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December  2018

Matthieu LAMOURE, François TAJAN & Nicolas ORLOWSKI

@ Artcurial Paris, on December 18, 2018. Presentation of Annual Report 2018





Press Conference, ARCURIAL PARIS


Press Conference given on December 18, 2018, by :
* Nicolas ORLOWSKI Chairman and CEO Artcurial Group
* François TAJAN, Deputy Chairman Artcurial
* Matthieu LAMOURE, Artcurial Motorcars Manager2018 has been marked by Numerous Successful Sales, such as Retromobile 2018 for Artcurial Motorcars, Paris#Marrakech, Il était une fois le Ritz Paris, Collections Aristophil, Repertorio Sottsass, Au temps du Japonisme and C.R.E.A.M, as well as Excellent Results for Impressionist and Modern Art with the Sale of a Van Gogh Landscape for more than €7m/$8.3m and an Increase of 26% for the Post-War and Contemporary Art Department. The 5 First Only Online Auctions, held in the Second Half of this Year, confirmed the Potential of this New Approach. They showed Sale Rates equivalent or superior to Traditional Auctions when the Offer corresponded to the Specificities of the Internet. They attracted a Younger Public due to their Event-Based Themes. The Regularity of these Sales will be increased in 2019.

ARTCURIAL Key Figures in 2018

* 75% of Bids for Lots over €50,000 from International Buyers
* 28 Collection Sales among 69 Private Collections Auctioned
* 10 Million-Euro Bids among 37 Lots sold for more than €500,000
* 48 Lots Pre-Empted or acquired by Museums or Institutions
* 39 Records du Monde aux Enchères
* Growth of 2 %, Totalling 195,3 M€ / 254 M$ (and achieved a Record Bid for an Impressionist or Modern Art Work sold in France, in 2018)
* 38 % XXth – XXIst CENTURY ARTS : Impressionist and Modern Art, Post-War Art and Contemporary Art, Photography, Design, Urban Art, Prints, Limited Editions, Art Deco, Comics
* 27% Artcurial Motorcars : Collectors’ Cars, Automobilia
* 17% Luxury : Jewellery, Watches, Hermès Vintage and Fashion Arts, Fine Wines and Spirits, Pens
* 18% Fine Arts : Old Masters and XIXth Century, Furniture and Objets d’Art, Orientalism, Asian Art, Archaeology and Eastern Arts, Books and Manuscripts.


Matthieu LAMOURE, François TAJAN & Nicolas ORLOWSKI


Over the last 12 Months, 48 Lots have been acquired by Pre-Emption or purchased by Museums or Institutions and Artcurial set 39 New Records for Sales at Auction. Artcurial organised 28 Sales dedicated to Collections, among 69 Private Collections put up for Auction. The Foreign bidders accounting for 75% of Bids on lots above €50,000.

The Paris#Marrakech Sale is Gaining Momentum and confirms the Strategic Importance of Morocco for Artcurial. The Auction is being developed as Part of a General Cultural Eco-System and is scheduled to take Place at the Same Time as the First Marrakech Art Week.

Sales of Luxury and Lifestyle Items saw Outstanding Growth in 2018 (+44%) driven by a One-Off Auction – Il était une fois le Ritz Paris, which transformed Artcurial’s Paris Headquarters and reached a Total of more than €7.3m/$9m, a World Record for Hotel Furniture. In 2018, Artcurial launched a new Theme-Based Auction dedicated to Women’s Timepieces – Le Temps est féminin, with an Important Private Collection coming from South Africa. The Success of this Sale contributed to growth of 30% this Year for the Department, reaching €5.5m/$6.2m.

The Results of the Impressionist and Modern Art Department were dominated this Year by the Sale of a Van Gogh Landscape which sold for more than €7m/$8.3m – a Record for a Landscape from the Artist’s Dutch Period sold at Auction and the Highest Price for a Work of Modern Art sold in France in 2018. The Department also saw Success with the Sale of 5 Private Collections, including that of André Léjard – with Several Works by Fernand Léger and the Favre-Tessier Collection with 5 Works by Paul Gauguin. XXth Century Decorative Arts (Art Deco and Design) totalled €16.5m/$18.6m in 2018, driven by Theme or Event-Based Sales such as Repertorio Sottsass during the FIAC, and the Sale of an Eiffel Tower Staircase in November for €169,000/$192,660. The Design Department launched Sales dedicated exclusively to Italian Design, with the Arrival of a New Consultant – Justine Despretz, while the Art Deco Department achieved a World Record Auction Price for a Floor Lamp by the Irish Designer.

Finally, the Comics Department distinguished itself, selling a Sheet of Astro Boy by Osamu Tezuka one of the Key Figures of Manga, for €269,000/323,280 – a World Record Auction price for a Work by this Artist.

With 27% of Total Sales Volume, Artcurial Motorcars – specialising in Collectors’ Cars, is in Second Place. The Year was marked by Two Event-Based Sales. With €32m/$39m, Artcurial Motorcars dominated Auctions organised during the Rétromobile, Classic Car Show in February, with 86% of Lots sold, 40% of which selling above their Estimate. In the Month of July, the Place to be was at the Famous Circuit of the Le Mans 24 Hours Race for the Official Auction of Le Mans Classic.The Total reached €12.6m/$14.7m (+46% compared to 2016) and was the Highest ever achieved by an Auction House at Le Mans. The Brightest Star of this Auction was undoubtedly the 1963 Mercedes 300SL Roadster which made €3,143,000/$3,695,000, a New World Record.







ARTCURIAL was founded in 2002, just at the Time the French Auction Market was opening up to Competition. Today, as a Multifaceted Auction House, Artcurial enjoys International Recognition and has earned its Place at the Forefront of the Art Market. With Sales taking Place mainly in Paris and Monaco. The Different Fields are : 20th – 21st Centuries, Artcurial Motorcars, Luxury & Lit-festyle, Classical Arts.

ARTCURIAL Group is made of :

– Artcurial
– John Taylor – For over 150 years, John Taylor has specialised in Tailor-Made Luxury Real Estate worldwide)
– Arqana (Horses) – In August 2006, ARQANA was created as the Result of the Merger between Agence Française de Vente de Pur Sang andGoffs France, on the Initiative of Several Investors including His Highness Aga Khan. Its added Value lies in its Ability to select a Quality Offer, to organize Sales in First Class Facilities and to offer Guarantees to Buyers and Vendors. ARQANA has rapidly established itself as a Leading Sales Agency, currently in Second Place at European Level.

In details, the Different Fields of Activities (Sell – Buy – Private Sales – Inventories & Collections) :

– 20th – 21st Centuries
Art Deco, Comic Strips, Design, Impressionist & Modern Art, Limited Edition, Photography, Post-War & Contemporary Art, Prints & Illustrated Books, Urban Art

– Artcurial Motorcars
Artcurial Motorcars, Aeronautics, Automobilia

– Luxury & Lifestyle
Fine Wine & Spirits, Hermès Vintage & Fashion Arts, Jewellery, Stylomania, Watches

– Classical Arts
Antiquities & Islamic Art, Arms & Historical Souvenirs, Asian Art, Books & Manuscripts, Furniture & Works of Art, Natural History & Taxidermy, Old Master & 19th Century Art, Orientalist Paintings, Philately & Numimatics









  • François TAJAN – Deputy Chairman ARTCURIAL


  • Nicolas ORLOWSKI – CEO ARTCURIAL – Annual Report 2018







To Benefit The Fight Against AIDS

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December  2018


Presentation given by LINK, on December 13, 2018 @ Shangri-La Hotel Paris.





Feb 14, 2019-Hotel De Ville PARIS


“PARAMOUR LE BAL !” is an Event organized by LINK (Private Association raising Funds and acting in Conjunction with Other Foundations) to help fighting against AIDS. Animations will be held at the City Hall of Paris, on February 14, 2019 for Valentine’s Day. (#Paramourlebal – #FondsLink – #ParisSansSida). It will be opened to the Public from 8.00 pm and after closing time, the Evening will carry on up to Dawn elsewhere. This Event is aimed to raise Funds by proposing Affordable Tickets. VIP’s will mix with Ordinary People…







Dec. 1 marks World AIDS Day, which was started in 1988 to raise Awareness, show Support for those living with theCcondition, and remember those who have died from it. Fortunately, much has changed since the Early Days of HIV/AIDS. Today, thanks to Advances in Medicine, it’s possible to live a Healthy and Full Life with a Disease that used to mean a Death Sentence. There are Laws to protect People living with HIV and we understand so much more about the Condition.

The French Policy concerning the Fight against the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a Complete and Well-Balanced One, using Information not only for the General Awareness of the General Population, but also with the Help of Specific Actions aimed at High Risk Groups. France is to fully reimburse Condoms, if prescribed by a Doctor, to combat the Spread of AIDS and HIV. From December 10, France’s Social Security System will reimburse Boxes of Condoms bought at Pharmacies if they have been prescribed by a Doctor or a Midwife (effectively rendering Condoms free. Only One Brand of Condom will be reimbursed, which has not been disclosed). The Announcement came just Days before World AIDS Day on December 1.







Paris has made Ambitious Political Commitments and set itself Precise Objectives, enshrined in the Paris Declaration [Fast-Track Cities : Ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic], following a Joint Proposal by the City, UNAIDS, UN-Habitat and IAPAC. Through this Declaration, the Signatory Cities reaffirm their Willingness to act so that by 2030, the Annual Number of New HIV Infections Amongst Adults falls below 200,000.

They are Eight Priorities :
1 – Prevention
2 – Screening
3 – Improving Medical Care
4 – Supporting Psychological and Social Care
5 – Protecting Future Generations
6 – Supporting Vulnerable Populations
7 – Strengthening Public Responses
8 – Supporting Civil Society


Limiting the Number of New HIV Infections is One of the Major Challenges in the Management of HIV/AIDS. Prevention is therefore Fundamental. It takes the Form of Different Types of Interventions aiming to provide Better Health Education, most particularly in Sexual and Reproductive Health, and to familiarise People with HIV Modes of Transmission. In an Effort to bring the Down the Rate even more, the City of Paris also announced on 27 November, Aids-Testing Centres throughout the City for Free and with no Prescription required.
The Huge Mobilisation of Resources for the Global HIV and AIDS Response over the Course of the Epidemic has been Unprecedented in the History of Public Health. The Challenge of Funding HIV Treatment, Prevention and Care in Countries has been characterised by Vocal Advocacy, Unique and Innovative Funding Mechanisms, Previously Unseen Levels of Bilateral Aid, and Philanthropic Donations whose Scale have rivalled those of Donor Governments and Multilateral Institutions… In order to make Significant Progress, the Investments to reach the End of AIDS as a Global Public Health Threat by 2030 need to be increased.


  • Michel SIMON – LINK Endowment Fund against AIDS


  • PARAMOUR LE BAL ! Press Conference @ Shangri-La Hotel


  • PARAMOUR LE BAL ! Press Conference @ Shangri-La Hotel



  • Hakim GHORAB choreographer of the evening


  • PARAMOUR LE BAL ! Press Conference @ Shangri-La Hotel


  • PARAMOUR LE BAL ! Press Conference @ Shangri-La Hotel







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December  2018

Paris Luxury Summit @ Theâtre Marigny – Carré Marigny, in Paris, on December 11, 2018





Theatre MARIGNY – Carre Marigny


PARIS LUXURY SUMMIT – LE BIG BANG DU LUXE (Théâtre Marigny in Paris, on December 11, 2018) Programme :

– Opening with Stéphane JOLIVOT – Business Intellignce Director of Luxury Division of Publicis Media & Franck PAPAZIAN – President CB Media

– Debate : “Tectonic Plates”
Bénédicte SABADIE – Associate, Leader Retail & Luxury at Deloitte & Pierre-Edouard MARTIAL Director Lifestyle and Luxury Division at NellyRodi

– Debate : Do we need Everything to change for nothing to change ? What Type of Relation to keep with New Luxury Consumers ?
Delphine VITRY Co-Founder MAD Network & Eric VALLAT Director Fashion Brands and Accessories Richemont Group- Speech “Sustainable Desirability” by Christine MILAN DGA Strategy Publicis Luxury- Debate : “Purposely Experience”
Olivier GUILLET CEO Architecture & Retail Division at Lonsdale & Stanislas DE QUERCIZE Advisory Board Director at Barnes International- Debate : “Intuitu Personae : Speed Pitching and Debate
Thomas MONDO & Alexandre KARKEGI 404 Place Vendôme & Maria R. KARUNAGARAN Founder R&K- Debate : Welcome in the Storyproving Era
Clémence LANGE Jounalist Grazia & Dorothée CONTOUR Founder JEM

Stephanie JOLIVOT & Franck PAPAZIAN



– Speech “Watch Tactics” with Patrick PRUNIAUX CEO Ulysse Nardin, Girard-Perregaux (Kering)

– Debate : “Virtual Muses” New Ambssadors of GenZ
Gaïa Virtual Muse, Paris School of Luxury – Laurent LACHAZE President Wands Paris – Eric BRIONES Co-Founder Paris School of Luxury

– Debate : Transformed Societies, the New Alignment of the Planets
Malik ABU-GHAZALEH Vice-President Digital Marketing & Commerce Lancôme – Frédéric TRESAL-MAUROZ Vice-President Prodigious – Florence BELLISSON Director of Creativity Publicis Luxury

– Debate : An Immersion in the Vertical Format
Morin OLUWOLE head of Luxury Facebook & Instagram – Gary PINAGOT DIrector Social Media & E-Reputation Christian Diro Couture

– Speed Pitching Tech
Henri FOUCAUD Founder Hapticmedia – Luc JODET Co-Founder Arianee – Abdel BOUNANE Co-Founder Bright

– Debate : New Writing to Create
Geoffrey PEREZ Head of Luxury Snapchat – Jérôme GRANGE Director Media & Digital Guerlain– Speech : Well Identified Luxuries with Clara CHAPPAZ VP International Lyst– Debate : The Beautiful Story
Laurence BONICALZI BRIDIER President M Publicité – Pascal ROSELLO Marketing & Digital Parfums Manager L’Oréal Luxe– Speech “Luxury, Attraction and Repulsion”
Sophie FONTANEL L’Obs– Speech “Big Bang vs Silent Revolution” – Luxury ans Mass Media
Christian RIEDI Advertisers Sales Manager TF1 Publicité
– Speech : Luxury under which Influence
Nadège WINTER – “Slasheuse de Luxe” and Founder NWAAgency– The Great Interview – Conversation with Ariel WIZMAN with Isabel MARANT Creator– Live Magazine : Five Personalities tell their Stories







What is the Ultimate Luxury Nowadays ? With Almost Anything Attainable at the Click of a Button or the Swipe of aFfinger, we ask what is not ? Retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, Target and Walmart have raised the Expectation that you can get Things in Quick Time, almost Real Time. But, does quickly done mean Well Done ? It depends. When Something tales Painstakingly Long to make, the Ultiate Luxury is just that – to wait.

While Nice Things may be Nice, the Relentless Pursuit of Material Goods leaves People feeling Empty. More Money, a Faster Car, a Brand New Dress and a Bigger House don’t bring Happiness. What is striking is how Bad most of us are at predicting what will… But when People live their Lives in Concert with their Values, they are Inoculated against the Unyielding Lure of Luxury. Ask Five People what Luxury means, and you’re bound to get Five Different Answers, perhaps sharing some Common Themes. Part of the Problem is that Our Notion of Luxury is changing and a Person’s Cultural Background will influence how they perceive it (an Additional Challenge for Brands trying to address a Global Market).

The Understanding of Luxury :
* Aesthetics
* Premium Quality
* Personal History
* Self-Pleasure
* ExpensivenessFor France, the Creation of Luxury Products is a part of its National History and Character. The Effect is that French Consumers see Luxury as Part of their Own Identity. For this Country, the Domestic Manufacturing of Luxury Products is Particularly Important…. One of the Biggest Trends in the Modern Luxury Market is the Shifting Focus towards Experiences over Material Things. By 2022, the Boston Consulting Group predicts that Personal and Experiential Luxury alone will be a €1,135 Billion Market—a 34% Increase from 2015. This may be Partly Due to the View that Experiences are Harder to commodify : meaning they are more Likely to be Authentic. Human Elements are the Cornerstone of an Authentic Experience.
We should cultivate Millennials but not to forget the Boomers. Additionally, as part of the Luxury Consumer Base, Millennials are more prone to purchase “Services and Ephemeral Experiences over Objects and Goods.” Retail is still thriving but the Way you need to approach it is Very Different Today. People don’t want the Same Shopping Experience they’ve seen before ; they want One-Of-A-Kind, Hard-To-Find Items that no one else has ; and they want to find it in an Environment that isn’t replicated anywhere else. The In-Store Shoppers may have more Time and they certainly want the Luxury Experience that goes along with the Offering. They want the Service, Attention, and most importantly the Experience that can only be had In Store.
Regarding Home Delivery, lots of Consumers are still buying but, more than a Third of Retail Customers expect Home Delivery and the Trend is growing. Also, they all fall into the Ever Important “Word of Mouth is as Important as Any Marketing”. Because of the Rapidly Changing Consumer Marketplace and how the Very Idea of “Luxury” is evolving, there is an Industry Consensus that innovating with New Products, New Services, New Marketing Strategies and New Ways to engage with the Affluent Customers is Key.












  • Eric VALLAT & Delphine VITRY



  • Christine MILAN


  • Stanislas DE QUERCIZE & Olivier GUILLET


  • Patrick PRUNIAUX



  • Laurent LACHAZE & Eric BRIONES


  • Laurent LACHAZE









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November  2018

Emmanuelle DUTEN, Eric BAISSUS  & Jean-Stéphane ARC

“Corporate Venture” Conference on November 29, 2018 @ Les Echos Group Headquarters (Paris)





November 29, 2018

Headquarters Les Echos


Was held on November 29, 2018, at the Headquarters of Les Echos Group (Paris – France), the Conference “Corporate Venture”. The Corporate Venturing being the Practice where a Large Firm takes an Equity Stake in (or enters into a Joint Venture Arrangement with) a Small but Innovative or Specialist Firm, to which it may also provide Management and Marketing Expertise. The Objective is to gain a Specific Competitive Advantage.

The Concept of Corporate Entrepreneurship is generally believed to refer to the Development of New Ideas and Opportunities within Large or Established Businesses, directly leading to the Improvement of Organizational Profitability and an Enhancement of Competitive Position or the Strategic Renewal of an Existing Business. Within that System, the Notion of Innovation is at the Very Core of Corporate Entrepreneurship. For in Addition to its Focus on Innovation, there also exists an Equal Drive toward Venturing. These Two work in Unison as the Company undertakes Innovations across the Entire Organizational Spectrum, from Product and Process to Technology and Administration. In Addition, Venturing is a Primary Component in the Process, pushing Larger Companies to enhance their Overall Competitiveness in the Marketplace by taking Bigger Risks.







The First Big Corporate Venturing Wave surged up as early as the 1970s in the US. Corporations such as Exxon made Disproportionately High Profits on Investments in Promising, Externally Generated Business Ideas. Since the End of the 1990s, when Euphoria over the New Economy was Close to reaching its Zenith, More Big Companies also started to be attracted by the Phenomenal Returns that can be realised in the Venture Business. Now that the Internet and Biotechnology Markets have hit the Hard Ground of Reality and the Hopes of making Fast Money have dissipated, Corporate Venturing is more and more driven by Strategic Motivations.

Ensuring the Future of Core Business by investing in Neighbouring Markets and Appropriate Technologies. The Objective of this Type of Corporate Venturing (CV) Fund is to add to the Existing Range of Products or to create New Demand Potential in Order to exploit Existing Markets or to create New Ones. Strengthening Innovative Power of the Parent Company by opening Windows on New Technologies being developed by dedicated Young Enterprises and by diminishing Structural Obstacles in the Corporate Innovation Process. In addition to Equity Financing, Corporate Venture Capital offers most Attractive Additional Services for Start-Ups. Openings for Cooperation with the Parent Corporations are of Particular Importance for Example, in the Field of R&D as well as the Use of their Marketing Expertise, Distribution Channels and Corporate Networks.








