EXHIBITION 1867 – 1937

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November 15, 2019

@ Château De Versailles (Versailles Palace).

In presence of Madam Catherine PEGARD President of The Chateau of Versailles
Visit of the Exhibition with Laurent SALOME Director of the National Museum of Castles of Versailles & The Trianon







 The Palace of Versailles was the Principal Royal Residence of France from 1682, under Louis XIV, until the start of the French Revolution in 1789, under Louis XVI. The Palace is now an Historical Monument and UNESCO World Heritage Site, notable especially for the Ceremonial Hall of Mirrors, the Jewel-Like Royal Opera, and the Royal Apartments; for the more Intimate Royal Residences, the Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon located within the Park; the small Rustic Hameau (Hamlet) created for Marie Antoinette; and the vast Gardens of Versailles with Fountains, Canals, and Geometric Flower Beds and Groves, laid out by André le Nôtre. The Palace was stripped of all its Furnishings after the French Revolution, but many Pieces have been returned and many of the Palace Rooms have been restored.
Louis XIV first visited the Château on a hunting trip in 1651 at the Age of Twelve, but returned only occasionally until his Marriage to Maria Theresa of Spain in 1660 and the Death of Cardinal Mazarin in 1661, after which he suddenly acquired a Passion for the site. He decided to rebuild, embellish and enlarge the Château and to transform it into a Setting for both rest and for elaborate entertainments on a Grand Scale… The King increasingly spent his Days in Versailles, and the Government, Court, and Courtiers, numbering six to seven thousand Persons, crowded into the Buildings.
Louis XIV died in 1715, and the young new King, Louis XV, just Five Years Old, and his Government were moved temporarily from Versailles to Paris under the Regency of Philippe II, Duke of Orléans. In 1722, when the King came of age, he moved his Residence and the Government back to Versailles, where it remained until the French Revolution in 1789. Louis XV remained Faithful to the Original Plan of his Great-Grandfather, and made few Changes to the Exteriors of Versailles…. Louis XVI was constrained by the worsening Financial Situation of the Kingdom from making Major Changes to the Palace, so that he primarily focused on Improvements to the Royal Apartments. Louis XVI gave Marie Antoinette the Petit Trianon in 1774. The Queen made Extensive Changes to the Interior, and added a Theater, the Théâtre de la Reine. She also totally transformed the Arboretum planted during the Reign of Louis XV into what became known as the Hameau de la Reine.
In 1783, the Palace was the Site of the Signing of Three Treaties of the Peace of Paris (1783), in which the United Kingdom recognized the Independence of the United States…. When Napoleon Bonaparte became Emperor of the French in 1804, he considered making Versailles his Residence, but abandoned the Idea because of the Cost of the Renovation. Prior to his Marriage with Marie-Louise in 1810, he had the Grand Trianon restored and refurnished as a Springtime Residence for himself and his Family, in the Style of Furnishing that it is seen Today.



The French Revolution of 1830 brought a New Monarch, Louis-Philippe to Power, and a New Ambition for Versailles. He did not reside at Versailles, but began the Creation of the Museum of the History of France, dedicated to “All The Glories of France”, located in the South Wing of the Palace, which had been used to House some Members of the Royal Family. The Museum was begun in 1833 and inaugurated on 30 June 1837. Its most Famous Room is the Galerie des Batailles (Hall of Battles), which lies on most of the Length of the Second Floor.
The end of the 19th and the early 20th Century saw the Beginning of Restoration Efforts at the Palace, first led by Pierre de Nolhac, Poet and Scholar and the First Conservator, who began his work in 1892. The Conservation and Restoration was interrupted by Two World Wars, but has continued until the Present Day. The Palace briefly returned to the World Stage in June, 1919, when the Treaty of Versailles, formally ending the First World War, was signed in the Hall of Mirrors. Between 1925 and 1928, the American Philanthropist and Multi-Millionaire John D. Rockefeller gave $2,166,000, the equivalent of about Thirty Million Dollars today, to restore and refurnish the Palace… More Work took place after World War II, with the Restoration of the Royal Opera of Versailles. The Theater was reopened in 1957, in the Presence of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.


***** From 19 November 2019 to 15 March 2020, the Africa and Crimea Rooms will play host to the “Versailles Revival” Exhibition, looking at how, between 1867 and 1937, the Palace ignited Passions for Versailles in its Ancien Régime Version as it Underwent an Extensive Programme of Restoration and Refurbishment….
One Hundred Years after the French Revolution, on the Eve of the “Belle Époque”, there emerged a Tremendous Buzz of Excitement, Nostalgia, Curiosity and Passion for the Versailles of the Ancien Régime. By way of almost 350 Artworks – many of them from Private and International Collections – along with Documents and Photographs, the “Versailles Revival” Exhibition charts this remarkable moment in the History of Art, when Versailles took its place among the Great Literary, Pictorial and Musical Canons. Artists from all Corners of the World were drawn to this place, which inspired Imitations across the Globe. Versailles is also where the French Republic held its Assemblies and received Foreign Dignitaries. The Gardens were a Popular Location for Aristocratic Parties and Public Tourism, and the Wonderful Water Features maintained their Appeal throughout the 19th Century, becoming a real Crowd-Puller. And all of this while a major programme of Restoration and Refurbishment was underway at the Palace, which passed the Million-Visitor Mark back in 1937.
Though this New Passion first began to stir around the Time of the Second French Empire, what with the Empress Eugenie’s Devotion to Marie-Antoinette, it took until the end of the century for this Fascination to spread to the Artistic and Literary Domains. Marcel Proust rediscovered “Versailles, your renowned name, rusty and sweet, a royal cemetery of leaves, of vast expanses of water and marble”. The most diverse Painters drew inspiration from it, from the Russian Alexandre Benois to Georges Rouault, not forgetting Gaston La Touche, Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer and Henri Le Sidaner, as well as Photographers such as Eugène Atget, Edward Steichen and Man Ray. Cinema, too, from its earliest stages, became caught up in it.
The Furniture and Decorative Objects served as great Royal Exemplars. The Palace, too, served as the Model for Ludwig II of Bavaria, as well as for the Residences of Boni de Castellane and Alva Vanderbilt and even the SS France ocean liner of 1912, nicknamed “the Versailles of the Sea”. Incredible parties saw Trianon brought back to life. Sarah Bernhardt performed at the Palace during the Visit of Tsar Nicolas II, in 1896. A Society outside of its time sprang up around the Iconic Monument and included Fashionable Figures, such as Countess Greffulhe and Robert de Montesquiou; the Writers Marcel Proust and Henri de Régnier; Musicians Reynaldo Hahn and Gabriel Fauré; Painters Paul Helleu and Giovanni Boldini; and the intriguing Garden Designer, Achille Duchêne….







At the End of the 19th Century, the Palace of Versailles made a Spectacular Comeback. As it regained it Status as a National Symbol and was the Scene of Political Events, the Nostalgia surrounding its Former Splendour became a Source of Inspiration for Literature, the Arts and Fashion. The Prosperity of Versailles, the Poetry of its Gardens, the Ghosts of the “Sun King” and Marie-Antoinette became a Part of the Dreams of the Belle Époque, followed by the Roaring Twenties. This was also a Time when the Palace launched Major Restoration and Refurnishing Work, triggering Passionate Debates that have continued into the Present Day.










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October, 2019

@ Centre Geroge Pompidou – Awards Ceremony Evening


The Albert Londres Prize is the Highest French Journalism Award, named in Honor of Journalist Albert Londres. Created in 1932, it was first awarded in 1933 and is considered the French Equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. Three Laureates are awarded each year. The Three Categories are : “Best Reporter in the Written Press”, “Best Audiovisual Reporter” and “Best Reporting Book”.

Annick COJEAN President Prix Albert LONDRES




On the Death of Albert Londres, on 16 May 1932, his Daughter, Florise Martinet-London, decided to create an Award in his Memory. From 1933, the Albert Londres Prize is awarded every year, to a Young Journalist under the Age of Forty. Florise Martinet-London died in 1975. The Albert Londres Prize is administered by the Association of Albert Londres Prize, comprising the Various Winners. The Prize is awarded by a Jury of 19 Journalists and Winners of the Previous Year. In 1985, under the influence of Henri de Turenne, also a Director, a Prize was created for the Audiovisual Documentary. Since then, the Association has been administered by the Civil Society of Multimedia Authors (SCAM), a Grouping of Authors of Documentaries. In 2017, a Prize was created for the “Best Reporting Book”.

PRIX DE LONDRES 2019 was held @ Centre Geroges Pompidou (Paris) on October 29, 2019.
The Winners of this Year :

* Best Reporter in the Written Presss : Benoît VITKINE (Le Monde)
* Best Audiovisual Reporter : Marlène RABAUD (RTBF – Esprit Libre & Tita Production) for “Congo Lucha”
* Best Reporting Book : Feurat ALANI (Le Rouergue Editions) for “Le Parfum d’Irak”









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October, 2019


OUTSIDER ART FAIR @ Atelier Richeliei (Paris-France) on October 17-20, 2019








7th Paris Edition At Atelier Richelieu


The Outsider Art Fair, the Premier Fair devoted to Self Taught Art, Art Brut, and Outsider Art, came back with a Prestigious List of Exhibitors and Program for its 7th Paris Edition (October 17-20, 2019). OAF Paris was returning to Atelier Richelieu in the 2nd Arrondissement, easily accessible from the Grand Palais., Concurrent with FIAC, and showcasing the Works of 42 International Exhibitors from 14 Countries with 11 First-Time Galleries.


