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October,  2019



Press Conf. @ Paris Yacht Marina, on October 11, 2019
With the Presence of :
* Patricia GRANET, Mayor of Digne Les Bains and president of Provence Alpes Agglomeration
* Bernard TEYSSIER, President The Tourist office
* Gregory MONTEL, Actor
* Patrick VOLPES (
* Norbert MILLE (Artisan Bijoutier @ 19, Allée Arthur Gouin, 04700 Oraison)
* Philip NICOLOSI and his Daughter Célia NICOLOSI (


The City of Digne Les Bains is The Historical Capital of Lavender, located at the Gateway of Provence, has the Sweetness, the Charm and the Wisdom inspired by the Mountains surrounding it. Also it is the Birthplace of the Worldwide Geoparks Network. The City is situated at the Crossroads of Three Valleys (Bléone, Mardaric and Eaux Chaudes) which played an Important Part in shaping its Physiognomy. The History of Haute Provence has always been marked by the Water. Millions of years ago, the Sea entirely covered the Region and the numerous Marine Animals Fossils discovered (Ammonites, Ichthyosaurs…) bear Witness to that Period! Today, the Lagoons have disappeared but the Water is still present: Torrents, Lakes and Rivers shape the Landscapes.

Haute Provence! Geoparks are UNESCO-Labelled Territories for their outstanding Geological, Cultural, Natural and Intangible Heritage. There are a Hundred Geoparks all over the World. The Geopark of Haute Provence was the first ever created in 2000… The True Story of Lavender starts at the beginning of the 19th Century, when it grew in the Wild and was harvested by Shepherds and Peasants. Today, Hybrid Lavender (Lavandin) resulting from a Crossing between True Lavender (Lavandula Officinalis) and Spike Lavender, or Aspic, is increasingly being cultivated. Indeed, Hybridisation has enabled to expand the Productivity of the Lavender Crop (towards the middle of the 20th Century) to meet the growing Demand from Perfumers in Grasse. In Digne les Bains, August is known as “The Lavender Month”. Corso de la Lavande takes place every year on the first weekend of the month (since 1939) during which the City is adorned in its most Beautiful Colours and takes Visitors and Inhabitants to the Land of Dreams, Scents and Flavours with its stunning Floats Parade, Musical Groups and great Funfair….



From the Estrop Mountain top at 2961m of Altitude in Haute Bleone to the gentle Landscapes of the Verdon Area, Digne les Bains and its Surroundings or the Durance Valley, you can travel up and down Haute Provence with an infinity of Marked Pathways at your own Pace in beautiful and preserved Natural Areas. Hiking becomes a way of life here, practised by everyone, all year round. The “Terres Noires” Site can definitely satisfy your Thirst for Mountain Biking Adventures…. Water-Based Activities are not left behind: Haute Provence being bordered by the Lake of Serre Ponçon in the north and the Lake of Sainte Croix du Verdon in the south. The Environment allows you also Activities such as Golf, Fishing, River Hiking, Climbing, Aerology…

In Summer, the large Provencal Market on the Main Square of Digne les Bains sets up its Headquarters on the Gassendi Boulevard, bordered by Secular Plane Trees, on Saturday morning from the end of June to September. In the many Villages nearby, the Stalls thrive with a variety of Products from the Local and Diversified Agriculture….

Arts and Crafts nurture the Tradition. Craftsmen and Artists sublimate Materials. Clay, in the Hands of Patrick Volpes , Santon Craftsman, transforms itself into the Iconic Characters of the Christmas Season. Norbert Mille, Artisan Bijoutier with his Creation “Etoile de Saint-Vincent” using as Stone a Fossilized Piece of “Pentacrine” which was living in the Seabed of Digne-les-Bains 180 Million Years ago. The Musée De La Lavande (Digne-Les-Bains), a Family Business rooted in the Values ​​of Craftsmanship and Authenticity. Nicolosi Créations is the Result of an Olfactory Adventure, started in 2004 by Philip Nicolosi, Passionate about Provencal Perfume. Located in the Heart of the Country, he creates his Scents, Room Scents and Cosmetics. Joined today by his Daughter, Célia Nicolosi, the Adventure continues in Family….




Haute Provence! Geoparks are UNESCO-Labelled Territories for their outstanding Geological, Cultural, Natural and Intangible Heritage. There are a Hundred Geoparks all over the World. The Geopark of Haute Provence was the first ever created in 2000… The True Story of Lavender starts at the beginning of the 19th Century, when it grew in the Wild and was harvested by Shepherds and Peasants. Today, Hybrid Lavender (Lavandin) resulting from a Crossing between True Lavender (Lavandula Officinalis) and Spike Lavender, or Aspic, is increasingly being cultivated. Indeed, Hybridisation has enabled to expand the Productivity of the Lavender Crop (towards the middle of the 20th Century) to meet the growing Demand from Perfumers in Grasse. In Digne les Bains, August is known as “The Lavender Month”. Corso de la Lavande takes place every year on the first weekend of the month (since 1939) during which the City is adorned in its most Beautiful Colours and takes Visitors and Inhabitants to the Land of Dreams, Scents and Flavours with its stunning Floats Parade, Musical Groups and great Funfair….










The City of Digne Les Bains is The Historical Capital of Lavender, located at the Gateway of Provence, has the Sweetness, the Charm and the Wisdom inspired by the Mountains surrounding it. Also it is the Birthplace of the Worldwide Geoparks Network. The City is situated at the Crossroads of Three Valleys (Bléone, Mardaric and Eaux Chaudes) which played an Important Part in shaping its Physiognomy. The History of Haute Provence has always been marked by the Water. Millions of years ago, the Sea entirely covered the Region and the numerous Marine Animals Fossils discovered (Ammonites, Ichthyosaurs…) bear Witness to that Period! Today, the Lagoons have disappeared but the Water is still present: Torrents, Lakes and Rivers shape the Landscapes.







