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September 08,  2020

Luc Blok – Luciano



High-quality ice cream has a lot in common with a fairy tale. Love for both begins in childhood and remains for life, both are associated with something good and positive, and as the fairy tale teaches to distinguish between good and evil, ice cream teaches to distinguish good taste from bad. Ice cream Luciano is an infinitely kind and sweet fairy tale, which was invented by the good storyteller Luc Blok. It is a story in which there are only good characters and which is far from being finished.


A new chapter of this fairy tale was written just recently, when Luciano became the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Ice Creams in the World, and this is just another round of a long story, which dates back to 1983. This year, young Luc Blok had finished high school and decided to start working in the ice cream parlor that belonged to his parents. The passion he experienced when he first came into contact with an ice cream box changed his life dramatically.




Instead of starting at the Hotel Management School, Luc took an ice cream cart and started the ice cream business at the age of 18 in the village of Wassenaar (Netherlands). Eventually, he changed the cart to an ice cream truck, and with his wife, Angelique, continued to develop his favorite business, trading in different spots of the village.
In 1996, a beautiful building opened its doors to the first visitors – it was Luс and Angelique’s dream to have their own ice cream parlor that became a reality. It was the beginning of Luciano (the brand’s name is derived from Luc, while the inverted A in the logo refers to Angelique). Today, the company has grown to 12 ice cream shops across the Netherlands. Luc has always focused on product development, finding new flavors and constantly improving quality. With the growing popularity of the store in Wassenaar, several enthusiasts appreciated the highest quality of Luciano products and wanted to sell this ice cream in other cities. To achieve the necessary level of training, they had to spend a few months in the original Luciano store to get the necessary skills and the privilege to sell this premium ice cream.

In 2007, Luc Blok received the title SVH Meesterijsbereider, the highest degree of professional competence in the field of ice cream preparation in the Netherlands. It was one of the most important and climactic moments in the story of Luciano.

Like any person who has tasted Luciano ice cream, Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts were delighted with the great taste and variety of offers. 32 artisanal ice cream flavors provide a great choice for everyone. The ice cream is freshly prepared every day in the most modern ice machines and with the use of fresh and carefully selected natural ingredients. Every guest of the shop can observe the preparation of ice cream in the professional ice cream factory located in the middle of the shop.








Luciano offers both traditional natural ice cream flavors, such as Madagascar Vanilla, Dutch strawberry, Colombian bananas, Italian (Piemontese) Hazelnuts, Sicilian pistachios, and flavors that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, tamarind ice cream, which is sold only in Luciano Bonaire and prepared using syrup from a local resident.
In addition, Luciano strives to please and meet the tastes of every customer. Therefore, when ordering, you can mention your specific preferences related to diet, vegetarianism, religious beliefs, allergies, and the team will do everything to make you enjoy the delicious taste and join the fans of fresh and natural ice cream, which seems to come from a very kind fairy tale to make reality a little brighter.



REVEL’s Avila®

Named Spirit & Mixer Winner

at 2020 SIP Awards


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August 20,  2020


Three Expressions from REVEL’s Avila® Lineup Awarded Medals at the 2020 Spirit International Prestige (SIP) Awards, Blanco Recognized with Innovation Star

Revel Spirits just announced that REVEL®, its flagship brand of Avila®, the exciting new category of agave spirits, has taken home a trio of medals at this year’s 2020 Spirit International Prestige (SIP) Awards. REVEL’s reposado and añejo Avila were both awarded platinum medals, while the brand’s blanco expression took home bronze and received a SIP Innovation Star.


Avila made its debut in 2018, joining the lineup of popular agave-based spirits like tequila and mezcal. Produced in Morelos, Mexico, REVEL’s award-winning Avila is handcrafted using both roasted and steamed piñas of 100% blue weber agave. Unique in the industry, this is a process that marries the old-world characteristics of mezcal with newer tequila-like techniques to provide a truly one-of-a-kind profile. REVEL Avila is manufactured and imported exclusively by Revel Spirits.

REVEL Avila is sold in upscale bars and liquor stores across the US including Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., New York, California and Minnesota where it can be found in well-known retailers including Total Wine and More, Target and Raley’s. It is also available for purchase online at REVEL Avila is unlike anything else on the market – blanco, which is immediately bottled after distillation, offers a fresh, slightly citrus flavor with a hint of smoke; reposado, aged for 12 months in a once-used whisky oak barrel, provides a smoky vanilla flavor; and añejo, a 96-proof spirit that is aged for 24 months in new French oak barrels, takes on the flavors of a cognac.

The brand was previously awarded double gold and gold for reposado and blanco, respectively, as well as the “Best of Class” prize for its packaging from the SIP Awards.

Source : Revel Spirits

Photo credit: Jimmy Seargeant


“It’s truly exciting to see the momentum behind Avila right now,” said Micah McFarlane, CEO of Revel Spirits. “Our expressions were put in front of over 400 consumer judges, each of whom tested the spirits blindly. The recognition that our Avila continues to garner further validates the fact that REVEL crafts the best agave spirits on the planet.”

“From our agave farms which produce the finest pinas, to our distillery where we produce the liquid, no brand puts forth as much care and attention to its spirits as REVEL,” said Susan Clausen, President of Revel Spirits. “We’re trailblazers in the world of agave spirits. We’ve stood up an entirely new category in the industry and there’s nothing more humbling than to be recognized for that – the SIP Award’s Innovation Star is one we’re incredibly proud to accept.”