Art Absolument, Paris – Artension, Lent – Artpool Project, Paris – Galerie Atelier Herenplaats, Rotterdam – Atsuko Barouh, Tokyo/Paris – James Barron Art, Kent CT – BigTown Gallery, Rochester VT – Galerie Arthur Borgnis, Paris – Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York – Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery – Creative Growth Art Center, Oakland, CA

Les Douches la Galerie, Paris – Gazette Drouot, Paris – Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York – Galerie Escale Nomad, Paris – La Fabuloserie, Paris – GLI ACROBATI, Turin – Librairie Halle Saint Pierre, Paris – HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture, Paris – Yukiko Koide Presents, Tokyo – KUNSTRAUM WerkStadt Lebenshilfe, Nuremberg – Jennifer Lauren Gallery, Manchester – Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai – Galerie Lemétais, Saint Sever du Moustier – Galerie du Marché, Lausanne – Maroncelli 12, Milan

 Galerie du Moineau Ecarlate, Paris – Galerie Frédéric Moisan, Paris – Nick Holmes Fine Arts, Briton – Outsiderville, St. Petersburg – Galerie Polysémie, Marseille – Pop Galerie, Sète – Raw Vision, London – Galerie JP Ritsch-Fisch, Strasbourg – Rizomi, Parma – Sense Kaleidoscope, Bengaluru – SHRINE, New York – Galerie SINIYA28, Marrakech – Solstices, Paris – Galerie Béatrice Soulié, Paris – TAK Gallery, Poznan – Galerie Les Yeux Fertiles, Paris.








*** OAF Curated Space: Art Brut – Photos
Bruno Decharme, collection abcd Outsider Art Fair Paris 2019

*** OAF Solo Focus: New Galleries / New Artists
Vivian Maier at Les Douches la Galerie & Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim at Lawrie Shabibi Outsider Art Fair Paris 2019

*** Nocturne: Women Collecting Art Brut
An evening dedicated to the recognition of female self-taught artists and female collectors Friday, October 18, 6-10PM

*** Art Absolument Prize for Outsider Art Fair – 3rd Edition
Outsider Art Fair Paris 2019

*** OAF Film
Meet Anna Zemànkovà and Michael Golz with Sarah Lombardi and Philippe Lespinasse Saturday, October 19 | 2:30 PM

*** OAF Talk
What happens when Outsider Art comes inside the market? Saturday, October 19 | 11:30 AM

*** Wakka Wakka presents: Animal R.I.O.T. Workshop & Performance
Saturday, October 19 at 4:30 PM; Sunday, October 20 at 2:30 PM

*** Outsider Art Film Series
in partnership with the American Center for Art & Culture Saturday, October 19th; 6:00 PM

*** French Premiere: Art & Mind
Friday, October 18th at 8:30 PM















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October, 2019

MAISON GUERLAIN CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITON (68 Avenue des Champs-Elysées – Paris) on October 17, 2019.







GUERLAIN NEW ART EXHIBITION Takes A ‘Beauty Stand’ Against Climate Change. In the Name of the Beauty of the Planet, Guerlain looks to the Future as it Presents its New Exhibition, “Gaïa, what are you becoming?” between 18 October and 8 November 2019 in its Historic Boutique, Guerlain House (68 Avenue des Champs-Élysées – Paris). GAÏA was the Goddess of the Earth in the Greek Pantheon. Part of FIAC’s ‘Private Itinerary’ since 2006, this Annual Event is a Celebration of the Long-Standing Links between Guerlain and the Contemporary Arts Scene.

The Participating Artists take Different Approaches. Among the Twenty Artists represented, Guerlain is showing an Array of Styles, from Emerging Artists to those whose Names are more Established Internationally : Allora & Calzadilla – Julian Charrière – Ali Cherri – Russell Crotty – Mark Dion – Chen Duxi – Andy Goldsworthy – Max Hooper Schneider – Eva Jospin – Clay Ketter – Neil Lang – Ibrahim Mahama – Kate MccGwire – Fabrice Monteiro – Vik Muniz – Otobong Nkanga – Lucy & Jorge Orta – Sigismond de Vajay – Douglas White – Li Xin.


MAISON GUERLAIN – “Gaïa, what are you becoming?”


 Many Brands in the Perfume Industry, such as Chanel and Jean Patou are in fact Divisions of Fashion Houses or Multinational Conglomerates that license the Brand Name. Alongside its Fragrances, today Guerlain has expanded to offer a Large Range of Makeup and Skincare. Guerlain Products are available across the World at Serviced Counters within Department Stores, and at Beauty Stores such as LMVH Brand Sephora. Guerlain also maintains Thirteen International Beauty and Spa ‘Boutiques’.



 In 2006, Daniel and Florence Guerlain created a Contemporary Drawing Prize within the Framework of their Foundation in the Aim of encouraging and promoting the Place of Drawing in Contemporary Art, while allowing French or Foreign Artists, for whom drawing plays a Significant Part in their Work, to pursue their Creative Work in this Direction with the Award of a Financial Endowment. They may or may not live in France but must entertain a Privileged Cultural Link with this Country via Museums or Art Schools.



The 2019 Prize was awarded to CLAIRE MORGAN – Born in 1980, Claire Morgan studied at Northumbria University and today lives in Gateshead (Northeast England). Her First Solo Show was held in 2004, at the Grosvenor Chapel, London. She has since exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2009), at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York (2010), and at the Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris (2015). Her Work is now in the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Centre Pompidou-Donation Florence and Daniel Guerlain; the Collections of the Fondation Frances (Senlis), the Fondation Emerige (Paris); Cardiff University (Wales) and the Ghisla Art Foundation (Locarno). She is represented by Karsten Greve (Paris, Cologne, Saint-Moritz).








Artwork by Julian Charrière & Julius Von Bismarck

GUERLAIN is a French Perfume, Cosmetics and Skincare House, which is among the Oldest in the World. Many Traditional Guerlain Fragrances are characterized by a Common Olfactory Accord known as the “Guerlinade”. The House was founded in Paris in 1828 by the Perfumer Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain. It was run by the Guerlain Family until 1994, when it was bought by the French Multinational Company LVMH. Its Flagship Store is 68, Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris. Guerlain’s Creations have long influenced the Trends of Perfumery with Fragrances such as Jicky, Shalimar, and Vétiver. Guerlain is among the Few Older Houses that exist solely to Produce and Market Perfumes.


“Gaïa, what are you becoming?”







  • (L) Artwork by Kate MccGwire


  • Artwork by Ali Cherri


  • Artwork by Clay Ketter



  • Artwork by Ibrahim Mahama


  • Artwork by Russell Crotty


  • (L) Ali Cherri (R) Lucy & Jorge Orta





Sept. 6-9, 2019 At PORTE DE VERSAILLES

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September, 2019

A unique opportunity to discover a complete and representative offer but also to identify the trends and innovations of the jewellery market :

* Finished jewellery (Fashion Jewellery, Fine Jewellery, Watches, Fashion Accessories)
* Packaging & services (Packaging, Insurance / Banks, Manufaturing technology, Security)
* Matières premières (Jewellery supplies)
* 350 exhibitors (58% international, 40 nationalities) – There are more than 350 of them each session, leaders in the sector or young designers, and represent a global market offer: designers of costume and precious jewellery, watches, fashion accessories, piercing, suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers of packaging, point of sale equipment, service providers.
* Among such a diverse range of nations, there were brands from South Africa (Yellow Jewellery, Starbright Jewellery and Kinkel Jewellery), the Ukraine (Helena Sai) and Peru (Perou Design)
* Reorganition of the exhibition area into four sections, for an improved visitor experience.

BIJORHCA – The International Fine & Fashion Jewellery Show.
On September 6-9, 2019 @ Porte De Versailles (Paris)


The Division is designed to facilitate the visitors’ journey through the show, and clusters exhibitors in four distinctive sections: the ‘Precious Area’, comprising fine jewellery and watches, the ‘Fashion Area’ for costume jewellery, ‘Atelier’, a section for production technology, tools and packaging, and ‘Matières Premières’ [raw materials], dedicated to the materials needed for jewellery production. As for previous editions, show director Marine Devos (in charge since 2018) and her team have organised a series of workshops and conferences, hosted by industry professionals. Among the themes tackled by the speakers, there are the future of ethically sourced jewellery, the attitude of Millennial consumers towards jewellery, and the adoption of new technologies in jewellery craftsmanship.


KEY JEWELLERY TRENDS highlighted during this Edition :

* Jewellery ans Spirituality : Throughout the Collections, allegories express the collective conscience with a growing attraction to hypnotists, hypnosis and dream interpretation, not forgetting the rise of tarot scopes on YouTube and other personal spirituality apps, which attract millions of people each month on a quest for something meaningful. It seems that this globalisation and technology overload have crreated an (almost necessary) optimistic superstition, that externalising anxieties is better for the soul. A society that champions appearance, performance ans competition has led many to seek positive determinism.