  • Célia NICOLOSI and her father Philip NICOLOSI


  • Philip NICOLOSI – Lavender Museum of Digne


  • Patrick VOLPES and his handmade Santons



  • Patrick VOLPES and his handmade Santons


  • Norbert MILLE’s Son – Artisan Jeweler MILLE


  • Fine Jewelry by Norbert MILLE – Artisan jeweler







IFTM Top Resa – The Place For Professionals From France & International Tourism
Porte De Versailles (Paris) on October 1-4, 2019

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October,  2019


IFTM Top Resa is a Trade Show for Travel and Tourism, targeting all Segments: Business, Leisure, Group, MICE & Events. This year, it was held at Porte De Versailles on October 1-4 . This Year, we could discover new Areas such as “The Medical Tourism Village”, “The Innovation Village”, “The Coach Operators’ Village”, “The Meeting Roads”…. After the Great Success of the 2018 Edition for the 40th Anniversary of the Fair, INDONESIA has reiterated the Experience of being once again the COUNTRY OF HONOR for this year 2019.

The “Top Resa” Trade Show was established in 1979 in Deauville, with a Focus on Leisure Travel. In 2008, the Trade Show took a new direction and changed its Name to “IFTM Top Resa”, moved to Paris and became a Multi-Segment Trade Show covering all Travel Markets: Leisure, Business, Events and Group. In 2018, the Trade Show celebrated its 40th Anniversary. It was the perfect opportunity to rebrand with a New Logo, New Corporate Identity and Colour Code. A Well-Needed Boost for IFTM Top Resa.

– The Key Figures of 2018 Edition

* 1,700 Brands
* 34,000 Tourism Professionals
* 150 Conference Sessions
* 33,000 m2

– The Entire Sector in France and Overseas was represented in 2018 (the same for this year)

* 112 Airports and Airlines
* 39 Shipping Companies & Cruise Operators
* 344 Hotel Chains, Aparhotels, Hotel Booking Centers, Hotels
* 18 Car Hire Companies
* 19 Online Travel Agents
* 15 Tail Companies
* 45 Group Travel Organisers
* 193 Destinations and Representative Offices
* 57 French Tour Operators
* 4 Destination Network
* 32 French Destination Management Companies
* 91 Technology – GDS – Startups – Digital
* 436 Tour Operators & International Destination Companies
* 57 French Destinations
* 44 Networks of Management Companies
* 19 Theme Parks


October 1-4, 2019 – Porte De Versailles

– 2019 Event Highlights (These Events are open to the Public)

* Startup Contest
* Grand Prix Marco Polo
* Hackathon
* Travel Agents Cup
* Travel Agents Junior

*** About The Sartup Contest : The 5th Edition of the Startup Contest rewards the Best Startups Innovating in the Tourism Sector, Showcasing those who embody the Industry’s Recovery. All Startups exhibiting in the Startup Village can pitch their Project before a Panel of Expert Judges, including Investors, Entrepreneurs, Industry Professionals, Specialist Independent Press, etc. Each Team will have just 4 minutes to become the 2019 Most Innovative Tourism Startup. The Finale takes place in the Agora, the Heart of TECH ZONE !




*** About Le Grand Prix Marco Polo : Le Grand Prix Marco Polo, organised with the support of the Marco Polo Think Tank – on the occasion of the IFTM Top Resa 2019 Exhibition, is a Great Prize that rewards the Most Advanced Companies in terms of CSR. By CSR we mean the Responsibility of Companies in the Broadest Sense: Environmental, Social / Societal, Business Ethics, and Eco-System and Supply-Chain, including PMR Accessibility.

*** About The Grand Prix Stages : The projects submitted will be submitted to a jury of experts for voting:
Each Professional can propose an Application in one of the following 5 Sectors
– Airline Company
– Car Rental Companies
– Hospitality industry
– Railway Companies
– Special Out-of-Competition Prize: Award of the CSR prize to a Corporate Entreprise for its Internal Actions for its Co-Workers in the Context of Business Travel.

** About Hackathon IFTM by CDS Groupe : Following the success of the 2nd IFTM Hackathon by SpeedMedia in 2018, they decided to do it again in 2019 and make it even better! The 3rd edition of the Hackathon takes place on the Show. During 24 hours non-stop followed by a Grand Finale, in Agora, the Heart of the TECH ZONE. This year, Business Travel will be the Main Discussion. Participants develop their Projects around the Theme: the French Marketplace of the Business Hospitality, led by CDS Group. The Teams are made up of Engineers, Developers, Designers, Marketers and pPoject Leaders, sSudents or Active People. These Developers participate in this Adventure in order to propose an Innovative Solution.

*** About Travel Agents Cup : Since 2013, the Travel Agents Cup has been promoting and enhancing Travel Agents, making it a Flagship Event for the Industry. During this 7th edition, 5 Agents are rewarded. The Promise: elect THE Best Travel Agent in France.

*** About Travel Agents Cup Junior : The Junior Travel Agents Cup rewards “The Most Promising Salesman of the Destination France” for the 2nd Edition. This Competition, organized in partnership with the FFTST, is open to all Students from France (Metropolitan France and Overseas France) who intend to work in the Tourism Sector (BTS, Masters, Bachelors, MBA, DU and Professional Licenses).













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August,  2019




Lonely Planet, the world’s largest travel guidebook publisher, is announcing a new partnership with Hachette Book Group (HBG) to outsource its US & LATAM warehousing, distribution, sales and customer service beginning March 2020. This agreement reflects Lonely Planet’s ambition to elevate its operational efficiencies, remain competitive, and adopt industry best practices. “Leveraging the infrastructure of HBG, the largest US distributor of third-party trade book publishers, will provide us with significant scale and new capabilities to better service the US and LATAM markets,” said Theo Sathananthan, Lonely Planet’s Chief Operating Officer.


The current Oakland warehouse operations will be moved to HBG’s facility in Lebanon, Indiana; about 350 miles north of Lonely Planet’s Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. HBG will handle the entirety of the publisher’s imprints: Lonely Planet, Lonely Planet Kids and Lonely Planet Food.