Cierto Tequila

Cierto Tequila Wins An Unprecedented Nine Awards Including Best In Class Extra Añejo At The 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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June 07,  2020



The Elevated Spirits Company is pleased to announce that Cierto Tequila was awarded an unprecedented nine (9) medals at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC). The SFWSC honored Cierto with the “Best in Class” title for the Cierto Private Collection Extra Añejo, one Gold medal, five Silver medals, and two Bronze medals this year. With these nine new medals, Cierto Tequila has now won a total of one hundred and twelve (112) international awards and medals in less than one year. Cierto Tequila is an authentic, 100% natural “true” tequila made exclusively from healthy, mature highland agave in Jalisco, Mexico. Due to its character, complexity and incredibly smooth taste, tequila experts around the globe have called Cierto the “World’s Finest Tequila.”

About Cierto Tequila

Cierto Tequila is an authentic, 100% natural “true” tequila made exclusively from healthy, mature highland agave in Jalisco, Mexico. Due to its complexity, character, and incredibly smooth taste, tequila experts around the globe have recognized Cierto as the “World’s Finest Tequila.”

Source : Cierto Spirits LLC

Cierto Tequila — Reserve Collection








Chinese Spirits Brand Shede Wins

the Three-star Superior Taste Award

a New Record in ITI’s 15-year History

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June 07,  2020

Chinese Spirits Brand Shede Wins the Three-star Superior Taste Award, a New Record in ITI’s 15-year History






On June 2, 2020, the International Taste Institute (ITI, formerly ITQI) officially announced the awards for the evaluation of global food and beverages, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. In the evaluation for 2020, food and beverages from over 800 producers worldwide were tasted and evaluated, of which only 325 were granted the world-renowned three-star Superior Taste Award. Only 14 winners were spirits and liquor companies. Among them was Shede Spirits, which won two three-star awards with its ultra-high-end best selling products — Tianzihu and Wisdom Shede.

At the same time, 8 other spirits products from Shede Spirits were granted two-star or one-star Superior Taste Awards. This is the “grand slam” in the sector of Chinese spirits tasting, as well as a new ITI record, as this was the first time that a Chinese spirits brand won the three-star Superior Taste Award.

“Nature is the best distiller and time is the best bartender.” Inspired by this idea, Shede’s spirits boast an exceptional aged flavor and have become the symbol of high-end Chinese spirits.

Chinese spirits enjoy a long history yet are rarely seen in the West. The official recognition Shede Spirits, a Chinese brand, received will surely bring more Chinese spirits to the world stage.

Source : Shede Spirits









Pharmactive’s Saffron

Earns Organic Seal

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June 01,  2020

Pharmactive’s Saffron Earns Organic Seal





The nutraceutical powerhouse  Pharmactive  Biotech Products, S.L. received organic certifications for its range of saffron-based formulations, affron® and affronEYE®. The company was granted its organic designation from the Committee of Ecological Agriculture of Madrid (CAEM) rising to meet the burgeoning global consumer demand for naturally sourced botanicals. The company also was granted organic certification for its next-gen aged black garlic extract, ABG10+®. The organic line was presented at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, March 4-7 Booth #3909.

Pharmactive’s saffron ingredients are based on an all-natural extraction of 100% Spanish saffron (Crocus sativus L.), grown and traditionally hand-picked from its the company’s private fields in Castillae-la-Mancha. No pesticides or chemical substances are used, and the saffron is dried on site, immediately after harvest to ensure maximum stability of the bioactive compounds. The company collaborates with select, skilled saffron farmers, and has positioned a committed quality control department to run periodic analyses of its raw material to ensure adherence to the highest standards of quality.

Pharmactive’s affron saffron brand has the backing of five clinical studies demonstrating its ability to improve mood, relieve stress, support relaxation, and enhance sleep. Affron is also the first saffron extract clinically studied on adolescents. This premium ingredient demonstrates the lowest dosage threshold on the market — just 28mg per day — with proven bioavailability and rapid one-hour absorption. The company’s affronEYE saffron extract has been standardized to a higher percentage of crocins, the biomolecule known to support eye health.

“Pharmactive is continually developing new manufacturing procedures to preserve the bioactives of the extracts, while being respectful of the environment,” adds Espinel. The company applies a unique, proprietary low-temperature extraction technique that procures superior, highly concentrated saffron but with less industrial processing, less energy use, and zero chemicals, thus significantly reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Organic certification also extends to Pharmactive’s new generation of aged black garlic extract, ABG10+, targeting heart health and the culinary segment. The formulation is obtained from fresh garlic (Alium sativum L.) that has been aged in a process that profoundly enhances its antioxidant properties, particularly with S-allyl cysteine (SAC), a compound noted for its potent antioxidant and cardioprotective capabilities.

Pharmactive’s credentials for quality have been endorsed by internationally accredited certification bodies, including Bureau Veritas and SGS which awarded the company GMP recognitions for its quality manufacturing systems as upheld in its production plant. It also includes ISO 14001 for its commitment to environmental values, and DNA certification confirming the authenticity of its botanicals in compliance with targeted species specifications.

AffronEYE was a recent winner of the Nutra Nutraingredients Awards Asia in the healthy aging subgroup. Both saffron-based formulations and ABG10+ can be readily used in food matrices and supplements. They are kosher- and halal-certified, non-GMO, non-irradiated, and maintain a three-year shelf-life.