* 500th Anniversary of The renaissance : when we think of the artistic and cultural treasures of the Renaissance we think first and foremost of Leonardo de Vinci, Chambord Castle and Catherine de Medici. This Period of 16th Century France was marked by the discovery of America and the opening up of new routes to the Indies. Royalty was gaining power and pearls were flooding into the Kingdom. The Pearl (a sign of power and wealth) was found in abundance on the garments of the powerful and immortalised by the great court painters. To celebrate this anniversary the historic jewellery specialist “Bijoux Evidence” presented its first collection of glass pearls, hand-woven in France.
* Asymmetric Jewellery : A move forward a minimalist modern aesthetic hails the return of the abstract lines of the 1920s. Shapes are simplified, mirroring Cubist geometry with the arrival of right angles, flat lines but also curves. Metal is the material of choice, whether mirror polished, hammered, brushed or left in its raw state. The brands are also experimenting with size and scale to create architectural pieces in truly unique shapes.
* All Eyes on Ear Jewellery : Earrings are extremely versatile : shake up your accessories and matching to channel your “why shoud I choose ,” ethic. They can be delicate and discreet or really make a statement.



– (L) Janet Echelman’s sculpture, titled 1.78 in Beverly Hills; courtesy of BHCVB
– (R) Mr. Brainwash; photo courtesy of Olivier Mastey

On August 1, the third annual BOLD (Beverly Hills Open Later Days) Summer did officially kick-off with a larger-than-life installation by world-renowned artist, Janet Echelman, as well as the unveiling of various works of art by famed street artist and Banksy protégée, Mr. Brainwash.

Spanning nearly 85 feet in length and suspended above North Santa Monica Boulevard between the Wallis Annenberg Center of Performing Arts and Beverly Gardens Park, Echelman’s piece, titled 1.78, will transform each minute with the changing wind and light. Inspired by fishing nets in India, Echelman combines ancient craft with modern technology to create fiber sculptures in vibrant colors. At night, the sculpture will light up the sky with specially designed LED lights.

On August 24, the BOLD festivities will conclude with “Next Night-The BOLD Finale,” presented by the Next Beverly Hills Committee. The festivities will take place on the 200 block of South Beverly Drive from 6 p.m.-10 p.m. and include live entertainment, dancing, interactive art and a beer and wine garden.



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August, 2019

Visitors had an opportunity to hear the artist speak in person during the Janet Echelman Talk on Friday, August 2 at The Paley Center for Media. Open to the public and free to attend, Echelman spoke about her experimental sculptures that have brought her recognition around the globe. Seating will be limited.


Known for his “Life is Beautiful” sculpture that debuted in 2008 on Sunset Boulevard, Mr. Brainwash has since become an international street art phenomenon after the release of 2010’s Banksy-directed film, Exit Through the Gift Shop. On August 1, Mr. Brainwash was on 200 block of Rodeo Drive in which he unveilled a custom sculpture for BOLD Summer. At 6 p.m., he was available for a public meet and greet opportunity. In addition to this special unveiling, he has also created two other sculptures which can be found in other city locations: The first, titled, “Beverly Hills is Beautiful,” is located in Beverly Canon Gardens, and the second, titled, “Beverly Hills is Life,” is placed outside of Wells Fargo on Santa Monica Boulevard at Camden Drive.
The official Rodeo Drive Kick-Off celebration was hosted by Sam Rubin and Jessica Holmes of KTLA’s Morning News, Southern California’s number one newscast. The music began at 5 p.m. featuring MISS DJ BLISS, followed by a dueling piano performance and an eclectic concert by Spanish opera and rock singer, Cristina Ramos, winner of Spain’s Got Talent. The evening will end with a fireworks show beginning at 8:30 p.m.
Additional highlighted activities to take place during BOLD Summer include: curated art walks, the Louis Vuitton X Exhibition, Beverly Hills Proms, Concerts on Canon, architectural tours on Rodeo Drive and an interactive hashtag mosaic wall.

All events taking place during BOLD Summer are free to attend and open to all ages.

Source : Beverly Hills


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– Vincent Snyder




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– Barbara Bates












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August, 2019





H1 2019 Art Market Report

1- Prices of Contemporary Art were up 40%
2 – Average annual ROI worked out at +4.6% for an average holding of 13 years
3 – Tighter supply pushed prices up
4 – The volume des Fine Art* transactions was up very slightly: +0.1%
5 – The USA (-20%), China** (-12%) and the UK (-25%) all posted lower turnover
6 – The Artprice100© index posted a 16% growth in H1 2019
7 – Top quality Modern (-21%) and Old Master (-38%) works in short supply
8 – Claude Monet dominated H1 2019 with 23 works sold generating €251 million
9 – New record for a living artist: Jeff Koons’ Rabbit (1986) fetched $91 million

– General conclusion…

* With the collaboration of its Chinese State partner AMMA (Art Market Monitor of Artron), Artprice identified 262,300 Fine Art lots sold via public sales around the world in the first half of 2019. Together, these transactions generated a total of $6.98 billion, down 17.4% versus H1 2018

* However, Artprice’s price index calculation, based on our ‘repeat sales method’, shows a 5% increase in art prices. With the banking sector operating in a negative or near-zero interest rate environment, the ROI in art is bound to add momentum to the market’s expansion.

* “We are seeing a tightening of the balance between supply and demand in the Art Market,” explains thierry Ehrmann, Artprice’s Founder/CEO

* “The results show persistent demand for museum-quality artworks, but the secondary market’s supply has tightened somewhat. The Art Market – as it has developed since 1975 – appears to be reaching its structural limits: auction houses are struggling to maintain their operating margins and also to convince collectors to sell their best pieces.

* They are constantly increasing their buyer fees while simultaneously inventing new ways of reassuring sellers. Guarantees can encourage some sales, but this mechanism doesn’t represent a global solution. It’s time for the Art Market to start a new era”.

* The recent acquisition of Sotheby’s and’s metamorphosis into (new name and corresponding AoA amendments submitted to an EGM in September 2019) are two changes that clearly reflect the Art Market’s entry into the digital age.





– Global figures

* At a global level, more than 262,300 Fine Art lots were auctioned in the first six months of 2019, up 0.1% on H1 2018.

* Artprice, world leader in Art Market information since 1987, has systematically analysed the results of more than 3,502 auction sales (3,532 in H1 2018) around the world. This half-year report covers public sales of Fine Art (painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, prints and installations).

* According to thierry Ehrmann, Artprice’s founder/CEO, “Since 2000, the Art Market has shown an exceptionally high level of maturity resisting the NASDAQ crisis, the consequences of 9/11, the second Iraq war, and an unprecedented financial and economic crisis that has plunged the developed world into a long-term low interest rates environment undermining the value of savings. It is now resisting a global context of heightening geopolitical tensions between China and the USA. During these past 19 years, the Art Market has managed to adapt to reality, not only avoiding its own collapse, but actually creating a genuine investment safe-haven… without forming a speculative bubble.”

* The attractive returns on art over the last few years have outperformed many other investments, and the Art Market has become an independent, liquid and efficient market on all continents.

* As mentioned, our Artprice100© index is showing 16% growth for H1 2019.

– Top 10 Countries by Auction Turnover – H1 2019

* Country — Turnover — (Market Share)

1 – United States – $2,677,834,700 (38.4%)
2 – China – $1,762,874,600 (25.3%)
3 – UK – $1,408,229,500 (20.2%)
4 – France – $329,649,500 (4.7%)
5 – Germany – $131,566,800 (1.9%)
6 – Italy – $108,472,900 (1.6%)
7 – Switzerland – $70,280,000 (1.0%)
8 – Japan – $52,772,400 (0.8%)
9 – Austria – $49,982,800 (0.7%)
10 – Australia – $32,264,300 (0.5%)

* The data for the Chinese art market is the fruit of Artprice’s 11-year collaboration with its Chinese institutional partner, Artron Group and AMMA (Art Market Monitor by Artron), directed by Wan Jie.

* Despite economic disparities and uncertainties, the global art market has shown signs of buoyancy, driven by a powerful combination of investment logic, speculative buying, passion collecting and insatiable demand for major signatures from new museums around the world.

* These growth drivers rely heavily on easy access to reliable Art Market information such as that provided by Artprice – a pioneer and global leader in the field – and have been boosted by a whole series of underlying phenomena. These include a rapidly spreading awareness that every aspect of participation in the art market, including online sales, can be conducted via the Internet (97% of participants are connected to the Internet); the financialisation of the art market’s high-end fostered by its stability and transparency; a rapid increase in the art-buying population from roughly 500,000 after 1945 to approximately 70 million in 2016; a significant reduction in the average age of market participants and a geographical expansion of the market to nearly all of Asia, the Pacific Rim, India, South Africa, the Middle-East and South America.

* Another important driver of the global Art Market is the new-era museum industry (700 new museums per year) that has become a significant economic reality in the 21st century. More museums have opened since 2000 than in the previous two centuries.

* Hungry for ‘museum quality’ works, this sector is one of the primary drivers of the Art Market’s spectacular growth. The Art Market is now both mature and liquid, offering yields of 9% to 14% p.a. on works valued over $100,000.

* With central banks effectively working in a negative or near-zero interest rate environment, the Art Market looks very healthy by comparison, having posted a 1,955% growth in the annual auction turnover of its Contemporary segment over the past 19 years.