This partnership also means that HBG will be distributing nearly half of all US travel guides, with the inclusion of the Lonely Planet Guides to its own stable of imprints. Todd McGarity, HBG’s Vice President, Business Development, commented: “We have long admired the Lonely Planet brand and publishing program, and are thrilled they have chosen Hachette Book Group to help bring their products to the US and Latin American markets. HBG sales team’s knowledge of the travel category will ensure Lonely Planet continues to get their unique travel guides, children’s titles and gift books into the hands of travelers of all ages.”

The move to HBG creates flexibility for Lonely Planet as it plans for future growth. “The move mirrors the same successful third-party distribution approach we have in the UK, Australia and NZ, and will allow us to focus on our core business. We feel that HBG will best serve not only our current but also our future business requirements,” added Sathananthan.


Source : Lonely Planet








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July,  2019

The BASQUE COUNTRY is a French Region 2 Hours from Paris by Train and 1 Hour from London by Air. First a Small Shing Port, the Imperial City of Biarritz became a Famous Seaside Resort featuring the first Seawater Spas, capitalising on the Basque Coast’s Waves, its Mythical Beaches, and the Rise of Surfing in Europe. Biarritz is located in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. It is Adjacent to Bayonne and Anglet and 35 kilometres from the Border with Spain. It is in the Traditional Province of Labourd in the French Basque Country.

Biarritz – On the Occasion of the G7 Summit in Biarritz. August 24-26, 2019



Beaches, Golf Courses, Thalassotherapy Centres, Culture and a Tradition of Gastronomy make Biarritz and the Basque Country so attractive for Tourists. Endowed with a Range of High-Class Facilities and Infrastructures, throughout the Year this Region can host Hundreds of Thousands of Visitors from across the World, who benefit from its Exceptional Commercial Dynamism. Beyond Leisure, Biarritz is developing a Flourishing Business Tourism, positioning itself as one of Europe’s Leading Business Destinations, welcoming Tens of Thousands of Professionals each year to its Three Congress Centres and the City’s Exhibition Hall.


Biarritz, like the Basque Country, welcome, in any Season, many Prominent Economic, Cultural and Political Events on a National and International Scale. This Year Biarritz will host the G7 from the 24th to 26th August. And many other Successful World-Class Events take place here, contributing to the City’s Ambition to shine Internationally. There are many Unique Attractions that characterise Biarritz, an Ocean City open to the World.


Regarding Tourism : Rivers and Streams, Valleys, Sandy Beaches, Creeks and Clifs, Grassy Slopes, Agricultural Plains, Mountainous Terrain. This diverse Natural Landscape has to be preserved: 60% of the Region – all its Forested Areas, its Waterways and Coastline – are protected under the European Natura 2000. The Mountain Economy accounts for 15 to 20% of Tourism in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Winter Sports are a Key Attraction with 6 Ski Resorts and Nordic Areas: Gourette, Pierre St Martin, Artouste, Iraty, Issarbe and Somport. With a strong Historical Link with the Tour de France, the Department has been actively developing Cycling for Ten Years, adapting with Local and Regional Authorities close to 100 km of Green Lanes and 400 km of Cycle Routes. Slow Tourism, rising Concern about Health and the Environment, the Search for a more User- Friendly Town planning are also Strong Civic Motivations to develop Cycling…




From 24 To 26 August 2019


* The visit was in the company of Olivier MERCOLI Director Cité de l’Océan and Aquarium of Biarritz
The fabulous History of “The Biarritz Aquarium” : The Passionate and Persuasive Marquis Alexandre Guillaume Léopold de Folin embarked on intensive Scientific Activities and managed to convince the French Authorities to launch the first Scientific Campaign on board the “Travailleur” to explore the Depths of the Bay of Biscay. The Marquis de Folin declared that a “Seat of Learning” should be created “that will become a Centre upon which People will converge from all parts of the World”. This Idea lay the Foundations for the Biarritz Aquarium, which was one of the first French Establishments where Oceanography was spoken about to a Public that was becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the fascinating World of the Oceans… The Biarritz Aquarium Extension opened in 2011 and now offers Visitors a more In-Depth Tour along the Gulf Stream, the Caribbean Sea, the Indo-Pacific region…The Scenography has been changed, the Surface area has doubled (from 3,500 m2 to 7,000 m2), more Aquariums have been added, there is one of the largest Pools in France (1,500 m3), a Caribbean Lagoon… (
The Universes of “The City of the Ocean” : Listen, Touch, Feel and Dive into the Depths of the Ocean through interactive and 360° Immersive Experiences, Playful Devices, 3D Animations, Surf Simulators will turn your Trip into an exciting Odyssey : finding out more about the Blue Planet. Embark on an eventful Journey aboard the Bathyscaphe in the dynamic 4D Cinema, surf the Perfect Tube, put yourself in the Shoes of a Surfer and face the Mythical Waves, tease Archie the Giant Squid, listen to Christopher Columbus or Gilgamesh’s Secrets, take a Seat aboard Seaborg, dive without getting wet with a Virtual Reality Mask, be amazed by the Beauty of the 40 minute Film and above all learn about the Wealth and the Needs of the Ocean. (
A Unique Feature of this Area is its Proximity and Natural Cooperation with three Spanish Autonomous Provinces: Euskadi, Navarre and Aragon. Across the Valleys, there have long been Daily Contacts between its Peoples that have left Historical Legacies that continue to this Day. The Basque Country has a Vibrant Linguistic and Cultural Heritage that is Exceptional and Unique. Euskara, the Basque language, is the Oldest Living Language in Europe. It’s the Official Language of the Spanish Part of the Basque Country where, from Pamplona to Bilbao, more than 2.5 million People live. It has also seen a renewed Interest in the French Basque Country where nearly half of School Pupils now learn it. Basque Identity is as Linguistic as it is Cultural and Gastronomic. It inspires the South West of France and far beyond.
Another particularity of the Basque Country is the Eusko, a Currency created in 2013, which addresses both Ecological and Solidarity Concerns. It allows Professionals and Consumers to be part of a more Sustainable Approach that protects the Basque Language, Small-Holding Farmers, Local Businesses and the Environment. Basque People have settled across Five Continents. Basque Centres, Euskal Etxeak, create Thousands of Sociocultural Activities each year to keep the Basque Culture alive: Dance, Language, Songs, Gastronomy and Traditional Games. With its Population on average increasing 0.6% annually, Nouvelle-Aquitaine is one of the most Populated Regions in France. Even if Newcomers are often Young Parisian Graduates who settle mainly in the Metropolis of Bordeaux, there is also significant Movement across the Region from Bordeaux to the Landes, Charente-Maritime, Vienne and of course the Basque Country, where more than 9,000 People a year arrive.
The Basque Country and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region are both labelled Positive Energy Territories. Biarritz and the Basque Coast are investing in Blue Growth in Marine and Maritime Employment Sectors. This involves the Production of Renewable Energy at Sea and the valorisation of Marine Bio-Resources, including maintaining and revitalising Traditional Maritime Activities, Fishing, Aquaculture, Port Operations, Tourism and Water Sports.