Source : Pharmactive Biotech Products










“We nurture, harvest, and process our own home-grown saffron, and are present throughout the entire saffron production and preparation cycle to ensure full traceability,” informs Alberto Espinel Head of R&D for Pharmactive. “This organic seal of approval is a confirmation of the integrity of our ingredients. It reassures today’s informed consumers that our saffron brand can be trusted as purely sourced and wholly unadulterated.”

“Pharmactive’s goal is to attain organic certification for its entire portfolio of botanicals,” says Julia Diaz, Head of Marketing for Pharmactive. “We have invested much effort into deploying the optimal production processes and controls, and in acquiring quality seals from relevant external regulators in order to earn the full confidence of our customer as to the clean-label attributes of our all-natural ingredients.”











King Arthur Flour Introduces

Innovative Products for Keto

Low-Calorie & Gluten-Free Baking

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June 01,  2020







America’s oldest flour company brings the joy of baking to everyone with new products, including three new specialty flours, a sugar alternative and two new flavors of its popular Gluten-Free Single Serve Dessert Cups


King Arthur Flour, the country’s oldest flour company, announced on March 2, 2020 six innovative new products. King Arthur Flour’s new Keto Wheat Flour Blend, Baking Sugar Alternative, ’00’ Pizza Flour, Organic Rye Flour, and two all new Gluten-Free Single Serve Dessert Cup flavors were created to provide bakers with high quality products for every baking need, regardless of dietary preferences.

Reinventing Keto, low-calorie, and gluten-free baking

With only 4 grams of net carbs per serving, Keto Wheat Flour Blend enables people following Keto or low-carb diets to indulge in their favorite baked goods again. It can be substituted 1-to-1 for all-purpose flour, making it easy to use in breads, muffins, pancakes, and many other baked goods.

For consumers who want to bake without the calories, King Arthur Flour is introducing its Baking Sugar Alternative, a calorie-free sugar replacement with zero aftertaste. King Arthur bakers carefully curated a special blend of ingredients that optimizes sweetness and bake-ability while eliminating aftertaste and the minty-cooling sensations common with other sugar alternatives. Designed for those following a low-carb, low calorie or low glycemic diet who don’t want to compromise on taste, Baking Sugar Alternative is easily substituted 1:1 for granular sugar.

King Arthur Flour is also expanding its deliciously easy-to-make  Gluten-Free Single Serve Dessert Cup  line that launched in 2019. The line, which currently includes  Super Fudge Brownie  and  Chocolate Chip Cookie,  is adding two new mouth-watering flavors,  Confetti Cake with Mini Frosting Chips  and  Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Chips , filled with the same feel-good ingredients and no preservatives. Like the originals, the new Gluten-Free Single Serve Dessert Cups are portable and ready in a minute. Simply add water and microwave for an individual dessert perfectly portioned for one.

King Arthur Flour Keto Wheat Flour Blend


Specialty flours for perfect pizza and bread

For enthusiastic home bakers, King Arthur is launching two specialty flours – ’00’ Pizza Flour and Organic Rye Flour. The ’00’ Pizza Flour is formulated to make flavorful Neapolitan-style pizza straight from your home oven with a crispy crust and chewy interior crumb. King Arthur is also excited to launch its new Organic Rye Flour. This medium rye flour is not only perfect for traditional rye bread, but our master bakers have developed innovative ways to use it in recipes, adding complex flavors to family-favorite recipes including chocolate chip cookies and banana bread. Both flours are 100% grown and milled in America.







“At King Arthur Flour, we are bakers who are passionate about helping everyone make and enjoy the best-tasting baked goods regardless of their eating preferences,” said Bill Tine, King Arthur Flour’s Vice President of Marketing. “This has led us to develop breakthrough innovations in low-carb baking with our new Keto Wheat Flour and Baking Sugar Alternative.”













Angelic Bakehouse

Declares Bread is not Evil

with New BreadBod Campaign

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May 31,  2020


Angelic Bakehouse Launches New Body Positive Campaign, BreadBod





For almost 10,000 years bread was a cherished part of mealtime. What happened? With the launch of this quirky new campaign  Angelic Bakehouse , innovator of delicious and nutritious sprouted whole grain baked goods, says you can have your bread, and eat it too. The body-positive campaign called “BreadBod” aims to inspire consumers to celebrate elevated carbohydrates and feel good about incorporating the better-for-you bread, wraps, pizza crusts and more into a wholesome, well-rounded diet.

Angelic Bakehouse has built its mission around the notion that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice. Not giving up taste for nutrition. Not avoiding all carbs for a life of overly processed foods or lettuce wraps. Health-conscious consumers shouldn’t have to deprive themselves of the goodness of bread. That is why the company has set out to dispel myths around diet culture and carb-shaming. All of Angelic Bakehouse’s products are Non-GMO, vegan, kosher and allergen friendly, free of seven of the top eight allergens, the exception being wheat.


The integrated campaign was officially launched March 3rd and includes paid, social and earned media tactics. Television and digital advertisements with quippy taglines, bright colors and head-turning images will be running in key markets. Additionally, Angelic Bakehouse has partnered with a selection of social media influencers who were inspired by Angelic Bakehouse’s mission and excited to share their own #BreadBod story. Public relations efforts are also executed across consumer and trade spaces to gain relevant and authentic coverage of both the new products and the new brand campaign.

Source : Angelic Bakehouse










“At Angelic Bakehouse, we love being bold and we won’t sacrifice. As a mom I’m always on a quest to find foods that are the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. Healthy carbs should be part of what you’re eating,” said founder and CEO of Angelic Bakehouse, Jenny Marino. “The BreadBod campaign is our rebellious mission personified, and we are so excited to be a voice in the industry that promotes wholesome food and zero restrictions.”