“CORPORATE VENTURE” Conference, held on November 29, 2018 Programme :

– Animated by Emmanuelle DUTEN – Editor in Chief Les Echos-Capital Finance

– Opening Keynote given by Eric BAISSUS – President KALRAY

– Debate : Fintech / Corporates Relationship, Strategic Alliances
* Olivier GOY, Founder & President LENDIX
* Srtéphane GUINET, Founder & CEO Kamet (AXA)
* Andreas LAMBROPOULOS, in charge of Strategic Initiatives BNP Paribas International Financial Services

– Debate : Multicorporate Funds : What Competitive Advantages ?
* Pierre DE FOUQUET, Manager Partner Iris Capital
* Thomas DUPONT-SENTILLES, Associate Lawyer Private Equity Group Goodwin
* Benoist GROSSMANN, Managing Partner Idinvest Partners

– Debate : Entrepreneurs : Why have they made the Choice of Corporate Venture ?
* Sébastien BEQUART, Founder & President GYMLIB
* Bertrand FLEUROSE, CEO & Founder Cityscoot
* Benjamin GARCON, Lawyer Private Equity Group Goodwin– Debate : When Corporates are building Tomorrow’s Future
* Firas ABOU MERHI, Partner in charge of Financial Advisory Services Mazars
* Nicolas AUTRET, Investment Director Samsung Catalyst Fund
* Hélène De COINTET, CEO Safran Corporate Ventures
* Matthieu REPELLIN, Investment Partner Airbus Ventures

– Debate : Those Startups becoming “Unicorns”
* Jean-Stéphane ARCIS, CEO Talentsoft



  • (R) Eric BAISSUS


  • First Panel


  • Second Panel



  • Third Panel


  • Fourth Panel


  • (R) Jean-Stéphane ARCIS




European Leg Of


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November  2018

Guillaume CANET (FRANCE) – Karine RUFER (USA)

Longines Masters Paris @ Paris Nord Villepinte – From November 29 To December 02, 2018






We Ride The World Event in PARIS


Was held in the French Capital the “Longines Masters Paris 2018” from November 29 to December 02, 2018, being the European Leg of the Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping (where the Series initially started). Was held in the Aegis of the “Salon Du Cheval of Paris 2018” – November 24 to December 02, 2018. The Longines Masters of Paris, where the Series initially started, has become the Not-To-Be-Missed Event on the Capital’s Sporting and Cultural Calendar, where Movie and TV Stars (some Riding in the Invitational and Prestige Trophies), Business Decision Makers and World Class Riders will be eager to gather.

** For the First Day, two Masters Three classes (CSI1*) were scheduled : the 1.15m Prix Institut Esthederm and the 1.25m Prix Asia Horse Week, both against the Clock. Twenty Year Old Louise Oeino won the First Class Riding Hirondel du Ri D’asse. With her Time of 54.19 Seconds, she just barely beat Serge Varsano who took both Second and Third. In the Prix Asia Horse Week, Belgium’s Christophe de Brabander won. He was already placed in the 1.15m Class. This Time Riding Geneve de Muze, he was Three Seconds ahead of his Runner-Up.

** The Second Day opened with the Riders of the Masters Three (CSI1 *). Louise Ameeuw, Daughter of Christophe Ameeuw, CEO of EEM and Creator of the Longines Masters Series, snatched the Victory in the Prix EEM.TV at 1.15m. She was the Fastest on this Course, with Bamako M’Aurea, and triumphed over South Africa’s Charlotte Stuart and Belgium’s Christophe de Brabander, with a Time of 25.82 Seconds in the Second Phase. In the Prix Lami-Cell (1.25m), the French National Anthem sounded for Thibault de la Lance and Qanaed’Helerin. Another French Rider took Second Place : Paloma de Crozals, followed by Greece’s Nikolaos Katsos in Third.


** Friday’s Masters Two (CSI2 *) also ran over Two Classes : the Prix Horse Pilot, a 1.35m Table A Two Phases Special and the Prix Ferretti a 1.45m Table A with Jump-Off. Both were won by French Riders. The First Class was dominated by Louis Bouhana, riding Unanime des Forêts. The Pair was One Second Faster than Nicolas Bost, the Olympic Champion’s Son, who dropped down to Second Place after having lead a while. The Netherlands’ Laetitia Surin comes Third. The Prix Ferretti, went to a Very Fast Marc Dilasser. Partnered with Indigo Blue Biolley, who is becoming more and more of a Regular at this Level of Competition, he scored an Impressive 38.04 Seconds. The Frenchman thus deprives Luxemburg’s Charlotte Bettendorf of a Second Win (since she won the Hubside Masters Two Award the Day before); in 38.73 seconds, she just was not quite fast enough. France’s Victoire Echelard ist hird in 39.24 Seconds.


** The Best Riders in the World started in the Prix de la Laiterie de Montaigu, on Friday’s First Masters One Class. Twelve out of 45 Combinations managed a clear round over Frank Rothenberger’s Course for the First Big Class of the Week-End. Five French Riders, Two Americans, One Swiss, One Belgian, One Australian and One Dutch came back to the Mythical Arena for a Jump-Off which turned out to be a France-Belgium Duel. Even though France’s Alexis Deroubaix and Thierry Rozier were Fast and Clear, Belgium’s Grégory Whatelet, (Winner of the Longines Grand Prix of Paris in 2016) settled the Debate with an Even Faster Clear, to win the Class with Iron Man van de Padenborre.
** The Masters Power Lido de Paris is a Favorite of the Crowd. This 6 Bars Class where Horses display all their Power lived up to the Spectators’ Expectations and Suspense lasted until the Very Last Starter. As is often the Case in this Type of Class, Two Riders had to share First Spot : France’s Simon Delestre and Ireland’s Denis Lynch ! As a Matter of Fact, 4 Riders mounted the Podium – 2 on the First Step and 2 on the Third. Italy’s Emanuele Gaudiano and France’s Alexandre de Rothschild declined 5th Round with a Final Jump at 2.02 m. Even though Simon Delestre and Denis Lynch rose to the Challenge, they did not manage to clear this Impressive Height, hence this Joint Victory. The Four of Them had cleared the 1.92 Jump Perfectly.
** The Riders of the Masters Three had the Run of the Arena this Afternoon for the Prix Baobab Collection, a 1.15m Class with a Jump-Off. South Africa’s Charlotte Stuart came First with Vanda Chopard in 31.87 Seconds, over 2 Seconds Faster than Runner-Up Camille Decock for France. The Latter posted a Time of 34.24 Seconds with Scorpio d’Epic. Another French Rider, Frederic Hinderze, rounds off the Podium with Riesling d’Epte in 35.12 Seconds.
** Out of 36 Starters in the 1.50m Masters One CENECA, ten qualified for the Jump-Off. Second to go against the Clock, Kevin Staut did not leave his Rivals the Slightest Chance when he posted a Super Fast Clear in 43.54 Seconds. Even Frenchman Simon Delestre who was Last to go did not manage to Better his Time even though he gave it his all. Sadly (for him) he was 18 Hundredths of a Second Too Slow to take Top Spot with Chesall Zimequest. Germany’s Daniel Deusser, in Top Form on the Indoor Circuit is Third with Cassini Bay in 46,85 Seconds after a somewhat Conservative Jump-Off. Edward Levy was the Fastest with Starlette de la Roque but Sadly had a Fence Down for 7th.
** The Riders Europe Team won a Third Riders Masters Cup in as Many Editions. An Introductory Speech by Former Olympic Champion, the Legendary Pierre Durand, Patron of the Riders Masters Cup, Astonishing Introduction of the Teams, Hymn sung by an Impressive Tenor for the USA and played to the Guitar in Jimmy Hendrix Style for Europe, a Wild Crowd. The Riders Europe Team dominated the First Half with Four Wins, but the Riders USA Team were still in the Running with a Slight Chance thanks to Jessica Springsteen’s Win over the Youngest of Riders Europe Team Harry Charles. At Half-Time, the Score was 45 – 30. The Composition of the Five Duels was to be changed for Second Round in a Kind of Bluffing Match between Chefs d’Equipe, Robert Ridland and Philippe Guerdat.
First to choose, the European Coach had decided to set 2014 World Champion Maikel van der Vleuten, against 2018 World Champion, Laura Kraut in the First Duel. The Latter was barely 16″ Faster, just enough to bring back her Team to 50 Points against Riders Europe’s 55. The Second Duel, the “U25”, was going to give an Advantage to the USA (70-65) after Lucas Porter beat Harry Charles by 10 Hundredths of a Second. Suddenly, Things weren’t looking so Bright for the Riders Europe Team. But Eduardo Alvarez Aznar and Edward Lewy (with, in turn ; 16 Hundredths of a Second over Jessica Springsteen) gave a Decisive Advantage to the Europe Side (105 – 90). Daniel Deusser only had to finish his Round for the Riders Europe to win a Third Riders Masters Cup in a Row.
** Sunday (Last Day) was Grand Prix Day at the Longines Masters of Paris. Great Britain’s Tess Carmichael was the First Winner of the Day Masters Three, le Grand Prix Top Jock ! Twenty Six Combinations started in the First Round of the 1.30m Grand Prix, Ten of which quualified for the Jump-Off. However, only Two managed to stay Clear over the Difficult Second Round against the Clock. Tess Carmichael was the Fastest in 37.60 Seconds to win the Grand Prix with Atlantis Pp Z, beating France’s Claire Chaix who posted a Time of 39.20 Seconds with Univers de Maugre. Paloma de Crozals and Bergame de l’Yserand, were the Fastest in the Jump-Off, enough for Third despite a Fence Down.
** The Land Rover Grand Prix, Masters Two Grand Finale, kept its Promises. After the First Round of the Frank Rothenberger 1.45m Course, 18 of the 63 Starters had qualified for the Jump-Off. The French Side was in Top Form as it counted for Half of the Finalists. And Today’s Lucky Winner is none other than hen Tony Cadet. The Breton posted Two Superb Rounds with his Grey Mare Tolede de Mescam. His Time of 36.03 in the Jump-Off put him completely Out of Reach of his Rivals. Qatar’s Bassem Mohammed and Gunder are 91 Hundredths Slower for Second Place. Olivier Guillon, Winner of Two Classes this Weekend, is Third with Vitot du Château. He did try to Better the Other Frenchman’s Time but only managed 38.10 Seconds. Still a Very Good Weekend for the Former World Reserve Champion who, with this Horse Among Others, should find his Way Back to 5* Level Next Season.

** The Second Queen of the Longines Masters of Paris is Australian ? Even though she is “Only” the Second Female Rider to win the Longines Grand Prix of Paris (and even a Longines Grand Prix of the Whole Series) she is the First Australian, the First Non-European actually, to triumph in the Main Class of the Paris Leg. An Adventure Australia’s Edwina Alexander just embarked on as she was the Fastest of the Three Clears with California even though she feared she had not been Fast Enough to beat Italy’s Alberto Zorzi and Contanga. In the End, the Pair was a mere 36 Hundredths Slower.

** It is Fair to say that this 10th Anniversary Edition ended in Fine Style… Meanwhile, it’s Off to Hong Kong from February 15th to 17th for the Second Leg of the Longines Masters’ Season IV.









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November  2018

Presentaion on November 20, 2018 @ The LIDO Paris






Nov 29 – Dec 02, Paris Nord Villepinte

The LONGINES MASTERS SERIES continues its Journey Across Continents, and will be arriving in the French Capital from November 29 to December 02, 2018 for the European Leg of the Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping. The Longines Masters of Paris, where the Series initially started, has become the Not-To-Be-Missed Event on the Capital’s Sporting and Cultural Calendar, where Movie and TV Stars (some Riding in the Invitational and Prestige Trophies), Business Decision Makers and World Class Riders will be eager to gather.


The International Show Jumping Series kicks off in Europe celebrating the 10th Edition of “Longines Masters of Paris”, followed by the “Longines Masters of Hong Kong”, 15-17 February 2019 with the “Asia Horse Week”, before setting sail for its Final Stage with the “Longines Masters of New York”, 25-28 April 2019.
This Parisian Event, which is held in the Aegis of the “Salon du Cheval of Paris” and welcomes nearly 200,000 Visitors each year, is well-known for its Atmosphere made Unique in the World. For the Fourth Season, EEM entrusted the Image to the Young and Talented Selman Hosgör who is a London-Based Multidisciplinary Visual Artist. He completed his Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design at Kadir Has University in Istanbul. He also a followed a Professional Development Course in Illustration and Typography at Central Saint Martins in London.




Christophe Ameeuw, Founder and CEO of EEM and the Longines Masters Intercontinental Series, unveiled all the New Features of the Longines Masters of Paris Programme on the Stage of the Lido of Paris on November 20, 2018. Christophe Ameeuw and Jean-Luc Poulain, President of CENECA and the Salon du Cheval, reviewed 10 years of Collaboration and Exceptional Events. During the Press Conference, the Guests were treated to a Real Performance, given by the Famous Pierre Fleury, Artist, Trainer, Acrobat and sometime Stuntman.
As Special Guest & Ambassador of the Event (as every Year by now) Guillaume Canet, the Famous Actor and Rider, looked back on his Various Appearances at the Longines Masters. He talked of “a Sport that deserves this Proper Media Coverage. It’s a Crazy Show!” He was joined by Nicolas Canteloup, a Famous Humorist, also an Outstanding Rider, who surprised the Audience not just by his Attendance, but also by improvizing an Imitation of the Last Two Presidents of the French Republic.
Christophe Ameeuw was eager to highlight the New Generation of Riders by inviting on the Stage of the Lido of Paris Camille, Inès, Victoire and Manon, accompanied by Philippe Rozier, Olympic Team Champion in Jumping at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Was highlighted the Importance for Young Riders of having the Opportunity to participate in the Longines Masters of Paris in the Masters Two Events, a Real Springboard to the Top Level, creating Tomorrow’s International Champions.
The “LONGINES SPEED CHALLENGE”, the Unique Course for which will be found at all Three Stages in Paris, Hong Kong and New York, is the Fastest Event in the World, considered a World Speed Championship, during which the Fastest Riders and Horses of the World will compete. The “MASTERS POWERS Presented By THE LIDO OF PARIS” this year once again, this Event will highlight the Strength of the Horses and the Performance of the Riders. The “LONGINES GRAND PRIX”, the Final Flourish of the Four Days of Competition, will be the Flagship Event bringing together the Best Horses and Riders in the World Over Obstacles at the Maximum Height of 1.60m. Last year, Daniel Deusser on Cornet d’Amour won the Title previously held by Grégory Wathelet.
Finally, Philippe Guerdat, Coach of the French Team, as well as British Harry Charles and Frenchman Edward Levy, two Pre-Selected Riders for the European Team discussed the Great Novelty of 2017, the Riders Masters Cup. Other Sports Events not to be missed : “MASTERS ONE LAITERIE DE MONTAGU” ; “MASTERS ONE SALON DU CHEVAL DE PARIS / CENECA” and the “MASTERS TWO LAND ROVER GRAND PRIX”.
Two World Champion crowed at the 2018 World Equestrian Games in TRYON, the Winner of the 4* Grand Prix of VALENCE and some Talented Rookies, has a Solid Line-Up to respond to Riders Europe. McLain Ward will be the Indeniable Leader of Riders USA and will arrive in PARIS with a Particular Strong Motivation. The World n°5 will be joined by his Tryon Gold Medal Partner, Laura Kraut. Supporting these Seasoned Champions, Robert Ridland will have a Lot of Young Talent to choose. He is sure to build a Strong Team to try to take back the Title that Riders Europe has held since the Creation of the Riders Masters Cup.
Finally, to conclude this Press Conference, the New Belgian Star of the Electro Scene, Henri PFR got the Audience moving with a Stimulating Live Show.







 Selman Hosgör said : “For me Paris is the City of Literature and Fashion. I got to pick Blue as the Main Color because it represents the Intellectuality and the Calming Impact of Literature and the Timelessness of Fashion despite having been changed over the Course of Years. Other Vivid Colors I’ve included are the Result of the Indulgence of other Senses when Literature and Fashion are combined.”… In the Hong Kong Design, I focused on the Traditional and Modern Lives living together, to the Hectic Streets of the City and the Multi-Colored Cuisine Culture. I expressed the Blend of Modern and Traditional Lifestyles Boldly with Hues of Red. Moreover, the Hectic Streets and the Unlimitedly Colorful Cuisine with Blue and Green Colors. The Iconic Red Boat of the City, the Dynamism of the Horse and the Joy on the Faces of Spectators are the Perfect Description of Hong Kong for me….New York first comes Into Mind as the Metropolitan City of the World.I tried to display a Prominent Charm of the City, Diversity, using other Vivid Colors. The Iconic Statue of Liberty, Joyful People in the City and their Sense of becoming Free with Art are some other Factors I’ve been inspired while portraying NY.”



  • Entertaining Show by artist trainer Pierre FLEURY


  • Christophe AMEEUW & Guillaume CANET @ Lido


  • Jean-Luc POULAIN & Christophe AMEEUW



  • Jean-Luc POULAIN Christophe AMEEUW Guillaume CANET


  • Entertaining Show by Nicolas CANTELOUP


  • Entertaining Show by artists of the LIDO at the end of presentation








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November  2018

Salon Du Cheval @ Paris Nord Villepinte – November 24 to December 02, 2018.






Nov 24-Dec 02, Paris Nord Villepinte


Was held in Paris Nord Villepinte (Paris – France) “The Salon du Cheval de Paris 2018”, from Saturday, November 24 to Sunday December 02. It was the Annual Event in Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center’s Hall for this Equestrian Event, Vaulting, and Championship. You could even admire the Different Breeds and the Activity Arena dedicated to Children.

The Event is dedicated to Equestrian Performances and Best Demonstration Shows in all Areas : Paris Attelage Club, French Indoor Championship, World Arabian Horse Championship, International Vaulting Masters, Longines Masters of Paris, Horse Jumping, Para-Equestrian Competition….

Themes covered :

* Breeding and Sales
* Training and Breeders’ Jobs
* Equestrian related Services
* Official Organisations
* Equestrian Equipment / Equipment for Attelage – Hitching / Technical Equipment
* Infrastructures
* Transport for Animals
* Equestrian Tourism and Leisure
* Children’s Village
* Media and Magazines
* Art
* Well-Being and Health of Horses, Ethology







When it comes to buying Equine Supplies and Rider Apparel, often the best Quality Products for the Best Value are the most in Demand. These Products gain many Loyal Customers that will buy and utilise them Time and Time again for Years on End. Equestrians go on their merry way through life, the Amount that we can have Equines as part of theirs lives ebs and flows. Different Circumstances early, Mid and Late in Life all contribute to not only the Possibility of having any Equids, but also the Amount of Time and Energy they can spend

Advances in the Understanding of Care and Veterinary Medicine have increased the Lifespan of Horses, just as improved Medical and Nutritional Knowledge has benefited Humans. This means Horses and Ponies are living Longer than ever just as many People are. The Reality, however, is that some Breeds live Longer than others. Many People report that with Good Care, their Senior Horses continue to live Healthy and Useful Lives. With Careful Attention to Basic Maintenance of a Senior Horse such as Feed, Dental and Hoof Care many Horses can remain Sound and Useful into their Senior Years, and remain a Joy to their Owners even when fully retired.














Vernissage of Brazilian Artist VIK MUNIZ

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November  2018

(L) Heidi BARNES – Exhibition Vik MUNIZ

Opening of “Barnes Art Advisory” in PARIS and Vernissage of Vik Muniz – November 8, 2018.





Founded by Heidi Barnes


On November 8, we attended the Vernissage of Brazilian Artist VIK MUNIZ, being part of the Official Opening of the “BARNES ART ADVISORY”, New Branch of “BARNES INTERNATIONAL REALTY”. Founded by Heidi Barnes, Barnes Global Art Advisory offers Discreet and Confidential Advice and Guidance to Private Art Collectors and Institutions (Strategic Guidance involving a Deep Understanding of Client’s Expectations and Long-Term Objectives).

BARNES ART ADVISORY claims to be able to provide Expert Advice relating to Western Art from the 16th Century to the Present Day with a Particular Focus on Impressionism, Realism, Surrealism, as well as Modern and Contemporary Art. They can help in the Process of Buying ansd Selling Works of Art, from the Very First Purchase right through to Managing All Aspects of the Collection. In order to offer a Suitable Selction of Pieces, to keep the Client Updated on the Latest Trends in the Market and to help to enhance the Value of the Art Assets.

What they can offer :

* Advice in putting together a Collection
* Purchasing of Works of Art fom Galleries and Via Public and Private Sales
* Information on the Art Market, List Prices and the Latest News from Artists
* Mandate to sell Works of Art and Colections, notably in Inheritance Situations.

