice which results in Bad Health Outcomes.







The Default Medical Practice for showing Respect to Patients and their Families is for the Doctor to be Truthful in informing the Patient of their Health and to be Direct in asking for the Patient’s Consent before giving Treatment. Historically in many Cultures there has been a Shift from Paternalism to the Idea that Patients must have a Choice in the Provision of their Care and be given the Right to provide Informed Consent to Medical Procedures… The Spectrum of a Physician’s Inclusion of a Patient into Treatment Decisions is well represented
Those who go to a Doctor typically do not know Exact Medical Reasons of why they are there, which is why they go to a Doctor in the First Place. For a Patient to not be able to understand what is going on with their Body, because they can’t understand Lab Results or their Doctor isn’t sharing or explaining them, can be a Frightening and Frustrating Situation to be in. An in Depth Discussion of Lab Results and the Certainty that the Patient can understand them may lead to the Patient feeling Reassured, and with that may bring Positive Outcomes in the Physician-Patient Relationship.
A Dilemma may arise in Situations where determining the Most Efficient Treatment, or encountering Avoidance of Treatment, creates a Disagreement between the Physician and the Patient, for any number of Reasons. In such cases, the Physician needs Strategies for presenting Unfavorable Treatment Options or Unwelcome Information in a way that minimizes Strain on the Doctor–Patient Relationship while benefiting the Patient’s Overall Physical Health and Best Interests. When the Patient either can not or will not do what the Physician knows is the Correct Course of Treatment, the Patient becomes Non-Adherent.

The Field of Patient Experience has emerged over the Past Decade. Like Patient Safety in its Infancy, this Field has not been fully embraced by the Health Care Industry. While measuring Customer Experience in order to improve may seem like a Noncontroversial Standard Practice in most other Industries, the Practice is not entirely accepted among Physicians. The mere mention of this Term can induce a Feeling of Intense Anger… Research demonstrating the Correlation between Service and Quality is mixed. Some Studies find a Correlation between Service and Medical Outcomes, yet other Reports show no Linkage between Patient Experience and Outcomes, and some show a Negative Correlation. Study in this Area, and the Controversy, is ongoing.

Technology is enhancing the Relationship between Clinicians and their Patients, providing a more Seamless and Accurate Interaction with Real-Time Updates, and the Ability to manage Health Issues remotely, while simultaneously reducing the Per Capita Cost of Healthcare. From Wearable Technologies to Virtual Reality and Telehealth, Doctors and Patients are working together to reduce Hospital Readmission Rates and improve Health Outcomes. A Key Driver of Change and Impact is the Ability to share Information between different Systems to enable Doctors to view Patients’ Data more Holistically and Comprehensively… Some Applications already link with Patient’s Online Medical Record, with Specialist Appointment Notes, X-Rays and Current Medications. They enable Patients, Doctors, and Caregivers, with Express Consent to access, a much Broader View of Health, and a Faster Ability to make the Best Care and Treatment Decisions appropriate to the Situation.
Big Data are opening up Multiple Opportunities to leverage Vast Amounts of Information very quickly, providing more In-Depth Insights and leading to better Patient Care and Prognoses. Cloud Computing Services such as Microsoft Azure are already in use for Diabetic Retinal Examinations. These include Clinical Analytics, Operational Analytics, Cybersecurity Solutions, Patient Engagement and Telehealth Solutions. Through Virtual Reality Holographic Technology (Telehealth), Patients can have Virtual Appointments with their Clinicians, which is a Massive Breakthrough for Remote Areas with Less Access to Doctors. It saves Travel Time and Expense, and provides a Potentially Life-Saving Treatment. Artificial Intelligence (AI) ; Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics are already being used by Companies. Wearables are already tracking Data such as Heart Rate, Blood Sugar Levels, Blood Pressure, and other Vital Statistics, taking the Pressure off the Patient to manually complete these Analyses. Doctors and Nurses can then download the Readings for a Complete Picture of a Patient’s Health….


– Was held on April 2, 2019 @ Salons Hoche (Paris), a Forum Think Tank Economie Santé (Think Tank Health Economy Forum) presenting “Eight Recommendations 2019 to improve Health Relevance”. It was organized by Les Echos, animated by Philippe DELUC (President Think Tank Economie Santé) and the Guest of Honour was Agnès BUZYN (Hematologist, Hospital Practitioner) the Current Minister of Solidarity and Health in the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe’s Government. A Long Interview was given followed by Questions coming from the Audience made of Health Professionals.

– DEBATE 1 : Mobilization of Professionals and Patients
** Michel BALLEREAU – Executive Officer FHP
** Elisabeth HUBERT – President FNEHAD
** Benoît PERICARD – Direcotr Health Department KPMG
** Olivier LE PENNETIER – Young Doctor, Former President ISNI
** Alain-Michel CERETTI – President FRANCE ASSOS SANTE

– DEBATE 2 : How to use the New technologies : Information & Communication, Health Data, Artificial Intelligence & Transparancy

** Jean-Philippe ALOSI – Director of Public and Government Affairs AMGEN
** Vincent BOUVIER- President France VIDAL Groupe
** Michel PAOLI – Medical Health Director IMA
** Laurence COMTE-ARASSUS – President France MEDTRONIC
** David CORCOS – President France PHILIPS






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April 2019




The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted Final Approval of the First Generic Naloxone Hydrochloride Nasal Spray, commonly known as Narcan, a Life-Saving Medication that can stop or reverse the Effects of an Opioid Overdose. The Agency is also planning New Steps to prioritize the Review of Additional Generic Drug Applications for Products intended to treat Opioid Overdose, along with the previously announced Action to help facilitate an Over-The-Counter Naloxone Product.

Today’s Approval is the First Generic Naloxone Nasal Spray for use in a Community setting by Individuals without Medical Training ; however, Generic Injectable Naloxone Products have been available for Years for use in a Health Care Setting. The FDA also has previously approved a Brand-Name Naloxone Nasal Spray and an Auto-Injector for use by those without Medical Training. While Business and other Considerations may impact how quickly this Product becomes available, today’s Approval is an Important Step for the Agency as it works toward expanding Access to this Live-Saving Drug. The FDA also held a two-day Advisory Committee Meeting in December to solicit input and advice on Strategies to increase the Availability of Naloxone Products intended for use in the Community.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 400,000 people died from an Opioid Overdose from 1999 to 2017, and on Average, more than 130 Americans die every day from Overdoses involving Opioids, a Class of Drugs that include Prescription Medications such as Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone and Morphine, as well as Illegal Drugs such as Heroin or Drugs sold as Heroin. Drugs like Heroin often contain Fentanyl or Derivatives of Fentanyl. When someone overdoses on an Opioid, it can be difficult to revive the Person to Full Consciousness, and breathing may become Shallow or stop completely – leading to Death without Medical Intervention. If Naloxone Nasal Spray is administered quickly, it can counter the Overdose Effects, usually within Minutes. However, it is important to note that it is not a Substitute for Immediate Medical Care, and the Person administering Naloxone Nasal Spray should seek further immediate Medical Attention on the Patient’s Behalf.


As part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Ongoing Efforts to combat the Opioid Crisis and expand the Use of Naloxone, in April 2017, the Department announced its 5-Point Strategy to Combat the Opioids Crisis. Those Efforts include : Better Addiction Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Services ; Better Data ; Better Pain Management ; Better Targeting of Overdose Reversing Drugs ; and Better Research. In April 2018, Surgeon General VADM Jerome Adams issued an Advisory encouraging more Individuals, including Family, Friends and those who are personally at risk for an Opioid Overdose to carry Naloxone. In December 2018, ADM Brett P. Giroir, M.D., Assistant Secretary for Health and the Secretary’s Senior Advisor for Opioid Policy, released Guidance for Health Care Providers and Patients detailing how Naloxone can help save Lives.
One of the Ways the FDA is working to increase Access to this Life-Saving Treatment is through the Approval of Generic Naloxone Products. As part of HHS’ Public Health Emergency to address the ongoing Opioid Crisis, the FDA will grant Priority Review to all Abbreviated New Drug Applications for Products indicated for the Emergency Treatment of known or suspected Opioid Overdose. As part of the Priority Review, Sponsors will receive Shorter Goal Dates or Standard Goal Dates with Earlier Reviewer Deadlines ; Enhanced Agency Communication with Sponsors ; and Expanded Agency Engagement similar to Generic Drug User Fee Act Enhancements for Complex products, such as Pre-Submission and Midcycle Meetings. The FDA has determined that further expanding Availability of and Access to Overdose Reversal Drugs could help address the Public Health Emergency.

More generally, in an Effort to promote Competition to help reduce Drug Prices and improve Access to Safe and Effective Generic Medicines for Americans, the Agency is taking a number of New Steps as part of its Drug Competition Action Plan. These Steps include Important Work to improve the Efficiency of the Generic Drug Approval Process and address Barriers to Generic Drug Development.

The FDA also remains focused on several additional Priorities to address the Opioid Crisis, including : Decreasing Exposure to Opioids and preventing New Addiction ; Fostering the Development of Novel Pain Treatment Therapies ; Supporting Treatment of those with Opioid Use Disorder ; and Improving Enforcement and Assessing Benefit-Risk.

Naloxone Nasal Spray does not require Assembly and delivers a Consistent, Measured Dose when used as directed. This Product can be used for Adults or Children and is Easily Administered by anyone, even those without Medical Training. The Drug is sprayed into one Nostril while the Patient is lying on his or her Back and can be repeated if necessary.

The use of Naloxone Nasal Spray in Patients who are Opioid-Dependent may result in severe Opioid Withdrawal characterized by Body Aches, Diarrhea, Increased Heart Rate (Tachycardia), Fever, Runny Nose, Sneezing, Goose Bumps (Piloerection), Sweating, Yawning, Nausea or Vomiting, Nervousness, Restlessness or Irritability, Shivering or Trembling, Abdominal Cramps, Weakness and Increased Blood Pressure.