“The BreadBod campaign underscores the fact that there is no uniform version of what a healthy body looks or eats like,” said Rebecca Coleman, founder of Something Massive, the creative agency behind the BreadBod campaign. “With fad diet followers on the offensive against carbs, we wanted to create an almost counter-culture campaign that celebrates real food and gives people permission to enjoy bread again.” 











Miyoko’s Creamery to Introduce Game-Changing Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheeses and Spreadable Oat Milk Butter This Spring

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May 22,  2020

Miyoko’s Creamery Game-Changing Cheddar Cheese (in stores April 2020)





 Miyoko’s Creamery , the leading plant dairy brand known for its award-winning vegan cheeses and butter crafted from 100% plants, is introducing a game-changing new cheddar and pepper jack cheese, in addition to a new spreadable oat milk butter. In consumer tastings the new cheeses meet or beat cow dairy in taste and performance. The first of these products will begin hitting grocery store shelves across the country this spring.






The cheddar and pepper jack cheese will be the first in a new line of everyday cheeses from Miyoko’s, which has become known for its unmatched artisan cheese wheels. Made using cultured legumes and oats, the new cheddar and pepper jack cheeses will be Miyoko’s first nut-free vegan cheese options. Additionally, they will be priced competitively with similar organic cow-dairy, offering a true plant-based replacement.

Miyoko’s new cheddar & pepper jack cheeses taste, melt and function similar to their dairy counterparts and so can be used in the same way as dairy cheeses, including in grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, macaroni and cheese, and in any other recipes that call for traditional cheddar or pepper jack. Additionally, the cheeses have three grams of protein per one-ounce serving, 10% of the daily recommended amount of calcium, and have the added benefit of also being cholesterol-free.

Miyoko’s Cheddar and Pepper Jack launch on grocery store shelves this March 2020, and will be available in three formats: 1 oz slices, shredded packages and 8 oz cheese blocks.


This spring, Miyoko’s Creamery — whose original European Style Cultured Vegan Butter is the best selling butter alternative on the market — also introduces a spreadable oat milk butter in two styles: Hint of Sea Salt and Garlic Parm. The spreadable format oat milk butters are convenient to use and packed with flavor, and can be used in any way you would use regular butter, including spread onto toast, melted onto pancakes, and for garlic bread, grilled cheeses and more.

Miyoko’s spreadable oat milk butters hit grocery store shelves this April 2020. The classic Hint of Salt flavor is available in 12 oz tubs, while the Garlic Parm is available in 7 oz tubs.

Source : Miyoko’s Creamery







“We’re at a pivotal moment in the plant-based movement, where we need to start appealing more to flexitarians by creating products that give them the taste satisfaction of the dairy cheeses they are used to,” said Founder and CEO Miyoko Schinner, who has been a leader in the plant-based movement for more than 30 years. “These new cheeses we’re launching have a taste and price that make them competitive with traditional dairy, and will help us cross that chasm to reach omnivores.”










First Burgundy Truffle Harvest In California

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May 22,  2020

Robert Chang, Managing Director and Chief Truffle Officer of American Truffle Company™ (ATC), the science-based cultivator of European black truffles in North America,  announced on February 25, 2020 the first harvest of a Burgundy black truffle (Tuber uncinatum/aestivum) from the Otellini Truffle Orchard (OTO) in Sonoma County, California, on Friday, February 14, 2020. OTO had previously harvested its first Périgord black truffle in 2018.





First Scientifically Cultivated Burgundy Truffle Harvested in America


Estate owner Sandy Otellini was notified of the truffle find by her orchard manager Chris Majcherek, who found the truffle during a routine orchard check with Dr. Bill Collins and his truffle dog, Rico, a Lagotto Romagnolo. “Robert Chang instructed me to immediately place it in a sealed jar with fresh eggs,” said Majcherek. “By the time Sandy returned home the next day, we had truffle-infused eggs ready to go!”

The truffle that Rico found weighed in at 24.5 grams, and was fully ripe and very aromatic. It was harvested from trees inoculated by ATC with the Burgundy black truffle fungus planted in 2011 by Sandy and her late husband, former Intel CEO Paul Otellini. The orchard management followed ATC’s strict scientific protocols tailored to the specific microclimate and soil conditions at OTO.

Source : American Truffle Company







“We’re thrilled with the ongoing success of the Otellini Truffle Orchard,” says Chang. “This is to our knowledge the first harvest of a Burgundy truffle in California, and the first scientifically cultivated harvest of such species in all of North America. It also demonstrates the reliability and reproducibility of American Truffle Company™’s scientific methodology, and is indicative of future successes for all our North American truffle orchard partners. We look forward to many more harvests of both the Burgundy and Périgord black truffles, and to ramping up to commercial quantities to supply professional and home chef truffle enthusiasts alike.”


Prof. Paul Thomas, ATC’s Chief Scientist, viewing the truffle from his office in Scotland commented: “This is very exciting. The success of our scientific truffle cultivation technology now spans four continents. We’re looking forward to more harvests in North America as our truffle orchards steadily mature.”

To celebrate the harvest, Sandy Otellini invited Robert Chang to prepare her favorite truffle dish: pasta with butter—lots of butter—in a truffle egg yolk sauce. “It’s simply the best way to serve fresh truffles,” says Otellini. “The pasta in this rich sauce allows the truffle to really shine.”







Known for its seasonal, made-from-scratch menu, the plant-based fast-casual restaurant Fruitive is now offering national franchise opportunities.