* These returns are not just reserved for ‘star’ artists. Our research finds a substantial average annual yield of approximately 7% on works sold above the €20,000 threshold.

* Considering these macro- and micro-economic data, the past 19 years have confirmed the Art Market’s potential as a safe haven against economic and financial turbulence, generating substantial and recurring yields.

* The Internet with its galloping geographical ubiquity and its access by more than 5 billion people around the world (Microsoft data) is now the single most important marketplace for auction operators all over the world and is at the very core of their commercial strategies on all of the world’s major continents. Almost 99% of the 6,300 auction firms in the world today have an Internet presence (compared with just 3% in 2005).

* Art represents a potent form of Soft Power that is vital for the United States, China and, at a different level, countries like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

* In short, the Art Market has all the characteristics of a historic, efficient and global market.

– TOP 20 artists – H1 2019 © Artprice by

* Artist — Turnover (USD)

1 – Claude MONET (1840-1926) $251,165,100
2 – Pablo PICASSO (1881-1973) $243,085,600
3 – ZAO Wou-Ki (1921-2013) $155,827,800
4 – Andy WARHOL (1928-1987) $148,977,700
5 – ZHANG Daqian (1899-1983) $110,686,700
6 – Jeff KOONS (1955-) $103,501,700
7 – Paul CÉZANNE (1839-1906) $98,418,200
8 – WU Guanzhong (1919-2010) $95,895,200
9 – Francis BACON (1909-1992) $93,626,300
10 – Robert RAUSCHENBERG (1925-2008) $90,964,400

11 – David HOCKNEY (1937-) $88,956,700
12 – Roy LICHTENSTEIN (1923-1997) $85,324,300
13 – Amedeo MODIGLIANI (1884-1920) $85,051,900
14 – Mark ROTHKO (1903-1970) $79,994,500
15 – René MAGRITTE (1898-1967) $76,110,700
16 – KAWS (1974-) $70,047,900
17 – Jean-Michel BASQUIAT (1960-1988) $65,796,000
18 – Gerhard RICHTER (1932-) $63,301,200
19 – Yayoi KUSAMA (1929-) $60,714,600
20 – Marc CHAGALL (1887-1985) $56,071,000


Source : Artprice by Art Market



Gene London Costume Exhibit


Tanger Outlets Atlantic City invites Shoppers to experience The Golden Age of Hollywood Costume Exhibit, presented by Collector and Television Personality Gene London. Shoppers will explore the Changing Face of Fashion through Films, Directors, Stars and the Costume Designers of Hollywood’s Golden Age.


Selected by The Editorial Team 🙂


July, 2019


From July 20 through August 11, Tanger Shoppers can visit the Stunning Display, located in Suite 320 next to Levi’s, featuring Authentic Screen-Worn Costumes from Iconic Luminaries such as Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and many others. In addition, Gene London will hold Free Seminars each week, from Thursday through Sunday, telling Stories of the Costumes and the Celebrities who wore them. Mr. London is also available for Private Tours and Media Interviews, upon request.
“We’re thrilled to host Gene London’s Costume Exhibit in a City with such a Rich Nightlife and Entertainment Scene,” said Donna Danielson, General Manager of Tanger Outlets Atlantic City. “Our Shoppers, Locals and Visitors alike, are keen on exploring the Changing Fashion over the Years in Hollywood’s Golden Age.”

Source : Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc.

Gene London Costume Exhibit

Albert EINSTEIN – With inlay of his letter to Prof. Daniel Rohm


With inlay of his letter to Prof. Daniel Rohm Winner’s Auctions Ltd., an international auction house specializing in manuscripts, historic documents, rare maps, coins and more, will host an auction on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 featuring a collection of letters penned by Albert Einstein and written in English, among other rare and historic items.



Selected by The Editorial Team 🙂


July, 2019

Currently owned by a private party in the United States, the collection of letters from Einstein reference Quantum Mechanics; Grand Unified Field Theory; Law and Field Equations of Gravitation; microstructures and singularities; comments on the American political climate of the 1950s, and his Theory of General Relativity. Starting with Lot 9, items up for bid can be viewed here: Auction no.115.

Northern Brazil celebrated the Centennial confirmation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity earlier this year and just days ago, what Einstein referred to up until his death as the “spooky at a distance” Quantum Entanglement pairing of particles, was just photographed and released in a new research study. Winner’s Auctions is well known for selling letters of Albert Einstein, mostly by selling the “Theory of Happiness,” that was sold for 1.3 million dollars in October 2017.

Source : Winner’s Auctions Ltd.





Selected by The Editorial Team 🙂


June, 2019




The British Government will celebrate LGBTQ+ rights by marching in Prides and hosting LGBTQ+ events in 14 cities across the US, as well as 5 cities in Canada and 5 cities in Latin America, as part of VisitBritain’s Love is GREAT Britain campaign. A major highlight of the campaign is the UK’s first-ever LGBTQ Founders’ Trade Mission, bringing nine UK-headquartered companies to New York for a bespoke program aimed at accelerating business growth in the US for LGBTQ business founders.

Source : VisitBritain




As a leader in LGBTQ+ equality and rights, the UK has proudly celebrated Pride season in America since 2013. Now, UK government leaders have joined with representatives from the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO), the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) and VisitBritain to organize the UK’s widest array of business and public engagement events to date.


Sir Kim Darroch, British Ambassador to the US, said, “The variety of activities and events being organised by our teams across the United States – from Los Angeles to New York – are a clear demonstration of the importance the UK places on equality and LGBTQ rights. Here in Washington, we were the first foreign government to participate in Capital Pride seven years ago. We’re honoured to stand with our LGBTQ friends once again.”
Paul Gauger, Senior Vice President of the Americas, VisitBritain, said, “Showcasing Britain throughout the Pride season in these cities helps highlight the destination as a welcoming, inclusive, open and accepting place for all people to visit and enjoy. Whether you crave the unexpected or yearn for the undiscovered, VisitBritain’s LGBTQ+ campaign ‘Love is GREAT Britain captures 365 days of fun, love, culture and so much more.”


The UK government will participate in a total of 29 LGBTQ+ events and activities in 14 cities across the US and the Americas in 2019-20, including: Aspen, CO – Atlanta, GA – Boston, MA – Charlotte, NC – Chicago, IL – Denver, CO – Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL – New York, NY – Palm Springs, CA – Raleigh, NC – Seattle, WA – Tampa, FL – Washington, DC.

In Canada, the UK will participate in 5 cities: Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.
In Latin America, the UK will participate in 5 cities: Mexico City, Santiago, and São Paolo, Fernando de Naronha and Porto Alegre in Brazil.





Flammarion Editions


Ernie LaPointe is the Great-Grandson of Hunkpapa Lakota Chief, “Sitting Bull” (Tatanka Iyotake). He is a Sun Dancer, Native American Author, Orator, and President and Founder of the “Sitting Bull Family Foundation” (SBFF). Ernie LaPointe lives the Traditional Way of the Lakota, following the Rules of the “Sacred Pipe”. He resides in Rapid City, South Dakota with his Wife Sonja. At eighteen, LaPointe joined the Army and was stationed in Korea, Turkey, Germany, and Various Locations around the United States. He did One Tour in Vietnam in 1970-1971 and received an Honorable Discharge in 1972.



Selected by The Editorial Team 🙂


May 2019

While growing up Ernie LaPointe’s Mother told him not to tell others about his Relationship to Sitting Bull. Before his Mother’s Death he was told that a Day might come when it will be important for him to set the Record Straight about his Great-Grandfather, Sitting Bull. In 1992, Ernie spoke Publicly about Sitting Bull’s Direct Blood Descendants by speaking at the Induction of Sitting Bull into the Hall of Fame of American Indian Chiefs at Anadarko, Oklahoma. Ernie LaPointe then began writing a Book “Sitting Bull : His Life and Legacy” and speaking to Audiences throughout the Country and Abroad about his Great-Grandfather.
The Sitting Bull Family Foundation (SBFF) is a Nonprofit Corporation founded by LaPointeand its Mission is to offer the Accurate Oral History of Sitting Bull through Storytelling, by sharing his Exemplary Cultural and Spiritual Way of Life, and to awaken Cultural Awareness in the Traditional Lakota Way of Life.

Mr. LaPointe, Author of the Book, “Sitting Bull: His Life and Legacy” (2009) and the Producer of the Documentary Film, “Sitting Bull’s Voice” (2013), shares his Lakota Cultural Perspective on both the History of Human Relationships with the Natural World and the Precarious Future facing the Human Race if it does not heed the Wisdom of the Ancient Knowledge carefully curated by the First Nation Peoples and make Changes in order to “Live in Tune with Mother Earth.”

“Sitting Bull, Sa Vie, Son Héritage” is the French Version (Now Published in France by Flammarion Editions) of the Famous Book by Ernie Lapointe published in United States of America in 2009 by Gibbs Smith.

Source : Was given a Cocktail Party at the American Embassy in Paris (France) in Honor of Ernie Lapointe and the Publication in FRANCE of the Book.