** The visit was in the company of Nicole BERGARA and her daughter Liza BERGARA

A Basque Native, Liza Bergara is an example of the Link between Heritage and its Creative Transformation. The “Makhila Ainciart Bergara”, a Traditional Basque Walking Stick and Honorary Object, bears the name of the House in Larressore where it has been handcrafted for Seven Generations. Symbol of a Lifestyle and Way of Thinking, it is listed in the Inventory of Rare Crafts under the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, and its Producer has been labelled as a Living Heritage Company (EPV) by the Ministry of the Economy. A Graduate of the Boulle Arts School in Paris and President of the EPV Association, Liza Bergara, who joined the Family Business in 2017, has put her Mastery of Metal Engraving at the Service of a Traditional Expertise passed down over the years, reinventing her Profession and promoting this Label. (


The Menus of Leading Chefs feature some of France’s most Iconic Products such as the Famous Piment d’Espelette, Pyrenean Suckling Lamb, Saint-Jean-de-Luz Hake, Ossau Iraty (ewe’s Milk Cheese), Itxassou Cherries and Bayonne Chocolate. For an Aperitif, People take a Slice of Kintoa, the Exceptional Ham from Black Pigs reared on Mountain Slopes, while for Dessert, they savour Eguzkia, Basque Cake. Regarding The Espelette Pepper, is a Variety of Capsicum Annuum that is cultivated in the French Commune of Espelette, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, traditionally the Northern Territory of the Basque People. On June 1, 2000, it was classified as an AOC Product and was confirmed as an AOP Product on August 22, 2002. (Syndicat du Piment d’Espelette –

Cédric Béchade (One Michelin Star in the 2009 Michelin Guide) and the Basque Country : a Heart Loving Story that begins at the Hotel du Palais in Biarritz with Jean-Marie Gauthier, whom he joined at the end of his Studies in 1996. Cédric then moved to the Hotel de Crillon, a Magnificent Parisian establishment… However, he promised himself to return to the Basque Country, as he cherishes so much the Values of this Region… Faithful to the Basque Country, after four years of Real Estate seeking, finally finds, and falls in love with the Auberge Basque in Helbarron located in the City of Saint Pée sur Nivelle. He purchased this Magnificent “Etxe” in March 2006. With a Beautiful Team of Basque Craftsmen he launched a Renovation Operation and Amazing Works, and made this Place the Contemporary Inn of his Dreams. “I was born professionally in the Basque Country”, says Cédric and “I come back with Great Emotion, Respect for its Culture, its People and its Products.” (

It’s a Short Step from Culinary Delights to Tableware. And Basque Cloth is Legendary. Formerly called ‘Mante à Boeufs’ (Cow’s Mantle) because it protected Cattle from Insects, this 100% linen quickly found its place in the Home. Table Linen, Curtains, Cushions, various Accessories, Toiletry or Tote Bags are created by Names including Tissages de Luz, JeanVier, Artiga, Lartigues 1910, Ona Tisse and Moutet.

Regarding “Lartigue 1910 – Tissage de Linge Basque”, in 1910 at Oloron-Ste-Marie, Calixte and Anastasie Lartigue established one of the Region’s First Workshops producing Fabrics for Espadrilles and Berets. Since then, 4 Generations have perpetuated the Art of Weaving with Creativity and Passion. Philippe Lartigue, Creator and Weaver, created the “1910 Lartigue” Brand as a Tribute to the Family’s 1st Weaving Workshop and launched a New Concept: the Guided Tour of the Weaving and Production Factory together with a Shop where People can find the Collections made there. ( – Kitchen, Table, Decor, Bath time, Accessories, Bags and luggage, Children).

“Goicoechea Potier Céramique” : Poterie Goicoechea was established in 1960 from the Hand of Jean Baptiste Goicoechea. 50 years later, Poterie Goicoechea create and make Models from Classical to Contemporary Style. The traditional Know-How, Passion and Quality are behind the Family’s Prestige. They are proud to display the Living Heritage Enterprises label (EPV), awarded by the Ministry of Economy. It is a State Recognition that recognises exceptional Craftmanship and Manufacturing Excellence. This Label is recognized Worldwide. (




  • The Biarritz Aquarium


  • The Biarritz Aquarium



  • The City of the Ocean


  • The City of the Ocean


  • Makhila Ainciart Bergara



  • Makhila Ainciart Bergara


  • Center for PDO Espelette Pepper


  • Center for PDO Espelette Pepper



  • Chef Cédric BECHADE


  • L’Auberge Basque


  • Philippe LARTIGUE



  • Lartigue 1910 – Weaving of Basque linen


  • Goicoechea Potter Ceramic


  • Goicoechea Potter Ceramic



Published by BELIN Editions

How did some Regions come to be Wealthier and more Powerful than others? The first Major Cleavage among Human Societies was between hunter-gatherer/ nomadic communities and settled, agriculturally-based communities. The Former (which all humans lived in originally) featured relatively few members in a single community, largely because of limited available nutrition. The settled societies, on the other hand, enjoyed much larger populations. Raising livestock in large numbers and harvesting large amounts of plants enabled them to obtain vastly greater nourishment than the foragers and hunter-gatherers, and thus they become more populous.