Fruitive announces national expansion with plant-based fast-casual franchise opportunities

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May 22,  2020

Aspiring restaurateurs in the United States are invited to join the vegan brand, known for its seasonal, made-from-scratch menu

 Fruitive , a vegan fast-casual restaurant offering healthy, made-from-scratch meals, is now franchising across the United States, offering prospective owners the opportunity to bring a 100% plant-based, whole-food menu to local markets.


Fruitive was founded in Virginia Beach in 2011 and expanded from its original Hilltop location to include two company-owned diners in Washington, D.C. and two in Norfolk, Virginia. Building on the success of these fast-casual destinations, the brand has also found a place in local farmers markets throughout the Washington area.

Fruitive combines various health concepts into one fast-casual establishment. From almond butter and bananas on toasted whole-grain bread with chocolate drizzle and cacao nibs to sweet berry waffles topped with whipped coconut cream, lavender and maple syrup, Rozeboom has constructed health-focused meals with an eco-friendly consciousness. Fruitive’s seasonal menu changes the first day of every season.


“My goal with Fruitive was to create something good for my family, for our community and for the world,” said Gregg Rozeboom, founder and CEO of Fruitive. “The market for plant-based, healthy foods has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate, and I knew there was an opportunity here. When I decided to start the company, I traveled to vegan restaurants around the nation to see what was working and what wasn’t, and I’m confident we’ve created a brand that will provide a rewarding investment to franchise owners.”

“As we open our brand up to a new wave of restaurateurs, we really want franchisees who are excited about promoting health and wellness,” Rozeboom said. “At Fruitive, we offer an extensive training program that covers everything from finance and real estate to sales and marketing. We want to empower our franchisees with an opportunity to invest in both themselves and the planet, and we’re looking forward to seeing Fruitive locations across the nation.”









C3 – Largest and Fastest Growing

Virtual Kitchen Company Launches


100% Vegan Concept, Plant Nation

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May 22,  2020





Global Hospitality Company sbe Subsidiary Expands Portfolio and Partners with Plant-Based Leaders

C3 (Creating Culinary Communities), the leader in virtual kitchen and culinary concept development, announced the launch of its third delivery-only restaurant concept, Plant Nation. The brand is now open with eight locations in the Los Angeles market and plans to expand rapidly during the next six months adding over 40 locations in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.

C3’s Chief Culinary Officer Martin Heierling developed the 100% vegan Plant Nation menu to showcase the versatility and decadence of high-quality, sustainable ingredients. Perfect for lunch or dinner, the menu features pizzas, sandwiches, warm bowls, salads and sides—many items highlight plant-based meat alternatives from industry leaders such as Impossible Foods. With cheeky names—Queen Supreme and HOLY G.O.A.T—Plant Nation is fun and approachable for not just the plant-based community, but for foodies looking to be more sustainable without sacrificing flavor.

The playful, bold packaging design is a result of a collaboration with sbe and award-winning creative marketing agency Digital Kitchen who together created custom carbon-neutral and compostable packaging made from recyclable materials. The visually eye-catching, innovative boxes were thoughtfully designed to maintain the integrity of the food while adding a pop of fun to your meal.

Succeeding sbe’s debut of two new delivery only restaurant concepts, Sam’s Crispy Chicken and Krispy Rice, Plant Nation is the latest driving component of C3 introducing the world to a never-before-seen approach to ghost kitchens and mobile delivery. sbe plans to chart new territory in the growing ghost kitchen industry that’s disrupting the future of dining, giving consumers the ability to order a meal at the touch of a button by opening over 250 ghost kitchens by 2022. Reinforcing sbe’s commitment to this growing field, the global company has coined the term phone to table, cementing its role in the evolving restaurant industry. The concept marks sbe’s foray into the food delivery spectrum that’s set to become a more than $75 billion business in the next two years. By the end of this year, C3 will operate over 180 ghost kitchens spanning multiple existing and forthcoming brands.

Source : Plant Nation










Sam Nazarian, Founder & CEO and majority shareholder of C3 commented, “Plant Nation follows in the footsteps of our recent launches—Sam’s Crispy Chicken and Krispy Rice – with offerings that serve a new subset of our customers who are looking for elevated, plant-based options. We will continue to innovate within our strong group of brands and look forward to serving our community, especially during these uncertain times.”


“Vegetarian food has gone mainstream – with the online food delivery segment up 30% this year alone, Plant Nation is the perfect platform to show our guests how we use modern culinary techniques to create a memorable and seemingly indulgent experience,” stated Chef Heierling. “We are excited to share Plant Nation’s inventive dishes and innovative partners with our community.”










Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley

Creates Birthday and Festival Surprises for Medical Staff

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May 21,  2020





Chen Lang, Junior Sous Chef of Pastry at Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley, was the only pastry chef at the time during of the outbreak due to restrictions on transportation. Regardless of the challenge, Chef Chen prepared a total of 17 cakes during the time that the hotel hosted medical staff. Ingredients were in extremely short supply during the lockdown in Wuhan, and in particular, dessert ingredients such as sweet cream, fruit, and chocolate powder. Chef Chen worked hard to overcome these difficulties and pursue novelty in his creations. For example, he replaced scarce sweet cream with whipping cream, and adjusted the recipe to compensate for lack of sweetness. He used canned fruits when fresh fruits were out of supply at the height of the epidemic, and he matched colors where possible to bring the cakes to life.