The FDA tentatively approved this Generic Drug Product on June 8, 2018. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. has received Final FDA Approval to market Generic Naloxone Nasal Spray.


Source : U.S. Food and Drug Administration



Energy Transition Forum, on March 20, 2019 @ Groupe Les Echos-Le Parisien (Paris)




Under The Auspices Of French President


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Building a Society that demands less Energy and is less Dependent on Nuclear Power and Fossil Fuels : these are the Ambitious Goals of the Energy Transition. The Challenges are : Decentralized Energy Generation ; Digital Control of Energy Efficiency ; Homes and Energy Performance ; Sustainable Cities, Regions and Mobility ; Hydrogen ; Energy storage,.. Most Countries in the World have embarked on an “Energy Transition” – or are thinking about doing so – under the Dual Influence of the Realization that Fossil Fuels are a Limited Resource, however long supplies might last, and, more recently, the Growing Awareness that they are Adversely Impacting the Planet’s Climate. But what does an Energy Transition actually entail ?



With the Act of 17 August 2015 on Energy Transition for Green Growth, France committed fully to Energy Transformation in the 21st century. The Act of 17 August 2015 on Energy Transition for Green Growth seeks to enhance France’s Energy Autonomy, cut its Greenhouse Gas Emissions and provide Effective tools to all Stakeholders in order to boost Green Growth. The Act, providing for Action and Mobilisation, is binding on the Whole Country, including Citizens, Businesses, Territories and Public Authorities. It is already in effect : more than 50 Provisions are for Immediate Application. It will stimulate Green Growth by promoting activity in the Construction, Renewables and Clean Transport Sectors and the development of Circular Economies.

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There is no Single Mix that would be Ideal Worldwide. Although major International Climate Summits seek to adopt Global Objectives, the Energy Transition is specific to each Country or group of Countries. Energy Systems are not very Dynamic, meaning that an Energy Transition is a Slow Process. Energy Transitions required Technological Breakthroughs and Radical Changes in Energy Use by Consumers.

There is a lot of talk about Global Challenges, the Question of Climate Change, and Energy Resources to face the Growing Population and Economic Development. This is the General Framework, and it is absolutely Undeniable. But, on the Scale of a Country, a Territory, a Household, or a Company, these big Challenges occur in extremely different Ways. The available Energy Resources, the Level of Development, Public Policy, Economic Stakes, or the Dynamics of those involved, are Parameters which change between two given Situations, and which have an Impact on the Solutions put in place.


ENERGY TRANSITION FORUM held on March 20, 2019 at Groupe Les Echos-Le Parisien (Paris) under the Auspices of French President Emmanuel Macron.

– The Forum was animated by David Barroux, Chief-Editor Les Echos

– INTRODUCTION given by Brune Poirson, State Secretary to the Minister of Ecology and Solidarity Transition François de Rugy

– DEBATE : Is Energy too Taxed ?
Animated by Véronique Le Billon, Deputy Chief of Industrial Department Les Echos
** Antoine Autier, Deputy Director of Studies UFC-QUE CHOISIR
** Christian De Perthuis, Lecturer & President of Scientific Council on Climate Economics Chair, Université PARIS-DAUPHINE
** Naïma Idir, President ANODE
** Bénédicte Peyrol, LREM MP of ALLIER

– DEBATE : Solar & Eolian: How to reach French Ambitions ?
Animated by Véronique La Billon, Deputy Chief of Industrial Department Les Echos
** Fabrice Cassin, Associate, LPA-CGR Lawyers
** Nicolas Couderc, Deputy General Director, EDF Renewables
** Paul-François Croisille, Deputy General Director NEON
** Dominique Jamme, General Director of Services, CRE
– DEBATE : Biogaz, How to cut Costs ?
Animated by Vincent Collen, Journalist Energy Department Les Echos
** Jean-Charles Colas-Roy, MP of ISERE
** Christiane Lambert, Presidente FNSEA
** Laurent Pauchard, Manager, Methalac
** Catherine Brun, General Secretary, GRT Gaz
– DEBATE : Will The Car of Tomorrow be reallly Electric ?
Animted by Julien Dupont-Calbo, Automotive & Industry Journalist Les Echos
** Joseph Beretta, President AVERE France
** Xavier Metz, Associate, Wavestone
** Pierre Musseau, Planning Consultant, Smart and Sustainable City, PARIS City Hall






  • Brune POIRSON


  • François BROTTES


  • Debate – Is Energy too Taxed ?



  • Debate – Solar & Eolian: How to reach French…


  • Debate – Biogaz, How to cut Costs ?


  • Debate – Will The Car of Tomorrow be reallly…





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Press Conference @ Ministry of Ecology & Solidarity Transition , on March 19, 2019
Presence :
** Brune Poirson : Secretary of State to the Minister of Ecology and Solidarity Transition François De Rugy
** Erik Linquier : Chairman of Cofrex (Compagnie Française des Expositions) – General Commissioner for France, Expo Dubaï 2020
** Jean-Luc Perez : Scenographer / Architect and CEO Atelier Du Prado for French Pavilion called “Lumières, lumière”
** Jean-Marie Priol : Artistic Director “Immersives Motion” Atelier Du Prado
** Sonia Rolland : Artistic Director in charge of the Official Clip promoting the French Pavilion “Lumières, Lumière”



French Pavillon for UNIVERSAL EXHIB. DUBAI 2020


An Universal Exhibition will be held in DUBAI (UAE) in 2020, being an International Event aimed at sharing Innovation, Promoting Progress and encouraging Co-Operation around the Major Challenges facing Societies. It invites Countries, Companies, International Organizations, civil Society and the General Public to participate, attracting Several Tens of Millions to participate. We will find there Exhibitions, Conferences, Shows, Diplomatic Meetings and Business Meetings… Also the Opportunity to create Genuine Synergy between Sectors (Technical, Science, Town Planning, Arts, Politics, Culture…)

– The Most Recent Universal Exhibitions :
** Expo 1992 : Seville “The Age Of Discovery”
** Expo 2000 : Hanover “Man – Nature – Technology”
** Expo 2010 : Shabghaï “Best City. Best Life”
** Expo 2015 : Milan “Feeding The Planet, Energy for Life”

– The French Main Mission is to promote FRANCE through its Innovations. Over the Course of this Exhibition, the Challenge is to promote all French Talents and create a Major Opportunity for the Nation to express itself on the International Stage. The French Pavilion “Lumières, Lumière” must be the Project of All French People. The FRANCE Pavillon will be located in the Mobility Zone.

– The 2020 Universal Exhibition will take place from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021 in Dubaï (UAE), around the Theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating The Future”, with Three Sub-Themes : Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility. It will be the First Universal Exhibition organized in the MEASA Region (Middle East, Africa, South Asia) and will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Foundation of the United Arab Emirates (1971).

– Over 25 million Visitors expected in Dubaï :
** A Destination Popular with the General Public : A Record 16 million Tourists visited Dubaï in 2018, making it the 4th Most visited City in the World.
** A Dynamic Business Environment : Dubaï is Second in the World in terms of Trade, Fairs and Shows, after Paris.
** More the 190 Participating Countries during the Universal Exhibition 2020.
** 30,000 French Expatriates in Dubaï, Presence of Major CAC 40 Companies and more than 400 French Companies (Transport, Aeronautics, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Cosmetics, Luxury Goods, Gastronomy).

** Sectors of Excellence : Transport & Logistics (Air, Maritime Rail, Individual Motor Mobility)
** Regional Development : Planning, Infrastructures, Engineering, Networks Renovation, New Smart Materials
** New Consumer Uses : Made in France, Social Economy & Solidarity, Start-Up, Digitalization of Commerce
** Travel & Exploration : Tourism & Accommodation, Heritage, Aeronautics Aerospace, Security
** Climate & Environment : Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Recycling, Climate, Green Finance Ecology
** Digital Technology : Big Data, French Tech, Telecommunications, Connectivity, TCI Smart Grids
** Knowledge & Know-How : Entertainment, Education, Sciences & Training, Arts, Culture, Francophonie

– The Three Values of the French Pavillon :
** Boldness : Implies a Willingness to act. In a World that is changing and faced with the Issues of our Time, FRANCE has chosen to meet the Challenges.
** Art Of Living : Echoes the “French Lifestyle”. It brings up Pictures, Gastronomy, Science, Fashion, Culture, Diversity, Refinement and embodies the Showcase of France abroad.

** Collective : Is a Formidable Challenge to understand the Future with the Help of its Diversity and its Diversities. Whether they are the Diversities of People or those of Know-How throughout all French Territories. This Value is based on the Diversity of its Inhabitants, Territories, Cultures and Expertise.


– The Four Dimensions of the Visitor Experience :
** Emotional : Create an Unforgettable Visit and make the French Pavilion “Lumières, Lumière” a Major Attraction of the Universal Exhibition.
** Educational : Express the Vision and shed the Light of FRANCE and French Companies on the Subject of Mobility.
*** Technological : Interactively present the Concrete Mobility Solutions put forward by French Operators.
** Terrritorial : Show how New Mobilities create User-Oriented Smart Cities and Connected Territories that are adaptable, attractive and inclusive.
– The Key Locations of the French Pavilion “lumières, Lumière” :
The French Pavilion “lumières, Lumière” will be organized in Three Stages, distinguishing General Public Spaces from Professional Spaces, and allowing a Mix of Different Audiences in Shared Spaces. The Organization of the Pavilion will be designed to handle Exceptional Traffic, estimated at a Total for All Space of Several Tens of Thousands of Visitores per Day.