Published by L ARCHIPEL Editions


Selected by The Editorial Team 🙂


May 2019





 —- “Offrande Funèbre” (Verses For The Dead) By Preston & Child and Just Published in FRANCE By L’Archipel Editions. Douglas Preston was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1956, and grew up in the deadly boring suburb of Wellesley. After unaccountably being rejected by Stanford University (a pox on it), Preston attended Pomona College in Claremont, California, where he studied mathematics, biology, physics, anthropology, and geology, before settling down to English literature. After graduating, Preston began his career at the American Museum of Natural History in New York as an editor, writer, and manager of publications. Preston also taught nonfiction writing at Princeton University. His eight-year stint at the Museum resulted in the non-fiction book, Dinosaurs in the Attic, edited by a rising young star at St. Martin’s Press, Lincoln Child. During this period, Preston gave Child a midnight tour of the museum, and in the darkened Hall of Late Dinosaurs, under a looming T. Rex, Child turned to Preston and said: “This would make the perfect setting for a thriller!” That thriller would, of course, be Relic….

Lincoln Child was born in Westport, Connecticut. He graduated from Carleton College (huh?) in Northfield, Minnesota, majoring in English. Discovering a fascination for words, and their habit of turning up in so many books, he made his way to New York in the summer of 1979, intent on finding a job in publishing. He was lucky enough to secure a position as editorial assistant at St. Martin’s Press. Over the next several years, he clawed his way up the editorial hierarchy, moving to assistant editor to associate editor before becoming a full editor in 1984. While at St. Martin’s, he was associated with the work of many authors, including that of James Herriot and M. M. Kaye. He edited well over a hundred books–with titles as diverse as The Notation of Western Music and Hitler’s Rocket Sites–but focused primarily on American and English popular fiction….
In the early 1990s Preston and Child teamed up to write suspense novels; Relic was the first, made into a movie by Paramount Pictures. In Relic they introduced one of the most celebrated fictional detectives of modern times, Special Agent A.X.L. Pendergast. Relic has been followed by more than a dozen other books in the Pendergast series, including The Cabinet of Curiosities, Blue Labyrinth and The Obsidian Chamber. Their last fifteen novels in a row have been New York Times best-sellers, including several reaching the #1 position. The Cabinet of Curiosities and the other Pendergast novels are currently being developed into a television series called PENDERGAST, by legendary producer Gale Anne Hurd (“The Terminator,” “Aliens,” “The Walking Dead.”)…. “Offrande Funèbre” (Verses For The Dead) is the Latest Book of the Team Preston & Child…After an overhaul of leadership at the FBI’s New York field office, A. X. L. Pendergast is abruptly forced to accept an unthinkable condition of continued employment: the famously rogue agent must now work with a partner.
Walter Pickett, an FBI assistant director recently assigned to the New York City field office, is determined to keep maverick Pendergast under his control, unlike his predecessors. The two investigators head to Miami Beach, where a human heart has been left on the grave of Elise Baxter, who strangled herself with a bedsheet in Maine 11 years earlier. A note signed Mister Brokenhearts and quoting T.S. Eliot was left along with the freshly harvested organ. Pendergast insists that the choice of grave was an intentional one, and that circumstances of the old suicide be reexamined, even as Mister Brokenhearts strikes again….


—- “L’Ombre De La Menace” (Stillhouse Lake) By Rachel Caine and to be Published in FRANCE in September 2019, by L’Archipel Editions. Rachel Caine is the NYT, USA Today, and #1 WSJ bestselling author of more than 50 books in several categories and genres, including adult thriller and adult urban fantasy/SF as well as books for young adults ages twelve to eighteen. She is the winner of several national awards, and most recently was a finalist in both the International Thriller Writers awards and the Killer Nashville awards for her debut thriller novel Stillhouse Lake.
Gwen Proctor isn’t the name she was born with. She’s changed it to hide herself away from the past. Because the past brings with it a brutal serial killer ex-husband, suspicion that she got away with murder, and enemies she can’t even begin to count…. The Book explores the consequences of the age-old question: how could she not know? Gina Royal is the wife of a serial killer. He killed women in his “workshop,” which was a refinished garage that Gina supposedly never went into. Even though she went to trial and was found not guilty, the jury of the world at large doesn’t believe her. Now, after years on the run, she is tired of running. Her kids are tired of running. Every day, Gwen hits the computer and checks the “sicko” boards—people who have followed her husband’s case and her own trial, people who think she is as guilty as he is, people who think she and her children should be punished….
—- “L’Art De La Négociation” (The Art Of The Deal) By Donald Trmp and Published in FRANCE By L’Archipel Editions. “Trump: The Art of the Deal” is a 1987 book authored by Tony Schwartz and credited to Donald Trump. Part memoir and part business-advice book, it was the first book credited to Trump, and helped to make him a “Household Name”. It reached number 1 on The New York Times Best Seller list, stayed there for 13 weeks, and altogether held a position on the list for 48 weeks. The book received additional attention during Trump’s 2016 campaign for the presidency of the United States. He cited it as one of his proudest accomplishments and his second-favorite book after the Bible. Schwartz called writing the book his “greatest regret in life, without question,” and both he and the book’s publisher, Howard Kaminsky, said that Trump had played no role in the actual writing of the book. Trump has given conflicting accounts on the question of authorship.
The book talks about Trump’s childhood in Jamaica Estates, Queens. It then describes his early work in Brooklyn prior to moving to Manhattan and building The Trump Organization, his actions and thoughts in developing the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Trump Tower, in renovating Wollman Rink, and regarding various other projects. The book also contains an 11-step formula for business success, inspired by Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking.
— “Etonnantes Histoires De l’Histoire” (Amazing Stories Of History) By Amélie De Bourbon Parme and Published in FRANCE By L’Archipel Editions. Passionate about History, the Author already published Two Novels “Le Sacre de Louis XVII” and “Le Secret de l’Empereur (Gallimard 2001 & 2015). Every Saturday, she unveils Behind The Scenes Of History in the “Le Parisien Week-End” Newspaper.
Sickly Jealousy, Plots, Blood Crimes, Love at First Sight and Breakups, Aborted Marriages, Diversions of Legacies, Reversal of Alliances and Forbidden Loves, Abandoned Queens and Crowned Lunatics… This Book takes you through History, going from the Antiquity to Napoleon III of France. It goes also Internationally such as with the Castile Fortresses, the Castles of Bavaria,.. Famous and Unknown Stories marking History… We can name The Borgia – The Bourbons – Jeanne The Mad, Reclusive Queen – Hernan Cortes in the name of Charles Quint, Gabrielle d’Estrées dreaming of marrying the King – General Bonaparte & The Countess of Beaumarchais…





Selected by The Editorial Team 🙂


March 2019





Musees Royaux Des Beaux-Arts De BELGIQUE

According to Folklore, Saint Gorik built a Small Chapel on an Island in the Zenne, the River that still flows through Brussels, around 580 A.D. However, the Official Founding of Brussels dates to 979, when the First Permanent Fortification was built… Various Foreign Powers then controlled Brussels, until Dutch Emperor William I was forced to leave in 1830, when the Belgian Revolution took place in Brussels following a Performance of Auber’s La Muette de Portici at La Monnaie Opera House. Finally, the Country gained Independence and, on 21 July 1831, the First Belgian King, Leopold I, ascended the throne, with Brussels being named Capital of the New kingdom.







Leopold I oversaw a Long Period of rebuilding ; the City Walls were demolished allowing for Urban Renewal and considerable Expansion. In addition, as if to emphasise its Independence and Newly-Found Importance, lots of International Congresses were organised and Scientific Organisations founded ; Foreign Artists, Philosophers and Scientists (including Karl Marx, Victor Hugo and many more) all found their Way to Brussels…. In the 20th Century, Brussels suffered Considerable Damage during the Second World War. However, once the War was over, the City continued to develop. Since 1970, Belgium has been split into Three Semi-Independent Regions, Flanders and Wallonia, and the Brussels-Capital Region, each with its Own Government. The City has also become the de facto Capital of the European Union and NATO, of which Belgium is a Founding Member…

*** BERNARD VAN ORLEY – Brussels And The Renaissance Exhibition (February 20, 2019 – May 26, 2019) at Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique. Bernard van Orley was one of the Pivotal Figures of the Renaissance in the Low Countries. BOZAR and other Prominent Belgian Institutions are teaming up for the First Major Monographic Exhibition devoted to this 16th Century Artist. Bernard Van Orley was a Painter at the Court of Margaret of Austria and Mary of Hungary and was Inundated with Commissions. As a Young Man he was already at the Head of One of the Biggest Workshops of his Time. He painted Religious Subjects and also designed Wall Tapestries and Stained Glass Windows. In this Exhibition Special Attention is paid to his Portraits that place him at the Centre of an Important Network of Political Advisors, Influential Clergymen and Humanist Thinkers. His work was in Constant Dialogue with that of Contemporaries such as Albrecht Dürer and Raphael.
*** Prints in the Age of BRUEGEL (February 27, 2019 – June 23, 2019) at Palais Des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. 2019 is celebrating the 450 years since the Death of Pieter BRUEGEL The Elder through this Exhibition in Brussels & Anvers. Pieter BRUEGEL The Elder was the Most Significant Artist of Dutch and Flemish Renaissance Painting, a Painter and Printmaker from Brabant, known for his Landscapes and Peasant Scenes ; he was a Pioneer in making both types of Subject the Tocus in Large Paintings.