Self Portrait Vik MUNIZ








VIK MUNIZ was Born 1961 in São Paulo (Brazil). He currently lives and works in New York City and Rio de Janeiro. He is an Artist and Photographer. Initially a Sculptor, Vik Muniz grew interested with the Photographic Representations of his Work, eventually focusing completely on Photography. Primarily working in Series, he incorporates the Use of Quotidian Objects such as Diamonds, Sugar, Thread, Chocolate Syrup and Garbage in his Practice to create Bold, Ironic and often Deceiving Imagery, gleaned from the Pages of Pop Culture and Art History. His work has been met with both Commercial Success and Critical Acclaim, and has been exhibited Worldwide.









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November  2018

Debate “Control of Foreign Investment” on November 13, 2018 @ Groupe Les Echos – Le Parisien Headquarters (Paris)





There are Various Methods of Trade Protectionism whose Goal is to protect a Nation’s Economic Well-Being. These include:

* Tariffs which are a Tax on Imports from other Countries and Foreign Markets.
* Quotas are a Direct Restriction on the Number of Certain Goods, Products, and Commodities that may be permitted to be imported into a Nation.
* Subsidies are Government Payments to Domestic Producers.
* Local Content Requirements may be imposed by a Nation seeking to decrease Imports by setting a Manufacturing Requirement in which a stated Part or Parts of a Product must be made Domestically.
* Administrative Trade Policies consist of Bureaucratic Rules, Laws, and Regulations designed to create Serious Difficulties for an Importer of Goods or Commodities into a Particular Nation.
* Antidumping Policies are enacted by a Nation in order to prevent the Selling of Goods in a Foreign Market at a Price far below their Production Costs in order to gain a Substantial Share of that Nation’s Market.
* Exchange Rate Controls can be used to make a Nation’s Product Cheaper abroad by lowering the Value of its Currency in the Foreign Exchange Markets.

Regarding FRANCE, The Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation (PACTE) aims to empower Businesses to Innovate, Transform, Grow and create Jobs.The PACTE Bill, presented on June 18 to the Cabinet, contains a Total of 70 Articles, Ten of which are geared towards Better Financing Businesses, giving them Greater Freedom and making them both Fairer and more Innovative. But what Responsibilities will Businesses now have when it comes to the Demands and Needs of Contemporary Society ? Will their Societal Role undergo a Complete Overhaul after the Vote, or will the Process be more Gradual ?
As of Today, in France, the Existing Framework sets out a Procedure for controlling Foreign Investments in Eleven Sectors. Foreign Investments in these Sectors are subject to the Prior Authorization of the State. The PACTE Bill expands the List of Strategic Sectors which now includes the Semiconductors Production, Space, Drones, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Robotics, and Big Data. Until now, the Strategic Sectors targeted by the Decree have concerned, Inter Alia, the Gambling Industry (excluding Casinos), Private Security Services, Counter-Terrorism, Wiretapping, IT, National Security Secrecy, Cryptology, Weapons, Energy, Public Health, Transport and Telecommunications.
CFIUS is an Interagency Committee authorized to review Certain Transactions involving Foreign Investment in the United States (“Covered Transactions”), in order to determine the Effect of such Transactions on the National Security of the United States. The Secretary of the Treasury is the Chairperson of CFIUS, and notices to CFIUS are received, processed, and coordinated at the Staff Level by the Staff Chairperson of CFIUS, who is the Director of the Office of Investment Security in the Department of the Treasury. The National Security Landscape has shifted in Recent Years, and so has the Nature of the Investments that pose the Greatest Potential Risk to National Security, which warrants an Appropriate Modernization of the Processes and Authorities of the Committee On Foreign Investment in the United States and of the United States Export Control System.

While the Trump Administration has been firm in its messaging that FIRRMA is meant to “Close Gaps” between the Transactions that CFIUS is currently able to review and Transactions it currently cannot review despite them raising Similar National Security Concerns, the Reality is that those “Gaps” largely pertain to Particular Chinese Investment Trends :
* Real Estate Acquisitions in Sensitive Areas,
* Minority Investments (particularly through Private Equity-Type Structures) that might not be controlling but that nonetheless provide Access to Sensitive Information or Technology of the Target US Business,
* The Increasing Use of Chinese Joint Ventures into which US-Origin Technology is transferred,
* Concerns that Chinese Deals are being structured to circumvent CFIUS.
— )) FIRRMA provides the General Contours for CFIUS Reform, but not the Specifics.


November 13, Groupe Les Echos-Le Parisien


On November 13, 2018 was held a Debate on “Control of Foreign Investment” at Groupe Les Echos – Le Parisien Headquarters (Paris). It was organized by Capital Finance in Partnership with the Firm Goodwin Paris. As a Mechanism for Fostering Growth and increasing Shareholder Value, M&A is an Important Tool in a Company’s Armoury. Cross-Border M&A in Particular can be a Useful Springboard for those eyeing Expansion and Future Prosperity. Simply put, Expansion into a Foreign Market requires a Suitable Target to be identified, Effective Execution of a Transaction and Successful Integration of Converging Companies. That said, the Processes involved are not Simple, as they present Numerous Challenges and Pitfalls.


Additional Challenges impacting the Cross-Border M&A Space include the Emerging Trade War between the US and China and its Indirect Impact on Europe, Canada, Mexico and Latin America, among others, as well as the Nationalistic Trends permeating Politics, such as Recently Proposed Changes to Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) Legislation. Given the Complexity of the Dealmaking Landscape, it is unsurprisingly that the Majority of Successful Cross-Border M&A Transactions tend to be based on Careful Advance Preparation, Well Thought-Out Strategies and Anticipatory Deal Structures.
Trade Protectionism is defined as a Nation, or sometimes a Group of Nations working in Conjunction as a Trade Bloc, creating Trade Barriers with the Specific Goal of protecting its Economy from the Possible Perils of International Trading. This is the Opposite of Free Trade in which a Government allows its Citizenry to purchase Goods and Services from other Countries or to sell their Goods and Services to other Markets without any Governmental Restrictions, Interference, or Hinderances. The Objective of Trade Protectionism is to protect a Nation’s Vital Economic Interests such as its Key Industries, Commodities, and Employment of Workers.



  • PANEL (1*)



  • PANEL (2*)







DEBATE On “Control of Foreign Investment” :

– (1*) How France is positioning Itself on the Board of Control Of Foreign Investment
Animated by Emmanuelle DUTEN, Chief Editor Les Echos-Capital Finance
* Christophe DIGOY, Associate Lawyer, Private Equity Group Goodwin
* Olivier MARLEIX, President of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission, LR Deputy of Eure-et-Loire, National Assembly
* Richard MATHENY, Partner, Head of Global Trade Practice Goodwin Washington DC

– (2*) Are the Investment Funds as much threatened as Corporates ?
Animated by Emmanuelle DUTEN, Chief Editor Les Echos-Capital Finance
* Mathieu ANTONINI, Managing Director Ardian
* Maxence BLOCH, Associate Lawyer Private Equity Group Goodwin and Chair of Paris Office
* Olivier MARLEIX, President of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission, LR Deputy of Eure-et-Loire, National Assembly







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November  2018


Connected Cities Summit, on November 9, 2018 – Hôtel Pullman Tour Eiffel – Paris





November 9, Hotel Pullman Tour Eiffel


Was held on November 9, 2018 a New Editon of “CONNECTED CITIES SUMMIT” in PARIS. Focused was made on Public Transportation in FRANCE and Worldwide. Smart Mobility is undermining Certainties and revolutionizing Habits. The Distinction between Public and Private as well that between Product and Service will become Obsolete, as well as the Idea that moving around by Car means polluting and driving. Improving Transport in order to pollute Less and to save Time, fits of Nerves and if possible Human Lives too. This is the Smart Mobility Challenge faced by many Big Cities

As Cities Today embark on the Journey to become a Smart City, the Path may not always seem Clear, and Priorities can evolve during the Sprint to Innovate. One of the Largest Areas of Consideration in developing Smart Cities regarding Transportation is Urban Mobility, which is the Evolving Demographics, Digitization, and Collaborative Consumption changing the Ecosystem and Opportunities in Cities today. In the Process of managing Urban Mobility, Governments must create a Competitive Edge in Transportation that they can implement for their Citizens and Tourists alike.

Urban mobility can be Smart, and Increasingly it’s the Person on the Street making the Difference. People fed up with Congested Cities, are innovating Smart Mobility with New Mobile Technologies and Intuitive Apps which integrate Public Transportation, better Infrastructure, and Car Sharing. Plus, Smart Mobility puts Green at the Top of the List. All in all, Smart Mobility solutions create Less Congestion, Better Access to Public Transport and Cleaner Air. Citizens want to be connected to all of their Devices at All Times, whether that be through Mobile, Vehicles or Computers across their Personal and Professional Lives. As Most Citizens are always on the go, Professionals in particular need to have the ability to work in any Location, whether that be on Public Transportation, in the Privacy of their own Car, or at an Office.







Currently, digitization in networks and the need to provide travel aid for more citizens are two areas of innovation that cities are researching. While each city varies in its development stage and creates its own innovation plans, being able to meet the increased traffic of its own citizens and tourists is crucial. According to Figures published by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 6.4 Billion People (some 66% of the World’s Population) will be living in Cities by 2050. In Helsinki, they are getting ready for this ahead of Time with the Vision 2025 Programme, which envisages that by that Date no Inhabitant of the City will need to own a Car, as everyone will have a Pass that will provide a Single Solution for Public and Private Transport.

Many Projects need Heavy Investment in the Transport System in the City and Outside it, as well as a New Attitude towards Mobility, based on People’s Joint Use of Different Means (Train, Bus, Car-Sharing, Bike-Sharing, Taxi etc.) in order to reach their Destination and on the Processing of So-Called Big Data on Traffic and Weather, as well as the Implementation of Payment Systems that allow more than One Ticket to be bought in a Single Transaction. The Change of Paradigm in Terms of Mobility is also due to the Fact that the Younger Generation increasingly views the Car as a Service and no longer as a Personal Possession. Another Aspect of all this is the Development of Zero-Emission Technologies. If Electrically-Powered Vehicles are by now a Reality, there are Manufacturers that can see a Future in which the Car will become one of the Elements in a Smart Grid, connected to the Home and responding to Demand by taking and giving back Energy, to be stored in Large and Elegant Batteries linked to Renewable Sources.

As a Technology Leader, Mastercard is committed to being a Driving Force in the Private Sector to make Cities “better”. Payments touch every Aspect of people Lives. And Digital Payments make lives “Simpler”, “Safer” and “Smarter”. With the Tap of a Card or a Mobile Phone, City Dwellers and Visitors can ride a Bus, Bike, Train or Ferry without the Inconvenience of buying a Ticket or transit Card. Mastercard claims to be able to unlock the Power of Data and Digital Engagement. Most City Transport Systems are sized to accommodate Peak Morning Demand. But, in Many Cities around the Globe, Existing Infrastructure will not be able to cope with Growing Demand, and enhancing Capacity will take Years. Using Tailored Digital Engagement with Riders and Active Demand Management with Incentives and other Measures, Cities can relieve some of the Immediate Pressures on Transport Infrastructure and spread out their Large-Scale Investment Programmes over a Longer Period.








CONNECTE CITIES SUMMIT 2018 Programme with Introduction by David BARROUX (Chief Editor Les Echos)

PART 1 : Mobility In the Digital Era – Animated by Benoît GEORGES (Journalist Les Echos)

– The User Experience, Success Key of Tomorrow’ s Transportation ?

* Matt BLANKS – Vice-President Global Transit Mastercard
* Véronique WIESINGER – Member of National Office FNAUT

– (Panel 2*) Will New Technologies reinvent Mobility ?

* Introduction by Guillaume FURAND – Partner Wavestone
* Olivier DUFIEUX – In Charge Of Strategy BMW France
* Jean-Louis MOUNIER Deputy General Director in charge of Industry & Innovation TDF
* Mathieu SABARLY – Manager Wavestone

PART 2 : (Panel 3*) “Great Paris” by the 2024 Olympic Games – Animated by Arnaud FLEURY (Economist Journalist)

– The Energy Transition : What about Great Paris ?

* Philippe JACQUES – Associate Lawyer LPA-CGR Avocats
* Nicolas MACHTOU – Managing Director Enedis
* François SAVOYE – Director of Strategy for Energy Renault Trucks

– Mobility : What Digital Transition for Infrastructures by 2024 ?

* Didier BARBAUD CEO Saferail
* Thomas BRANCHE – Senior Vice President for Energetic Transition & Infrastructure Assystem
* Vania RIBEIRO – Chief Digital Officer RATP
* Jean-Jacques THOMAS – Digital & Innovation Manager SNCF Reseau


  • David BARROUX


  • Véronique WIESINGER – FNAUT





  • Adrian GOMEZ – IECISA


  • Guillaume DURAND – WAVESTONE


  • (Panel 2*)



  • (Panel 3*)







  • Vania RIBEURO – RATP


  • Jean-Jacques THOMAS – SNCF RESEAU









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November  2018

David KASSAR President Mission Internationale

Rencontres D’Affaires Francophones Paris 2018 on November 9, 2018 @ Maison de la Mutualité (Paris)





November 8, Maison De La Mutualite



– Welcoming Speech by David Kassar, President of “Mission Internationale”, followed by an Introduction Speech by François Asselin, president of CPME.

– (1*) Debate La francophonie, the Opening Door to International Relashionships. Animated by Christine Gilguy, Editor in Chief Moci
* Dominique Brunin, Development of La Chambre de Commerce Franco Arabe
* Etienne Giros, Deputy President of CIAN
* Pierre Marc Johnson, Councel in Law Firm Lavery Avocats, Former Prime Minister of Québec
* Pierre Buhler, President of l’Institut Français

– Introduction of Group of French Employers by Charles Greber, Communication Manager of Groupement du Patronat Francophone (GPF)

– Importance of Protecting Innovation Internationally by par Alain Juillet, Specialist on Economic Intelligence, Former Director of Intelligence at DGSE

– (2*) Digital Transformation Internationally. Animated by Annie Lichtner, Journalist specialized in Web Technologies and founder of My Digital Week.
* Daniel Benchimol, President of DigitalPlace
* Anne de Kerckhove, CEO of Freespee, Business Angel & Serial Entrepreneur
* Nicolas Sekkaki, CEO d’IBM France
* Justin Ziegler, Co-founder & Technical Director of PriceMinister up to 2017, Entrepreneur & Business Angel


– Workshops & Networking

* International Payment Garanties – Euler Hermes
* International Umbrella Company – Sage SA from Group
* International Marketing- Mission Internationale
* International Financing for PME / PMI – Bpifrance
* Innovative Technologies helping Internationalization – IBM
* Accompanying Solutions to Internationalization – Mission Internationale

* Québec, Opening Door to North America – Lavery de Billy & Mission Internationale
* Vietnam, Opening Door to Asia – Archétype France
* Morocco, Opening Door to Maghreb – Chamber of Commerce Franco-Arab
* Ivory Coast, Opening Door to West Africa – CIAN
* Focus on Belgium – CCI France Belgique– Plenary Talks

* Supporting Corporates, PME / PMI Internationally – François Perret, CEO Pacte PME
* International Criminal Risk – Eric Dupont-Moretti & Antoine Vey, Lawyers in Paris Court
* International Public / Private Financing for PME / PMI / ETI – Animated by Cecile Desjardins, Financial Journalist. Pablo Novo (Export Executive Director Bpifrance) – Olivier Chazal (Energy Financing Corporate Advisor & in charge of Club Ardeme Internaional)- Bruno François (in charge of Trade Finance France BNP Paribas).
* Stéphane Lévin, Entrepreneur serving the Exploration







FRENCH is spoken in Each of the Five Continents by more than 200 Million People, and is the Second Most Widespread Language after English. It is also an Official Language in 29 Countries, and is spoken in Southern Belgium, Western Switzerland, Monaco, Canada, North Africa and many others. French is an Official Language of Many International Organisations such as the United Nations, the European Union and NATO, to name a few. An ability to speak French is an advantage on the international job market as it opens doors to many opportunities with French companies all over the world.

Communicating Across Cultures begins with the Basic Understanding that one size does not fit all. Simply because you practice Certain Cultural Habits or Patterns, does not mean that the Rest of the World does. Failing to recognize and adapt to this Diversity can mean the Difference between a Successful Transaction and Failure. Culture provides a Framework for Acceptable Behaviour and Differences in Ideals need to be recognised, valued and appreciated before any Real Communication can take Place. While France is a Culturally Aware Nation, the French also have High Expectations when it comes to understanding their Culture. First Impressions are very important to the French, and may have a Strong Impact on the Outcome of your Business Relationship.


Meetings come in a Variety of Forms, and are more important than ever in Business today. There are the Everyday Office Meetings, Board Meetings, and Seminars. Meetings can now be Face-To-Face, by Teleconference, Video-Conference, or Online via the Internet. Meetings are a Common Form of Corporate Life in France. It is Essential to recognise the Value of Planning for a Meeting, according to the Principles of Proper Etiquette. Deciding on the Contents of the Meeting and the Appropriate Negotiation Strategies should be based on the Cultural Habits and Customs of the Country.
This Importance of Tradition is Evident in French Business Protocol, which adheres to Persistent Formality in the Negotiation Stages. You cannot change the Serious Approach that your French Counterparts. The International Organisation of La Francophonie (IOF) represents One of the Biggest Linguistic Zones in the World. Its Members share more than just a Common Language. They also share the Humanist Values promoted by the French Language. The French Language and its Humanist Values represent the Two Cornerstones on which the International Organisation of La Francophonie is based. It was created in 1970. Its Mission is to embody the Active Solidarity between its 84 Member States and Governments (58 Members and 26 Observers), which together represent over one-third of the United Nations’ Member States and account for a Population of over 900 Million People, including 274 Million French Speakers.
The IOF has its Head Office in Paris as well as Four Permanent Representations in Addis Ababa (at the African Union and at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa), in Brussels (at the European Union), in New York and in Geneva (at the UN). It has three regional offices (West Africa ; Central Africa and Indian Ocean ; Asia-Pacific) located respectively in Lomé (Togo), Libreville (Gabon) and Hanoi (Vietnam) and two regional antennas in Bucharest (Romania) and in Port-au-Prince (Haiti).
Benchmarks from IOF :
* There are an estimated 274 million French Speakers Worldwide.
* French is the 5th most widely Spoken Language on the Planet and the Only One, together with English, to be Spoken on all Five Continents.
* French is the 2nd Business Language of the European Area and the 3rd Global Business Language in the World.
* French is the 4th most widely Used Language on the Web








  • François ASSELIN President CPME


  • Charles GREBER Dir. of Com’ GPF


  • Panel (1*)





  • David KASSAR & Nicolas SEKKAKI IBM France


  • Panel (2*)  @ Rencontres d’Affaires Francophones 2018








At Sotheby’s France

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October  2018

On October 25, 2018 @ Sotheby’s France (Paris) – Pierre Bergé From One Home To Another Exhibition





Proceeds To Benefit Two Foundations


From 29 to 31 October 2018, Sotheby’s France, which has a New Exhibition Space, is hosting an Important Event in the Art Market Calendar. Sotheby’s and Pierre Bergé & Associés are conducting the Sale of the Contents of Pierre Bergé Last Residences. The Sale of this Unique Collection of Works chosen by Pierre Bergé, many of which were acquired with Yves Saint Laurent, offer almost 1,000 Lots reflecting the Diverse Passions of this Refined Man and of the People with whom he shared his Life. While a Small Selection of Highlights from Pierre Bergé’s Collection was unveiled this Summer, now for the First Time, the Full Scope of “Pierre Bergé : D’une Demeure à l’Autre” is revealed.

Pierre Bergé was a committed Philanthropist and wanted a Portion of the Proceeds from this Auction and from the Sale of other items to benefit the Fondation Pierre Bergé.-Yves Saint Laurent in Paris an the Fondation Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech.

In the Homes he created with Yves Saint Laurent, Bergé surrounded himself with Art and Decorative Objects : Four Interiors, each with its own Identity. The Sale at Sotheby’s, which opened for Public viewing on October 25, serves as an Homage to these Places, recreating the Unique Atmosphere of each one.




The Paris Townhouse, formely the Residence of Marshal Hubert Lyautey and Edouard Manet, was decorated by François-Joseph Graff as well as the Milanese Interior Designers Roberto Peregalli and Laura Sartori. It was transformed into a Timeless, Peaceful Retreat and housed many Beautiful Objects.

Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent had La Datcha built on the Estate of Château Gabriel, a 19th Century Neo-Gothic Mansion in Normandy, Designer Jacques Grange created the Interior inspired by the Ballets Russes and Léon Bakst.