– A Think Tank dedicated to the French Pavilion “lumières, Lumière” :
“Connecting Minds” is the Think Tank dedicated to the French Pavilion in order to inform Debate and Discussion aroud the Three Sub-Themes of Expo 2020 : Mobility, Sustainability, Opportunity. And aims to showcase French Know-How and Technologies in the Areal of transforming Cities and Territories in order to serve Citizens.






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Paris on March 8, 2019

International Women’s Day is a Time to reflect on Progress made, to call for Change and to celebrate Acts of Courage and Determination by Ordinary Women who have played an Extraordinary Role in the History of their Countries and Communities. The 2019 Theme think Equal, build Smart, innovate for Change focuses on Innovative Ways in which we can advance Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, particularly in the Areas of Social Protection Systems, access to Public Services and Sustainable Infrastructure





Echoing the Priority Theme of the Sixty-Third Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW63), in 2019 the United Nations look to Industry Leaders, Game-Changing Start-Ups, Social Entrepreneurs, Gender Equality Activists, and Women Innovators to examine the Ways in which Innovation can remove Barriers and accelerate Progress for Gender Equality, encourage Investment in Gender-Responsive Social Systems, and build Services and Infrastructure that meet the Needs of Women and Girls.



International Women’s Day 2019 Campaign Theme is “#BalanceforBetter”, running All Year Long. It doesn’t end on International Women’s Day. Balance is not a Women’s Issue, it’s a Business Issue. The Race is on for the Gender-Balanced Boardroom, a Gender-Balanced Government, Gender-Balanced Media Coverage, a Gender-Balance of Employees, more Gender-Balance in Wealth, Gender-Balanced Sports Coverage … The First International Women’s Day occurred in 1911, supported by over One Million People. Today, IWD belongs to all Groups Collectively Everywhere. IWD is not Country, Group or Organization Specific…



This Year, at Chinese Business Club in the Presence of its Chairman Harold PARISOT, on March 8, Carla BRUNI-SARKOZY was given an Award by CEO of Sothys Frédéric MAS. Singer, Model, and Wife of Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Born Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedeschi on December 23, 1967, in Turin, Italy. First Famous for her Modeling and Singing Career, Carla Bruni has become One of the World’s Most Watched Women as the First Lady of France. She grew up with her Sister and Brother in a Wealthy Italian Family… Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is known to be involved in Various Charitable Activities.





ALEC ROSS Giving Exclusive Masterclass On Book

-The industries of the Future-




The industries of the Future

Technology Policiy Expert


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Alec Ross was Hillary Clinton’s Senior Advisor for Innovation when she was Secretary of State, and he helped craft her Groundbreaking Open Internet Agenda. Since leaving the State Department, Ross has traveled the World advising Businesses and Governments on Technology and Innovation Policy. Now, he has assembled his Conversations with Davos Regulars into a Fascinating Vision of the Future of Industry… Also, during the 2008 Presidential Campaign, Alec Ross played a Key Role in developing then-Sen. Barack Obama’s Technology and Innovation Plan, convening more than 500 Advisors in the Process of cultivating the Candidate’s Innovation Agenda…


Exclusive Masterclass ALEC ROSS


Exclusive Masterclass with Alec Ross (American Technology Policy Expert)

by HUB Institute @ Paris Headquarters, on March 7, 2019.

animated by Vincent Ducrey (Co-Founder & CEO HUB Institute)

His Father was an Attorney and Grandfather, Ray DePaulo, was the Commercial Minister at the American Embassy in Italy. Ross was born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia and in the Seventh gGade of Grammar School he moved to Rome, Italy for a Year to live with his Grandfather. Alec Ross worked as a Nighttime Janitor in Charleston at a Local Bar when attending College at Northwestern University. He graduated in 1994 with a B.A. in History… In 2000, he co-founded “One Economy”, a Global Nonprofit that uses Innovative Approaches to deliver the Power of Technology and Information about Education, Jobs, Health care and other Vital Issues to Low-Income People…. Alec Ross also drove Efforts to aid other Countries through Digital Development Initiatives like wiring Schools, adding Wireless Capacity to Public Works, Text-Message Reminders to HIV Patients, and leap Frogging Communities from Cash Culture to Mobile Banking….


“The Industries of the Future” is a 2016 Non-Fiction Book already Published in 24 Languages and now in French “Les Industries Du futur” (FYP Editions), covering the Following Themes : Employment, AI, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Bitcoin, Skills, Blockchain, Biotech, Fintech, New Markets. In this Book, Alec Ross explores the Geopolitical, Cultural and Generational Changes that will be driven by the Key Industries over the Next Twenty Years. The Book explores Several Industries including Robotics, Genetics, Coding and Big Data. Alec Ross explores how Advances in Robotics and Life Sciences will change the Way we live (Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will have impact on our Lives).


Alec Ross also focuses on Globalization and Geopolitical Economics. He explores how Competitiveness and how Societies, Families and Individuals will need to thrive. He gives Attention to the Importance of Women stating that the States and Societies that do the most for Women are those that will be Best Positioned to compete and succeed in the Future. The Book also touches on how to prepare Children for “Success” in a World of Increasing Change and Competition. He turns to the “Code-ification” of Money, Markets and Trust. He describes the Transition from Cash to Mobile and Online Banking. He also discusses the Sharing Economy from eBay to AirBnB and then gives an Overview of BitCoin and Blockchain Technology. Alec Ross also focuses on Cybersecurity and the Weaponization of Code with a Focus on a Move from Cold War to “Code War.”…






“The Global Halal Industry Platform, being held in Conjunction with Gulfood Dubai, is considered a Meeting Point for the Most Prominent Global Players in the HalalIindustry. It also represents a Major Opportunity to exchange Ideas and Visions of Growth, with over 1.6 Billion Muslims around the World consuming Halal Food pPoducts,” said ESMA’s Director General Abdulla Al Maeeni.

He added that the UAE has for Years been leading Efforts in this Sector and launched the ‘Dubai as the Capital of Islamic Economy’ Initiative in 2013. It also established the ‘Dubai Islamic Economy Development Center’ as well as the ‘International Halal Accreditation Forum’ which includes 32-Member States.

Al Maeeni said that UAE also strengthened its Ranking in the Global Islamic Economy Indicator, as part of its Post-Oil Production Vision. In fact, the Country was the First to establish and implement the World’s First Halal Food System with Standards and Practices in the Fields of Accreditation, Certification and Evaluation.

The GCC Countries alone import USD 50 Billion worth of Halal Products. Also, Muslim Consumers around the World are expected to spend USD 3 Trillion by 2023, according to a Report by the Dubai Islamic Economy Development Center.


4th Global Halal Industry Platform

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March 2019

Photo Cover : Eng. Sultan Al Mansouri, UAE Minister of Economy, Chairman of the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, and a number of officials, ambassadors and consuls during the announcement of the Arab program of Halal in Dubai Monday 18 February 2019.


A Unified Pan-Arab Framework for the Mutual Recognition of Halal Products and Services Certificates was announced in the United Arab Emirates. ASstep aiming to enhance the Competitiveness of Halal Food in International Markets. The Announcement of the Program was made at the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization pavilion in the 4th Global Halal Industry Platform organized by Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology, (ESMA). The United Arab Emirates aims at Globalizing the Halal Industry. Halal Food and Beverages Market is set to reach a value of USD 2.5 trillion this year, according to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).




CCI Ile De France – Feb 8, 2019


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Was held on February 08, 2019 at “CCI Ile De France (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Ile de France) a FORUM AFRIQUE 2019 dedicated to Investors in AFRICA. The Theme was “Innovation, New Models : the Dynamism of African Economies”. After Two Decades (the 80s and the 90s) of Poor Growth Performance, Africa has started enjoying Strong and Continuous Economic Growth. Since the Turn of the Millennium, the Growth accelerated across the Entire Continent and Many Countries frequently experienced Annual Double Digit Growth Rates.


Brahim SAÏL (IMMAR) & Etienne GIROS (CIAN)


African Economies have been Resilient and gaining Momentum. Real Output Growth is estimated to have increased 3.6% in 2017 and to accelerate to 4.1% in 2018 and 2019. Overall, the Recovery of Growth has been Faster than envisaged, especially among Non-Resource–Intensive Economies. Challenges remain, especially for the Structural Transformations that would create more Jobs and reduce Poverty by deepening Investment in Agriculture and developing Agricultural Value Chains to spur Modern Manufacturing and Services. Economic Diversification is thus Key to solving the Continent’s Problems, especially in the Context of a Challenging Demographic Structure. A First Priority for African Governments is to encourage a Shift toward Labor-Absorbing Growth Paths. A Second is to Invest in Human Capital, particularly in the Entrepreneurial Skills of Youth, to facilitate the Transition to Higher-Productivity Modern Sectors.
Continued Prudent Macroeconomic Efforts are needed to create the Incentives and Business Environment for the Private Sector to play its Role. The Large and Dynamic Private Sector accounts for 70% of Production, more than 65% of Investment, and 90% of African Jobs (particularly when the Informal Sector is included), so it is unsurprising that the Livelihoods of so many Africans depend on it. The Private Sector has also been a Major Driver of the Continent’s Fast Economic Growth over the past 15 Years. The Link between Economic Growth in General and Private Sector Growth and Decent Jobs specifically is relevant to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 8 : to promote Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth, Employment and Decent Work for All.
The Rise of a “Smart”, Connected Africa is allowing Countries across the Continent to leapfrog Several Stages of Development in Key Areas such as Banking and Telecommunications and is reshaping Business and Society. Despite this, Growth in Several African Countries has slowed in Recent Years after more than a Decade of Solid Expansion. Rickety Infrastructure, Skills Shortages, Weak Governance and a Reliance on Commodities continue to plague the Continent, underscoring the Need for Economic Diversification for Sustained, Inclusive Growth in Areas such as Agriculture, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education and Banking.
Africa undoubtedly offers Potential, but the Question remains : how will it be achieved ? Are African Governments doing enough to improve Infrastructure, train their Workforces, modernise Regulations and ensure Inclusive Growth, to create a Better Business Climate and boost Trade ? How can Companies innovate and capitalise on Advances in Technology to scale up their Businesses across the Continent ? Can Africa’s Tech-Driven Start-Ups become Engines of Future Growth ? And will a Connected Africa be better for Business and improve Lives for People Overall ?