On Women’s Day (March 8), Chef Chen made one big chocolate cake and a 20-pound three-tiered cake all by himself for the women doctors staying in the hotel. As dedicated chocolate was unavailable, he melted common solid chocolate through a complicated process to use as a replacement. Chef Chen carefully prepared decorative rings, high-heeled shoes, and rose-shaped cake toppers, creating a delightful surprise for the brave women medical professionals.

Chef Chen’s heartwarming move won praise from guests of the medical teams several times over. “This is not just a cake, but symbol of sincere friendship that really conveys the warmth of the people of Hubei,” said one medical worker who was far away from home.


Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley Creates Birthday and Festival Surprises for Medical Staff







As people around the world have struggled to deal with the challenges brought by the COVID-19 outbreak, Hilton realizes that providing emotional support during such difficult times is more important than ever. Despite the challenges posed by limited supplies and staffing, Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley still managed to create surprises and unforgettable memories for medical workers who were fighting the epidemic.

Starting from Chinese New Year’s Eve 2020, Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley had been receiving medical teams from across China who were sent to support the relief efforts in Wuhan. In addition to offering comfortable living spaces, personal services, and nutritional support to these healthcare heroes, the hotel also wanted to deliver warm greetings and special surprises for each medical professional that had to spend his or her birthday far away from home.














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April 23,  2020








ParmCrisps, the nutritionally on-trend snack brand, has partnered with Bridge Lane Wine, a sister label of New York’s Lieb Cellars. The two brands are bringing the timeless pairing of wine and cheese to consumer’s homes with a Limited-Edition Wine & Cheese Box.











In efforts to support fellow handcrafted, small batch, sustainably-sourced food and beverage brands, ParmCrisps and Bridge Lane Wine teamed up to provide wine and cheese lovers at home a little bit of comfort and luxury during uncertain times. The Wine & Cheese Box pairs Bridge Lane’s Red Blend Wine with ParmCrisps Original 100% Parmesan cheese cracker. The Red Blend is a medium-bodied, smooth Bordeaux-style blend, balanced with flavors of red fruits, black cherries and a hint of oaky spice. ParmCrisps Original oven-baked cheese crisp is made entirely from 100% aged Parmesan and pairs exquisitely with the wine’s notes.

“Since we’re both small businesses, we thought we’d team up and support one another during this difficult economic period. Plus, what better time to get a premium wine & cheese box shipped straight to your doorstep,” shares Kevin Joseph, Chief Marketing Officer for ParmCrisps. “We’re two New York brands hoping to bring a little joy to our communities, while encouraging small-business support at the same time.”

Both brands hail from the New York tri-state area and are eager to bring wine and cheese lovers comfort and premium food and beverages delivered to their doorstep.

Source : ParmCrisps

The Limited-Edition premium Wine & Cheese Box *

Photo : The Limited-Edition premium Wine & Cheese Box pairs Bridge Lane Red Blend with ParmCrisps Original oven-baked 100% aged parmesan cheese crisps for the ultimate wine and cheese night in.









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April 23,  2020





Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso – San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Medal Winner

Lyre’s Dark Cane Spirit – San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Medal Winner



“The San Francisco World Spirits Competition has seen an increase the past few years with non-alcoholic entries and this is the first year that they have placed exceptionally well with Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits,” says Anthony Dias Blue, the competition’s founder and executive director. “The judges tasted Lyre’s against alcoholic counterparts in the aperitif, coffee liqueur, fruit liqueur, nut liqueur, other whiskey, and sugar cane spirits categories. It was exciting to discover non-alcoholic products that could sit on the back bar like an alcoholic spirit and the medals reflect how impressed we were with the quality across the range.”
The 2020 SFWSC competition was the biggest in its history, featuring almost 3,000 entries in various categories. The awards are the result of Lyre’s creator and co-founder Mark Livings’ desire to create a non-alcoholic product line that captures as closely as possible, the flavors and aromas of the world’s favorite spirits. The brand is named in honor of the lyrebird, an Australian breed known for its ability to mimic the birdsong of any other creature it hears. The Lyre’s range draws from a library of over 12,500 extracts, all-natural essences and distillates to replicate classic spirits, all derived from a proprietary mix of international fruits, spices, and botanicals. The portfolio now surpasses all others brands in the category, having claimed the most awards for flavor and taste.
“It is brilliant to see Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits honored with such a prestigious set of awards and I am even more pleased to see non-alcoholic spirits participating in and winning awards at competitions like the San Francisco World Spirits Competition,” says Livings. “As the movement toward lower ABV and zero-proof drinks continues to rise, Lyre’s offers consumers an option to enjoy their drink, their way. We believe our collective medals from highly controlled blind tasting competitions makes Lyre’s the most awarded non-alcoholic spirit brand globally and undeniably reinforces the credibility of this new category and our range and flavor leadership.”
Other award milestones include Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso receiving a double gold from the 2019 SommCon’s Concours d’Spirits competition presented by The Somm Journal, one of only five double gold medals presented across all categories and the only non-alcoholic product to be judged blind by the tasting panel against full-strength counterparts. Lyre’s Orange Sec, White Cane Spirit and Aperitif Dry received silver medals.

Source : Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits







In the brand’s first year on the market, Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits has been awarded 10 medals at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) reflecting the brand’s excellence in the flavor creation of non-alcoholic spirits. In its 20th year, SFWSC is one of the most influential spirits competitions in the world, judged by a panel of 52 leading industry experts. Gold medals were awarded to Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso and Dark Cane Spirit, while Aperitif Dry, Amaretti, Coffee Originale, and Spiced Cane Spirit received silver medals. In addition, Lyre’s Orange Sec, Dry London Spirit, White Cane Spirit, and American Malt were recognized with bronze medals.