He was a Formative Influence on Dutch Golden Age Painting and later painting in general in his Innovative Choices of Subject Matter, as one of the First Generation of Artists to grow up when Religious Subjects had ceased to be the Natural Subject Matter of Painting. He also painted no Portraits, the other Mainstay of Netherlandish Art. After his Training and Travels to Italy, he returned in 1555 to settle in Antwerp, where he worked mainly as a Prolific Designer of Prints for the Leading Publisher of the Day. Only towards the End of the Decade did he switch to make Painting his Main Medium, and all his Famous Paintings come from the Following Period of little more than a Decade before his Early Death, when he was probably in his Early Forties, and at the Height of his Powers.
The “Exhibition Prints in the Age of Bruegel”, presented jointly by BOZAR and the Royal Library of Belgium, paints a Picture of Print Production in the Southern Netherlands in the Age of Bruegel. The Famous Painter’s Own Production is only the Tip of the Iceberg: in the Shadow of this Giant there are many Gems of Printmaking to be discovered. The Medium was both Varied and Flexible, used for Several Forms of Visual Communication ranging from Newsprints to Political Propaganda. Far from everything that rolled off the Presses was intended to be Art, although Talented Painters, Sculptors and Architects almost always guaranteed a Good Design. The Arrival and Flourishing of the Art of Printmaking in the Age of Bruegel is therefore not just an Artistic Success Story. Brilliant Craftsmanship and a Bold Spirit of Enterprise also played a Major Role.

 *** Bernardi Bruxellensi Pictori – COUDENBERG PALACE
Specially for the Occasions of the TWO EXHIBITIONS mentioned above, will be opened the Underground Passageway, which runs between the Centre for Fine Arts and the Coudenberg Palace, at a Few Choice Moments. People be able to descend directly, from the Exhibition of Works by Court Artist Bernard van Orley in BOZAR, into the Ancient Remains of the Coudenberg Imperial Palace during Thursday Evening Nocturnes, Family Discovery Tours on Saturdays, the School Holidays, Family Day and during the combi visit. Hof van Busleyden… In Parallel with the BOZAR Monographic Exhibition, Coudenberg Palace invites you to make a Journey through 16th Century Brussels in a Time-Capsule featuring Enlarged Pictures and Projections from that Period.

*** DUTCH SPRING at Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. With :
– Opening of the Dutch School Collection
– Frans Hals Portraits : a Family Reunion
– A Cabinet of the Most Delightful Drawings

Simultaniously with the Opening of the Permanent “Dutch School” Collection, and on the Occasion of the Rembrandt Year, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium present Two Temporary Exhibitions to further highlight the Dutch Artistic Talent. To discover the Master-Painters of the Golden Age, the Family Portraits painted by Frans Hals, and a Cabinet with Delightful 18th-century Drawings !

DUTCH SPRING: Opening of the Dutch School Collection (Renovated wing for RMFAB’s Collection of Dutch Art)
(From 01.02.2019)
During 17th Century, the Northern Netherlands entered an Era of Unprecedented Economic Prosperity. This Golden Age saw Cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem and Leiden transformed into true Hubs of Artistic Innovation. The RMFAB’s Collection of Dutch Art from this Period is one of the Largest and most Beautiful, preserved outside the Netherlands. After a Long-Awaited Renovation of the Dutch Galleries, about a Hundred Masterpieces finally get a Well-Peserved Permanent Spot in the Old Masters Museum.

DUTCH SPRING: Frans Hals Portraits A Family Reunion (February 01, 2019 – May 19, 2019)
The Exhibition reunites Three Fragments of the Portrait of the Van Campen Family by Master-Painter Frans Hals (1582– 1666) for the First Time in over 200 Years, after the Painting was separated at the Beginning of the 19th Century. During the Restauration of the Work Three Children with a Goat Cart by Frans Hals from the Collection of the RMFAB, a Remarkable Theory was confirmed : the Work was originally part of a Bigger Family Portrait that Hals painted for the Cloth Merchant Gijsbert Van Campen. Two other parts of the Canvas are found in the Collection of the Toledo Museum of Art (Ohio, USA) and a European Private Collection. The Reunited Masterpiece is joined by the other Three Family Portraits that Frans Hals painted during his Lifetime. This Second Unique Reunion show the Brilliancy with which the Artist broke away from Traditional Conventions of the Genre, setting New Standards for Western Art.

DUTCH SPRING: A Cabinet of the Most Delightful Drawings. A Selection of Eighteenth-Century Dutch Drawings from the Collection of the RMFAB (February 01, 2019 – May 19, .2019)
During the 18th Century, collecting Drawings and Print became Widely Popular in the Northern Netherlands. In the Exhibition a Cabinet of the Most Delightful Drawings, 80 Works on Paper from the Collections of the RMFAB show the Fascinating Diversity in Subject and Technique which characterizes Dutch Drawing at that Time. The Exhibited Drawings were part of the Collection of Jean de Grez, a Dutchman who moved from Breda to Brussels. In 1911. His Widow donated the Works to the Belgian State. The Collection, which was founded by Arnoldus Josephus Ingen Housz at the end of the 18th Century, comprises a Total of 4250 Drawings from the 16th to the 19th Century. Some 3600 Works belong to the Dutch School.


Three FRENCH BOOKS Affecting The Average French Citizen Concerns

Selected by The Editorial Team 🙂


March 2019

It has “An Enviable Standard of Living”, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). “Inequality is not Excessive and the Country has come through the (Financial) Crisis without suffering too heavily,” it says. And it’s not just the French who like the Place. Its Food, Fashion, Landscape and the Delights of Paris have an International Reputation that have helped make France the World’s Most Popular Tourist Destination…. But All is not well. Unemployment is High and the Government’s Finances are Weak….





Published by CHERCHE MIDI Editions


– “Merci Maîtresse ! – De Rien, C’est Mon Job” (Thanks Teacher ! – It is Nothing, This is My Job) Written by Anouk F. and Published in FRANCE by Cherche Midi Editions. The French Educational System is Highly Centralized and Organized, with Many Subdivisions. It is divided into the Three Stages of Enseignement Primaire (Primary Education), Enseignement Secondaire (Secondary Education), and Enseignement Supérieur (Higher Education). All educational programmes in France are regulated by the Ministry of National Education (officially called Ministère de l’Éducation nationale, de la Jeunesse et de la Vie associative). The head of the ministry is the Minister of National Education. The Teachers in Public Primary and Secondary Schools are All State Civil Servants, making the Ministère the Largest Employer in the Country. Professors and Researchers in France’s Universities are also employed by the State.
At the Primary and Secondary Levels, the Curriculum is the Same for all French Students in any given Grade, which includes Public, Semi-Public and Subsidised Institutions. However, there exist Specialised Sections and a Variety of Options that Students can choose. The Reference for all French Educators is the Bulletin Officiel de l’Education Nationale, de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche which lists all Current Programmes and Teaching Directives. It is amended Many Times Every Year… This BOOK is about the Testimony of Anouk F. a Teacher telling Personal Everyday Stories in an Interesting, Hilarious sometimes and reflecting her Activism towards the Need of Effective Public education.


– “Y a-t-il Un Contrôleur Dans Le Train ?” (Is Any Controller in the Train ?) written by Michel CLAREMONTET (Who is a Fench Controllor) and Published in FRANCE by Cherche Midi Editions. Train Controllers manage an Area of Track and Authorise all Activities that take place during a Journey. Train Controllers need High-Level Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Strong Problem-Solving Skills and the Ability to work under Extreme Pressure and in Emergency Situations. They must have a Good Memory for learning Safety Procedures and Regulations and be able to concentrate for Long Periods on Detailed Information. They have a High Degree of Personal and Decision-Making Autonomy…. This BOOK is a Collection of Personal Stories happened during His Everyday Activities… Often Strange, Crazy and Hilarious.

– “Charité Bien Ordonnée – Révélations Sur la Croix-Rouge Française” (Orderly Charity – Revelations about the French Red Cross) written by Two French Journalists Yohann BLAVIGNAT & Bénédicte POIRIER. Published by Cherche Midi Editions. The French Red Cross, founded in 1864, is an Independent Charity working alongside Governments and Public Authorities. As a Key Player in Society, they provide Humanitarian, Health, Social, Welfare and Training Services. To help carry out their Assignments they have a Strong Team of 18,000 Employees and 56,000 Volunteers, who on a Daily Basis, pursue Consistent and Unwavering Charitable Principles to provide Local and International Support.
In 2015, According to a Report by the French Labour Inspectorate, the Humanitarian Organisation made some 3,800 Violations of Working Hours Regulations, involving 480 Employees at its Paris Headquarters. Of these, around 3,300 Cases involved Employees who had worked more than the Legal Limit of Ten Hours in a Single Day, while the Remaining 500 Related to Staff who had worked more than the Weekly Maximum of 48 Hours. The Organisation had also violated Rules that say Workers must be given a Minimum of 11 Hours off between Shifts, the Inspectorate’s Report found.
Sexual abuse scandals have been revealed at several aid organisations after the Times newspaper reported Oxfam had tried to hide the use of prostitutes by staff in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake… More than 20 Employees of the International Committee of the Red Cross have left the Organisation for Sexual Misconduct since 2015, the Humanitarian Institution said. The ICRC Director General, Yves Daccord, said 21 Staff Members were either dismissed or resigned for paying for Sexual Services in the last Three Years. Another Two Workers suspected of Sexual Misconduct did not have their Contracts renewed at the Geneva-based Organisation….