Programme of the FORUM AFRIQUE 2019 – Forum dedicated to Investors in Africa (February 8, 2019 at CCI Ile de France):

— Welcoming Words by Didier KLING (President CCI Paris), Alexandre VILGRAIN (President CIAN), Vincent LALU (President MOCI)

— Focus with Sandrine SORIEUL (CIAN) on 2018 Business Climate

— Keynote of Etienne GIROS (President CIAN) and Brahim SAIL (General Manager of Institute Survey IMMAR)
Exclusive Presentation of the New CIAN Barometer on “Opinion Leaders in Africa”

— Round Table 1 : Beyond Obstacles, are New Economic Models emerging ?
With Fatoumata BA (Founder & President Janngo), Stéphane COLLIAC (Senior Economist Euler Hermes), Thibault FLICHY (VP Marketing & Digital Africa, Total), Jean-Michel HUET (Associate BearingPoint), Eric SABATIER (Senior VP GSIT, Bureau Veritas)

— Round Table 2 : Inclusive, Collaborative, ascending : the Holders Models
With Samir ABDELKRIM (Entrepreneur, Author of “Startup Lions” & Founder of Emerging Valley Event, certified Digital Africa), François GUIBERT (CEO Economic Development Board – EDB – Maurice), Lamia MERZOUKI (Deputy General Manager, Casablanca Finance City Authority), Christina RIBAULT (Open Innovation & Start Tech Accelerator Director Air France), Stanislas ZEZE (General Manager Bloomfield Investment Corporation)— Round Table 3 : Financing : What Innovative Solutions to accompany the Transformations
With Nuno de AYALA BOAVENTURA (Associate, Sterring Legal), Stéphane COLIN (President Africinvest Europe), Francesco DE MUSSO (General Manager BGFIBank), Arnaud VENTURA (Founder & General Manager Baobab)

— Keynote : what Key to Success for Companies in Africa. With Bruno METTLING (President Orange Middle East and Africa

The Afternoon was dedicated to BtoB Meetings





DESIGNING LUXURY – 17th Centre Du Luxe Et De La Creation Summit. On February 5, 2019 at Hôtel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand (Frace).

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Was held on February 5, 2019 at Hôtel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand (France), the Event “DESIGNING LUXURY” as Theme of The 17th Centre Du Luxe Et De La Creation Summit (organized by Le Centre Du Luxe Et De La Création). It was the Occasion to bring People together from Diverse Backgrounds at this Summit. This Annual Event provides an Opportunity for Open Exchanges and gathers Emblematic Designers, Entrepreneurs, Investors in the Luxury Sector, Policy Makers, Research Officials, Sociologists, Philosophers and Members of the Press. A Much-Anticipated Annual Assembly, the Summit stimulates Ideas, Projects and Trends that intensely nurture the Development of the Luxury World.











The Program of DESIGNING LUXURY : Make Exceptional Products endowed with Incomparable Creativity and Know-How telling us Beautiful Stories and giving themselves to us through Captivating Rituals… These Ingredients of Luxury don’t reveal the Secret Recipe. It should be said that Luxury has a Specific Skill all Other Businesses would like to have: it arouses Emotion. Based on Beauty, Exclusive Feeling, and often the Rarity of the Object or of the Service, this Emotion is nowadays the Driving Force of “Added Life” that Luxury provides to those enjoying it.

*** How to create this Art to please, to arouse Desire ? What are the Secrets of Emotion Factory ?

*** Are there Emotions Strategy ? And how to handle Authenticity and Experience Creation ?

*** Are the Influencers the New Vector of Desire for the Products: are we moving toward a Mimetic of Emotion ?

*** Can we control the Emotion to better catch the Attention of more and more Volatile Customers ? What are the Promises of CRM in the Context of Big Data and AI ?

*** How to transmit Emotion and “Build” a Transaction and a Sincere Relationship with the Customer ?

*** Is the Creation of Emotion a Transmission of the Culture and the Values of the Brand ?

THE POWER OF EMOTIONS : Luxury Issues in 2019. Issue of Authenticity in the Customers Relationship, Emotion is the New Grail of Luxury Brands. The Luxury and Creation Centre, in association with its Partners, was putting forward Decoding Studies of the New Stakes and New Usage (Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, Social Network, Emotion Measures).

AUTHENTICITY AND COMMITENT : Keys to Emotion. How to emit a Constant Emotion and never lose your Identity when you are a Global Brand ? How to handle Authenticity and Experience Building ? What are the Undersides of the Factory of Emotion ? The Product is always the Key to Emotion by its Quality and the Aura Creator of which it is the Reflection ?

SENSE AND SENSIBILITY : Transformation of the Business Models of Luxury. Globalized but Personalized, International but Unique, Trendy but Elitist, Hand-Made but Integrating New Technologies, how does Luxury solve today the Paradoxes of its Development and Changes its Business Models ? How does it reconcile Sense and Sensibility, growth Stakes and Niche Logic ? How to deliver a Constant Emotion while not losing Authenticity and Engagement when we are a Planetary Brand ? What are the Uncover Secrets of the Emotion Factory ?

Keynote FACEBOOK : “Instagram : from Connection to Emotion” with Cédric Atlan, Director of Creative Shop, Facebook Southern Europe.
THE CRM OF EMOTION, BIG DATA, AI & INFLUENCERS. Is there a CRM of Emotion ? Is it possible to build the Customers Emotion based on Thousands of Data available ? With the Emerging Actors of the New Dimension in Terms of Analysis and Understanding of the Customers, is needed an Overview on this New Ecosystem.

Luxury is a Business Model. This has been Empirically Fine tuned through Time by those Luxury Brands that dominate the Pantheon Worldwide: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, Ferrari, Rolex and so on…

*** Luxury Goods need to stand on their Own. Each Brand should be marketed as a Unique Product. It should not be positioned in Relation to a Competing Brand.

*** Luxury Brands should facilitate Dreams. Therefore, the Brand should not pander to the Consumer’s wants and needs. The Brand needs to set the Standard for the Consumer’s Aspirations.

*** Luxury Brands should not only cater for a Specific Target Audience. They should have a Global Reach. Therefore, Marketers should consider using the Influencer Marketing Concept carefully as it will reduce the Luxury Brand’s Scope and narrow it down to a Specific Target Audience.

The Open and Inclusive Nature of Internet would at first seem to work against the Exclusivity that is so Important to Luxury Brands, but that is not the Case. Luxury Brands have been able to harness the Power of Digital Marketing to reach out to their Target Audiences while also increasing the Wider Recognition and Mythos of their Brand across the World. The Aim of the Marketing Game for Luxury Brands is creating the Highest Brand Value and Pricing Power through leveraging Distinct and Brand-Specific Elements such as Heritage, Rarity and Innovation. The Internet allows Brands to do this on a much Larger Scale than ever before, making Products more Desirable as ever more People are drawn into their Orbit.

When it comes to conveying luxury, however, photographs and videos are of the upmost importance. This would seem to indicate that Pinterest or Instagram would be useful networks to use. Instagram is particularly popular with young consumers who, while pershpas not being able to buy your products, are critical in building up a sense of mystique and desirability.

*** Technology may have revolutionised the Retail Sector, but the Next Question facing Luxury is how to effectively harness Tech Innovations to connect to Consumers, without isolating them.

*** Consumers are increasingly Sceptical, and crave Authenticity and Honesty. Luxury Brands are well placed to fill this Gap, if they leverage their Heritage to engage with Communities.

*** As Retail Pivots towards the Experiential, the Nature of Experience has shifted, and there is an Increasing Need for Innovation to appeal to the Consumer. Hardy Similarly stresses the Importance of Cultivating Meaningful Experiences.

*** Importance of an Equal Division of Creative and Commercial in Luxury Businesses to thrive.



AUCHAN RETAIL FRANCE is Launching Its 100th Responsible Commitment Network





To Improve Traceability Of The Products


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As a Campaigner for Good, Healthy and Local (starting in 2004), the New Brand “Auchan Retail France” is creating its “Filière Responsable Engagée Pour Vous” (Responsible Industry Committed To You) at the Heart of the Company’s Project. Nowadays, 82% of French Customers would like to have more Information regarding the Quality and Origin of Products (mostly Foodstuffs)…. Consumers are now Aware of the Precise Origin and Journey of the Products they consume, in a Fully Transparent Manner.





Olivier LOUIS – Press Conf. Auchan Retail France

February 07, 2019 at “Ecole de Paris des Métiers de la Table” in Paris


Anchan Retail France is well implicated in this Crucial Issue, working in Partnership with Agricultural Stakeholders and the People involved in the Product’s Transformation… Allowing to make known to Customers Traditional Craftsmanship. The 100 Responsible Industry includes : Fuits & Vegetable, Beef & Poultry, Delicatessen, Fish, Cheese, Creamery, Caterer, Bakery, Grocery.
This Responsible Industry relies on Four Pilars : Environmental, Economic, Social, Customer Satisfaction. Thanks to the Vitality and Competitiveness of its Agriculture, France thus still ranks among the World’s Major Agricultural Powerhouses. But with the Stated Ambition of the United States, Brazil or Russia in an Unregulated Environment, the Competitiveness of French Agriculture is jeopardized, even Opposite Germany within the European Union. The Strength of French Agriculture has long been based on Assets in Terms of Innovation or Agronomic Research (a Top Priority of all Governments in the Second Half of the 20th Century).
Although there is Industrial Farming, there are still many Other Farmers who have decided to use Traditional Techniques and Bio-Farms. There are many Small Farms producing High Quality Products. Remember that the Tradition of the French Cuisine has much to do with this Success, as People are seeking Genuine Regional Products. The Type of Farming is Very Defendant on the Region as the Climate and Soils vary so much, but also on Ministry and EEC Decisions. From the Mountains to the Plains and Coasts, you will find Breeds Specific to their Home Regions and Diverse Methods adapted to the Terrain.