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July,  2019


The second major development to allow certain human societies to advance beyond others was the rise of industry and manufacturing. The Industrial Revolution occurred thousands of years after the development of agriculture, beginning in the 18th century and becoming consolidated in the 19th century. The Industrial Revolution consolidated the rise and power of the merchant and business class, which had been gradually building in the western world for several centuries to that point.

The chasm between the regions of the world that have fully undergone industrial transformation, and those that have only partially undergone it or not at all (and thus remain in the previous agriculturally-dominated phase), is the single most striking fact of the modern economic world. The difference between postindustrial and preindustrial or semi-industrial societies explains much of the differing levels of wealth and standards of living in the world today.

Progress is the movement towards a refined, improved, or otherwise desired state or, in the context of progressivism, the idea that advancements in technology, science, and social organization can result in an improved human condition; the latter may happen as a result of direct human action, as in social enterprise or through activism, or as a natural part of sociocultural evolution.

During the Medieval period, science was to a large extent based on Scholastic (a method of thinking and learning from the Middle Ages) interpretations of Aristotle’s work. The Renaissance of the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries changed the mindset in Europe towards an empirical view, based on a pantheistic interpretation of Plato. This induced a revolution in curiosity about nature in general and scientific advance, which opened the gates for technical and economic advance. Furthermore, the individual potential was seen as a never-ending quest for being God-like, paving the way for a view of Man based on unlimited perfection and progress.


– “Moi, Galilée, qui ne suis qu’un Homme” (Me, Galileo, who is just Human) by Daniele Vegro and published in FRANCE by Belin Editions.The Author give us an original Portrait of Galileo Galilei through what he calls True-False Memories (Along 1633). He used his Imagination combined with great historical precision. Galileo Galilei was an Italian Astronomer, Physicist and Engineer, sometimes described as a Polymath. He has been called the “Father of Observational Astronomy”, the “Father of Modern Physics”, the “Father of the Scientific Method”, and the “Father of Modern Science”.
Galileo studied Speed and Velocity, Gravity and Free Fall, the Principle of Relativity, Inertia, Projectile mMtion and also worked in Applied Science and Technology, describing the Properties of Pendulums and “Hydrostatic Balances”, inventing the Thermoscope and Various Military Compasses, and using the Telescope for Scientific Observations of Celestial Objects. His contributions to Observational Astronomy include the Telescopic Confirmation of the Phases of Venus, the Observation of the four Largest Satellites of Jupiter, the Observation of Saturn and the Analysis of Sunspots….Galileo’s championing of heliocentrism and Copernicanism was controversial during his Lifetime, when most subscribed to Geocentric Models such as the Tychonic System.
By 1615, Galileo’s writings on heliocentrism had been submitted to the Roman Inquisition by Father Niccolò Lorini, who claimed that Galileo and his followers were attempting to reinterpret the Bible, which was seen as a violation of the Council of Trent and looked dangerously like Protestantism. In February 1616, an Inquisitorial commission declared heliocentrism to be “foolish and absurd in philosophy, and formally heretical since it explicitly contradicts in many places the sense of Holy Scripture”. Pope Paul V instructed Cardinal Bellarmine to deliver this finding to Galileo, and to order him to abandon the opinion that heliocentrism was physically true… For the next decade, Galileo stayed well away from the controversy. He revived his project of writing a book on the subject, encouraged by the election of Cardinal Maffeo Barberini as Pope Urban VIII in 1623. Barberini was a friend and admirer of Galileo, and had opposed the condemnation of Galileo in 1616. Galileo’s resulting book, Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, was published in 1632, with formal authorization from the Inquisition and papal permission.
Galileo had alienated one of his biggest and most powerful supporters, the Pope, and was called to Rome to defend his writings in September 1632. He finally arrived in February 1633 and was brought before inquisitor Vincenzo Maculani to be charged…The Galileo affair was largely forgotten after Galileo’s death, and the controversy subsided. The Inquisition’s ban on reprinting Galileo’s works was lifted in 1718 when permission was granted to publish an edition of his works (excluding the condemned Dialogue) in Florence. In 1741, Pope Benedict XIV authorised the publication of an edition of Galileo’s complete scientific works which included a mildly censored version of the Dialogue. In 1758, the general prohibition against works advocating heliocentrism was removed from the Index of prohibited books, although the specific ban on uncensored versions of the Dialogue and Copernicus’s De Revolutionibus remained.


– “Une Histoire de la Nouvelle-France – Français et Amérindiens au XVIème Siècle” (A Story of the New-France – French and Native American XVIth Century) by Laurier Turgeon (Professor of History and Ethnology at Laval University in Canada) and published in FRANCE by Belin Editions. There are all kinds of Stories of Hostilities between early American Colonists and the Native People who were already there. However, these Hostilities did not occur with every European Group who came. The French are a Notable Exception to this, and in fact, enjoyed Excellent Relations with the Natives almost from the very beginning.
Why were the French different? The main reason is that they did not try to change the Natives. They also did not compete with the Natives for land. When the French first came to the Americas in the 1530s and 1540s to engage in seasonal fur trading, they immediately established strong trading ties with the local Natives they found there. The Natives already dealt extensively in furs. The French quickly discovered they could go back to France in the winter months with ships laden with furs they had purchased from the Natives with European wares, such as metal cooking pots, weapons, horses, and other goods not accessible to the Natives at that time. The Natives also accompanied the French on hunting parties and showed them where the good fur animals could be found. The French made it a point to learn the Native languages and ways, and established good relations that were based on equality with all of the tribes in the area…. The Author goes through the First Commercial Exchanges between Native American and French.