In order to achieve the Organization’s goals, the French Red Cross Foundation has been provided with Governance Bodies to match its Ambitions. Presided by Professor Jean-Jacques Eledjam, President of the French Red Cross (and also Professor of Medicine, Anaesthetist at Montpellier CHU), with a Board of Administrators made up of Professionals and Experts in Humanitarian and Social Action to ensure the Interdisciplinary Nature of the Foundation… In the BOOK, the Authors emphasize the Role of the Very Ambitious and Charismatic Jean-Jacques Eledjam making Crucial Decisions and being “Responsible” for “Disastrous” Decisions involving Lots of Suffering in the Staff… Also, we learn about Jean-Christophe Combe (Director-General of the French Red Cross), Crucial Testimony from Former Chief of Staff Frank Delaval who was very close to Jean-Jacques Eledjam, the Testimony of Former Regional Project Manager Sébastien Thubert, the Suicide of Antoine Boutonnet, Former Head of the Fight against Hooliganism and Very Active for Decades with French Red Cross….
Nevertheless, Focus on the Symbols and Great Work of French Red Cross… The French Red Cross’ Operations are largely funded by Private Donations from Individuals, Corporate Sponsorship, and the Sale of French Red Cross Goods and Services. It belongs to the Comité de la Charte de Déontologie, an Ethics Committee for Social and Humanitarian Charities which raise Funds from the General Public. The French Red Cross Financial Statements are audited by Two Accounting Firms and are Publicly Available….





Selected by The Editorial Team 🙂


March 18, 2019 @ Salon Paul Ricard in Paris



(L) Dominique Damien REHEL – (R) Virginie SAMSON


Twelve DESIGNERS Selected

Presence :
– Dominique Damien REHEL, President and Founder of the Festival
– Nelly RODI, President of the Jury – Representative of Presidents of CCI Paris et Ile de France
– Michael SCHERPE, President/CEO chez Messe Frankfurt France
– Olivier BOBIGEAT, Deputy Mayor in charge of Financing & Development, City of Dinan
– Virginie SAMSON, Coordinator in charge of Designers during the Festival
– Emily TEPPER TARAC, Director who’s Next Prêt-à-Porter
– Pascal DENIZART, President CETI (Centre Européen des Textiles Innovants)
– Philippe VAUCLAIR, President AICP (Académie Internationale de Coupe de Paris)
– Jean-Alain CLAUDOT, General Director ECO TLC
– Valérie BANCEL, Sales Director HAMON






The International Festival of Young Fashion Designers of Dinan will be held for the 25th year (this year) on April 12-13-14 in the Presence of many Fashion Personalities who will come to discover the New Fashion Talents in Womenswear, Menswear and Lingerie. The Presidente d’Honneur this Year will be Chantal Thomass. Created 25 Years ago at the Initiative of its President Dominique Damien Réhel, the Aim was clearly to democratize the Fashion Design Industry.


Why is that when we see a Person, we are able to tell a Lot about them without even talking to them ? The Accessories we use, the Clothes we wear, Texture & Materials of our Apparels, they not only just cover a Body but also define a Persona. Fashion helps in expressing a Person’s Unique Sense of Style. Fashion is the Way we choose to present ourselves in front of Others and to the People around us. That’s something a Person shares with the Creative Professionals who take Fashion from Concept to Consumer. “Festival International des Créateurs de Mode” Awards 2019 seeks to recognize and honour such Exceptional Young Fashion Designers across the Globe. Fashion Designers who help others to express their Style and define their Persona. This International Festival is inviting Fashion Designers who are able to create Signature Style and have used Colour and Movement to create Stunning Outfits which evoke Feelings of Excitement, Passion and Longing. It will acknowledge some of the Outstanding Designs and promote them at a Global Scale through Different Means and Media. 


 It would like to be sort of a “Creative Hub” which helps encourage the Economic Development of Fashion and Design Businesses. Also, the Aim of this Competition is to detect and promote Emerging Talents in the Contemporary Fashion Field with a High Entrepreneurial Potential, by providing them with the Concrete Means and Resources they need to ensure their Long-Term Success in France and Internationally… It is focused above all on Entrepreneurial Reality, Creativity and Product-Focused Innovation.


 12 recently qualified Designers (having already their Brand) are selected , contesting for Three Awards handled by Messe Frankfurt France : Women Men and for the First Time, “Activewear mixte”. The Themes are being imposed : one endorsed by Eco TLC and the second one by Les biscuiteries Gavottes, called “Audace et Couleurs”. Two more Awards given by Rendez Voo (organizing Show-Rooms in Asia & USA).


The Mayor of Dinan, Didier Lechien, supports clearly the “Festival International des Créateurs de Mode”, helping in creating New Devices involving Retailers and the General Public :
* A Conference reagrding Carriers in the Fashion Industry at Centre des Congrès on Friday pm
* a “Like” Vote on Social Media involving the Public around the City. Each Contestent is attributed a Shop to exhibit his/Her Models. The Winner will receive the “Prix Dinan Territoire Commerçant/Grand public”
* An European Avant-Première of a Connected Retail Shop. A Reproduction of the Future Store thanks to CETI, Centre Européen des Textiles Innovants.


“Fashion in The Street” : Accessible to the Public., the 12 Collections will be displayed on Stands inside the “Théâtre des Jacobins”, during the Festival. Also, will be organized a Fashion Show there and in the Street at Three Different Spots (at the Heart of the City). The Festival is welcoming the Designer Alin Le’Kal , coming straight from Australia and Cyril Mirat, Former Winner. Texworld, Avantex & Apparel Sourcing and Who’s Next Salons will welcome the Winners. Rendez-Voo will look after Two Winners ot its Choice in their International Development (One in Pop Store in New York and One on a Salon in Tokyo).

Jardins du Palais Royal, Joyce Gallery, will welcome the Winners and their Winning Models during an Exceptional Exhibition May 21-24, 2019



  • Dominique Damien REHEL


  • Nelly RODI





  • Pascal DENIZART


  • Michael SCHERPE


  • Alain CLAUDOT



  • Valérie BANCEL


  • Jean-Philippe VAUCLAIR


  • Olivier BOBIGEAT









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Vernissage on February 7, 2019 at Hôtel Barrière Le Fouquet’s Paris of the latest Creations of French Visual Artist Emmanuelle Rybojad. This Exhibition-Sale will be held until March 7, 2019. All visitors will be able to discover the original works with effects of lights and mirrors, contemporary pieces with hearts Enlightened by neon & mirrors games…







A Journey Into The World Of Illusion







Was held on February 7, 2019, a Vernissage (Le Fouquet’s Paris) of the Latest Creations of French Visual Artist Emmanuelle Rybojad, taking us on a Journey into the World of Illusion. Inspired by the Symbols of Pop Art Mouvement and Pop Culture of the 70s, she likes to work Various Supports : Mirrors, Neon Lights, LED, Plexiglas… Her goal ? To interpret the Supports and play with them to go beyond their Basic Use. Mosaics with Rubik’s Cubes, Infinity Neon Diamonds, Geometric Shapes put into Perspective by an Assembly of Mirrors… She already exhibited at : Venise, Monaco, Cannes, New York, London, Miami,, Luxemburg…

In the 1970s, Social Progressive Values that began in the 1960s, such as Increasing Political Awareness and Political and Economic Liberty of Women, continued to grow. The Hippie Culture, which started in the Latter Half of the 1960s, waned by the Early 1970s and faded towards the Middle Part of the Decade, which involved Opposition to the Vietnam War, Opposition to Nuclear Weapons, the Advocacy of World Peace, and Hostility to the Authority of Government and Big Business. The Environmentalist Movement began to increase Dramatically in this Period.

History may record the Big Signifiers of the Decade being the American Military Defeat in Vietnam and the Impeachment of a President. In Britain, we might cast our Minds back to Sectarian Battling in Northern Ireland, Terrorism, the Oil Crisis, Inflation, Race Riots, Power Cuts, a Three-Day Week and Garbage piling up in the Streets… But disillusion is a Powerful Force in itself. In Film, Music, Drama and Art, the Seventies was imbued with a Spirit of Irony and Irreverence that resonates to this Day.
There was a Kind of Falling Off in the Seventies, an Erosion of Pie-In-The-Sky Idealism, a Deflation of Sixties Utopianism. This turned out to be a Very Good Thing. It was a Decade defined by both a New Realism and a New Escapism. It was Punk and Glitter, Grit and Glamour, yet these were not so much Opposite Ends of the Creative Spectrum as Part of the Same Deflationary Dynamic…





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Vernissage BLACK QUEENS By Carré Black Box

Vernissage “Black Queens” at A2Z Galery in Paris, on January 23, 2019. Opening to The Public : January 24 – 27, 2019 (12 rue des Fontaines du Temple ,75003 Paris)

With the Presence of :
* Princess Esther Kawatari
* Hair Stylist Nadeen Mateky
* Photographer Andrew Kumi
* Ivorian Jeweler Kareem Fadika
* Designers Amany Gogo & Assina Obela.