During a Press Lunch, Auchan Retail France introduced to the Audience Five French Producers (Partners) :

** Pierre BASTIDE : Producer of Veal from Aveyron and of Segala. The Aveyron is the No.1 Producer of Meat in the South of France and is Particularly renowned for the Quality of it’s Meat, the Label Rouge guarantees the Superior Quality. The Veal Calves of Aveyron and Ségala belong Traditionally to the Regions of the Plateau of Ségala in the Tarn and the Districts (Cantons) of the Bordering Departments (Aveyron, Lot, Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne). Here the Farmers have developed a Breeding Tradition Unique in Europe thanks to a Know-How of Several Generations which has been enriched with Current Methods of selecting and looking after the Herds. Due to European Law which came into force in 1992, the IGP protects the Name of Product which comes from a Specific Geographic Area. This guarantees the Reputation, the Quality or a Specificity of a Product for which the Production and/or Transformation and/or Manufacturing must take place in this Geographical Area.

** Emilie FLECHARD : Producer of Camembert “Au Lait Cru” from Normandy (AOP – Protected Designation of Origin). Camembert is a Moist, Soft, Creamy, Surface-Ripened Cow’s Milk Cheese. It was first made in the Late 18th Century at Camembert, Normandy, in Northern France. It is Similar to Brie, which is Native to a Different Region of France. It can only be made from Raw, Unpasteurized Milk from Normandes Cows. A Cheese from Normandy, Camembert is perhaps the Most Famous French Cheese, and is known and imitated Worldwide. A Ripe Camembert should be just Soft on the Inside, but not too runny. The Crust of a Camembert is usually eaten.

** François PEYRAC : Producer of French Organic Honey. The Appreciation of the French for Honey and their High Regard for Bees is rooted deeply within their History. France is divided into 22 Regions and every one produces Honey. The Largest Producer is the Rhone-Alps Region and the Smallest is the Island of Corsica. France has one of the Oldest and Best Managed Honey Industries in the World. In most Cases Honey is Organic when it is taken from its Natural Location, the Bee Hive. In order for a Food to be labeled as Organic it must be grown in Safe Soil, have no Modifications and must remain Separate from Conventional Products, or Products that are not Organic. No Unnatural Pesticides, Bioengineered Genes or other Synthetic Products can be used in preparing or storing the Honey. When Honey is collected using Safe Practices in a Natural Bee Hive, it is still in an Organic State.
** Patrick SANCOURT : Producer of Goat Cheese Ossau Iraty “Lait Cru” AOP (Appellation d’Origina Protégée – Protected Designation of Origin). This Specific Cheese is Exclusively produced in South-Western France, in the Northern Basque Country and in Béarn. Its Name reflects its Geographical Location, the Ossau Valley in Béarn and the Irati Forest in the Basque Country. It has been recognized as an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) Product since 1980. It is one of only Two Sheep’s Milk Cheeses granted AOC Status in France (the other is Roquefort). It is of Ancient Origin, Traditionally made by the Shepherds in the Region. According to the Official Description, the Cheese Crust is Yellow-Orange to Gray, and the Body Color ranges from White to Cream depending on how it has been matured. It is Smooth, Creamy and Firm.
** Ludovic BILLARD : Producer of Organic Milk. Organic Milk refers to a Number of Milk Products from Livestock raised according to Organic Farming Methods. In most Jurisdictions, use of the Term “Organic” or Equivalents like “Bio” or “Eco”, on any Product is regulated by Food Authorities. In general these Regulations stipulate that Livestock must be: allowed to graze, be fed an Organically Certified Fodder or Compound Feed, not be treated with most Drugs (including Growth Hormone), and in general must be treated Humanely. As Far Back as History goes, France has been a Land of Milk. Milk is produced everywhere in France ! A Temperate Climate and Ample Rainfall make Ideal Conditions for Pastures and Fodder Crops, the Basis of Sustainable Farming.

Also, Keynotes were given by :

** Olivier LOUIS : Communication Manager Auchan
** François DE BELLAIGUE : In Charge of Food Trade Auchan Retail France
** Christophe BROSSAULT : In charge of Auchan Industry

Other Products being part of the Auchan Retail Industry : Sashimi Tuna, Seabass and Seabream, Caviar from Aquitaine, Samba Potatoes, Cherry Tomato, Banana, Kiwi, Fine Clementine from Corsica, Buzet Wines (AOP), Whelks, Organic Carrot, Comté Cheese (AOP), Goat Cheese “Le Périal”, Organic Mussel, Organic 400 grames Breads, Organic Pork, Lyré Farmer Chicken, Organic Beef, Organic Minced Meat…



Photos below : Olivier LOUIS , Francois DE BELLAIGUE , Christophe BROSSAULT , Pierre BASTIDE , Emilie FLECHART , François PEYRAC , Patrick SANCOURT , Ludovic BILLARD ,

On February 13, 2019, was held a Press Conference given by Jean-Marie BELLAFIORE (Deputy General Manager of BNP Paribas Personal Finance) and Flavien NEUVY (CEO of L’Observatoire Cetelem). It was at Hôtel de l’Echiquier in Paris. The Theme was “L’Observatoire Cetelem 2019” Report involving 17 European Countries (Costumers and their Consumption from those Countries) being scrutinized…

The Report was divided in Three Parts :

* Stable Moral Behavior and Increasing Global Saving Intentions
* To consume Local & Responsible Purchasing
* How to Do Better ?

Understanding Household Consumption Patterns is about understanding Human Behaviour. Consumption Patterns in Europe are very Different to those 50 years ago. Important Factors that drive our Consumption include Growing Incomes, Globalisation of the Economy, Technological Breakthroughs (such as the Internet and Mobile Phones), decreasing Household Sizes, an Ageing Population, and Habits and Cultures.

We buy increasing Numbers of Electric and Electronic Goods (such as TVs, PCs, Laptops, Mobile Phones and Kitchen Appliances), and we also replace these more frequently than previously… Tourism is Growing Fast, and travel to and from our Destinations is most often by Car or Plane. In Tourist Destinations, Water and Energy Consumption, Land Use, and Waste/Wastewater Generation often have Considerable Environmental Impacts…. Sustainable Consumption is Key in the Plan of Action for Sustainable Development… Consumers learned long ago how to circumvent Price Increases. The Strategies vary according to Economic Situation… To sum up, in all 17 Countries surveyed People are buying but they are buying Differently.
We have Organic Meat, Organic Fruit, Organic Vegetables, Organic Milk, all from Organic Farms that produce them, Organically. We even have Organic Cotton and Hemp Clothing. There are many Rules and Regulations that determine whether something is Organic or not. Having shed its Hippy-Dippy Image, Organic Food is among the Faster-Growing Categories in Supermarkets even though it adds to Food Bills and Studies vary when it comes to perceived Health Benefits. The Demand for Organic extends from Supermarket Aisles to the Multitude of Farmers Markets that have sprung up… Interest is booming, it is due to a More Conscientious Consumer and Improved Farming Practices that make Organic Yields more Robust.
Product Quality is also how well the Product does what it’s supposed to do, and how well it holds up over Time. Some Consumers view Quality as a Price Point while others appreciate a Product because it’s “Greener.” Regardless of the Various Viewpoints from the Public, Product Quality is a Competitive Marker for Brands that affects Purchasing Decisions and Profitability. 92% of People trust Recommendations from Friends and Family above all other Forms of Advertising when making a Purchase Decision. This is why when it comes to Influencing Consumers, nothing comes close to Beating Word of Mouth. One Dimension of Quality is how a Product Looks, Feels, Sounds, Tastes or Smells. The Colors, Prints, Shapes, Textures and Features make all the Difference, and it’s what sets them Apart from the Competition. Customers notice this Kind of Details, and they can make or break a Sale…

— “L’Observatoire Cetelem 2019” Report :

* The Countries involved in the Study/Survey were : France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Danemark, Spain, Hongria, Italia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, UK, Slovakia, Sweden. 800 people were interviewed by Country (Total = 13,800 People from 18 to 75 Years old)

* Three Issues were coming up : Globalization, Digitalization (e-Commerce), Purchasing Power (Personal Income)… All involving Budget Management, Budget Constraint, Local Purchase, Fostering Social Ties in the Region/Country, Responsible Purchasing…