Writing-on-Stone Áísínai’pi

World Heritage Sites represent some of Humanity’s most Outstanding Achievements and Nature’s most Inspiring Creations. They are considered to have Outstanding Universal Value, and are protected for the Benefit of all Humanity. Yesterday, Writing-on-Stone / Áísínai’pi, in Alberta, was inscribed on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List. The Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, Catherine McKenna, took the opportunity to celebrate this ancient and sacred place as Canada’s twentieth World Heritage site, and to congratulate those involved in developing and presenting its nomination.

This Significant Achievement follows more than 10 years of Dedication by the Government of Alberta and the Blackfoot Confederacy, including the Mookaakin Cultural and Heritage Society, with Guidance and Advice from Parks Canada. The site has been on Canada’s Tentative List for World Heritage since 2004.



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July,  2019

Writing-on-Stone / Áísínai’pi is an Ancient and Sacred Cultural Landscape where Indigenous Peoples have created Rock Art for Millennia. Thousands of Petroglyphs and Pictographs, the Greatest Concentration of Rock Art on the Great Plains of North America, represent the Powers of the Spirit World that resonate in this Sacred Landscape, and Chronicle Critical Phases of Human History in North America, including when Indigenous Peoples first came into contact with Europeans.
With an exceptional combination of Culturally Significant Landforms, Rock Art, Archaeological Heritage, and Dramatic Views, Writing-On-Stone / Áísínai’pi (“it is Pictured/Written”) is a Sacred Place for the Blackfoot People. In Blackfoot Traditions, Sacred Beings Dwell among the Cliffs and Hoodoos, and the Voices of the Ancestors can be heard among the Canyons and Cliffs. To this day the Blackfoot feel the Energy of the Sacred Beings at Writing-on-Stone / Áísínai’pi, and their Oral Histories and Ongoing Ceremonial use of the Site attest to the Living Traditions of the Blackfoot People.

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The decision to inscribe Writing-on-Stone / Áísínai’pi on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List was made by the World Heritage Committee during its annual meeting, which is taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan. The timing of this Inscription is fitting as 2019 marks the International Year of Indigenous Languages. Indigenous Languages are an Essential Part of the Cultural Fabric of Canada and play a Critical Role in safeguarding Indigenous Knowledge, Cultural Practices, Worldviews, Spiritual Values, Intergenerational Learning, and the History of the Landscape we know as Canada. The Government of Canada recently recognized the importance of Indigenous Languages through the Passage of the Indigenous Languages Act, which will reclaim, revitalize, strengthen, and maintain Indigenous Languages in Canada.
In Celebration of the International Year of Indigenous Languages and the Inscription of this new World Heritage site, Canadians are encouraged to help support the Revitalization of Indigenous Languages in Canada, and are invited to visit Canada’s nNtwork of Heritage Places to learn more about Indigenous Languages, Knowledge, Cultures, and Traditions.



* Writing-on-Stone / Áísínai’pi is fully contained within the boundaries of Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, in the province of Alberta. Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park is managed by Alberta Parks, with ongoing guidance from the elders of the Blackfoot Confederacy.

* Áísínai’pi is the name that Blackfoot people use for the area, which means “it is pictured/written”. This ancient name was also formally recognized through the designation of Áísínai’pi as a National Historic Site of Canada in 2004, the same year it was added to Canada’s Tentative List for World Heritage.

* There are over 1,000 sites on the World Heritage List worldwide.

* Parks Canada is the lead agency for the implementation of the World Heritage Convention in Canada due to its longstanding experience and depth of expertise in the conservation of both natural and cultural places. Twelve of Canada’s twenty World Heritage sites are areas managed in part or in whole by Parks Canada.

* The United Nations declared 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages in order to raise global awareness about Indigenous peoples’ cultural and linguistic rights.

* On June 21, 2019, the Indigenous Languages Act received Royal Assent. The Government of Canada will work with Indigenous representative organizations, Indigenous governments, and provinces and territories for its implementation. To support this implementation, Budget 2019 includes an investment of $333.7 million over five years, and $115.7 million annually thereafter.




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July,  2019


The Government is committed to Reconciliation and Renewed Relationships with Indigenous Peoples, based on a Recognition of Rights, Respect, Co-Operation, and Partnership. On July 5, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, Catherine McKenna, announced the Signing of an Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Timiskaming First Nation, to establish a Trust to co-manage the Obadjiwan-Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site. In the Spirit of this New Agreement, Obadjiwan has been added to the Name of the Historic Site.

Through this Agreement, the Government of Canada will transfer 50% of the Ownership of the National Historic Site into a Trust to better represent Indigenous History. Co-Ownership will help protect Indigenous History and Culture and enable the Timiskaming First Nation to be directly involved in the management of the National Historic Site. With this New Agreement and Name, the Site will now better reflect 6,500 years of Indigenous Land Use and Occupation in Obadjiwan and the Surrounding Area of Lake Temiskaming.
A Board of Trustees will be appointed to administer the Trust. The Trustees will provide Advice and may make Decisions regarding the Planning and Management of the Historic Site. Parks Canada is pleased to continue working with the Timiskaming First Nation, as well as with other Indigenous Communities wishing to celebrate the Contributions of Indigenous Cultures, Traditions, and Customs in the History of the Obadjiwan-Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site. Canada and the Timiskaming First Nation will be Partners in conserving the Important History and Culture of the Obadjiwan-Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site and sharing the Stories of this Special Place with Canadians and the World.

Hugues MICHAUD Patricia ROYER Chief Wayne McKENZIE

Source : Parks Canada



* In the Anishnabe language, Obadjiwan means “where the water rises in the rapids.”

* The Board of Trustees will be made up of eight representatives, four appointed by Parks Canada and four by the Obadjiwan Corporation, which, in turn, will designate one of its members to be Chair.

* A new Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada plaque will eventually be unveiled.