An Exhibit can reveals photography’s Role as a Tool or Weapon when investigating Identity and Empowerment. Uncovering the Beauty of African Women and their Worlds within fractured and layered Colonial Histories demands a Special Attention to Detail. To counter uninformed portrayals of African women as servile or sexual figures, this Original/Beautiful Exhibit exalts their Beauty on their Own Terms. Digging into History and offering a Glimpse of a Future Narrative, the Show features some Portraits reminding Previous and Famous African Queens : Princess Esther Kamatari, Queen Nanny, Mami Wata, Kimpa Mvita, Queen Nzinga Mbande, Queen Yaa Asantewaa, Nefertiti, Queen Kassa, Quen Nandi (Mother of Shaka Zulu), Ranavalona III, The Loneliness mulatto, Futuristic African Queen, Aja, Bessie Coleman.

The Black Woman has been for a Long Time underrepresented. Here we are Today and we are still looking at Black Women a bit negatively. The Exhibit held on January 23, 2019 at A2Z Galery in Paris, wanted to show their Beauty and Power through Black & White / Color Portraits of “Black Queens”. It might show also that Black Women, who have mostly been objectified in the Media, have actually made a Major Mark on Society that really can’t be quantified but has gone unrecognized….

The Term “Black” is used Worldwide and has Different Meanings in Different Places. It is used to describe those of African and Afro-Diaporic Descent. The Term “Black Wome”n is both a Multi-Faceted Cultural Identity and a Powerful Social Construct with Different Meanings in Different Places…

The Event was sponsored by Princess of Burundi Esther Kamatari, who was present. She was the First Black Model in FRANCE, the First Black Model to work for Lanvin, Dior, Paco Rabanne and the First Black Model wearing the Wedding Dress. Today, she is the Ambassador of the Maison Guerlain. Figurehead of the Fight in Favor of Women and Children Rights, through this Exposure Works of Art, she wanted to emphasize the Beauty of Africa, inspiring and generous.

During that Event was organized a Collect of Educative Toys and the Sale of Calendars 2019 to benefit “Centre Niali Of Gao” in MALI (Association A.S.F.E.D), offering an Educative Environment to Orphans and also giving a Significant help to Families in Need.
































Sponsored By CARTIER


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Was held a Press Conference at Intercontinental Paris Le Grand, on January 24, 2019, regarding the “First Global Itinerant Competition dedicated to Female Orchestra Conductors called “MAWOMA (Music And Women Maestra).

Were present :
* Clemence GUERRAND (Pianist), Founding President of MAWOMA
* Frédéric CHASLIN (French Orchestra Conductor), MAWOMA Jury President
* Debora WALDMAN, Brazilian Orchestra Conductor
* Cyrille VIGNERON, President & CEO of CARTIER





  • On January 24, 2019 was also launched Officially the First World Competition dedicated exclusively to Female Orchestra Conductors, at a Gala Evening at the International Paris – Le Grand in Paris.. Founded by Clemence Guerrand in Partnership with Cartier, MAWOMA is unprecedented and itinerant. The Competition will start in April, in effect successively unfurling across the SIX CONTINENTS, traveling from Vienna to Rio, passing through Los Angeles, Johannnesburg, Sydney and Tokyo… To honour and highlight the Talents of Young Women of All Nationalities.
    Musicians from Each Continent are invited to take part up until the Final which will take place qt the End of 2019 in PARIS, bringing together the SIX WINNERS of Each Stage across the Six Continents. Clémence Guerrand (Founder & President of MAWOMA) claims that it will promote “A shared Understanding Music. Music is an Universal Language. The Love and Creation of Music know No Discrimination with Regards to Barriers or Gender. This Universality does, however, persistently find itself up against a Tenacious Stumbling Block : conducting an Orchestra. Whatever it’s conducting a Symphony or Directing an Opera, Leading Musicians in an Orchestra is not, in itself, a Masculine Profession. It should not be this Way, now or henceforth, at a Time when Women Lead their Working Lives, in many Ways and on many Fronts, in the Capacity of Fully-Fledged Orchestra Conductors.”







  • During her Career as a Concert Pianist, Clémence Guerrand was able to observe how the Profession of Conductor was in decline for Females. At the Beginning of the 20th Century, Nadia Boulanger, who directed the Paris Philharmonic Orchestra before becoming the First Woman to conduct The London Philharmonic Orchestra in 1936, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, established herself in a No-Man’s Land of Conductors. Nearly a Century later, when Women work as Fighter Pilots and Bus Drivers, have risen to the Highest Rung of the Ladder in teams of Chefs in Great Restaurants, risen to the Top Rank of Government, and ensured that they are at Board Level of Large Companies, the Figures are more telling than a Long Sad Tale of the Continued Low Representation of Females as Orchestra Leaders : Internationally, they are a mere 21, and as for Male Conductors, there are 586.
    As the Expressive Heart of the Orchestra, it is the Conductor who quite literally takes Center Stage at Every Orchestral Performance. The Conductor shapes the Music, making Important Musical Decisions on Dynamic, Tempo, and Balance. Not only are they Great Leaders, but the Best Conductors are also able to interpret the Same Musical Work performed countless times before in New and Enlightening Ways…. What makes the Lack of Women Conductors even more astonishing is that in Other Areas of Classical Music the Balance between Women and Men is fairly equal. Gone are the Days of Male only Orchestras and Women’s Restricted Access to Composition Classes. Today, Blind Auditions have become the Norm for Orchestras, where Candidates play behind Screens so Judges cannot be influenced by their Gender, Race or Appearance.






  • What is it about the Conducting Profession, then, that makes it so difficult for Women to ascend to the Podium ? The Argument that not as many Women are attempting to become Leading Conductors is Superfluous given that it is Impossible to either prove or disprove. But should we really expect Players to respond in the same Way to Women Conductors as they do to men ?

    Already in 2014, on BBC Culture, Conductor Marin Alsop was discussing Gender Inequality (who will shortly become the First Female in 118 Years to lead the Last Night of the Proms) “It’s Tiresome that we’re still talking about it in Terms of Gender… but in many Ways this is a Great Moment to turn the Spotlight onto the Issue of Women in Leadership Roles in Society. Because I do think this is a Leadership Tssue.” Those are the Words of, at that Time, 56-year-old New York Native, who six years before became the First-Ever Woman to take the Helm at a Major Orchestra (The Baltimore Symphony), iwas about to become the First Female to conduct the Last Night of the Proms, the Biggest Night in Britain’s Classical Music Year…
    To come back to MAWOMA, the Festival is conceived and designed to launch a Globally Influential Movement and to allow Female Conductor Role Models to emerge, which are currently lacking in the Profession…. One Voice, which Today MAWOMA wants the World to hear. Reserved for Women Only, the Competition is open to Candidates of All Nationalities, aged UNDER 40. Applications are open Three Months before Each Event. The Application File, available Online at must comprise a Cover Letter, a Letter of Recomandation, a CV displaying Training and Career Path, as well as a Video of the Candidate showing Experience in Conducting an Orchestra…. The Event will take place in Each Town in Front of The Public.

















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Every Five Years since 1956, the Floralies Committee organizes the “International Floralies Flower Show”. Member of the “International Floralies Association”, the main Mission of the Floralies Committee is to promote Vegetal, to contribute to its Fame and to put its Knowledge to the Understanding of Everyone. This Year, the Event will be held in Nantes (France) from 8 to 19 May. It has inspired Famous Writer Jean Cocteau who said “The Floralies, it speaks for itself. It is like a Bunch of Pictures, Anecdotes and Poems inviting People to appreciate the City if Nantes and its Surroundings”.

Each Exhibition attracts over 200 Ornamental Exhibitors, Professionnals or Amateurs from the Flower and Plant Industry from France and all over the World. Selected for their Professionalism and “Know-How”, they have a Common Passion for Horticulture, Landcape Architecture, Design and Botanics. Every Five Years, Creation and Landscape Arrangement meet during 12 Days in the Exceptionnal Surroundings of the “La Beaujoire” Park, alongside the “Erdre”, the most Beautiful River of France according to King François the 1st. Hundreds of Thousands of Visitors helped the International Floralies – Nantes raised to the First French Floral Show and among the most Prestigious European Floral Events. Ths Surface will be of 45,000 sq2, more than 300,000 Visitors expected. Needing 15 Days of Preparation and having more than 100 Partners.

The Theme this Year will be “Flowers To Live By” based on French Philosopher Michel De Montaigne saying “If Life is Nothing more than a Passage, let’s at least sow Flowers along it”.
* L’Innocence (Innocence)
* L’Insouciance (Carefreeness)
* La Passion (Passion)
* L’Apprentissage (Learning)
* La Plénitude (Fullness)
* La Sagesse (Wisdom)
* La Spiritualité (Spirituality)
* NEW this Year Le Design (Design)

At the Press Confernce given on January 16, 2019 at the Senat-Palais du Luxembourg (Paris) :
* Bernard Lequerre : President of Floralies Committee
* Frédéric Fourrier : General Secretary Floralies Committee
* Vincent Chevalier : Scenographer of the Event
* Axel Montel : Director and Writer of the Musical “Naturya” played during the 12 Days Event