Mas Théo in Saint-Rémy, Provence, was also designed by Grange. it was surrounded by Provence-Style Gardens filled with many Species of Plants and Trees, linking one House to the Next, one Atmosphere to the next.

At Villa Mabrouka in Tangiers, once again decorated by Jacques Grange, in 2008 and again in 2017, Bergé created a Secret Garden where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic. Of all the Homes shared by Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent, this Beautiful Building overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar symbolised the Confluence of the Pair’s Respective Origins : Oran for Yves Saint-Laurent and Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron for Pierre Bergé.








Central to Piere Bergé’s Collection are 12 Paintings by Bernard Buffet that mark the Two Men’s Intense Shared History in the 1950s and reflect a Watershed Period in Bernard Buffet’s Style and Painting. These Canevas therefore have a Unique History. All except Two were given by the Artist to Pierre Bergé, his Companion for Eight Years between 1950 and 1958. Most are signed on the Back with the Words “A Pierre Bergé”. The Works were kept by Pierre Bergé until his Death. They were recently loaned to Two Important Exhibitions on Bernard Buffet : “The Retrospective” at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris, in 2016, and “Bernard Buffet, la Collection Pierre Bergé” at the Musée Estrine in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.
Also for Sale are an Exceptional Group of Orientalist Paintings chosen by Pierre Bergé for his House in Paris. The Great Friendshipn between the Lalannes and Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé started in the 1960s. In 1965, François-Xavier Lalanne designed a Bar for Yves Saint Laurent, and in 1966 Pierre Bergé wrote a Favourable Review of his Friend’s Exhibition at the Alexandre Iolas Gallery. In 1969, for his Autumn-Winter Collection, Yves Saint Laurent invited Claude Lalanne to create Human Body Cast to adorn his Chiffon Gowns. Over the Years, Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent continued to Commission Work by the Lalannes for their Different Homes.

Pierre Bergé amassed a Stunning Collection of Objects. His Taste was eclectic ans spanned Civilisations, Eras and Genres. There were many Art Objects alongside the Paintings : Pieces from Antiquity, Renaissance Enamels, Ivories and African masks could be found in his Various Residences. A Lover of all Types of Art, Pierre Bergé amassed a Fine Collection of some 40 African Masks.

On December 14, the Fourth Sale dedicated to the Contents of Pierre Bergé’s Personal Library will offer an Array of Books and Manuscripts dating from the 15th to the 20th Century. While Literature makes up the Lion’s share, Bibliophiles will find Volumes relating to other Fields such as Philosophy, Botany and Garden Design, as well as a Number of Illustrated Works such as Le Propriétaire des Choses, published in Lyon in 1486.

Pierre Bergé’s Unique Personality is perhaps revealed in even Greater Detail than before through his Books from Friends, Jean Cocteau, Jean Giono, Bernard Buffet, as well as those that reflect his Political Beliefs, such as “L’encyclopédie Anarchiste” by Sébastien Faure, given to the Young Pierre Bergé by Faure’s Widow in Memory of the Militant Author.

UPDATE on October 31, 2018

– Highest Total For Any Sale Of House Contents At SOTHEBY’S FRANCE :

White Glove Sale for Pierre Bergé’s Collection – From One Home to Another – Contents from Rue Bonaparte, Mas Théo, Villa Mabrouka, La Datcha – Totalling €27,5 Million / $31,3 Million – (Estimate: €4.7 – 7.2 Million)

* 100% of Lots offered found a Buyer
* 95% of Lots that surpassed their Pre-Sale High-Estimates
* 975 Lots sold
* 890 Lots Soaring Beyond their Pre-Sale High-Estimates
* Four Days of Public Exhibition, with 5,000 Visitors, and Two Days of Sales
* 24 Hours of Sales and Ten Auctioneers
* 2,500 Participants from 72 Countries – a Record Level of Participation for Sotheby’s France
* 1,200 Online Participants from 56 Countries
* 30% New to Sotheby’s
* The Online Auction Catalogue for Collection Pierre Bergé: From One Home to Another, together with the Individual Lot Pages, garnered just under 500,000 Views from almost 80,000 Visitors to the Website
* 5 Auction Records

















Discover PARIS Like You Never Did

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October  2018

Sightseeing Tour on October 29, 2018. Starting at the foot of the Eiffel Tower on the Seine river (Port de Suffren)

Photos : © Vedettes de Paris / © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU





“VEDETTES DE PARIS” is a French Private Company that offers Paris Tours on the Seine since 1976. It was created with a New Approach to Touristic Discovery of the Capital (Cruises on Traditional and Comfortable Boats). The “Vedettes de Paris” was purchased in 2006 by the Socatra group (French Oil Tanker Shipping Company) in Alliance with one of the World’s Largest Ship Broker Companies, the BRS Group.

In March 2008, the Shareholders reaffirmed their Interest in the Seine by buying the “Compagnie des Bateaux à Roue” (CBR). Founded in 1990, CBR was the first Luxury Cruise Ship and Event Hosting Company in Paris. Its Fleet now consists of Five Boats that can accommodate up to 700,000 Passengers Per Year… In 2014, the Socatra Group became the Sole Shareholder of “Vedettes de Paris”. It is the first River Transportation Company on the Seine to have been ISO 14001 Certified for its Environmental Commitments.


















Monuments And Bridges Of  PARIS

– ROUND CRUISE WITH STOP ( Escale Notre-Dame Pont Marie Voie Georges Pompidou 75004 Paris – From the Eiffel Tower Port de Suffren 75007 Paris.

Both a Stopover and Boarding Point, the “Notre-Dame-Pont-Marie Stopover” is only 30 minutes by Boat from the Eiffel Tower and a 10-minute Walk from Notre Dame de Paris, allowing you to discover the Historic Heart of Paris. Board or stop, visit and return aboard. You can also Round Cruise from the Eiffel Tower at Port de Suffren. The Cruise Map is as follows : Eiffel Tower, Russian Orthodox Church, American Church, Hotel Royal des Invalides, Alexandre III Bridge, Pont de la Concorde, Légion d’Honneur Palace, Orsay Museum, The Institut de France, Pont Neuf, Pont Saint-Michel, Ile de la Cité, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Saint Geneviève Statue, Arab World Institute, Ile Saint-Louis, Hotel de Ville de Paris, The Conciergerie, The Louvre, Place de la Concorde, Grand Palais, The FLame of Liberty, Palais Chaillot.

* Sightseeing Cruise
* One Way Cruise
* Round Cruise With Stop
* Mysteries of Paris Cruise
* Cruise & Aquarium de Paris
* Cruise & Sightseeing Bus Foxity
* Cruise & 2CV Car Ride
* Dinner Cruise
* The Impressionist Cruise
* Sustainable Development Cruise
* Schools & Groups Cruises
Currently, “Vedettes De Paris” is strengthening its Activities by launching the Construction of Two Pontoons and a New Dock Terrace. It will be for Fall 2019 – Spring 2020., at the Eiffel Tower Stop (Port de Suffren). One Part of the Terrace will be dedicated to the Cruise Tour & Restoration and the Second one to Private Events.







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October  2018

Introduction by CEO Catherine GUILLOUARD

Media Day RATP Group : Moving Towards A Better City
RATP Headquarters in PARIS on October 19, 2018





In 14 Countries, Across 4 Continents


Present in 14 Countries, across Four Continents, the RATP Group is a Global Leader in Urban Mobility. On a Daily Basis, 61,000 Employees work Round-The-Clock to develop, operate, maintain and modernise Innovative Public Transport Systems, and to meet the Transport Needs of Travellers. RATP means “Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens” ( Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transports).

They operate Daily Eight Means of Transport :
* Metro,
* Tram,
* Urban and Inter-Urban Buses,
* Regional Trains,
* Sightseeing,
* Maritime Shuttles,
* Cable Transport,
* Transport On Demand.

They are also Present, in Partnership, on the New Mobility Chain on Four Other Modes :
* Autonomous Shuttles,
* Electric Scooter,
* Carpooling,
* Car Sharing.

They export their Expertise across the Globe by Designing, Implementing and Overseeing the Day-To-Day Running of Mobility Solutions and Innovative Services.




RATP Group Today :

* 16 Million Journeys around the World Every Day.

* A World Player in the Transformation of Cities.

* They have developed a Unique Transversal Expertise in Operations, Maintenance and Engineering. Multimodal (Expertise in All Transport Modes)

* Strongly established in the Île-de-France Region : Historic Operator of the Paris Metro, they operate and maintain a Multi-Modal Network in the Île-de-France Region that ensures the Continuity, Quality, Performance and Security of over 3.3 Billion Journeys per year: 206 km of Lines and 302 Metro Stations, 117 km of Regional Train Lines (RER) and 66 Stations, plus a 105 km of Tram Network, 4,700 Buses, etc…


* The 2016-2020 Contract Plans to invest 8.5 Billion Euros in upgrading and developing the Network, which includes 4.2 Billion Euros of its Own Funds. Extension Work is currently under way on Four of 14 Metro Lines.
— ) Bus2025 Plan, together with the Support of Île-de-France Mobilités, aims to make Major Technological and Ecological Transformation by converting the Entire Fleet of 4,700 Buses to Low-Carbon Emission by 2025.
— ) Métro2030 Plan, the Metro is currently undergoing One of the Largest Upgrading Programmes since its Creation. Capitalising on their Expertise, and as part of a Global Approach, each Line will be completely upgraded before 2030 to ensure that Paris becomes the City of Tomorrow.
* Global Presence (from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to Metros in Seoul and Mumbai, and Trams in Tucson, Hong-Kong and Florence).
— ) Urban Mobility : RATP operates and maintains the Paris regional network, one of the Densest Multimodal Networks in the World. RATP Dev operates and maintains Urban and Intercity Networks in France and Abroad. RATP Infrastrucure Management of the Historic Network in Île-de-France. * RATP can rely on the expertise of RATP’s Internal Engineering Department : Definition of the Requirement, Design Study, monitoring of the Execution and Acceptance of the Rolling Stock, Infrastructures and Urban Transport Systems, across All Modes.


* Urban Services
— ) RATP Travel Retail (formerly known as Promométro), Management and Deployment of Retail Spaces on the Transport Network in France and Conduction of Consultancy Work abroad.
— ) RATP Connect (formerly known as Telcité), Deployment, Operations and Maintenance of a Fibre Optic Network.
— ) RATP Real Estate (formerly known as SEDP), Real Estate Management and Engineering.
— ) RATP Habitat (formerly known as Logis-Transports), Management and Construction of Social Housing in the Île-de-France Region.
— ) RATP Cooperation Support for Developing Countries experiencing Significant Increases in City Populations.
— ) RATP Smart Systems (formerly known as IXXI), Mobility Assistance Solutions in the Fields of Ticketing, Passenger Information and Operation Support Systems.
* Investment Funds
— ) RATP Capital Innovation Innovation : Investment Funds dedicated to SMEs, VSEs and Start-Ups, New Forms of Mobility Players and Smart City Occupations.* Sponsorship
Supports General Interest Projects in the Heart of the Group’s Operational Regions, in France and abroad.Overseen by an EPIC (Industrial and Commercial Public Undertaking), RATP is a State-Funded Public Corporation. The Board of Directors is governed by the So-Called “Three-Thirds Rule”: a Third of its Representatives must be from the French State, a Third must be Employee Representatives, and the Remaining Third must be “Qualified People”

RATP owns the Île-de-France Infrastructure Networks that it operates (Metro, Tram and RER Suburban Lines). It is responsible for managing and ensuring the Safety of these Networks and also keeping them in Good Condition. The Rolling stock (Buses, Metro, RER Suburban Lines and Tram) is owned by Île-de-France Mobilités.

RATP operates its Historical Networks in the Île-de-France Region as part of a Contract with Île-de-France Mobilités, the Organising Authority for Public Transport in the Paris Île-de-France Region. The ARAF (French Rail Regulatory Body) lLw of 3 November 2009 on the Organisation and Regulation of Rail Transport reformed the RATP’s Legal and Economic Model for the first time since 1948. This Law (article 5) has adapted the Passenger Transport Regulations for the Île-de-France Region to the European OSP regulations regarding the Opening to Competition of Passenger Transport in 2009 .

The Public Transport Market in the Île-de-France Region is now open to Competition. Île-de-France Mobilités must ensure Competition between Île-de-France Operators for all New Services. For all Existing Networks, a Transition Period has been planned :
* 15 years for the Bus Network
* 20 years for the Tram Network
* 30 years for the Metro and the RER Suburban Lines Networks.


  • Anaïs LANCON Dir. of Communication & The Brand


  • Hiba FARES Dir. Customer experience & Marketing


  • Laurence BATLLE Chairman of the Board RATP Dev.



  • Guillemette KARPELES Exec. Dir RATP Real Estate


  • Marie-Claude DUPUIS Dir. Strategy Inov. & Dev.


  • Philippe MARTIN Dep. Gen. Dir. Op. Transp., Maint.







The World s Largest Food Innovation Exhibition

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October  2018

SIAL Paris 2018 @ Paris Nord Villepinte (Paris) From October 21 To October 25, 2018
The World’s Largest Food Innovation Exhibition





October 21-25 At Paris Nord Villepinte


To discover Products from all over the World, the Latest Culinary Trends, you need to attend Culinary Demonstrations … On 21-25 October 2018, SIAL Paris becomes the Largest International Marketplace for Foodservice Professionals seeking Inspiration.

Comprehensive Worldwide Food offering at SIAL Paris : Beverages, Charcuterie, Cured and Salted Meats, Equipement and Services, Tinned and Preserved Foods, Gourmet Foods, Savoury Grocery Products, Sweet Grocery Products, Fruit and Vegetables, Frozen Products, Semi-Processed Food Products, Ingredients and Outsourcing Solutions, Organic Products, Health Products and Food Supplements, Seafood Products, Dairy Products, Delicatessen Products and Ready-Prepared Dishes, Meat, Pet Food, Poultry, Wine and Spirits, International Pavillons, French Regions.

It’s a Fact that Innovation has a Prominent Place in the Food Sector ! It has a True Impact on the Foodservice Professions and it is Crucial for a Chef to know how to innovate in the Kitchen, notably in Terms of Methods. Consequently, SIAL Paris Products and Solutions are Real Treasures, Ideal to perfect your Cooking and help you with your Daily Tasks. Every Two Years, SIAL Paris invites you to discover Fresh Produce and Raw Supplies : an Ideal, Good Quality Basis for your Work.

YANNICK ALLENO is a Patron of SIAL Paris 2018. As Sponsor, Yannick Alléno takes part in the Selection Committee for the Prizes awarded by SIAL Innovation. He defines a “Foodservice” Theme Trail and select Products presented by the Exhibitors for Inclusion in a Basket bearing his Name.

Foodservice Actors from Across the World, and from All Spheres, attend SIAL Paris : Institutional Catering (11%), Commercial Catering (41%), Foodservice Distributors and Wholesalers (37%), and Caterers (11%).



* Gold Award
* Silver Award
* Bronze Award
* Award of Non- Alcoholic Drinks
GIVE IT A SHOT (Portugal)
* Award of Alcoholic Drinks
* Award of Dairy Products
* Award of Savoury Grocery
* Award of Sweet Grocery
* Award of Delicatessen Products

* Award of Fruits & Vegetables
* Award of Seafood Products
* Award of Frozen Products
* Award of Meat Products
* Award of Alter’Native Food
* Award Foodservice
* Award of Distribution
* Grand Prix Equipment & Technologies
* Award of intermediate food & ingrédient









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October  2018

On October 12, 2018 @ Musée JEAN COUTY (Lyon), regarding :
October 13, 2018 – April 14, 2019 (1, Place Henri Barbusse – Lyon 9)
Lydia HARAMBOURG : Curator of the Exhibition





October 13, 2018 – April 14, 2019 – LYON


Jean COUTY had not even turned Twenty when he painted ‘The Revolution in the Village (1936), followed by ‘The Parable of the Mad Men (1937), then an Analysis of the Complex and Authoritative World of the Christian Church with its Many Followers, Ornate Clothing, Décorations and Precious Objects. Priests, Monks, Nuns and Bishops would form the Subjects of his Intricate Portrayal of the Formidable World of the Catholic Church. ‘Bread and Wine’ Central to the Catholic Idea of Sharing, would become the Subject of Some Powerful Still Life Paintings. Jean COUTY always manifested a Strong Liking and Talent for Drawing. As a Young Man, he often made Use of the Presence of his Family, encouraged by his Sister, who shared his Great Talent. Jean COUTY showed his Commitment to the Christian Church by honoring Bernadette Soubirou (1958).
Jean COUTY always felt a Need to write about the History of Art. He also wrote in the ‘Temps Nouveaux’. He was always guided by Grand Spiritual Inspirations and by his Undeniable Culture, he paid Frequent Visits to PARIS where he attended Exhibitions. Jean COUTY invariably expressed a Real Sense of Commitment. In 1959, Jean COUTY set out a “Tour of FRANCE” to study and paint ‘Romanesques Churches : Saint-Lénonard, Saint-Michel de Cuxa in the Eastern Pyrenees, Linvernon in the Lot, Semur-en-Brionnais, Saint-Julien in the Haute-Vienne…. He was passionate about Cathedrals : Cahors, Guebwiller, Angoulême, Notre Dame de Paris… In 1961, Jean COUTY has caused a Stir in PARIS when he exhibited Twenty Romanesque Churches at the Premises of Katia GRANOFF. An Inhabitant of LYON,originally from the Department of Creuse, competing with the Best Artists of his Time, such was Jean COUTY, when he was Awarded the “Prix de la Critique d’Art” in PARIS in 1950, together with Jean LE MOAL, a Member of the LYON Group ‘Témoignage’…

Lydia HARAMBOURG, Nicolas BUFFET, Blanche BUFFET, Danielle BUFFET, Charles COUTY



BERNARD BUFFET was Born July 10, 1928 in Paris, died on October 4, 1999 in Tourtour (Var – France). In December 1943, he entered the « Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts » where he studied for Two Years. After this he worked Alone. In 1946, he had his First Painting shown, a Self-Portrait, at the “Salon des Moins de Trente Ans” at the Galerie Beaux-Arts. In 1947, he exhibited « L’homme accoude » at the Salon des Independants and in December of the Same Year he had his First Solo Exhibition , at the Art Impressions Book Shop in Paris, organised by Guy Weelen and Michel Brient. Raymond Cogniat bought, for the Paris National Museum of Modem Art, a Painting entitled « Nature morte au Poulet ». In 1948, he was awarded the Critic’s Prize at the Galerie Saint-Placide in Paris, in conjunction with Lorjou.
In 1953, Louis Aragon wrote, in “Les Lettres Francaises”, an Article entitled Le Paysage Francais a Quatre Siecles et Bernard Buffet 24 ans (Four Centuries of French Landscape Painting and the 24 Years Old Bernard Buffet). In 1955, he was awarded the First Prize by the Magazine “Connaissance des Arts”, which named the 10 Best Post-War Artists. He met Georges Simenon who became his Close Friend. In 1958, at the Age of 30, the First Retrospective of his Work was held at Galerie Charpentier. The Same Year Pierre Berge published “Bernard Buffet” at Editions Pierre Cailler, and Georges Hourdin published “l’Enfer et le Ciel” de Bernard Buffet at Cerf. December 12,1958 Bernard Buffet married Annabel Schwob at Ramatuelle. In 1961 he painted a Series of Paintings depicting the Life of Jesus Christ, intended to decorate the Chapelle de Chateau l’Arc. Ten Years later, at the Request of Monseigneur Pasquale Macci (Secretary to Pope Paul VI) he offered these Paintings to the Vatican Museum where they remain on Permanent Exhibition.
In 1964 Maurice Druon published Bernard Buffet at Editions Hachette. In May, 1971 he was named « Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur ». November 23, 1973 the Bernard Buffet Museum was inaugurated ; it was founded by Kiichiro Okano, in Surugadaira, Japan. March 13, 1974 he was elected to the Académie des Beaux-Arts In 1978, at the request of the Postal Administration, he designed a stamp depicting l’Institut et le Pont des Arts. In 1986, « Bernard Buffet » by Yann le Pichon edited by Maurice Garnier, obtained the Elie Faure Award. December 9, 1988 a large extension to the Bernard Buffet Museum was inaugurated in Japan. In 1989, Alin Alexis Avila published « Bernard Buffet », edited by Nouvelles Editions Francaises aux Editions Casterman.
Born in 1907, JEAN COUTY’s Devotion to the World of Art and Architecture first began when he entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts in LYON (France) in 1921, upon the Advice of the Man he would always consider his Master, the Architect of French Modernity, Tony GARNIER (1869-1948). Jean COUTY, in his Early Work, often drew his Inspiration from his Immediate Surroundings : his Family and the Countryside around him. His Family as was Typical of their Time and Social Standing, allowed him to experiment with the Art of the Portrait. He painted Faces and Situations which bore the Stamp of Reality and Authenticity.