* Through the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, the Government of Canada commemorates the important people – including the invaluable contributions of Indigenous peoples – the places and the events which have shaped our country to help Canadians connect with their past.

* The Obadjiwan-Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site bears special witness to the Indigenous presence going back more than 6,500 years and to the area’s history as a place where the commercial rivalries of the fur traders were played out over a 200-year period. This old trading post is central to the history of the vast Témiscamingue region.

* The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada has taken steps to increase the number of Indigenous designations under the National Program of Historical Commemoration. To date, there are 144 national historic sites that commemorate Indigenous themes, and 66 Indigenous people and 58 Indigenous events that have been designated as having national historic significance.










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June,  2019





According to the prestigious ranking of the Union of International Associations (UIA) for 2018, Montréal is the number one international convention destination in the Americas for the second year in a row. Montréal’s drawing power brought 108 events to the city, ahead of the likes of New York, Buenos Aires, Washington and Toronto. The report also shows that Montréal hosted 50% of all international events held in large Canadian cities—a phenomenal tally that shows how much the convention market is driving economic growth and tourism in the city.

“The outstanding teamwork and collaboration of our partners in the Montréal ecosystem continue to generate exceptional results, such as this first place ranking in the UIA’s Americas list,” said Yves Lalumière, president and CEO of Tourisme Montréal. “Montréal is a highly attractive city where it’s easy to do business. The city is known for its supportive partners, great service by expert local suppliers, opportunities for connecting with opinion leaders in a variety of sectors, and an expanded range of air connections that make it easier than ever to get to.”

“Thanks to cooperation between the business tourism sector, Québec universities, and the city’s main economic clusters, as well as the involvement of leading figures such as our Ambassadors, Montréal hosts many major events that generate significant economic and intellectual benefits for the city and Québec as a whole,” said Robert Mercure, president and CEO of the Palais des congrès de Montréal. “The Palais is becoming a vector of Montréal creativity, and we intend to generate ever greater benefits for Montréal and Québec by promoting local people and know-how.”

This report takes over 450,000 meetings into account, organized in more than 12,500 cities, by nearly 30,000 international organizations. Founded in 1907 by Nobel laureate Henri La Fontaine and Paul Otlet, the UIA holds a database of more than 70,000 organizations in 300 countries and territories.

– Montréal dominates another major international ranking

According to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), Montréal is also one of the world’s most popular destinations for international events. The UIA list, which places Montréal 1st in North America for a third consecutive year and 2nd in the Americas, just behind Buenos Aires, draws on a database of more than 12,000 events whose conventions alternate between at least three countries.

– Satisfied convention-goers

Once conventions have been confirmed, Tourisme Montréal and the Palais successfully meet the expectations and requirements of convention organizers and their delegates. A survey by research firm Ipsos on behalf of Tourisme Montréal shows that 95% of business tourists were satisfied with their stay in 2018 and 98% were satisfied with the conference facilities in Montréal. Notably, 84% of these business tourists said they would return to Montréal for a vacation—a testament to the city’s outstanding reputation.

Source : Palais des congrès de Montréal







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June,  2019





Los Angeles has earned the distinction of being home to both the Best U.S. Airport (Hollywood Burbank Airport) and the World’s Worst Airport (LAX), according to the results of the first-ever Fodor’s Travel Awards, announced on June 12, 2019. The awards, chosen by the Fodor’s editorial team of travel experts, aim to highlight travel standouts—and some duds—in categories that matter to today’s modern traveler.

Fodor’s editors are well aware that there are many travel awards in the world – so the team set out with a distinct mission to go against the grain of traditional travel awards in staid categories.

“Most travel awards programs take themselves very seriously. But there are so many fun quirks and nuances to travel, as well as needs and goals that vary from person to person,” said Jeremy Tarr, editorial director of Fodor’s Travel. “We designed the Fodor’s Travel Awards to be more inclusive, more honest, and way more fun and relevant to everyday travelers and tourists.”



While some categories are lighthearted (Best Airline For A Budget Bougie Experience, anyone?) Fodor’s editors took each decision seriously, oftentimes fiercely debating winners and runners-up.

The result is a definitive collection of expert recommendations in categories that range from Best Airport For Foodies (Newark Liberty) to Best Airline for Flying with Pets (American) to Best Airline for Plus-Sized Passengers (JetBlue) to The Best Cruise to Replace Your Dating App (have you heard about the Kesha Cruise?) to Best Travel Pot (as in cannabis – and it would be Lord Jones CBD), and many more.

LA: A City With A Tale of Two Airports

Travel journeys almost always involve airports, so Fodor’s editors made them a prime element of the Fodor’s Travel Awards. “Airports are like living creatures – sprawling, complicated, chameleon-like things that are constantly expanding and renewing themselves,” Tarr said. “What is today’s best airport can quickly become next year’s worst.”


In an unplanned coincidence, Los Angeles’ Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) took the award for Best U.S. Airport, while Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) took the title of World’s Worst Airport. Fodor’s editors cited Hollywood Burbank’s accessibility and mellow, hassle-free experience as primary reasons it took top honors.

“Burbank is an airport free of most of the hassles that take the fun out of travel plans,” said Fodor’s managing editor Rachael Levitt. “It’s an agreeable airport in a perfect location, which is why it’s at the top of our list of airports to love.” Meanwhile, LAX got demerits for extreme difficulties getting in and out of the airport, a problem exacerbated by several major construction projects currently taking place. Ironically, most of the construction projects are for features that will ultimately improve getting around the infamous LAX “horseshoe.”

“One day the construction will end. And, one day, there will be a people-mover that will connect the yet-to-be-open Crenshaw Metro Line to the airport,” Tarr said. “But until then, LAX has earned a spot at the top of our Worst Airports list – and we’re loathing it.”