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April 23,  2020







Rabbit Hole is kick starting #2DreamInside with a $50,000 donation for direct COVID-19 financial relief to the bar industry in partnership with Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, to benefit bartenders in the Tales of the Cocktail network. Rabbit Hole will also contribute an additional $2 for every social media post that shares the #2DreamInside hashtag, committing up to an additional $150,000 to support the bar industry through Foundation initiatives.
Kaveh Zamanian, Rabbit Hole’s CEO, founder and whiskey maker said, “Rabbit Hole started as a dream, the craziest thing I’ve ever done, but now, I’m doing what I love and every day I hope to inspire others to do the same. Ironically crisis forces clarity and with COVID there is an opportunity to help others look inside to find their dream. So, we’ve partnered with the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation to launch the #2dreaminside campaign. We hope that this campaign encourages folks to take time, look inside, share their dreams and pursue their true calling.”
Proceeds from the #2dreaminside campaign will be used to help underwrite Tales of the Cocktail Foundation health and wellness initiatives such as Full Hands In / Full Hands Out, a weekly webinar series bringing leaders in the drinks industry together to discuss tough topics affecting our community and Beyond the Bar which launched in 2017 to support, and empower action to improve health and wellbeing within the global drinks industry.

Iconic Rabbit Hole Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky


“We are honored to partner with Kaveh and the Rabbit Hole team to provide meaningful COVID-19 relief efforts to bartenders in our network during these challenging times,” said Caroline Rosen, President of Tales of the Cocktail Foundation. “We are immensely grateful to establish a long-term partnership that will allow us to keep our bar industry connected while furthering our mission to Educate, Advance and Support this global community.”
Through the #2DreamInside campaign, Rabbit Hole and Tales of the Cocktail Foundation are developing uplifting content to help keep bartenders and drinks enthusiasts connected while social distancing. Content will include live stream video interviews with Kaveh and Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, bartender challenges and live stream mixology classes, 360 virtual tours of the Rabbit Hole Distillery, virtual happy hours and virtual tastings with chefs. For more information, please visit #2DreamInside.
Source : Rabbit Hole







Rabbit Hole and Tales of the Cocktail Foundation just announced a long-term partnership developed to provide immediate financial relief to the bar industry and support the 501c3 nonprofit’s mission of leaving a long-lasting impact on the communities it touches. The donation marks the beginning of a campaign created by Rabbit Hole called #2DreamInside, an initiative inspired by Kaveh Zamanian who pursued a personal dream, stepping away from a successful career as a psychologist to start his own spirits company.
#2DreamInside encourages cocktail professionals and enthusiasts alike to pause during these turbulent times, reflect on how their lives can look in better days ahead and help others in the process.









Belmond celebrates female talents in conjunction with International Women’s Day


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March 18,  2020




Committed to diversity and inclusion at the workplace, the Belmond group put the spotlighted on a group of inspiring women talents from a variety of backgrounds. They include five artists whose works are featured at the Belmond Cadogan Hotel in Chelsea in London, the Executive Chef of the Belmond Charleston Place Hotel in the United States, and three women sommeliers at Belmond hotels in Italy.  

Tucked away on Sloane Street in London’s picturesque Chelsea district, the Belmond Cadogan Hotel has always been a favorite among art lovers. Paintings and art works are displayed throughout the historic establishment and each room features an original commissioned piece.





A group of five British female artists with distinctive styles was carefully chosen to paint the canvases. Asked to interpret the atmosphere of the place in their own terms, the painters were invited to explore Cadogan Place Gardens, a serenely green haven reserved to the hotel’s guests. The women – Helen Ballardie, Beatriz Elorza, Jane Kell, Ele Pack and Kathleen Mullaniff – came together to share and help each other while giving free rein to their individual voice and style. The great diversity of their interpretations of the same space comes together with a sense of collective harmony.





Belmond also pays tribute to talented women on the other side of the Atlantic in Charleston, South Carolina in the United States. Michelle Weaver is Executive Chef of the Charleston Grill in the Belmond Charleston Place Hotel, serving cuisine with a perfect balance between refined elegance and home comfort.

After formal training at the New England Culinary Institute, Michelle Weaver honed her skills under French chef Daniel Bonnot in New Orleans and then at the Wild Board Restaurant in Nashville. She has been at the Charleston Grill for over 20 years and was named Executive Chef in 2009.






Renowned the world over, her cuisine has earned the restaurant a multitude of awards. Her signature dishes include Thai fish and foie gras paired with her mother’s recipe for Southern-fried apple pie. Michelle Weaver’s talent has made the Belmond Charleston Place Hotel a renowned destination thanks to creativity inspired by the seasons and exquisitely prepared dishes.


Back in Europe, Belmond hotels in Italy are home to three remarkable sommeliers. Marianna Cappotto, Simona Di Goro and Maina Macri have all made a name in a world traditionally dominated by men. Marianna Cappotto is the sommelier at the Cips’ Club in Venice, where she has built up a fabulous cellar of 650 meticulously curated wines.


Simona Di Goro, sommelier at the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo in Sicily, invites her clientele to discover the mineral wines of Etna. And Maina Macri presides over a cellar of 500 wines at La Terrazza restaurant in the Belmond Hotel Splendido in Portofino. She is especially fond of dessert wines, especially the nectar-like Sciacchetra, produced in the Cinque Terre region, which she offers to guests with dessert, her way of helping preserve the wine-making tradition of the region.