During World War II, the Relations between Art and War can be articulated around Two Main Issues. First, Art found itself at the Centre of an Ideological War. Second, during World War II, Many Artists found themselves in the Most Difficult Conditions (in an Occupied Country, in Internment Camps, in Death Camps) and their Works are a Testimony to a Powerful “Urge to create.” Such Creative Impulse can be interpreted as the Expression of Self-Preservation, a Survival Instinct in Critical Times. It is Important to observe how Big of a Part Art had played during the Post-War Period, consequently leaving behind a Sea of Brilliant Artworks…. Two Crossed Paths illustrate perflectly this Era with Two Brilliant Examples : Bernard BUFFET & Jean COUTY ! – Both having in common : Figurative Painting, Landscape Painting, Portraits / Self-Portraits Art, Drawings and mostly their Humanism.

Art always responds in Some Way, and so the Vantage Points from which to observe it were polarized as well, which gave Birth to a Vast Number of Concurrent Streams. Therefore, we can see the Most Obvious Difference between the Tendencies toward Abstraction, suggested by the Pro-Democratic American High-Culture, and the European Post-War Art, which fell under the Slight Influence of Figuration and Realism. Figurative Art describes Artwork (particularly Paintings and Sculptures) that is clearly derived from Real Object Sources and so is Representational. The Term is often in Contrast to Abstract Art. Figurative Art describes any Form of Modern Art that retains Strong References to the Real World and particularly to the Human Figure.

Landscape Painting is the Depiction of Landscapes in Art (Natural Scenery such as Mountains, Valleys, Trees, Rivers, and Forests, especially where the Main Subject is a Wide View) with its Elements arranged into a Coherent Composition. In other Works, Landscape Backgrounds for Figures can still form an Important Part of the Work. Sky is almost always included in the View, and Weather is often an Element of the Composition.
Before the Invention of Photography, a Painted, Sculpted, or Drawn Portrait was the Only Way to record the Appearance of Someone. But Portraits have always been more than just a Record. They have been used to show the Power, Importance, Virtue, Beauty, Wealth, Taste, Learning or Other Qualities of the Sitter. In fact, a Portrait is a Representation of a Particular Person. A Self-Portrait is a Portrait of the Artist by the Artist. Is it possible to distinguish between the Object Depicted in a Painting and the Artist’s Way of Seeing ? The Medium of Painting, unlike Photography, does not necessarily abide by the Laws of Reality. The Artist is Free to represent Anything his or her Mind can imagine.







  • JEAN COUTY Museum




  • Nicolas BUFFET & Charles COUTY



  • Jean COUTY 1936 – Bernard BUFFET 1981 @ JEAN COUTY Museum









  • Bernard BUFFET 1981 – 1988 @ JEAN COUTY Museum












  • Annabel BUFFET 1960 Danielle & Virginie BUFFET 71




  • Jean COUTY 1977 – Bernard BUFFET 1989 @ JEAN COUTY Museum








(Connecting Digital Leaders)

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October  2018

No Trust No Business Forum – October 9-10, 2018 @ La Maison De La Mutualité (Paris)
HubForum (Connecting Digital Leaders)





October 9-10, Maison De La Mutualite


HUBFORUM 2018 : NO TRUST-NO BUSINESS was held on October 9 & 10, 2018 At Maison De La Mutualité (PARIS). It was a 2 Day Conferences, Workshops and Networking Sessions to grasp the Market’s Best Practices and for Professionals to being able to meet the Right Partners for Business Purposes (3,000 Doers, 30 Business Cases, 35 Workshops, 48 Hours Networking).

Digital Transformation is the Integration of Digital Technology into All Areas of a Business, Fundamentally Changing how you operate and deliver Value to Customers. It’s also a Cultural Change that requires Organizations to continually challenge the Status Quo, Experiment, and get Comfortable with Failure… Digital Transformation sounds like a Tech Buzzword, but it’s an Important Process for keeping your Organisation up to speed with the Latest Changes in Technology.

It’s a New Way to approach your Work and will most likely involve Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone and learning New Skills. Soon will appear New Job Titles such as Data Scientists or Systems Analysts as the Business starts to need Different Skill Sets to meet the Demands of Changing Technology. But it is more than just Technological Changes. It is a Completely Different Way of working that requires CEOs, Managers, IT Departments and even Entry-Level Employees to have Different Mindsets. It’s more about changing the Way you adapt your Operation to New Technologies rather than simply adopting them.




Disruptive Events affecting Industries are coming Faster and becoming Less Predictable than ever before, especially for Industries where the Pace of Technological Evolution is confronting Traditional Business Models Head-On. Both Businesses and Government need to embrace the Latest Trends and the Innovation Opportunities they provide… Speed and Sophistication of Digitisation is on the Rise. Knowledge is Commoditising, but Data is increasing in Value. Consumers are more Digitally Savvy than Organisations. More and More Organisations are turning to the Crowd as a Powerful Human and Financial Resource. Social Platforms are driving the World. Your Competitors are Everywhere… Digital is the Ultimate Game Changer in Terms of how we think about One’s Future Prosperity. The Challenge as Influencers, Business and Government Leaders, is to recognise the Innovation Opportunity and act now.


– Tuesday, October 9, 2018


— No Trust, No Business – Introduction
With Perle BAGOT (Moderator, Associate Director Hub Institute) – Vincent DUCREY (Co-Founder & CEO Hub Institute) – Emmanuel VINTER (Co-Founder Hub Institute)….
— Keynote : Emmanuel VINTER
— Keynote : Sébastien BADAULT (CEO Alibaba France & International Director Fashion & Luxury Alibaba Group)
— Trust must be Earned with Emmanuel RIVIERE (CEO KAntar Public France
— (1*) Co-Building the Future of Companies in a Changing World : Culture, Technology and Business Model.
With Jessica DELPIROU (CEO France – Alexandra SOUBRIER-JOLY (Associate Director, Marketing, Public Relations & Communication AG2R Media) – Philipp SCHMIDT (Chief Transformation Officer & Managing Director Prisma Media)
— Keynote : Laurent SOLLY (CEO France & Regional Director South Europe Facebook)
— The Future of Advertising is played in your Cart !
With Guillaume PLANET (VP Media & Digital Marketing Groupe Seb) – Fabrice HENRY (Partner Artefact)

— When Retailers & Publishers Converge
With Matthieu AZORIN (CEO & Co-Founder Storetail – François COSTA DE BEAUREGARD (Managing Director France Criteo
— Developing Audiences thanks to Data, a History of Trust ?
With Ghita TAOUJNI (Director Digital Marketing and Data, France Television) – David PASTURAL (Sales Director for South Europe Oracle)
— Programmatic why Internalize ?
With Rémy MERCKX (Vice-President Digital, Radisson Hotel Group) – Sandra CASTELLANI (Programmatic Services Le ad France Benelux, Accenture Advertising)
— Amazon Live Session with Zach JOHNSON (Director, Advertising Sales and Global Accounts, Amazon Advertising)
— Twitter : Conversation as Trust Engine with Laurent BUANEC (Deputy Managing Director, Twitter)


— Enriching Conversations with Travelers to Gain their Trust !
With Emmanuel MARILL (CEO France & Belgium, Airbnb) – Laurent UBERTI (President & Founder, Sitel Group)
— The Customer Experience in the Heart of the Digital Processing
With Céline REGNAULT (Digital & Client Experience Manager, Engie) – Jalil CHIKHI (Sales Direcor Google France)
— The Future of Advertising, Advertising of the Future : when Innovation meets Ethics in the Result Quest.
With Pierre CHAPPAZ (Executive Chairman Teads)
— How to deploy its Business Transformation thanks to a Good Contro of the Data ?
With Florence CHAFFIOTTE (Marketing, Digital & Innovation Manager, Monoprix) – Laurent BLIAUT (Deputy General Manager TF1 Publicité) – Edouard BEAUCOURT (Head of Southern Europe Country Manager, Tableau)

— Social Intelligence by Pernod Ricard : Achieving Consumer Centricity
With Florence RAINSARD (Consumer Insight & Experience Director, Pernod Ricard) – Guilhem FOUETILLOU (Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist Officer, Linkfluence)
— Michelin :Digital Factory that optimizes the Customer Experience Worldwide
With Patrice COCHIN (Head of Global Digital Transformation & Consumer Engagement Digital Factory, Michelin) – Frédéric SIMON (Sales Director, Datawords)
— Create Confidence for the Tomorrow’s Economy !
With Bruno LE MAIRE (Miniter of Economy & Finance)
— How to make coexist one’s E-Store with Indirect Sales created by Physical & Digital Distributors
With Fabrice BOCHET (Head of E-Commerce, HP) – Franck LEWKOWICZ (CEO France, Quantcast)
— Mobility for Brands with Fej SHMUELEVITZ (VP Community & Operations, Waze)
— Trust & Innovation : Winning Duo of the Digital Transformation with Weiliang SHI (CEO, Huawei)
— The Devil wears GAFA with Jacques SEGUELA (Author)

– Wednesday, October 10, 2018


— Introduction by Perle BAGOT, Emmanuel VINTER, Vincent DUCREY
— Asia Trends 2019 – Keynote by Vincent DUCREY
— In the Heart of Digital Transformation of the Mediterranean Club with Henri GISCARD D’ESTAING (CEO, Club Med)
— The Future in-s not any more your Website ! with Franck NEGRO (Managing Director Southern Europe, Yext)
—Brand to Exist in a Dynamic and Challenging Environment
With Fabien MAGALOn (CEO, Alliance Gravity) – Dominique KIRMANN-DEMOUX (Western Europe Media Manager in charge of Digital Transformation, Mondez International) – Paul-Antoine STRULLU (VP & Managing Director Southern Europe, AppNexus)

— Hybrid Management Model of Programmatic Campaigns : From Collaborative Efficiency to Technologic Co-Construction
With Amin ELMILI (Online Media & AdTech Lead, Carrefour) – Yohann DUPASQUIER (CEO, Tradelab)
— Renault France : Keys of a Successful Media Data Synergy & CRM
With Valérie CANDEILLER (Advertising Manager, Renault France) – Frédéric OLIVENNES (Managing Director France, Weborama)
— How to Maximize the ROI of your Companies with AI ?
With Ferdinand TOMARCHIO (Commercial Director, Cdiscount) – Jean-René BOIDRON (President, Kameleon)
— Creativity, Speed & Impact : Data, Fuel of Agile Marketing
With Simon VIVIEN (VP Data Marketing & Innovation, Warner Bros) – Yannis YAHIAOUI (CEO & Co-Founder, Adotmob)
— Samsung at the Age of CDM (Customer Data Marketing)
With Stéphane COTTE (VP Consumer Electronics, Samsung) – Jocelyne KAUFFMANN (General Manager, Chell) – Raphaël FETIQUE (Co-Founder & Associate Director, Converteo)
— To convert Attention into Business Results
With Vanessa HUDBERT (In Charge of Brands, Media, Contents at Crédit Agricole) – Pauline BUTOR (Director Youtube & Video, Youtube)
— The New Challenges of the Second Data Part
With Frédérique CHEYMOL (Chief Data Offici-er France, SFR) – Adrien VINCENT (CEO, RelevanC) – Vihan SHARMA (Managing Direcor France, Liveramp)
—To Develop Trust Relationship with the Public : Innovations & New Practices
With Marie-Sophie JOUBERT (Global Head of Social Media, BNP Paribas) – Arnaud STEINKUHLER (Head of Solutions Europe, Talkwalker)


— Winners of Hub 35 : Young Digital Talents with Sandrine MATICHARD (Insights & Content Director, Hub Institute)
— Media : Trust as Future Leverage with Sibyle VEIL (CEO, Radio France)
— How to combine Human & Digital ?
With Virginie FAUVEL (Member of Executive Committee of Allianz & Chief Transformation Officer at Euler Hermes – Allianz) – Nathalie RASTOIN (President Ogilvy)
— Reaching the Moving Consumer in a Creative and Innovative Way
With Maurizio BIONDI (Marketing Director, McDonald’s Fance) – Emmanuel DURAND (General Manager, Snapchat)

— Changing the Company’s Mindset, Promoting Innovation, Making the Difference !
With Thierry SONALIER (ex-CEO, Groupe Jardiland) – Bertrand AUSTRUY (HR Manager & General Secretary, Danone) – Frédéric VERDAVAINE (CEO, Nexity) – Charles CHANTALA (Senior Sales Director, Indeed)
— Digital Influence, New Brands Comunication Media ?
With Thomas SILVE (Founder & CEO, Ctzar) – Guillaume CHARLES (Deputy CEO of M6 Advertising in charge of Marketing, Digital & Studies Department – M6 Publicité)
— How Storytelling activate Confidence & Leadership
With Luc BALLEROY (CEO, OpinionWay) – Sébastien BERNARD (Associate Director, Zeprresenters)
— the Economy of the Relationship at the Heart of Brand Value with Yann DAUJEARD (CEO, Hopscotch)







  • Emmanuel VIVIER, Perle BAGOT & Vincent DUCREY


  • Marjorie PAILLON & Emmanuel VIVIER @ No Trust No Business – HUBFORUM 2018


  • Emmanuel VIVIER @ No Trust No Business – HUBFORUM 2018



  • Sebastien BADAULT – ALIBABA GROUP @ No Trust No Business – HUBFORUM 2018


  • Emmanuel RIVIERE – KANTAR @ No Trust No Business – HUBFORUM 2018


  • Panel  Co-Building the Future of Companies.. – HUBFORUM 2018



  • Guillaume PLANET & Fabrice HENRY @ No Trust No Business – HUBFORUM 2018


  • Laurent SOLLY – FACEBOOK  @ No Trust No Business – HUBFORUM 2018





  • David PASTURAL & Ghita TAOUJNI @ No Trust No Business – HUBFORUM 2018


  • Sandra CASTELLANI & Remy MERCKX. @ HUBFORUM 2018


  • Sandrine MATICHARD Vincent DUCREY Marjorie PAILLON @ HUBFORUM 2018








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October  2018

Catherine PEGARD & Laurent SALOME

The Palace of Versailles on October 5, 2018





October 6, 2018 To February 3, 2019


LOUIS-PHILIPPE & VERSAILLES : Exhibition From October 6, 2018 To February 3, 2019

For the First Time, the Palace Of Versailles is devoting a Major Exhibition to Louis-Philippe I (1773-1850) who, in the early 19th Century, turned the Former Royal Residence into a Museum dedicated “To All The Glories of France” and opened it to the General Public. The Exhibition is held in the Africa and Crimea Rooms created for this New Museum, and will unveil, among other Pieces, the Monumental Paintings commissioned for these Rooms by Louis-Philippe I.


The Palace Visit is extended, to allow the Visitors to discover the Scale and the Riches of this Vast Museum imagined by Louis-Philippe, to : the Napoleon I Coronation Room and the 1792 Room, along with the Gallery of Battles and 1830 Room as well as the Crusades Rooms and the Consulate and Empire Room, which are exceptionally open to the Public throughout the Duration of the Exhibition.


Heir of the Orleans Family, Louis-Philippe shares Little History with the Versailles of the Ancient Regime. After his Accession to the Throne in 1830, however, he expressed an Interest in the Palace and began Work on transforming it into a National Monument. His Aim was in part to reconcile the French People with the Palace, a Symbol of the Former Absolute Monarchy, but more especially to ensure that his Reign left its Mark on the COuntry’s History. For that Purpose, Considerable Work was undrtaken in the North and South Wings to create Historical Galleries from One End of the Palace to the Other, with Major Iconographic Collections illustrating Key Events in French History.




 Freederic NEPVEU, the Architect in charge of rolling out the Project, drew Inspiration from the Decorative Vocabulary of the State Apartments but used New Techniques, notably including a Metal Structure allowing Zenithal Lighting in the Monumental Gallery of Battles. The King’s Direct Involvement in the Project, and his Desire to create and provide a Stage for National History, are at the Source of this Decisive Moment in the History of Versailles, which from then on served a Whole New Purpose. No longer just a Place of Memories, the Former Residence of the Bourbons became a Place for learning.


* Crusades Rooms (Salle Des Croisades)
From September 30 To November 4, 2018, a Theater Decor will be set up on the Stage of the Royal Opera House : Marble Palace enhenced in Gold, created in 1837 by the Decorator of the Paris Opera, Pierre-Luc-Charles CICERI, on the Occasion of the Inauguration of the Historical Galleries of Versailles by Louis-Philippe I.

* Africa and Crimea Rooms Exhibition (Salles d’Afrique et de Crimée Exposition)

* Coronation Room (Salle Du Sacre)
The Coronation of the Emperor Napoleon I and the Crowning of the Empress Josephine in Notre-Dame Cathedral on December 2, 1804.

* Gallery of Battles and 1830 Room (Gallerie des Batailles et Salle de 1830)

* Consulate and Empire Rooms (Salles du Consulat et de l’Empire)


* Louis-Philippe and Versailles
* Louis-Philippe, Heir of Ancient Regime
* Youth of Louis-Philippe
* The Exil of Louis-Philippe
* Louis-Philippe’s Collection
* Portraits and Representations
*Cordial Agreement at Chaâteau d’EU
* Louis-Philippe Taste
* Versailles Ancient and Modern
* Africa Rooms
* Artists witnessing the Conquest of Algeria
* Historical Galleries
* Inauguration of June 10, 1837
* The Abdication of Louis-Philippe
* Transformation of Versilles into a Museum


* Coronation Room
* 1792 Room
* The Princes’ Stairs
* Gallery of Battles
* The Stone Room
1830 Room
* Consulate and Empire Room







LOUIS-PHILIPPE was King of the French from 1830 to 1848. Like his Father, Louis Philippe II, Duke of Orléans, he initially supported the French Revolution. However following the Deposition and Execution of his Cousin, King Louis XVI, Louis Philippe fled the Country. Philippe spent the next 21 Years in Exile before returning during the Bourbon Restoration. He was proclaimed King in 1830 after his Cousin Charles X was forced to abdicate by the July Revolution. The Reign of Louis Philippe, known as the July Monarchy, was dominated by Wealthy Industrialists and Bankers. He followed Conservative policies. He also promoted Friendship with Britain and sponsored Colonial Expansion, notably the French Conquest of Algeria. His Popularity faded as Economic Conditions in France deteriorated in 1847, and he was forced to abdicate after the Outbreak of the French Revolution of 1848. He lived out his life in Exile in the United Kingdom. His Supporters were known as Orléanists, as opposed to Legitimists who supported the Main Line of the House of Bourbon.











  • Opéra Royal @ The Palce of Versailles


  • Opéra Royal @ The Palce of Versailles


  • Opéra Royal @ The Palce of Versailles









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October  2018

Conference with Eric ROUCHAUD on September 18, 2018 @ Westin Vendôme Hotel – Paris





November 16 to December 18, 2018


The Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne is a Theater in Compiègne (France). The Emperor Napoleon III decided to construct a Theater in Compiègne to entertain his court in 1867. He chose the Location and the Architect of the Building. In 1991, a Restoration Program and the Collection of Funds were launched to restore the Building and make it a Mecca for the Operatic Stage. The Quality of the Acoustics of the Room comes from its Design, built in the Italian Style, and 90% Wood. With the Support of the Sound Insulation of the Stage House and the Transfer and Amplification of Sound through the Wood, the Reverberation gives the Room excellent Acoustic Qualities… Heads of Renowned Orchestra have recognized the Qualities of the Room.