* There is No Brutal Stop of the Global Economic Growth, keep being Stable even if the Projections for 2019 are falling a bit. The Reasons might be due to Brexit, China, USA…
* The Moral is still Positive in Europe, except Three Countries : Belgium, France and Sweden
* Sense of Personal Situation improving, except Three Countries : Belgium, Bulgaria and France
* General Sense of Falling Purchasing Power (Pessimistic), mostly Belgium, Danemark, Spain, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, and Sweden
* The Changes in Expenditure Patterns : the Spending Constraints are on Significantly Increaseing (Accommodation, TV, Communication, Electricity / Gaz Billsn Health…)
* Less Savings in Belgium, France, Italy. The Average European Savings Level for 2018-2019 is of 49%
* Global European Buying Intentions are down (Average European : 41%, Progress 2018-2019 : -6%)
* Top Three Products/Services First Concerns for 2019 : Travel & Pleasure (60%), Household Appliances (43%), Smartphones (37%)
* Globally, Consumers are much concerned buying Local / Regional / Country than European which has a lot less impact in their Decisions Making.
* European Consumers are divides in Four Types of Motivation when Purchasing : an act in favor of the environment (mostly Central Europe and Northern Countries), a Goal you set for Yourself (Spain), A Patriotic Act (Eastern European Countries), A Duty (Portugal)
* Majority of Euroean Consumers justify their Purchase by : This will support the Economy (49%), This will support Employment (43%), They are Products of Better Quality (35%), They are Reassuring Products (32%), Supporting Local Purchasing is important Socially (30%), This will limit the Environmental Impact (25%)…
* Extreme Majority of People are Confident in the Products coming from their Country (94%), Their Region (93%), Another European Country (75%), USA (61%), South Korea (39%), China (26%)
* The Offer of Products is Too Small, not Enough Known : Grocery (EU = 93%, France = 91%), Home Furnishing (EU = 59%, France = 36%), Hu-ygiene & Beauty (EU = 55%, France = 41%), Textile (EU = 54%, France = 30%), Technology & High-Tech (EU = 35%, France = 21%)
* People are in Majority Willing to Prefer the Goods produced in their Own Country
* People Main Concerns are mostly regarding Price, Quality, Style (Clothing), Taste (Food), Sustainability (Technology & High-Tech)… All depends really on the Different Sector (Food, Homs Furnishing, Clothing, Technology).
* The Price is finally the Final Constraint when Purchasing Local. Eu (61% Yes, 39% No – France 56% Yes, 44% No)
* Strong Expectations when Purchasing Locally : 39% High Priority, 56% Important but not High Priority, 5% Not Important.Finally, People consider the following Economic Actors to the Most concerned in Helping Purchasing Local : Craftsmen / Shopkeepers (80%), Associations (76%), Citizen / Consumers (67%), Brands / Distributors Brands (59%), Companies (56%), Media (49%), Governement / Public Institutions (44%), EU (42%)

MAY 16 – 18, 2019 – Paris

Preview Viva Technoloy at Station F – February 12, 2019
Viva Technology Event : May 16 – 18 2019, Paris at Porte De Versailles





The World’s Rendez-vous For STARTUPS AND LEADERS


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Was held on February 12, 2019 at Station F (in Paris – the World’s Biggest Startup Campus), introducing the VivaTech Event coming soon in Paris (France)… VivaTech is the World’s Rendez-vous for Startups and Leaders to celebrate Innovation. It’s a Gathering of the World’s Brightest Minds, Talents, and Products taking place in Paris on 16–18 May 2019. From Top Speakers and Exhibitions to Open Innovation and Live Experiences, VivaTech is a Celebration of Today’s Innovations and Tomorrow’s Possibilities for everyone who believes in the Power of Technology to transform Business and Society.This Event was drawing more than 100,000 Participants in 2018.






Maurice LEVY & Pierre LOUETTE


More than 100,000 Visitors attended the Third Edition (2018), an Increase of more than 47% in One Year. Viva Technology 2019 will build on this Success and will bring together Startups, Business Leaders and Executives, Investors, Academics, Students and Media from around the Globe. The Tatest Tech Innovations and Spectacular Immersive Experiences will be on Display in the Hall of Tech, in the Heart of Hall 1 and in the Various Parks : Robot, VR, GreenTech, and Mobility. Citroën will present two concept cars, one of which will be unveiled as a world premiere at VivaTech.

The Main Stage will welcome nearly 5000 Attendees in the Dôme de Paris (formerly the Palais des Sports) across from Hall 1. More than 450 Speakers from around the World and some of the Biggest Names in tech will be featured : Young Sohn (Samsung) – SY Lau (Tencent) – Dr Kai Fu Lee (author) – Amnon Shashua (Mobileye) – Gillian Tans ( – Garry Kasparov (Avast Ambassador and Former World Chess Champion) – David Kenny (Nielsen) – Jean-Laurent Bonnafé (BNP Paribas) – Philippe Wahl (La Poste) – Bernard Arnault (LVMH) – Stéphane Richard (Orange) – Sébastien Misso e (Google) – Jean-Paul Agon (L’Oréal) – Fatoumata Ba (Janngo) – Ankiti Bose (Zilingo) – Flora Coleman (Transferwise ) – Daniel Dines (UiPath) – Tanya Harrison (Arizona State University) – Casper Klynge (Danish Government) – Carine Magescas (AngelPad) – Frédéric Mazzella (BlaBlaCar) – Carlos Moedas (European Commission) – Pierre Moscovici (Commission Européenne) – Emily Orton (Darktrace) – Françoise Soulié-Fogelman (Hub France IA) – Roxanne Varza (Station F).

*** The VivaTech Tour, 40 Meetups in 23 Countries, enables us to access the World’s most Dynamic Tech Ecosystems. More than 30 Country Pavilions (Germany, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland, Algeria, Brazil, Morocco, Senegal, Taiwan and Tunisia) are expected at VivaTech this year along with Numerous International Personalities and the return of AfricaTech.

*** United Tech of Europe: A European focus for VivaTech in 2019 : Surveying a Landscape where the USA and China rule the Roost, Viva Technology shines a Spotlight on Europe’s Place and Role in the Technology Sector. What is being done to create and promote European Scaleups, given that Europe is Home for only 30 Unicorn Companies out of a total 265 in the World (source: CB Insight) How to make the European Tech Ecosystem a Reality and enable European Companies to attain Sucient Scale to compete in the Global Market ? These Questions will be Central to Discussions this Year, with a Dedicated Program Track, Pavilions hosted by Numerous European Countries, and the Creation by VivaTech of the “Next European Unicorn Award” in Partnership with Accel Partners.

*** Open Innovation : Sparking Business Synergy between Startups and Established Companies. This 4th Edition welcomes back Major Business Leaders, among them those who have helped make Viva Technology a Success out of the Starting Gate, eager to showcase their Innovation Strategy and their Spirit of Cooperation. Specically, 21 Major International Companies will host more than 1000 Startups at their Open Innovation “Labs”, helping to boost their Digital Transformation while providing the Startups with Opportunities for growth.

— Viva Technology is a Barometer of Major Global Tech Trends :

*** Prioritizing Tech For Good
Today Innovation is part of a Wider Reflection on Positive Impact, particularly in the Areas of Education, the Environment, the Workplace, and Gender Parity. A New Space, Better Life Avenue, will gather Positive Impact Initiatives in Hall 2.2. Among the Highlights are Sessions such as the Impact Forum Conference and Prize Ceremonies such as the FAMAE Challenge Awards. For the Second Consecutive Year, at the Instigation of French President Emmanuel Macron, the Tech For Good Summit will bring together French and International Tech Leaders on the Eve of VivaTech’s o cial opening 15 May.

*** Women in Tech : Women gain a Solid Foothold
Viva Technology has been actively committed to the Cause of Gender Parity since othe First Edition. Driven to remedy the Persistent Underrepresentation of Women in the Tech Sector, VivaTech has set a Goal of Total Gender Parity among the Speakers in the Next Two or Three Years (in 2018 40% of Speakers were Women). Partnering with more than 25 French and International Organizations promoting Gender Parity, are invited some 3000 Women to attend VivaTech Free of Charge this Year. VivaTech is launching the Female Founder Challenge to assist Women led Startups get nancing. A big Girl Power Conference will be held on the Saturday, the Day of the Opening to the General Public. Salesforce renews its Commitment to Diversity with the Equality Lounge. Finally, European Commissioner for Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas will present at VivaTech the EU Prize for Women Innovators.
*** Talents at the Heart of the Digital Transition
Viva Technology helps to orientate People towards Digital Professions and encourages the Recruitment of Young Talents by facilitating Meetings with Startups and Major Partners in the Talent Center in Partnership with ManPowerGroup. On the Developer Side, the Partnership with TechCrunch has been renewed with the Organization of a 36-Hour Hackathon that will bring together 1,000 Hackers and the Creation of a «Developers Lounge».



Photos below : Keynotes were given by :
* Roxanne VARZA : CEO Station F
* Pierre LOUETTE : CEO Groupe Les Echos – Le Parisien
* Maurice LEVY : President Board Monitoring Publicis Group
* Julie RANTY & Maxime BAFFERT : Co-General Directors Viva TEchnology
* Frederic MAZZELLA : President & Founder BlaBlaCar & Co-President France Digitale
* Jasmine ANTEUNIS : Co-Founder Recast AI

Frederic MAZZELLA (Blablacar) & Julie RANTY



Maxime BAFFERT & Jasmine ANTEUNIS (Recast.A.I.)



VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2019 @ Station F




Roxanne VARZA (Station F)







Was held on February 5, 2019 a Press Conference regarding the AmCham – Bain Barometer 19th Edition on “Satisfaction of American Investors in FRANCE”. AmCham is a French Think-Tank based in Paris, which has been bringing American and French Experts together for over 120 Years. Today, It is a Platform for Reflection on the Transatlantic Relationship, constructing Disruptive Ideas and Policy Solutions to contribute to the Democratic Debate. Working directly with a Variety of Economic Sectors, AmCham France counts 350 American and French Companies as Members. Among these are CAC40 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as Numerous Startups and SMEs.

at AmCham in Paris, on February 5, 2019 –
Amcham – Bain Barometer 19th Edition “Satisfaction of American Investors in France”
With Speakers :
* Stéphanie Barreau, President AmCham
* Marc-André Kamel, Partner Bain & Company Paris




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Rooted in the Shared ideals of the French and American Revolutions, the French-American Relationship has evolved greatly from the Bonds established more than Two Centuries ago. From the Battle of Yorktown to the Invasion of Normandy, the French-American Alliance has grown Stronger and Stronger throughout the Years. For more than Two Centuries, Big Thinkers on Both Sides of the Atlantic have highlighted Differences between Americans and Europeans. After 1945, however, the Soviet threat drew them both together into one Transatlantic “West,” a Relationship given Institutional Expression in NATO. France and the United States, in addition to their Strong Relationship at the Political Level, have deep Economic Ties that are Mutually Beneficial. These Trade and Investment Flows support Growth, Jobs and Innovation in Both Countries.
Some Three Million Americans visit France each year. The United States and France share Deep Trade and Economic Relations. Each Country is among the Other’s Largest Trading Partners. Different Locations around the Globe have Cultural Differences ; however, many Individuals do not know that Businesses located around the Globe also have Differences with Relation to Business Culture. And because so many Businesses today span the Globe, understanding Specific Business Cultures that are Common in other Countries is Imperative for those who hope to succeed in this New Worldwide Business Marketplace.
The Country ranked 31st out of 190 Countries in the 2018 Doing Business Report published by the World Bank. The Country’s Strengths include its Position as Europe’s Third Power, its Highly-Skilled Workforce, its Large Industrial Base, its Agricultural Resources, its Worldwide Cultural Reputation and its Geographic Location at the Center of Europe. France is one of the Top Ten World Economic Powers and has many Assets to attract Foreign Investors.