Source LVMH – Photos © Belmond



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March 09,  2020 @ Pavillon Potel & Chabot – Paris













  • Pavillon Potel & Chabot – Paris



  • Pavillon Potel & Chabot – Paris


  • Saint Jacques en senteur d’agrumes




  • Saint Jacques en senteur d’agrume



  • Filet de petit bar en feuillage



  • Filet de petit bar en feuillage




  • Cratère abricot caramelo



  • Cratère abricot caramel



  • Time for Thé, Café & mignardises



Over 150 Countries agree to help the Public discover the ‘French Gastronomic Meal’, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2010. For Four Days, Foodies are invited to celebrate French Gastronomy through Fun, Popular Events. Reviving and bringing up to date the Dîner d’Epicure (‘Gourmet’s Dinner’) first concocted by Auguste Escoffier in 1912, Goût de France / Good France also organizes thousands of French Dinners across the World, all taking place on April 16, 2020.
In Paris, Dozens of Restaurants take part and offer Traditional Dishes made with Local Ingredients..This year’s Focus is on Socially and Environmentally Responsible Cuisine…. For the 6th year in a row, Alain Ducasse and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs give pride of place to the French art de vivre and wish “Bon Appétit” to the entire World for a Special Dinner. It is also the occasion to give Pride of Place to Centre Val de Loire region cuisine as the Guest of Honor.






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Official Launch of Goût de France / Good France 2020 Event “TASTE FRANCE” @ Ministry of Europe & Foreign Affairs onn March 5, 2020.


Once again this Year, a French-Style Dinner will be held in the Embassies and Consulates of more than 150 Countries and in several thousand Restaurants throughout the World. In order to strengthen its Commitment to Global Environmental Action, Goût de France / Good France 2020 will once again place Sustainable Gastronomy at the Centre of this New Edition. On 16 April, this French Traditional Social Practice will be embraced well beyond its Borders, in its Uniqueness and its Diversity. By bringing together nearly 350,000 People to enjoy thousands of French-Style Dinners, Goût de France / Good France proudly shares the Values of French Gastronomy every year.

After Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Provence, Goût de France / Good France will feature Centre-Val de Loire in a Series of Events in France and abroad. In many ways, the Gastronomy of Centre-Val de Loire epitomizes the French Art Of Living. It is in the this same Region, in Tours, that the European Institute for the History and Cultures of Food began promoting the Gastronomic Meal of the French for inclusion on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List.


In Partnership with the Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council and Regional Tourism Committee, the Region will make Gastronomy the Focus of its 2020 “Nouvelles Renaissances” Cultural and Tourism Season. The Region would like to present to the entire World this Special Relationship with Regional Products and Gastronomy intrinsic to the Landscapes in the Heart of France and the Loire Valley in Goût de France / Good France Events.

The Two-Michelin-Star Chef of “La Maison d’à Côté” in Montlivault, in the Loir-et-Cher, Christophe Hay is this Year’s Ambassador of the Sixth Edition of Goût de France / Good France that showcases the Gastronomy of the Centre-Val de Loire Region. Trained under Paul Bocuse, for whom he brought the Pride of French Cuisine to the United States for Five Years, he is dedicated to transmitting Culinary Culture and a lLader of the Sustainable Gastronomy Movement, which draws Inspiration from the Idea of a Nourishing Earth.



Freshwater Fish caught directly from the Loire, Wagyu Beef of Local Livestock and Home-Grown Vegetables from his Permaculture Garden: through his Modern Cuisine, in which the respect for the Land is omnipresent, Christophe Hay is first and foremost an Ambassador for all things Local who can masterfully re-interpret Dishes derived from Historical Cultural Heritage, with Contemporary Flair. He invites us to discover this Region’s Cuisine throughout this year’s Goût de France / Good France.






Marina del Rey Hotel in Los Angeles is delighted to announce the appointment of Chef Peter Coenen as the new Executive Chef. Chef Coenen will spearhead the culinary team at SALT Restaurant & Bar, the hotel’s modern American restaurant.


Chicago Chef Brings His Culinary Flair to the Los Angeles Waterfront Hotel


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January 13,  2020

Chef Coenen spent the earlier years of his career honing his skills at luxury properties around the country, namely The Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and The Inn at Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, South Carolina. Soon after, Coenen moved to Chicago where he continued to enhance his culinary expertise starting at one Michelin starred Boka Restaurant in 2010. During his nine years in the Windy City, Coenen served as Executive Chef at The Gage Restaurant and later the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, where he oversaw all operations of the hotel’s four food and beverage offerings, including his fine dining restaurant, Cherry Circle Room, a James Beard Awarded restaurant, as well as two freestanding restaurants as the company’s Corporate Executive Chef. Coenen’s renowned flavors and success earned him recognition in 2018, earning a StarChefs “Rising Star Chef” award. Under the oversight of Coenen, Michelin recognized his work at Lonesome Rose with a Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2018 within one year of its opening.










Chef Coenen’s exceptional talent and desire to break into the Los Angeles food scene brought him to SALT where he aims to tempt guests’ taste buds at every visit and enhance the restaurant’s reputation for delivering seasonally-inspired and locally-sourced Californian cuisine. A master at his craft, the passionate chef fuses his love for seafood with sumptuous modern flavors, establishing divine taste experiences through premium ingredients and minimalist plating while staying true to his contemporary influences. Inspired by global flavors and techniques, Chef Coenen intends to redefine coastal cuisine with refined rusticity in the heart of Marina Del Rey.

Source : Marina del Rey Hotel