— Théâre Impérial De Compiègne PROGRAM 2018-2019

– OCTOBER 2018
* Atys En Folie (Opera – October 11, 2018)
* Music For The Royal Fireworks – Haendel (Concert – October 18)

* Et Pendant Ce Temps… Les Frivolités Parisiennes (Show for Cinematographers – Four Voices and Orchestra – November 9)
* Jakub Orlinsk Et Il Pomo D’Oro (Concert- November 16)
* L’enlèvement Au Sérail – Mozart (Opera – November 23)

* Orchestre Français Des Jeunes et Petra Lang (Concert – december 8)
* Voix Nouvelles (Concert – December 13)
* Bach Et Pygmalion – Motets (Concert – December 18)

– JANUARY 2019
* Berlioz et l’Italie, Les Siècles – Tabea Zimmermann (Concert – January 10)
* Modern Bach – Ayonis (Concert – December 17)

* Offenbach Colorature (Recital – February 1)
* Normandie, Les Frivolités Parisiennes – Paul Misraki (Musical – February 7)
*Eva Zaicik & Romain Louveau, A Fleur De Peau – Tchaikovski, Moussorgski, Wagner, Mahler (Concert – February 28)



– MARCH 2019
* Amadigi, Les Paladins – Haendel (Opera – March 8)
* Romain Laleu Et l’Ensemble Convergences (Concert – March 15)
* Lucas & Arthur Jussen and L’Orchestre de Picardie (Concert – March 22)
* Jeanne Et La Chambre A Airs (Opera – March 29)
– APRIL 2019
* Nicolas Stavy (Solo Recital Piano – April 4)
* La Chauve-Souris – Johann Strauss (Opera)
* La Tragedy De Carmen (From Carmen of Bizet- Opera – April 26)
* Un Requiem Allemand – Brahms (Concert)
– MAY 2019
* La tragédie De Carmen ( From Carmen of Georges Bizet – by Florent Siaud – Opera – May 17 & May 19)
* Un requiem Allemand by Brahms – Concert – May 28)
— FESTIVAL EN VOIX (November 16 – December 2018)
Lyric Art – Choral Singing Program
Regional Events :
*Hauts-De-France Region
* Théâtre Impérial De Compiègne



Diversified Program by the Shape and by the Directory to to raise Awareness of the maximum of People of this Prestigious and Popular Art.

– Hauts-De-France Program :
* LEON ET LEONIE – ENSEMBLE AEDES – Jacques Brel and Barbara Songs. 17 Singers. Director Mathieu Romano
* L’ODYSSEE – Opera

– Théatre Impérial De Compiègne Program
* PETRA LANG ET L’ORCHESTRE FRANCAIS DES JEUNES – Wagner, Krauss, Debussy, Strauss – Concert
















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October  2018

4th Forum Impressionism Destination @ Auvers-Sur-Oise, on October 2, 2018






October 2, 2018 – Auvers-Sur-Oise


The 4th Forum of Impressionism Destination was held at Auvers-Sur-Oise on October 2, 2018.
Animated by journalist Xavier MAUDUIT– Opening Speech by :
* Isabelle MEZIERES : Mayor of Auvers-Sur-Oise & Vice President of Communauté de Communes Sausseron Impressionnistes, in charge of Tourism.
* Gérard LAMBERT-MOTTE : President of SEM Château d’Auvers, County Councilor of Val d’Oise, in charge of Culture, Tourism and Patrimony.– Interventions :
* Hamida REZEG : Vice-President of Ile-De-France Region, in charge of Tourism.
* Marie-Agnès POUSSIER-WINSBACK : First Vice-President of Comité Régional de Tourisme de Normandy, Vice-President of Normandy Region, in charge of the Attractiveness of the Territory, Tourism and Boating.
– Debate : create Impressionist Archipelagos
* Anaïs LE BOT : Responsible of Normandy Region Tourism Department.
* Fabrice MOULIN : In charge of Development Center and Hosting Ile-De-France Regional Tourism Committee.– The Scientific Prestige of Impressionism Destination
* Félicie FAIZAND DE MAUPEOU : Research Engineer, “Labex Les Passés Dans le Présent”, Université Paris Nanterre.– Impressionism and Territories : Artists’ Colonies in Normandy & Ils-De-France (XIXth Century)
* Intervention of Frances FOWLE : Lecturer and International Director Edinburgh College of Art, Exhibition Comissioner at National Galleries of Scotland.
– Debate : Offensive Impressionism Destination towards Touristic International Markets
* Christophe DECLOUX : CEO of Ile-De-France Regional Tourism Comittee.
* Michael DODDS : CEO of Normandy Regional Tourism Committee
* Nathalie LECERF : Project Manager of Impressionism Destination Contract
* Raphaëlle GUILLOU : In charge of Impressionism Mission, Ile-De-France Regional Toruism Commitee– Workshops – Conclusion :
* Emma DELFAU : Deputy CEO of Direction Générale des Entreprises, Ministry of Economy & Finance.
* Christian MANTEI : CEO Atout France

Journalist Xavier MAUDUIT








Impressionism can be considered the First Distinctly Modern Movement in Painting. Developing in Paris in the 1860s, its Influence spread throughout Europe and eventually the United States. Its Originators were Artists who rejected the Official, Government-Sanctioned Exhibitions and were consequently shunned by Powerful Academic Art Institutions. the Impressionists aimed to capture the Momentary, Sensory Effect of a Scene, To achieve this Effect, many Impressionist Artists moved from the Studio to the Streets and Countryside, painting “en Plein Air”.
Picking up on the Ideas of Gustave Courbet, the Impressionists aimed to be Painters of the Real ; they aimed to extend the Possible Subjects for Paintings. Getting away from Depictions of Idealized Forms and Perfect Symmetry, but rather concentrating on the World as they saw it, Imperfect in a Myriad of Ways. Scientific Thought at the Time was beginning to recognize that what the Eye perceived and what the Brain understood were Two Different Things. Impressionism Records the Effects of the Massive Mid-19th-Century Renovation of Paris led by cCvic Planner Georges-Eugène Haussmann… The Works that focused on Scenes of Public Leisure (especially Scenes of Cafés and Cabarets) conveyed the New Sense of Alienation experienced by the Inhabitants of the First Modern Metropolis.








The Paris Region was a Fertile Source of Inspiration for Impressionist Painters in the Nineteenth Century. You can visit their Masterpieces in Emblematic Museums. From the Buzzing Streets of Paris to the Banks of the Seine or the Oise, the Impressionists have immortalised the most Modern and the most Bucolic Aspects of Paris and its Region. Under Napoleon III, Baron Haussmann transformed the City and brought Paris into Modernity. Chroniclers of Modern Life such as Monet, Degas, Manet, Renoir, Pissarro and Caillebotte were Frequent Visitors to the New Destinations of City Life : Cafés-Concerts, Brasseries, Balls, Operas, but also Parks, Gardens and Racetracks. One of the Popular Venues for the Individuals that were to become the Impressionist to meet and discuss Painting and Art were Parisian Cafés.
Part of the Interesting Dynamics of the Group of Impressionnists was the Variety of Personalities, Economic Circumstances, and Political Views. Monet, Renoir, and Pissarro had Lower and Working Class Backgrounds while Morisot, Caillebotte, and Degas were from Haute Bourgeoisie Roots. Mary Cassatt was American (and a Woman) and Alfred Sisley was Anglo-French. This Diversity of Personalities may be the Reason so much Success arose from all these Individual, and Group, Efforts…
Paris and its Spectacular Museums are Home to the Finest Collections of Impressionist Art. The Musée d’Orsay presents the Largest Collection of Impressionist Paintings in the World. The Musée de l’Orangerie, located at the Bottom of the Jardin des Tuileries, is the Setting of a Spectacular Monumental Ensemble of Monet’s Water Lilies. And Monet’s Greatest Masterpiece, ” Impression, Sunrise”, has Pride of Place at the Marmottan Monet Museum, which displays the most Important Monet Collection in the World….
To the North of Paris, the Town of Auvers-sur-Oise is a Genuine Open-Air Museum. From Van Gogh to Daubigny as well as Corot, Pissarro and Cézanne, many Painters have taken Inspiration here. The Auberge Ravoux, also known as Maison Van Gogh, immerses you in the Life of the Painter, who is buried here in the Village Cemetery alongside his Brother Théo. And the Musée Daubigny and the Maison-Atelier will introduce you to the work of Van Gogh, one of the Precursors of Impressionism. The Immersive Experience at the Château d’Auvers will allow you to better understand the History of this Artistic Movement. And very close to Auvers, the Town of Pontoise honours Pissarro, another Great Impressionist Painter inspired by the Valley of the Oise.

Normandy is the Cradle of Impressionnism : Normandy was, for most Artists, their Birthplace and Home. Its Proximity to Paris together with the Burgeoning Number of Fashionable Seaside Resorts like Dieppe, Honfleur, Le Havre, Deauville or Trouville, along its Coast meant that Artists came to the Region by Train and stayed, producing an Artistic Legacy which would be hard to rival anywhere. Breaking away from the more Formalised and Classical Themes of the Early Part of the 19th Century, the Impressionist Painters preferred to paint Outdoors, in Natural Light, and to concentrate on Landscapes, Towns and Scenes of Daily Life…. The 8 Best Towns to Discover Impressionism in Normandy are : Giverny, Vernon, Deauville / Trouville, Honfleur,Le Havre, Étretat, Rouen, Dieppe.


  • Forum of Impressionism Destination


  • Isabelle MEZIERES





  • Hamida REZEG




  • Anaïs LE BOT & Fabrice MOULIN





  • Frances FOWLE


  • Last Debate







Local & International Tourism Professionals

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September  2018

IFTM Top Resa – The Travel Market Rendez-Vous – France & International.
Porte De Versailles (Paris) 25 Septmber To 28 September 2018.





September 25-28 At Porte De Versailles


2018 will mark the 40th Edition of IFTM Top Resa, the Show which is still the Must-Attend Event for Tourism Professionals. This Show has become a True Multi-Sector Event for Both the International and French Markets, with Leisure, Business, MICE and Group Tourism now all together under one Roof. “Destination France” is already a Major Part of IFTM Top Resa and will now have the Visibility to match. IFTM Top Resa, as usual, was held from 25 to 28 September 2018 at Porte de Versailles (in a totally refurbished Hall 7).

Established in 1979 and Targeted Specifically at the Leisure Industry, the Show was first known as “Top Resa” and took Place in Deauville. In 2008, Changing Track, the Show added “IFTM” to its Name to “IFTM Top Resa” and moved to Paris, where it became a Multi-Sector Show covering All Types of Travel : Leisure, Business, MICE and Groups.


— EXHIBITORS Representing The Entire Sector :
*105 Airports & Airlines
* 43 Ferry & Cruise Operators
* 335 Hotel Chains, Aparhotels, Hotel Booking Centers, Groups
* 20 Group Travel Operators
* 51 French Regions
* 7 Retail Networks
* 54 Tour Operators
*86 Technology Firms – GDS – Startups – Digital Technology Firms
* 14 Online Travel Agencies
* 8 Rail Companies
* 19 Car Rental Companies
* 181 Destinations & Representative Offices
* 423 DMCs & Foreign Tour Operators
* 22 TMC Business Travel Agency Networks
* 15 Amusement Parks

* 82 % French
* 18 % International
* 42 % Leisure Tourism
* 24 % Business Travel
* 20 % Group travel
* 14 % Business Tourism (MICE)

* The Destination FRANCE
* The Mountain Village
* The Tour Operators Village
* The Cruises Village
* The Travel Hub
* The Digital Village
* TThe ech Zone
* The Influencers Village
* The Business Travel Club
* The Theme Park Village
* The French Travel Agencies Network Village
* Sustainable Tourism Village
* The World’s Great Trains
* The Africa Zone
* The America Zone
* The Asia-Pacific Zone
* The Carabean Zone
* The European & Mediteranean Zone
* The Global Zone
* The Middle East Zone
* The Indian Ocean Zone
* The Partnership Zones







  • Performers during IFTM Top Resa


  • Performers during IFTM Top Resa


  • Performers during IFTM Top Resa



  • Belmond stand during iftm top resa traduction


  • Belmond stand during iftm top resa traduction


  • Belmond stand during iftm top resa traduction







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September  2018

Season 9 Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris on September 30, 2018 @ Shangri-La Hotel in Paris





September 30, 2018 At Shangri-La Hotel


The Program was as follow :

* Kiki Wang Hollywood Celebrity Designer (China)
* Performance by Cape Verde Singer/Songwriter Mariana
* Aelita Couture (Kazakhstan)
* La Rena Couture Bratislava (Slovakia)
* Performance by Tropical Dancers from Angelsoevents
* Touba G Collection (Beirut – Libanon)
* Morphine by In Vogue Collection (Moldova)

* Performances by Young Dancers (Paris-France)
* Trish O Couture (Lagos – Nigeria)
* Performance by Singer/Songwriter Vanessa Cruz (USA)
* Panela Botello & Lourdes Atencio (Chile & Dominican Republic)
* Tiffany McCall Couture (Paris-France)

* Visage d’Ange, Maria Monterio (Cape Verde)
* Performance Danse de la Reunion Island
* Don Palama Collection (La Reunion Island)
* Performance Danse de Guadeloupe Island
* Dark Revelations Collection (France)
* Crist-Ray Collection (La reunion Island)
* Tibabouk Collection (La Reunion Island)

* VIP Guest Of Honor : Supermodel Farah Zulaikha
* Celebrity Guest : Chinese Actress Anita Chui







During the Fashion Week Paris, was organized the Season 9 of “Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris” at the 5 star Shangri-la Hotel, on September 30. This is an Event not to be missed with International Designers from around the World. You could enjoy : Catwak Shows, Music Performances, Exhibitions.









  • KIKI WANG Défilé


  • KIKI WANG Défilé


  • KIKI WANG Défilé



  • KIKI WANG Défilé


  • KIKI WANG Défilé


  • KIKI WANG Défilé



  • Singer / Song Writer Mariana


  • Tropical Dancers


  • Tropical Dancers



  • AELITA Couture Défilé


  • AELITA Couture Défilé


  • AELITA Couture Défilé



  • AELITA Couture Défilé


  • AELITA Couture Défilé


  • AELITA Couture Défilé





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September  2018

Presentaion on September 26, 2018 in Paris @ Loft Bastille (Paris-France)

LEGO is present at “MONDIAL DE L’AUTO” Fair @ Porte De Versailles from October 4 To October 14 , 2018.
Exclusivity “LEGO Technic – Bugatti Chiron” by its Designer Aurélien Rouffiange.


Year Rich in Events and Anniversaries


Over the Years, Lego has Licensed Themes from Numerous Cartoon and Film Franchises and even some from Video Games. These include Batman, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Minecraft. Although some of the Licensed Themes, Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones, had Highly Successful Sales….For the 2012 Summer Olympics in London Lego released a Special Lego Minifigures Serie and for the 2016 Summer Olympics and 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio, Lego released a Kit with the Olympic and Paralympic Mascots Vinicius and Tom.


Lego also initiated a Robotics Line of Toys called ‘Mindstorms’ in 1999, and has continued to expand and update this Range ever since. Related Products : Videos Games, Board Games, Films and television, Books and magazines, Children’s clothing. Different Brands : DUPLO, CLASSIC, FRIENDS, DISNEY, UNIKITTY, CITY, NINJAGO, TECHNIC, BOOST, JURASSIC WORLD, HARRY POTTER, SUPER HEROES, STAR WARS.



LEGO is a Line of Plastic Construction Toys that are Manufactured by The Lego Group, a Privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. The Company’s Flagship Product, Lego, consists of Colourful Interlocking Plastic Bricks accompanying an Array of Gears, Figurines called Minifigures, and Various Other Parts. Lego Pieces can be assembled and connected in Many Ways to construct Objects including Vehicles, Buildings, and Working Robots. Anything constructed can then be taken apart again, and the Pieces used to make other Objects.



The Lego Group began manufacturing the Interlocking Toy Bricks in 1949. Supporting Movies, games, Competitions, and Six Legoland Amusement Parks have been developed under the Brand. In February 2015, Lego replaced Ferrari as Brand Finance’s “World’s Most Powerful Brand. Lego’s Popularity is demonstrated by its Wide Representation and Usage in many Forms of Cultural Works, including Books, Films and Art Work. It has even been used in the Classroom as a Teaching too. Lego Pieces of all Varieties constitute a Universal System. Despite Variation in the Design and the Purposes of Individual Pieces over the Years, each Piece remains Compatible in some way with Existing Pieces. Lego Bricks from 1958 still interlock with those made in the Current Time, and Lego sets for Young Children are compatible with those made for Teenagers.

Their Motto “Our mission : To inspire and develop the Builders of Tomorrow”… “All Children have the Right to Fun, Creative and Engaging Play Experiences. Play is Essential because when Children Play, they Learn.”

Since the 1950s, the Lego Group has released Thousands of Sets with a Variety of Themes, including Space, Robots, Pirates, Trains, Vikings, Castle, Dinosaurs, Undersea Exploration, and Wild West. Some of the Classic Themes that continue to the Present Day include Lego City (a Line of Sets depicting City Life introduced in 1973) and Lego Technic (a Line aimed at Emulating Complex Machinery).











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September  2018

Visit at The Chateau de Fontainebleau on September 6, 2018 with the Presence of Vincent DROGUET, General Curator, Director of Heritage and Collections at the Château de Fontainebleau and Amin JAFFER, Senior Curator The Al Thani Collection.

Photos : © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU / ©The Al Thani Collection. 2017. All Rights Reserved. Photographs taken by Matt Pia Ltd







Featuring approximately 60 Objects from the Collection, this Exhibition uses Ancient Sculpture, Works of Art, Metalwork, Coins, Miniature Paintings, Weapons and Jewellery to explore the Image of the King and that of Royal Power throughout the Ages and Civilisations, from Sumerian Royalty (around 2000 BC) to 19th-Century European Monarchies, via Pharaonic Egypt, the Ancient Near East, Ottoman Sultans and Mughal Emperors…. This is the Second Great Event organized in FRANCE. After The Grand Palais Paris (29 March – 5 June 2017, From the Great Mughals to the Maharajas : Jewels from The Al Thani Collection), now we will be enjoying a New Exhibition at Chateau De Fontainebleau (8 September to 8 October 2018, Kings of the World : Expressions of Royal Power and the Arts: Masterpieces From The Al Thani Collection).

Through taking a Fresh Look at Items full of History and Meaning, the Exhibition aims to show how Royal Power is staged and asserted by representing the Person of the Sovereign and showcasing his Emblems. Highlights range from a Sword of Suleyman the Magnificent to the Catherine the Great Emerald Brooch. The Exhibition is curated by Vincent Droguet, General Curator, Director of Heritage and Collections at the Château de Fontainebleau (in its stunning ballroom). The Exhibition Design : François-Joseph Graf.


Royal Power has been expressed through Images and Objects since Time Immemorial. The Dissemination of a Ruler’s Image is an Important Aspect of Power and the Form it takes reflects the Ways of Thinking and Ambitions of a Whole Society. The Special Relationship between the Sovereign and the Sacred feeds this Iconography, and the Heroic Portrayal of the Monarch as a Warrior or Hunter has also given Rise to a Vast Repertoire of Images, both in the East and in the West. As Quintessential Signs of the Exercise of Royal Authority, Coins and Medals have been used to spread the Image of the King to his Subjects and Neighbouring Kingdoms since Ancient Greek Times.







The Château de Fontainebleau and its Estate are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This provides Official Recognition of the Exceptional Universal Value of Cultural and Natural Heritage, protecting the Sites for the Benefit of Mankind. The Château de Fontainebleau was a Sovereign Residence for Eight Centuries. Capétiens, Valois, Bourbons, Bonaparte and Orléans, all Members of French Ruling Dynasties, have lived within these Walls. Kings and Queens, Emperors and Empresses have all striven to make their Own Improvements to the Château built around the Original keep. The Estate quickly became a Huge Palace in which many Momentous Historical Events have played out. Whether Royal Château or Imperial Palace, Fontainebleau appears today as a Residence filled with Richly-Appointed Rooms. However, since the end of the 19th Century, it has been Home to Four Museums, as well as other Spaces devoted to Art Lovers.
















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June  2018


Hack In Paris 2018 – Cyber Security Conference – June 25th to 29th 2018 @ Maison De La Chimie.





June 25th to 29th 2018

Hack In Paris was held from June 25th to 29th 2018 exclusively in English :

* Trainings – June 25th to 27th, Three Days of Trainings by Security Officers (CISOs, CIOs) and Technical Experts.
The First Three Days of Hack In Paris were devoted to Trainings. Twelve International Experts taught a Set of Theoretical and Practical Knowledge on Different Topics during their Trainings.