– The Strong Points to consider if you invest in France (Source SantanderTrade) :

** A strategic Geographical Location in the Centre of Western Europe
** A Developed Tertiary Fabric (including Tourism), a Vast Industrial Base and Strong Agricultural Production Capacity
** Leading Infrastructure and Quality Public Services
** A Skilled and Productive Workforce (2nd European Country in terms of Hourly Productivity) and a Dynamic Demographics
** An Investment-Friendly Business Environment and a Relatively Stable and Transparent Legal Framework
** A Diversified Economy that is full of a Wide Range of Players ranging from Large Multinationals to High-Tech Start-Ups (French Tech).

– The Weak Points to consider if you invest in France (Source SantanderTrade)

** One of the Highest Corporate Tax Rates in the World
** High Cost of Labour
** Heaviness of the Tax and Work Regimes
** High Unemployment rate (9.4% in 2017, OECD) which particularly affects Young People and Older Workers
** Growing inequalities
** High Public Spending fuelling already significant Public Debt (96.8% of GDP in 2017, OECD)
** A Low Level of SMEs operating for Export or Investing in Innovation

The USA is the Largest Investor in France and Franco-American Economic Relations have never been harmed by the Political Squabbles in their Relationship. The First American Company in France is probably the Banque Welles (founded in 1816 by Col. Samuel Welles, from Boston, the Bank went Bankrupted in 1841). The First US Industrial Firm in France is the Porcelain maker Haviland, founded in 1842. A Porcelain Dealer in New York, David Haviland could not obtain from the Porcelain Makers in Limoges what he wanted for the US Market : he moved to France and his Family still runs the Factory… The American Chamber of Commerce in France (AmCham) was the First American Chamber of Commerce to be founded in a Foreign Country (founded by Eleven American Businessmen in Paris in 1894). It is the Voice of American Business in France, dedicated to the Optimization of US Investments and the Promotion of Transatlantic Business Ties…

— AmCham – Bain Barometer 19th Edition “Satisfaction of American Investors in France”

** It aims to measure from Year to Year the Morale of American Investors in France and their Perception of the Economic Environment (Launched in 1995). To collect the Opinions of American Investors on Current Economic Topics in France. To understand American Employees Drivers and Detractors of living in France.

** From December 2018 to Mid-January 2019, a Questionnaire was sent to the Management of Subsidiaries of American Companies in France (127 Answers from US Companies covering more than 52,000 Employees and more than 52 Billion Euros Turnover).

** Respondents are less Optimistic than in 2017 on the Economic Outlook due to the European and Global Growth Uncertainties (2017 : 72% positive – 2018 : 30% positive)

** Despite Uncertainties, Job Creation Perspectives remain Positive (2017 : 52% Incrrease and 35% Stable – 2018 : 42% Increase and 41% Stable)

** The NPS (Net Promoter Score) of France as an Investment Destination is Similar to last year and remains Negative, with a Higher Share of Passives (2017 : 21% Promoters and 46% Passives – 2018 : 14% Promoters and 58% Passives)

** Respondents are more Reluctant to recommend Further Expansion of an Existing Business in France than last year ; but the NPS is still Higher than its pre-2017 Level (2017 : 28% Promoters and 38% Passives – 2018 : 17% Promoters and 53% Passives)

** Socio-Economic and Legal Stability, Simplicity and Administrative Procedures and Workforce Qualification are the Key Investment Decision Criteria (Top 10 : Economic Context, Legal Certainty, Social Climate and Political Stability, Simplicity of Administrative Procedures, Workforce Qualification, Workforce Overall Cost, Geographic Location, Workforce Availability, Tax System for Foreign Companies, Flexibility in Work Time Organization)

** France’s Main Assets are its Culture, its Geographic Location and Quality of Life, while Flexibility in Work Time Organization and Redundancies remain Weaknesses (Strenghts : Cultural Environment, Geographic Location, Quality of Life, Workforce Qualification, Infrastructure Quality, Importance given to R&D and Innovation – Weaknesses : Social Climate and Political Stability, Relocation Costs, Tax System for Foreign Companies, Workforce Overall Cost, Simplicity of Administration Procedures, Complexity of Redundancy Procedures, Flexibility in Work Time Organization, Redundancy Costs)

* In 2018; Germany and the UK remain France’s Main Competitors for US Investment

** Again this year, the NPS of France as a Country where to settle is increasing significantly (2017 : 31% Promoters and 42% Passives – 2018 : 31% Promoters and 54% Passives)

** More and more Investors consider France as an Attractive Country for Companies engaging in Digital Transformation (2017 : 38% Very attractive and 58% relatively attractive – 2018 : 40% very attractive and 56% relatively attractive)

** For the Majority of Respondents, France should further invest in its Business Environment to support Digital Transformation (Top 3 : Enhance the Overall Business Environment, Intensify Traninngs dedicated to the Digital Industry, Encourage the Development of Digital Infrastructure)

** Respondents judge that the French Start-Up Econsystem supports the Acceleration of the Digital Transformation (38% very positive, 54% Positive, 7% Neutral)

** The Pace of Reforms is considered Good by Respondents, but they are divided on the Presidential and Governmental Determination to succeed (34% it has accelerated, 35% it has remained constant, 31% it has slowed down)

** Positive Impact of Reforms on France’s Economic Attractiveness is recognized even if more limited than in 2017 competiveness of France in general : 20% very positive, 54% positive, 21% neutral)

** Overall, ongoing Projects on Corporate Taxation, PACTE Law and Reform of Unemployment Insurance have a Positive Impact on France’s Attractiveness

** However, Respondents are concerned by Public Debt and Social Climate, Impact of Governement Measures being questioned

** Respondents are also concerned by French-American Relations and a Potential Trade War between the European Union and the U.S.

** Uncertainties over Europe highly concern Respondents (10% Positive, 35% neutral, 48% negative, 6% very negative)

** The Impact of Brexit on Companies activity is evaluated Positively in case of a Deal, but Harmful or with No Effect in case of No Deal between the EU and the UK





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January 2019




LAlternatif – La Defense, January 22


“Digitagile – The Meeting For The Agile Business” Debates & Businesses Booths (8 Immersive Paths where Participants can pass through), at L’Alternatif (La Defense) on January 22, 2019.

Faced with the Challenges of the Digital revolution, Businesses are transformed alternately as Jugglers, Trapeze, Tightrope, to meet and satisfy the Market Demands. Les Echos and DXC Technology held the Event “Digitagile, The Meeting For the Agile Company”, on January 22, 2019 at L’Alternatif (La Defense). The Main Theme was The Circus : as a Large Arena used especially for Sports or Spectacles and where all Kinds of Qualities are needed to face Difficulties and Continuous Changes. Digital is accelerating the Development of New Business Models.

     DIGITAGILE – (R) Pierre BRUNO & Benoît GEORGES


Round Table 1 w/ Pierre KALFON

Banque, Jean-François DELORME & Pierre POIROT

Public Sector, Jean-Paul SCHMIDT & Benjamin DUCHET


Ins., Magali REMONDONI & Christophe LOPEZ-CASTEL


Distribution, Caroline TROLLER & Michel ALLIEL


Industry, Laurent DELOIRE & Sebastien VERGER



(R) Laurent GAUTIER & (R) Valérie BERTHEREAUX

(L) Nicolas MAINCENT & (R) Bruno DELAS


(L) Pierre BRUNO & (R) Franck GERVAIS



Building a Culture of innovation, adapt its Organization, Diminish «Time to Market», anticipate risks… Nowadays, they are the Challenges of the Company. where is needed a Real Collective Awareness (Parners, Managers, Customers).
* How to promote Agility in Organizations ?
* What are the Levers to take Advantage of these Developments ?
* How to deploy the Most Appropriate Technology ?
* How to accompany this Upheaval ?

Debates were animated by Benoit Georges, Chied Editor “Ideas and Debates” Department – Les Echos.

* Digital Path : 8 Immersive Universe to understand what is a “Digitagile” Business (Businesses Booths – 8 Immersive Paths where Participants can pass through),

— Stand 1 : Proving Agility in All Sectors
— Stand 2 : Innovating Models and Services
— Stand 3 : Engaging and Promoting an Employee without Background
— Stand 4 : Development Through Agile Transformation
— Stand 5 : to Make Cybersecurity a Driver of Innovation
— Stand 6 : Promoting a Customer Engagement. How to offer an Unparalleled Customer Experience
— Stand 7 : Releasing the Power of Data
— Stand 8 : Automate the Agile and Human Business

* Introduction
Pierre BRUNO, Vice-president & General Manager, Southern Europe, DXC TECHNOLOGY
Dan HUSHON, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, DXC TECHNOLOGY

* Why is it Essential to transform into Agile Business ?
Animated by Pierre Kalfon, Partner, Digital Strategy & Transformation, DXC Technology
Chloé BEAUVALLET , Customer Marketing Manager, Partners in Action for Customer Experience, BNP PARIBAS & French Association of Customers Relations
Vincent BELLIVEAU , General Manager Europe, CORNERSTONE ONDEMAND
Frédéric CHARLES, Digital & Innovation Strategy Manager, SUEZ
Cécile DEJOUX, Universities Lecturer , CNAM/ESCP EUROPE
Frédéric GAUVARD, Chief Digital Officer, ARKEMA

* Keynotes on Technology : How to anticipate and encourage the Upheavals of its Industry ?

— BANQUE : Tomorrow, the Customer will compose himself his Financial Ecosystem
Jean-François DELORME, Partner, Banque, DXC TECHNOLOGY
Philippe POIROT, Director of Strategy, Marketing & Financial Sector Offers , MICROSOFT

— PUBLIC SECTOR : Tomorrow, the Public Sector will serve you Live !
Benjamin DUCHET , Consultant Before-Sale, SYMANTEC
Jean-Paul SCHMIDT, Managing Partner, Public Sector , DXC TECHNOLOGY

— INSURANCE : Tomorrow, the Counsel will be augmented !
Christophe LOPEZ-CASTEL, Channel Director, CITRIX FRANCE
Magali REMONDINI, Partner, Insurance, DXC TECHNOLOGY— DISTRIBUTION : Tomorrow, The Back-Office will be at the Core of Customer’s Experience !
Michel ALLIEL, Chief Technical Officer Southern EMEA, HITACHI VANTARA
Caroline TROLLER, Partner in charge of Practice Consulting Retail, pgc & Luxe – France, DXC TECHNOLOGY— INDUSTRY : Tomorrow, we will No Longer Manufacture Products to sell them !
Laurent DELOIRE, Executive Director, Consulting Industry, DXC TECHNOLOGY
* Testimonies : How Business looks life when succeding its Agile Transformation ?
Animated by Benoît GEORGES
— Valérie BERTHEREAUX, General Director, EUREXO
Laurent GAUTIER, Regional Sales Leader, Southern Europe, DXC TECHNOLOGY

— Bruno DELAS, Chief Operating Officer of Retail Banking Networks France, SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE
Nicolas MAINCENT, Managing Partner, Digital Technology Consulting, DXC TECHNOLOGY

— Franck GERVAIS, General Manager Europe, ACCORHOTELS
Pierre BRUNO, VP & General Manager Southern Europe DXC Technology


Finally, “Business Agility” refers to the “Ability of a Business System to rapidly respond to Change by adapting its Initial Stable Configuration”. It can be Sustained by maintaining and adapting Goods and Services in meeting Customer Demands, adjusting to the Changes in a Business Environment, and taking Advantage of Available Human Eesources… Agile Development has largely become Synonymous with Digitization : Senior Business Leaders have realized that their Companies cannot take Full Advantage of Digital Tools and Technologies without having New, Amped-Up Processes for managing them. The Value of these Processes is Immense.
Agile Development cannot be a Priority Solely for the Technology Organization. Senior Business Executives must include it on their Agendas as well, thereby signaling the Importance of making the required Technology and Cultural Changes. The Top Team’s Attention will make it Clear that Software Development is a Joint Process. It entails Frequent Interactions between Business and IT Groups, and it requires Widespread Acceptance of a Test-And-Learn Approach….



Theatre MARIGNY Carre Marigny



Paris Luxury Summit @ Theâtre Marigny – Carré Marigny, in Paris, on December 11, 2018



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What is the Ultimate Luxury Nowadays ? With Almost Anything Attainable at the Click of a Button or the Swipe of aFfinger, we ask what is not ? Retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, Target and Walmart have raised the Expectation that you can get Things in Quick Time, almost Real Time. But, does quickly done mean Well Done ? It depends. When Something tales Painstakingly Long to make, the Ultiate Luxury is just that – to wait.



While Nice Things may be Nice, the Relentless Pursuit of Material Goods leaves People feeling Empty. More Money, a Faster Car, a Brand New Dress and a Bigger House don’t bring Happiness. What is striking is how Bad most of us are at predicting what will… But when People live their Lives in Concert with their Values, they are Inoculated against the Unyielding Lure of Luxury. Ask Five People what Luxury means, and you’re bound to get Five Different Answers, perhaps sharing some Common Themes. Part of the Problem is that Our Notion of Luxury is changing and a Person’s Cultural Background will influence how they perceive it (an Additional Challenge for Brands trying to address a Global Market).


The Understanding of Luxury :
* Aesthetics
* Premium Quality
* Personal History
* Self-Pleasure
* Expensiveness

For France, the Creation of Luxury Products is a part of its National History and Character. The Effect is that French Consumers see Luxury as Part of their Own Identity. For this Country, the Domestic Manufacturing of Luxury Products is Particularly Important…. One of the Biggest Trends in the Modern Luxury Market is the Shifting Focus towards Experiences over Material Things. By 2022, the Boston Consulting Group predicts that Personal and Experiential Luxury alone will be a €1,135 Billion Market—a 34% Increase from 2015. This may be Partly Due to the View that Experiences are Harder to commodify : meaning they are more Likely to be Authentic. Human Elements are the Cornerstone of an Authentic Experience.



We should cultivate Millennials but not to forget the Boomers. Additionally, as part of the Luxury Consumer Base, Millennials are more prone to purchase “Services and Ephemeral Experiences over Objects and Goods.” Retail is still thriving but the Way you need to approach it is Very Different Today. People don’t want the Same Shopping Experience they’ve seen before ; they want One-Of-A-Kind, Hard-To-Find Items that no one else has ; and they want to find it in an Environment that isn’t replicated anywhere else. The In-Store Shoppers may have more Time and they certainly want the Luxury Experience that goes along with the Offering. They want the Service, Attention, and most importantly the Experience that can only be had In Store.

Regarding Home Delivery, lots of Consumers are still buying but, more than a Third of Retail Customers expect Home Delivery and the Trend is growing. Also, they all fall into the Ever Important “Word of Mouth is as Important as Any Marketing”. Because of the Rapidly Changing Consumer Marketplace and how the Very Idea of “Luxury” is evolving, there is an Industry Consensus that innovating with New Products, New Services, New Marketing Strategies and New Ways to engage with the Affluent Customers is Key.

PARIS LUXURY SUMMIT – LE BIG BANG DU LUXE (Théâtre Marigny in Paris, on December 11, 2018) Programme :

– Opening with Stéphane JOLIVOT – Business Intellignce Director of Luxury Division of Publicis Media & Franck PAPAZIAN – President CB Media

– Debate : “Tectonic Plates”
Bénédicte SABADIE – Associate, Leader Retail & Luxury at Deloitte & Pierre-Edouard MARTIAL Director Lifestyle and Luxury Division at NellyRodi

– Debate : Do we need Everything to change for nothing to change ? What Type of Relation to keep with New Luxury Consumers ?
Delphine VITRY Co-Founder MAD Network & Eric VALLAT Director Fashion Brands and Accessories Richemont Group- Speech “Sustainable Desirability” by Christine MILAN DGA Strategy Publicis Luxury- Debate : “Purposely Experience”
Olivier GUILLET CEO Architecture & Retail Division at Lonsdale & Stanislas DE QUERCIZE Advisory Board Director at Barnes International- Debate : “Intuitu Personae : Speed Pitching and Debate
Thomas MONDO & Alexandre KARKEGI 404 Place Vendôme & Maria R. KARUNAGARAN Founder R&K- Debate : Welcome in the Storyproving Era
Clémence LANGE Jounalist Grazia & Dorothée CONTOUR Founder JEM








Stephanie JOLIVOT & Franck PAPAZIAN





Bénédicte SABADIE & Pierre-Edouard MARTIAL




– Speech “Watch Tactics” with Patrick PRUNIAUX CEO Ulysse Nardin, Girard-Perregaux (Kering)

– Debate : “Virtual Muses” New Ambssadors of GenZ
Gaïa Virtual Muse, Paris School of Luxury – Laurent LACHAZE President Wands Paris – Eric BRIONES Co-Founder Paris School of Luxury

– Debate : Transformed Societies, the New Alignment of the Planets
Malik ABU-GHAZALEH Vice-President Digital Marketing & Commerce Lancôme – Frédéric TRESAL-MAUROZ Vice-President Prodigious – Florence BELLISSON Director of Creativity Publicis Luxury

– Debate : An Immersion in the Vertical Format
Morin OLUWOLE head of Luxury Facebook & Instagram – Gary PINAGOT DIrector Social Media & E-Reputation Christian Diro Couture

– Speed Pitching Tech
Henri FOUCAUD Founder Hapticmedia – Luc JODET Co-Founder Arianee – Abdel BOUNANE Co-Founder Bright

– Debate : New Writing to Create
Geoffrey PEREZ Head of Luxury Snapchat – Jérôme GRANGE Director Media & Digital Guerlain- Speech : Well Identified Luxuries with Clara CHAPPAZ VP International Lyst- Debate : The Beautiful Story
Laurence BONICALZI BRIDIER President M Publicité – Pascal ROSELLO Marketing & Digital Parfums Manager L’Oréal Luxe



– Speech “Luxury, Attraction and Repulsion”
Sophie FONTANEL L’Obs- Speech “Big Bang vs Silent Revolution” – Luxury ans Mass Media
Christian RIEDI Advertisers Sales Manager TF1 Publicité
– Speech : Luxury under which Influence
Nadège WINTER – “Slasheuse de Luxe” and Founder NWAAgency- The Great Interview – Conversation with Ariel WIZMAN with Isabel MARANT Creator- Live Magazine : Five Personalities tell their Stories

(Photo) Eric VALLAT & Delphine VITRY




Clarence Anderso




Stanislas DE QUERCIZE & Olivier GUILLE






Patrick PRUNIAUX                                           Laurent LACHAZE & Eric BRIONES                                                      Laurent LACHAZE                                                    Malik ABU-GHAZALEH