– Corelan Live Bootcamp with Peter Van Eeckhoutte
– Practical IoT Hacking with Aseem Jakhar
– Hacking IPv6 Networks v4.0 with Fernando Gont
– Infrastructure Security Assessment with Abhisek Datta, Omair
– Hacking and Securing Windows Infrastructure with Paula Januszkiewicz
– Bug Hunting Millionaire: Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation with Dawid Czagan
– Windows Post-Exploitation Subverting the Core with Ruben Boonen
– Reverse Code Engineering in Win32 apps protecting yourself in-the-wild
with Ricardo Rodriguez
– “Smart lockpicking” – hands on exploiting flaws in IoT devices based on electronic locks and access control systems with Slawomir Jasek
– Practical Industrial Control System (ICS) Hacking with Arun Mane
– Pentesting Industrial Control Systems with Arnaud Soullié
– CCISO with Jeroen van der Vlies




* Talks – June 28th & 29th, Two Days of Talks given by International Speakers and Technical Experts.
Talks then took Place 28-29 June. This Year for the First Time, Talks were Live translated in French! A Real Success for the French People very Comfortable in English. With a Huge Success like every year, a Debate was organized with the AI Topic (Artificial Intelligence).

– Day 1 – June 28 :
–Drones the new weapon of choice – also for hackers (Dominique C. Brack)
–Building Systems On Shaky Grounds 10 Tactics To Manage The Modern Supply Chain (Robert Wood)
–Silent Wire Hacking (Erwan Broquaire , Pierre-Yves Tanniou)
–Auditd for the Masses (Philipp Krenn)
–From Printed Circuit Boards to exploits: pwning IoT devices like a boss (Damien Cauquil)
–Mobile Operators vs. Hackers New Security Measures for New Bypassing Techniques (Sergey Puzankov)
–Invoke-DOSfuscation: Techniques FOR %F IN (-style) DO (S-level CMD Obfuscation) – (Daniel Bohannon)
–DEBATE – To Serve Man AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Security (Winn Schwartau, Michael Masucci, Gregory Carpenter)

– Day 2 – June 29
–The Insecure Software Development Lifecycle How to find, fix, and manage Deficiencies within an Existing Methodology (April Wright)
–Knockin’ on IPv6’s Doors (Fernando Gont)
–The Bicho An Advanced Car Backdoor Maker (Sheila Berta , Claudio Caracciolo)
–The Past, Present & Future of Enterprise Security the ‘Golden Age’ of Attack Automation (Marcello Salvati)
–Hunting PBX for Vulnerabilities (Sachin Wagh , Himanshu Mehta)
–No Win32_Process Needed Expanding the WMI Lateral Movement Arsenal (Philip Tsukerman)
–How To Bring HID Attacks To The Next Level (Luca Bongiorni)
–NFC Payments The Art of Relay & Replay Attacks (Salvador Mendoza)







Every Year brings together, during Different Events, the World’s Leading Cyber Security Doers to share Latest researches and Knowledge. Those Days are meant for the International Information Security community : promoting, demonstrating & spreading Awareness regarding the Field of Information Security. The Main Motive is to establish a Platform for Talented Security Researchers to showcase their Skills & to spread Awareness about the Real Insights of Hacking and Security.

A Few Events took place in France but until now, no one had covered Hacking Practices with a Technical Approach including both Professional Training and Information Aspects. Hack In Paris aims at filling this Gap. After the success of the Latest Edition with more than 650 Attendees, this 5 days Corporate Event will be held for the Eighth Time in France, at the “La Maison de la Chimie” (Paris). Hack In Paris Attendees could discover the Realities of Hacking, and its Consequences for Companies. The Program includes State of the Art IT Security, Industrial Espionage, Penetration Testing, Physical Security, Forensics, Malware Analysis Techniques and Countermeasures.








  • Introduction Winn SCHWARTAU


  • Damien CAUQUIL


  • Sergey PUZANKOV



  • April WRIGHT


  • Fernando GONT


  • Claudio CARACCIOLO



  • Sheila BERTA


  • Marcello SALVATI


  • HACK IN PARIS 2018







An Immersive Life-Size Experience


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June  2018

Immersive Experience : INSIDE OPÉRA @ The Palais Garnier on June 4, 2018.
INSIDE OPÉRA PREMIÈRE on Saturday 9 June 2018








From June 9, 2018, The Palais Garnier is hosting a Unique Concept offered to the Public. In Partnership with Team Break, one of the Leading Players in Live Escape Games, RERE and Les Productions Adonis, INSIDE OPÉRA, a Truly Life-Sized Adventure that blends an Escape Game with the Immersive Thrills of following in the Footsteps of the Phantom of the Opera. From History Buffs to Lovers of Dance and Music, Puzzle Fans and those looking to try Something New, each and every Visitor has a part to play in an Immersive Game held at this Remarkable Venue.

The Aim of the Game ? To try to lift the Curse of the Phantom of the Opera and finally set him Free for Good by solving a Series of Puzzles at the Palais Garnier, guided through the Process by Actors in Period Costume. INSIDE OPÉRA offers people of all ages the chance to play individually or in teams, with family or with friends. To complete their Mission, Game Participants are Free to move around the Iconic Rooms of this Historic Monument : the Grand Escalier, the Avant-Foyer, the Grand Foyer, the Galerie du Glacier, the Salon du Glacier, and the Phantom of the Opera’s box (subject to the auditorium Schedule).

THE STORY : Rehearsals for Mozart’s Famous Opera, ‘The Magic Flute’, are going superbly at the Palais Garnier. Suddenly, on the Day before the Première, the Director is overcome with Panic. Bizarre Events have been witnessed : Whispers in the Corridors, Costumes disappearing…

INSIDE OPERA – An Immersive Life-Size Experience








From June 9, 2018, The Palais Garnier is hosting a Unique Concept offered to the Public. In Partnership with Team Break, one of the Leading Players in Live Escape Games, RERE and Les Productions Adonis, INSIDE OPÉRA, a Truly Life-Sized Adventure that blends an Escape Game with the Immersive Thrills of following in the Footsteps of the Phantom of the Opera. From History Buffs to Lovers of Dance and Music, Puzzle Fans and those looking to try Something New, each and every Visitor has a part to play in an Immersive Game held at this Remarkable Venue.


















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June  2018

Press Conference held on May 29, 2018 @ Café de L’Homme, 17 Place Du Trocadéro.

Frederic VARDON, Philippe ROZIER, (.), Coco COUPERIE-EIFFEL, Kamel BOUDRA, Christophe BONNAT, Jean-Charles DE CASTELBAJAC, Virgine COUPERIE-EIFFEL, Juan-Carlos CAPELLI,…






July 5 to 7th, 2018 in PARIS


– Jean-Charles De Castelbajac for the Official Poster of its 5th Edition :

It’s the Famous Designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac who realized the Official Poster of the New Edition of Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping. The Poster will be visible in the Capital from June 26th. Two Versions were made: one on a Black Background and the other one a White Background. Each Year, the Longines Paris Eiffel collaborates with a New Artist to realize his Official Poster. In 2017, the Artist and Graphic Artist JonOne created the Poster.

– Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping launches its Eiffel Road :

The Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping will offer a Two-Day Tourist Hike on July 6th and 7th on the Occasion of the 5th Edition of the Paris Stage of the Longines Global Champions Tour with the Ile-de-France Region. Two Days of Hiking will be offered to Riders to discover the Riches of the Ile-de-France Region, on Horseback. A Departure scheduled Friday, July 6 to Marly le Roi (78). During this day you can discover the Beautiful Ridle Paths of the Palace of Versailles and immortalize this Moment before joining the End of the Day at Haras de Jardy (92), where you can enjoy a Beautiful Evening. The Riders will leave the Club of the Etrier de Paris, after a Collective Breakfast to join the Capital by symbolically passing in front of Several Future Olympic Venues before having the Honor of crossing the Military School to arrive on the Competition Track Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping and enjoy the Events and Grand Prix in the Grandstand

– A Temporary Restaurant “Pavilion Eiffel” will be held during the Event, organized by the Owners of “Café De L’Homme” (Coco Coupérie Eiffel & Christophe Bonnat). Supervised by Alain Ducasse (3*) & Frédéric Vardon (1*)

– A Lunch will be proposed on July 5, in collaboration with the Association “L’Envol – Changeons Leur Vie” in favor of Seriously Ill Children. “Prix de l’Envol” Award for the Riding Speed Competition.




– Longines Global Champions Tour :

The Longines Global Champions Tour brings together the Top Show Jumpers in the World to compete in Prestigious Locations for Unprecedented Prize Money. The 17 Event Tour offers some of the most Explosive and Exciting Competition of any Equestrian Series. Proud to host Olympic, World and Continental Champions as they battle fiercely for the Title of Overall Season Champion of Champions 2018 and the Lion’s Share of the Bonus Prize Fund.

The Longines Global Champions Tour kicks off its 13th Season in the Spectacular Destination of Mexico City, with the Introduction of St Tropez and the Addition of the City of Prague to the Star-Studded 2018 Calendar. The Championship spans Three Continents and takes in the World’s Great Cities including Paris, Monaco, Madrid, Miami Beach, Shanghai, Rome and Doha, Qatar. Spectacular World Class Sport and Entertainment across 17 International Events.

– The Global Champions League

The Global Champions League is a Team Competition taking in the World’s Greatest Destinations including Mexico City, Monaco, Miami Beach, Shanghai, London, Paris, Rome, Doha, and sees the Introduction of the GC Playoffs in Prague. The World’s Most Unique Teams showcase Spectacular Sport, Formidable Partnerships, Fierce Rivalries and Top-Level Entertainment across a Total of 17 International Events, battling it out over the GCL Season for the Prestigious Team Champions Crown.

– The Well-Being of the Horse :

The Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping is teaming up this year with the Audevard Laboratory to organize a Round Table on the Well-Being of Horses. This will take place on Wednesday, July 4, taking advantage of the International Competition to bring together many Stakeholders in the Equestrian Sector. All come from the Horse World, but Each has a Different Specialty, which will allow sharing and exchange of Points of View and Experiences. The Sport Horse, the Management of his Career and his Well-Being will be the Focus of the Debates animating this Round Table chaired by Thierry Bedossa, Veterinarian and President of the AVA, an Association that comes to the Rescue and protects the Old Animals, they are Cattle, Horses, Dogs, Cats and even Fallow Deer.







The Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping was in 2017 on the Champ de Mars with the Eiffel Tower in Perspective. In 2018 (July 5-6-7), it will return with Drums and Trumpets for the Parisian Stage of the Prestigious Circuit of the Longines Global Champions Tour. Longines’ Passion for Equestrian Sports dates back to 1878, when it produced a Chronograph engraved with a Jockey and his Mount. Three Years later, it can be found on American Racecourses, adopted by Horse Enthousiasts. In 1912, the Company partnered for the First Time with an International Show Jumping Competition. Today, Longines’ Involvement in Equestrian Sports includes Show-Jumping, Flat Racing, Endurance and Eventing Competitions.










  • Virginie COUPERIE-EIFFEL & Juan-Carlos CAPELLI


  • Philippe ROZIER & Virginie COUPERIE-EIFFEL



  • ress Conference Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping


  • Press Conference Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping


  • Jean-Charles DE CASTELBAJAC @ Press Conference








Sales Of Beauty & Personal Care Products

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June  2018

E-Beauty Conference Day @ Maison des polytechniciens (Paris) on June 7, 2018





On June 7, At Maison des polytechniciens


On June 7, 2018, was held the 4th Edition of E-Beauty, organized by JDN at Maison des polytechniciens (PARIS). The Program was as follow, commented by us and with our Summary :

– Beauty Beyond Borders : Update on Digital Trends :
* An Analysis of e-Commerce Growth in the Beauty and Personal Care Categories reveals that Sales Acceleration, while apparently driven by Consumer Demand, is a Product of the increasingly sophisticated Supply-Side Activity of Retailers and Brands that are able to evolve their Digital Capabilities to overcome Barriers to Adoption…

* Round Table animated by Eva Lagarde, Marketing & Developpement Manager, Premium Beauty News. And with :
Leila Rochet Podvin, Founder, Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation
Jérôme Sutter, Digital Manager, ex Filorga
Aline Guo-Haefele, Commercial International Developpement Manager, Alibaba France
Yingjia Jin, International Relations Manager, Scentism

– Luxury New Generation : What Model ?
* Feedback from a Luxury Player. Interview of Pauline Laigneau, Co-founder & Marketing Manager, Gemmyo by Viviane Lipskier, Brand Strategist & DNVB Expert.

Leila ROCHET PODVIN (Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation), Jérôme SUTTER ( ex Filorga), Yingjia JIN (Scentism) & Aline GUO-HAEFELE (Alibaba France)



* When it comes to Desirable Attributes, finding the Best Prices, Free Shipping, and Site Security Top Consumers’ List of Attributes they look for when shopping for Beauty and Personal Care Products Online. The Pivot to Digital makes sense: Online Sales are expected to drive Future Growth in the Luxury Goods Market. Such Projections serve as a wake-up Call to Luxury Brands that have long relied on Partners such as Department Stores (and their own boutiques) to sell Products. But Traditional Retailers are struggling and more Customers are becoming Comfortable buying Luxury Goods Online. Millennials and Generation Z Shoppers are maturing into their Prime Earning Years and becoming the Focal Luxury Consumer. While the Rich have always propped up Sales of Luxury Goods, Young Shoppers are Key to Future Growth.
– Beauty & E-Commerce : Challenges of the Marketplace
* Feedback from Philippe Berlan, Deputy General Manager, La Redoute* The store remains Key in Beauty Purchases, as it enables Consumers to try and feel Products. Changing Consumer Behaviour has led Retailers to re-assess their Physical Estate, using the Space more creatively, with an Emphasis on Experience. Customers are looking for more Personalised Experiences Offline, which cannot yet be emulated through Online Stores. Nothing beats the Thrill of the New. Brands are engaging Consumers through Workshops and Experiences. Online Players are opening Pop-Up Stores,bringing the Digital Navigation Experience into Offline Stores….
– Data & customer personalization : Why not Really Doing It ?
* With the rapid Advancement of Digital Marketing Technologies, the Two Components, Science and Art, are merging. We’re shifting to a more Personalized Brand Experience for Consumers, and some Leading Brands are seeing Results. Personalization can be achieved with Two Necessary Elements : Data and Permission. Data is Key to achieving Relevancy. It might go without Saying, but Personalization requires Accurate Data. Gaining Permission to advance the Relationship is also Critical to success because Consumers are in Control. Once we’ve earned their Trust, Consumers are more likely to share Personal Characteristics that can refine our Personalized Targeting. Brands that are successful at Personalization Campaigns take Mini-Conversions such as a Newsletter Signup to develop Profiles that can lead to Macro-Conversions.
* Animated by Philippe Hervieu, Consultant marketing digital CRM, Cust Up and with :
Sébastien Garcin, Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oréal France
Véronique Rousseau, Customer Marketing Manager, Yves Rocher France- New Online Data : Impacts on Consumption and Sales :
* Keynote by Mathilde Lion, Beauty Europe Industry Expert, the NPD Group- Immersing Milennials : Brands doll up their Strategies :
* Millennials cannot be denied. This Power, and its Requisite Hype, is significantly amplified when specifically considering Millennial Women and the Cosmetics Industry. In today’s new Retail Environment, as many Heritage Prestige Cosmetics Brands are making a concerted Effort to reintroduce themselves to Millennial Women and their Teenage Cohorts. Every Marketer and Brand Executive will agree that Business as usual will not suffice. But what exactly should Luxury Beauty Brands do to build Connections with Millennials and Plurals ?
* Animated by Viviane Lipskier, Brand Strategist & DNVB Expert and with :
Maxime Garcia Janin, CEO, Sillages Paris
Julien Azencott, Président & Co-founder, Codage Paris- AI and the Future of Beauty : Great Revolution or Beautiful Illusion ?
* People have been using Beauty Products to enhance their Eyes, brighten their Skin or Smooth their Hair since Ancient Egyptian Times. But over the Years, the Beauty Market has grown with Companies competing to sell us Different Versions of the Same Thing. The Fact is, certain Products don’t work for Certain People. We’re All Unique, with Different Skin Types or Hair Types, and have Different Goals for what we want to achieve. Most Beauty Brands aren’t selling Products tailored to Individual Consumers. Instead, they’re selling a Brand, a Luxury, a Lifestyle or some Product that will magically work on Every Skin Type and solve every Skin Problem. More and more Companies are embracing the Individuality of their Customers, creating Products designed specifically for each of them. With the Help of New Technologies, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Possibilities seem infinite.
* Animated by Catherine Zunic, CEO, Medias Uniques Conseil and with :
Morgan Acas, Co-Founder & CEO, Romy Paris
Samuel Fillon, CEO, Sommelier du Parfum
Charles Dadi, Partner & Machine Learning, Factonics







The Global Cosmetics Market keeps increasing in Value. China is ahead of Western Countries in Terms of e-commerce Share. China’s e-commerce Maturity is shown also in the Core Beauty Category of Color Cosmetics. The Online Beauty Market is as Complex and Diverse as its Counterpart in Physical Stores. While the e-commerce Channel is both sizeable and growing quickly, Online Shopping is about more than just making a Purchase : it is disproportionately about browsing and research Products.

A perfect Storm of Demographics, Social Media, and Radical Change in Consumer Attitudes toward shopping is forcing the Beauty and Personal Care Industry to play by a New Set of Rules. Consumers are unwilling to accept the Beauty Business as usual and are increasingly attracted to Digital Alternatives. The industry’s Role as an Unchallengeable Authority as Information Source is also under attack from “Influencers”, the typically Young, digitally Plugged-In Beauty Connoisseurs who are attracting a significant number of Social Media Followers. Will Online’s Convenient Delivery, Wider Product Selection, Competitive Pricing, and Access to Information Complement the In-Store Experience or cripple Traditional Retailers’ Sales and Margins ? How can Online Retailers build Loyalty ? And what should Brands and Retailers do today and tomorrow to protect their Market Share ?







  • Quentin EBRARD (Journal Du Net)


  • Eva LAGARDE (Premium Beauty News)


  • E-BEAUTY 2018



  • Viviane LIPSKIER (DNVB Expert)


  • Pauline LAIGNEAU (Gemmyo)


  • Philippe BERLAN (La Redoute)



  • Philippe HERVIEU (Cust Up) @ E-Beauty Conference


  •  V. ROUSSEAU (Yves Rocher France) & S. GARCIN (L’Oréal France)


  • Mathilde LION (The NPD Group) @ E-Beauty Conference







For A Charity Cause “NAITRE ET VIVRE”

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March  2018

March 28, 2018 Event / Exhibit by “Le Cabinet De Porcelaine” of 5 International Artists with their Works of Art and organized @ De Crillion Hotel (Paris). The Aim was Donations to Charity Association “Naître Et Vivre”.

(Photo Right) Samuel MAZY – Caroline FREMONT & Frederic DE LUCA 





Exhibits FLOWERS That Do Not Wither


On March 28, 2018, at the Hotel De Crillion (Paris) a Special Event introducing Works of Art from “Le Cabinet De Porcelaine” (with the Presence of Samuel Mazy) in favor of a Charity Association “Naître Et Vivre”. This Association is dedicated to Welcoming Bereaved Parents, also Working on Prevention of Sudden Infant Death. They provide Support, Research and Prevention to Families. This Association is part of a Large Event called “Une Fleur, Une Vie” (One Flower, One Life).

“Le Cabinet De Porcelaine” represents the Works of Two Porcelain Artists, Didier Gardillou and Samuel Mazy who have revived the Antique Craft of the Porcelain Florist. This Art appeared in the Course of the 1740s at the Manufactory of Vincennes, which in Time would move and become the Royal Manufactory of Sèvres.









During the Years 1745-1755, the only Profitable Production was indeed the Flowers, which were arranged in Vases created by the Best Manufactory in the World. At that Time, the Only Fresh Flowers to be found in Townhouses were Flower Bulbs. It was in Porcelain that the First Real Bouquets, were created (Paintings representing Bouquets were in fact Moralising Still-Lives in which Each Flower embodied a Virtue).

Five (5) International Artists were participating to the Event and selling their Works of Art, Donating the Profits to the Association “NAITRE ET VIVRE”. They were asked to create and give Samuel Mazy (who was participating and Organizing) a Muguet (Lily from the Valley / Thrush) Flower that will make a Unique Collection of 120 Muguets. They were : Alessandra Branca (Chicago) Linda Pinto (Paris and NY), Frederic de Luca (Paris), Caroline Freymond (Switzerland), Kazumi Yoshida (NYC). The price is 200 euros for each. From April 1st, sold at Le Cabinet de Porcelaine 37 rue de Verneuil, Paris 7e.











  • By Linda PINTO



  • By Samuel MAZY


  • By Alexandra BRANCA


  • By Frederic DE LUCA



  • By Caroline FREMONT











Celebrated on International Women’s Day

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March  2018

Chinese Business Club Annual Lunch for the Women’s Day. Held on March 8, 2018 @ Salon Potel & Chabot (Rue Cambon in Paris).

* Harold PARISOT President of Chinese Business Club
* Isabelle HUPPERT multi-awarded Actress
* Dr Olivier COURTIN-CLARINS Managing Director @ Clarins





Chinese Business Club Annual Lunch


On March 8, 2018 was held the Annual Women’s Day Lunch organized by Chinese Business Club. It was at the Prestigious Salon Potel & Chabot (Rue Cambon in Paris). Last Year the Guest of Honor was the Famous Actress Juliette Binoche, For the First Edition it was the also Actress Sophie Marceau and this Year the Actress Isabelle Huppert to be celebrated.

Isabelle Huppert is a French Actress who has appeared in more than 110 Films since her debut in 1971. She is the Most Nominated Actress for the César Award, with 16 Nominations. She twice won the César Award for Best Actress, for La Cérémonie (1995) and for Elle (2016). Huppert was made Chevalier of the Ordre National du Mérite in 1994 and was promoted to Officier in 2005. She was made a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour in 1999 and was promoted to Officer in 2009.

sabelle Huppert’s First César Nomination was for the 1975 Film Aloïse. In 1978, she won the BAFTA Award for Most Promising Newcomer for The Lacemaker. She went on to win two Best Actress Awards at the Cannes Film Festival, for Violette Nozière (1978) and The Piano Teacher (2001), as well as two Volpi Cups for Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival, for Story of Women (1988) and La Cérémonie. Her other Films in France include Loulou (1980), La Séparation (1994), 8 Women (2002), Gabrielle (2005), Amour (2012), and Things to Come (2016). Among International Film’s most Prolific Actresses, Isabelle Huppert has worked in Italy, Russia, Central Europe, and in Asia. Her English-language Films include : Heaven’s Gate (1980), I Heart Huckabees (2004), The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (2013), and Louder Than Bombs (2015).







In 2016, Isabelle Huppert garnered International Acclaim for her Work in Elle, for which she won a Golden Globe Award, an Independent Spirit Award and a Nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress. She also won Best Actress Awards from the National Society of Film Critics, New York Film Critics Circle and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, for both Elle and Things to Come.

Isabelle Huppert is the Most Nominated Actress for the Molière Award, with 7 nominations. She made her London Stage Debut in the Title Role of the Play Mary Stuart in 1996, and her New York Stage Debut in a 2005 Production of 4.48 Psychosis. She returned to the New York Stage in 2009 to perform in Heiner Müller’s Quartett, and in 2014 to Star in a Sydney Theatre Company Production of The Maids.










  • Harold PARISOT


  • Isabelle HUPPERT 















The Land Of OMAN

Being The Essence Of Culture And Adventure

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March  2018

OMAN Workshop in Paris @ shangri-La Hotel Paris, held on March 13, 2018 by Sultanate of Oman Tourist Board based in Paris






OMAN In Whole New Perspective


On March 13, 2018, was held (Shangri-La Hotel in Paris) a Press Day Presentation of 2018 SULTANATE OF OMAN By the Sultanate Of Oman Tourist Board based in Paris…. The Traveler of Today is a Complex Phenomenon, very unlike the Traveler of say a Decade ago. The Sultanate of Oman was presenting that Day a World of Unique Experiences to the New Age Traveler. It claims to be an Unforgettable Ticket to an Exotic Destination, to a World as Rich and Ancient as New and Glitzy. A Fascinating Journey into a Land and its Culture.

OMAN Workshop @ shangri-La Hotel Paris








Oman is a Growing Destination in the Arabian Peninsula, with its Mountains, Valleys and Beaches becoming also one of the finest Diving Spots. The Babylonians ans the Assyrians settled in Oman because they wanted to control the Trade Route that linked Asia to the Shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Oman offers a Rar Chance to engage with the Arab World without the distorting lens od excessive Wealth. Oman’s low-rise Towns retain their Traditional Charms and Bedouin Values remain at the Heart of an Omani Welcome.







Oman, situated at the Extreme Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, has a History that dates back to as early as 10,000 BC. It is a Land where Marco Polo trekked, where Prophet Job was entombed and where the Queen of Sheba reigned from her Palace which today stands as Testimony to the Wisdom of her Era. In more recent times, Sindbad the Sailor is said to have set sail from the Town of Sohar, which used to see the bustle of thousand of Ships. In Medieval Times, Oman was a Prosperous Seafaring Nation trading with Africa, Far East, India and other Countries.
In Oman, Ancient Customs, Historical Architecture, Traditional Crafts and the Legendary Omani Hospitality live side by side with Modern Amenities and State-Of-The-Art Services. To the Tourist, Oman can offer an Experience of Rich Tradition and Noble Past and to the Business Visitor it is a Land to explore untapped resources and Avenues.
Jebel Shams is Oman’s Tallest Mountain, Highest Point, and is a Popular Destination for Camping. Most of the Major Malls are located in Muscat, the Capital. The Largest Mall in the Country is the Muscat City Centre which was built by Majid Futtaim, an Emirati Business Man. Other Popular Tourist Activities include Sand Skiing in the Desert, Mountain-Climbing, Camel Racing, and Camping.
The Muscat Festival is usually held at the beginning of Every Year. During this Event, Traditional Dances are held, Temporary Theme Parks open, and Concerts take place. Another Popular Event is the Khareef Festival, which is similar to Muscat Festival ; however it is held in August in Salalah, Dhofar. During this latter Event, Mountains are packed as a result of the Cool Breeze Weather during that period of time which rarely occurres in Muscat.
Although Arabic is Oman’s Official Language, there are Native Speakers of different Dialects, as well as Balochi, or offshoots of Southern Arabian, a Semitic Language only distantly related to Arabic. Swahili is also widely spoken in the Country due to the Historical Relations between Oman and Zanzibar. The Dominant Indigenous Language is a Dialect of Arabic and the Country has also adopted English as a Second Language. Almost all Signs and Writings appear in both Arabic and English.
The Omani Culture is steeped in the Religion of Islam. Oman has developed its own type of Islam, known as Ibadhism. There are both Sunni and Shia Muslims in Oman. With this in mind the Islam Month of Fasting, Ramadan and other Islamic Festivities are very important Events in Omani Culture…



  • OMAN Workshop @ shangri-La Hotel Paris



  • OMAN Workshop @ shangri-La Hotel Paris



  • OMAN Workshop @ shangri-La Hotel Paris







BARBIE Honors Global Role Models


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March  2018

MATTEL – March 07, 2018, at Restaurant HELENE DARROZE (4 Rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris), was held the Official Award Ceremony with the Presence of Helene DARROZE Herself.





HELENE DARROZE, World-Renowned Chef


On March 07, 2018, at Restaurant HELENE DARROZE (4 Rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris), was held the Official Award Ceremony with the Presence of Helene DARROZE Herself.

Also, for the Occasion, BARBIE was introducing Inspiring Women Doll Line Series : These Historical Dolls come with Educational Information about the contributions Each Woman made to Society and their Respective Fields. The First Three Dolls in this Series are :

* Amelia Earhart : First Female Aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, courageously challenging the Conventions of the Times by breaking and setting Aviation Records.

* Frida Kahlo : Artist who gained Recognition for her Unique Style and Perspective, and became a Celebrated Artist, Activist and Symbol of Strength.

* Katherine Johnson : Pioneer in Mathematics who broke through Barriers of Race and Gender, and joined a Pool of Women hired by NASA to work as ‘Human Computers’ to calculate the Trajectory of the First American-Manned Flight into Space.

Chef Hélène DARROZE the new doll Shero Barbie



Through its SHERO Program, BARBIE honors Women who have broken Boundaries in their Fields and have been an Inspiration to the Next Generation of Girls with a one-of-a-kind Doll made in their Likeness. Global Honorees announced on March 06, 2018 include :

* Patty Jenkins, Filmmaker (USA) :The first Woman in History to helm a Film with a Budget in excess of 100 million dollars for WONDER WOMAN, which broke the Record for Biggest Grossing Live-Action Film Directed by a Woman (Domestic and Worldwide)

* Chloe Kim, Snowboarding Champion (USA) : A First Generation Asian-American Snowboarding Champion and the Youngest Woman to win a Gold Medal in Snowboarding at the 2018 Winter Games at Age 17.

* Bindi Irwin, Conservationist (Australia) : International Award-Winning Wildlife Conservationist and Celebrity who inherited her Father’s Passion for Wildlife and is dedicated to inspiring the Next Generation to make a difference in the World.

* Nicola Adams, Boxing Champion (UK) : Two-Time Gold Medalist who is Great Britain’s most successful Female Boxer of all Time and is the only Female Boxer in the History of the Sport to have held all Four Amateur Titles.

* Çağla Kubat, Windsurfer (Turkey) : Champion Windsurfer and Member of the Fenerbahçe Sailing and Windsurfing Team who founded her own Windsurfing School for Young Surfers.

* Hélène Darroze, World-Renowned Chef (France) : Inspirational Fourth-Generation French Chef with Three Restaurants and Two Michelin Stars.

* Hui Ruoqi, Volleyball Champion (China) : Fifteenth Captain of the Chinese Women’s National Volleyball Team who also won Gold in the 2016 Summer Games.

* Leyla Piedayesh, Designer and Entrepreneur (Germany) : Iranian Immigrant and Founder of Fashion Label Lala Berlin that incorporates Urban-Cool and Elegant-Chic Elements in its High-Quality Knitwear.

* Lorena Ochoa, Professional Golfer (Mexico) : Athlete, Mother, Entrepreneur and unbreakable Promoter of Golf in Mexico.

* Martyna Wojciechowska, Journalist (Poland) : TV Presenter, Magazine Editor, Author, Director and the Second Polish Woman to conquer the Seven Summits.

* Sara Gama, Soccer Player (Italy) : Captain of Juventus and Italian National Soccer Team, Member of the Federal Board and President of Commission for the Development of Women’s Soccer.

* Xiaotong Guan, Actress and Philanthropist (China) : Ambassador for “World Life Day,” a Joint Campaign by the United Nations Environment Program, International Fund for Animal Welfare and The Nature Conservancy, and known as the “Nation’s Daughter” in China.

* Yuan Tan, Prima Ballerina (China) : Prima Ballerina and Principal Dancer at the San Francisco Ballet and Guest Principal Dancer at the Hong Kong Ballet.

* Vicky Martin Berrocal, Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer (Spain) : Leads the Creative Direction of Victoria Company with Collections that include Festive Costumes, Flamenco Dresses, Gowns, Handbags and Jewelry.


Ahead of International Women’s Day, BARBIE was honoring 17 Historical and Modern-Day Role Models from around the World. These Women come from Diverse Backgrounds and Fields and are breaking Boundaries to inspire the Next Generation of Girls. With 81 percent of Moms globally worried about the Type of Role Models their Daughters are exposed to, BARBIE is igniting a Conversation around the importance of positive Role Models.




  • Chef Hélène DARROZE one of new dolls Shero Barbies


  • Chef Hélène DARROZE one of new dolls Shero Barbies


  • Chef Hélène DARROZE one of new dolls Shero Barbies










Growth Beyond BREXIT

Selected by The Editorial Team 🙂


February  2018

LEAD SUMMIT 2018 – Growth Beyond BEXIT. 25 January 2018 at Kings Place (London).





25 January 2018 at Kings Place (London)


At the Advertising Industry’s Annual Summit, was hosting a Diverse Line up of Industry Folk, Politicians and Business Leaders to tackle the burning questions around the topic currently reaching fever pitch in the UK : BREXIT. Focusing more specifically on ‘Growth Beyond Brexit’ the Speakers were engaging you in Debate, speculate on what the Future of UK Advertising holds and offer up Expert Viewpoints. The Event was focusing on how Agencies, Brands and Media as a United Force can support Growth and identify the United Advertising Industry’s Joint Priorities for a renegotiated UK-EU Relationship.

During the Summit, the Speakers were trying to give an Answer or a Hint of it, from the Following Core Questions :
* What is the economic outlook and how should this affect our planning?
* How are leading companies (media owner, agency and brand) looking at their strategy in light of Brexit ? What changes are they making to prepare and what can we all learn from them ?
* Leaving aside the rest of the world, what can we do to make the most of the opportunity for domestic growth across the UK?
* At a time when pressure is growing on businesses to justify every bit of spend, are we properly confronting the difficult issues facing the sector – from transparency to measurement? How is advertising currently seen in the boardroom ?
* How can we continue to attract and develop the right talent to remain a truly global hub for advertising? How may Brexit affect our ability to keep the flow of international talent that helps to make London and the UK such a successful global centre?
* Is advertising delivering adequately for the world’s biggest brands? How is the landscape changing and how do we need to adapt to respond ?


The Speakers were :
* Vicky Pryce
Former Joint Head of the UK’s Government Economic Service.
* Stefan Feitoza
Northern Europe Marketing Director at Procter & Gamble.
* Andy Street
Conservative Mayor of the West Midlands.
* Chuka Umunna
Labour MP for Streatham & Former Shadow Business Secretary.
* Adam Parsons
Sky News Business Correspondent.
* Alex Mahon
CEO of Channel 4
* Karen Fraser MBE
Director of Credos.
* James Murphy
Adam & EveDDB Founding Partner & Advertising Association Chairman.
* Manjiry Tamhane
Global CEO of Gain Theory.

* Keith Morgan
CEO of British Business Bank.
* Steve Richards
Columnist, Author, Broadcaster, and Presenter for Rock n’ Roll Politics.
* Stephen Woodford
CEO of Advertising Association.

* Siobhan Kenny
CEO of RadioCentre.
* Alan Erskine
Managing Director of Credit Suisse.
* Nick Manning
Former Chief Strategy Officer at Ebiquity.
* Michelle McEttrick
Group Brand Director at Tesco.
* Andy Duncan
President of Advertising Association.
* Lindsay Pattison
WPP Chief Transformation Officer.
* James Wildman
CEO of ‎Hearst UK.







The Advertising Association are the only Organisation that brings together Agencies, Brands and Media to combine Strengths and seek Consensus on the Issues and Opportunities that affect them. Through Engagement and evidence-based Debate they aim to build Trust and maximise the Value of Advertising for all concerned. There are nearly Thirty UK Trade Associations representing Advertising, Media and Marketing. Through the Advertising Association they come together with a single-voice when speaking to policy-makers and influencers.







  • Stephen WOODFORD – CEO – Advertising Association


  • Chuka UMUNNA MP @ LEAD SUMMIT 2018


  • Stephen WOODFORD & Chuka UMUNNA MP



  • Vicky PRYCE


  • Stephen WOODFORD & Vicky PRYCE


  • James MURPHY – adam&eve DDB



  • Alex MAHON – Channel 4


  • Lindsay PATTISON – WPP & GroupM


  • James WILDMAN – Hearst UK



  • Panel Advertising’s Leadership Summit


  • teve RICHARDS


  • Siobhan KENNY – Radiocentre



  • Andy STREET – Mayor of the West Midlands


  • Keith MORGAN – British Business Bank @ LEAD SUMMIT 2018


  • Michelle McETTRICK – Tesco @ LEAD SUMMIT 2018



  • Alan ERSKINE – Credit Suisse


  • Nick MANNING


  • Panel Advertising’s Leadership Summit 



  • Stefan FEITOZA – Procter & Gamble


  • Andy DUNCAN – Avertising Association


  • Advertising’s Leadership Summit 2018







Floral Workshop

By Floral Designer DJORDJE VARDA

At Hotel DE CRILLON in Paris

Selected by The Editorial Team 🙂


February  2018

Floral Workshop By Floral Designer DJORDJE VARDA

On February 12, 2018 @ Hôtel De Crillon (Place De La Concorde – Paris)






Authentically Parisian Experience


On February 13-14, 2018, were held Two Special Events given around the Theme of VALENTINE’S DAY with a Special Tribute to the Late French Queen Marie-Antoinette, at Hôtel DE CRILLON (Place de la Concorde -Paris) which was at the Initiative :

* Floral Workshop on February 13 (6.00 pm to 8.00 pm) given by talented Floral Designer Djordje Varda
* Pop-up store in the Boudoir on February 13-14 (10.00 am to 8.00 pm). Were exposed Djordje Varda’s magic pieces of Work.

The Marie-Antoinette Bouquets were divided into three Themes :
* Bouquet Romantique (Romantic Bouquet)
* Bouquet Libertin (Libertine Bouquet)
* Bouquet Champêtre (Country Bouquet)

You could also have Customized Bouquets.

DJORDJE VARDA (Often imitated, never duplicated) is famous for perfectly capturing the Mood of the Location and the Ambiance you hope to create with his Special Take on the use of Flowers to make Every Event a Celebration. Weddings, Dinner Parties, Birthdays, Anniversary Celebrations become truly Special Events with Stunning Floral Décor that surpasses Every Expectation.

Floral Bouquet by Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU







Grandiose and Majestic with Interiors signed Ange-Jacques Gabriel, and a Symbol of French Luxury, the HÔTEL DE CRILLON, a Rosewood Hotel overlooks Place de la Concorde. Built at the request of Louis XV, in 1758, the Hotel was transformed into a Palace in 1909. Since then, it has played host to great Men and Women: Théodore Roosevelt, Charlie Chaplin, Andy Warhol, Bono, Juliette Binoche, Taylor Swift and even Icons such as Madonna and Michael Jackson. The Hôtel de Crillon has also been the Stage for Major World Events such as the signing of the Creation of the League of Nations in 1919, the Designation of Orson Welles as Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres and Presidents of the Césars, and the Promotion of the film Marie-Antoinette by Sofia Coppola.









  • Marie-Antoinette Salon @ Hotel De Crillon


  • Marie-Antoinette Salon @ Hotel De Crillon


  • Marie-Antoinette Salon @ Hotel De Crillon



  • (L) Floral Bouquet by DJORDJE VARDA @ Hotel De Crillon


  • Floral Workshop By Floral Designer DJORDJE VARDA


  • Floral Bouquet by Ruby BIRD @ Hotel De Crillon



  • Floral Workshop By Floral Designer DJORDJE VARDA


  • Floral Workshop By Floral Designer DJORDJE VARDA


  • Floral Workshop By Floral Designer DJORDJE VARDA



  • Floral Design by DJORDJE VARDA @ Hotel De Crillon


  • Floral Design by DJORDJE VARDA @ Hotel De Crillon


  • Floral Design by DJORDJE VARDA @ Hotel De Crillon








Selected by The Editorial Team 🙂


February  2018

Harold PARISOT & Jean-Yves LE DRIAN

Chinese Business Club Lunch @ Intercontinental Opera (Paris) on February 5, 2018 with Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs since 2017






Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs


Jean-Yves Le Drian was born on 30 June 1947 in Lorient (Morbihan Department) and has the following Ministerial positions :
• Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs since May 2017
• Minister of Defence, April 2014-May 2017
• Minister of Defence, May 2012-March 2014
• Minister of State for Marine Affairs, attached to the Minister for Infrastructure, Housing, Transport and Space, 1991-1992

His Elected positions were as follow :
• President of the Regional Council of Brittany, 2004-2012
• Brittany Regional Councillor, 1998-2004
• National Assembly Deputy for the Morbihan Department, 1978-1991 and 1997-2007
• Mayor of Lorient (Morbihan Department), 1981-1998
• Municipal Councillor in Lorient (Morbihan Department), 1977-2004

Jean-Yves LE DRIAN has decided to entrust a mission supporting French Businesses in China to M. Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Former Prime Minister. It will support French Businesses, particularly SMEs and ETIs [intermediate-sized Enterprises], in the difficulties they may encounter on the Chinese Market. Particular attention will be given to Agrifood, Health, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Urban Development.

Though Cooperation and Competition will undoubtedly be a re-occurring Theme in Economic and Trade Relations, both France and China would need to renew the Strategic Partnership by exploiting Economic Complementarities especially in Areas like Energy, Aviation, Nuclear, Tourism, Financial Services, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Urbanisation. Last but not least, both Parties must intensify Efforts for people-to-people Exchange and Dialogues between Civil Societies, to reduce Prejudices and enhance Mutual Understanding.

Chinese Business Club @ Intercontinental Opera







Chinese Business Club, created in Paris by Harold PARISOT, aims to develop and strengthen economics and friendly link between China and France and increase Bilateral Investments. Most Chinese Companies are present during the Official lunches organized by the Chinese Business Club. On February 05, 2018 @ Intercontinental Opera (Paris) Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs since May 2017, was the Guest of Honor.