Source : Fodor’s Travel















 Informally, a global issue is any issue that adversely affects the global community and environment, such as environmental issues, political crisis, social issues and economic crisis. Global issues range in severity from minor issues that affect everyone to global catastrophic risks that threaten the existence of the entire human race or its society. Climate change is a familiar global challenge. They are emerging problems with the potential to shape society in profound ways. Publicly-funded research could help inform public dialogue and policy development. Each challenge is multi-disciplinary and requires broad cooperation to solve.


21st century leaders face a plethora of challenges. They need to motivate diverse groups of people, work across organizational boundaries, improve efficiency, and achieve growth. Externally, they face a complex and globalized environment…. One of the most common differences encountered in the business world is between introverted and extroverted colleagues. In the future, as organizations are forced to think more broadly about diversity, they will need to get the best out of these working styles to increase their competitive advantage. The working world no longer operates within the dynamic of “whoever shouts the loudest” wins…. When we increase our understanding of how differing perceptions impact conflict, we often remove the confusion of the conflict. This can allow for underlying causes to become clear. When we can remove perception-based interference, understanding between people can grow and become a bridge toward resolution….




Published by AUTREMENT Editions



– “Atlas de l’Amérique Latine” (Atlas of Latin America) by Olivier Dabène & Frédéric Louault. Published in FRANCE by Autrement Editons. The Authors go through differerent aspects to explain what became Latin America in our Globalized World. Historical Legacy, Resources and Settlements, Development, Balance and Fragilities, Cultures and Revolutions, Political Styles…To finally, develop the Relationships betweenn Latin America and the World…. Latin America, like much of the Developing World, will have to face Serious Challenges in the Current Century. Environmental Changes, Persistent Inequality, and Increasing Violence force millions of People throughout the Region to live in a Constant State of Uncertainty. Will Latin American Countries be up to the task of finally improving the Life of their Inhabitants?
– “Atlas Historique des Etats-Unis” (Historical Atlas of United States) by Lauric Henneton and published in FRANCE by Autrement Editions. Four Big Chapters are developed : Colonies to a Republic, Young America, American Century, the Post-American History?… This might bring to the following questions : Should the United States be compared with the Roman Empire rather than with the more recent British Empire? And should we conclude that its history is only just getting started? Is globalization the same thing as Americanization? Why does the United States seem to be like a fish in water in this new global world? Doesn’t America’s real power lie as much in the dynamism of U.S. society as in traditional measures of power? Indeed, couldn’t you even say that America is powerful despite Washington and American policy? Isn’t America’s “soft power” in this sense greater than its “hard power”?…

– “Atlas du Développement Durable” (Atlas of Sustainable Development) by Yvette Veyret & Paul Arnould. Published in FRANCE by Autrement Editions. Three Big Chapters are developed for a Better Understanding : an Unequal World far from Sustainable Development, Global Responses for Sustainable Development, France and Sustainable Development…. Sustainability is Development that satisfies the Needs of the Present without compromising the Capacity of Future Generations, guaranteeing the Balance between Economic Growth, care for the Environment and Social Well-Being.

Sustainable Development is a Concept that appeared for the First Time in 1987 with the Publication of the Brundtland Report, warning of the Negative Environmental Consequences of Economic Growth and Globalization, which tried to find possible Solutions to the Problems caused by Industrialization and Population Growth.

Many of the Challenges facing Humankind, such as Climate Change, Water Scarcity, Inequality and Hunger, can only be resolved at a Global Level and by promoting Sustainable Development: a Commitment to Social Progress, Environmental Balance and Economic Growth. As a part of a new Sustainable Development Roadmap, the United Nations approved the 2030 Agenda, which contains the Sustainable Development Goals, a call to Action to protect the Planet and guarantee the Global Well-Being of People. These Common Goals require the Active Involvement of Individuals, Businesses, Administrations and Countries around the World.





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June,  2019






OEING today released its 2019 Global Environment Report, highlighting how the company is building cleaner, more fuel-efficient airplanes and finding innovative ways to recycle and conserve resources. In 2018, Boeing unveiled its new environment strategy through 2025 with ambitious goals to innovate products for environmental performance, reduce emissions, waste, and water and energy consumption at work sites, and to work with communities around the globe.




Highlights of the report include :

* Partnering with a UK-based recycler to keep up to 2 million pounds of excess carbon fiber from Boeing factories out of landfills per year.
* Using renewable energy to power Boeing’s primary data center, saving enough electricity to power more than 4,000 homes annually.
* Working with Etihad Airways to fly a 787 Dreamliner powered partly by biofuel made from desert plants irrigated with seawater.
* Designing new energy-efficient facilities around the world, including the 737 Completion and Delivery Center in Zhoushan, China, and the fabrication facility in Sheffield, UK.
* Catalyzing development of sustainable aviation fuel and offering customers the option of using biofuel on delivery flights.
* Surpassing 2018 targets, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 7.3 percent at work sites.

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading provider of commercial airplanes, defense, space and security systems, and global services. As the top U.S. exporter, the company supports commercial and government customers in more than 150 countries. Boeing employs more than 150,000 people worldwide and leverages the talents of a global supplier base. Building on a legacy of aerospace leadership, Boeing continues to lead in technology and innovation, deliver for its customers and invest in its people and future growth.

Source : Boeing




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May 27, 2019

Petit Fute Headquarters in Paris (France) on May 27, 2019.
With Dominique Auzias – President (and Co-Founder with Jean-Paul LABOURDETTE who is also President)




SA Guide Book or Travel Guide is “a Book of Information about a Place designed for the Use of Visitors or Tourists”. It will usually include Information about Sights, Accommodation, Restaurants, Transportation, and Activities. Maps of varying Detail and Historical and Cultural Information are often included. Different kinds of Guide Books exist, focusing on Different Aspects of Travel, from Adventure Travel to Relaxation, or aimed at Travelers with different Incomes, or focusing on Sexual Orientation or Types of Diet. Travel Guides can also take the Form of Travel Websites.



In the West, the Guidebook developed from the Published Personal Experiences of Aristocrats who traveled through Europe on the Grand Tour. As the Appreciation of Art, Architecture and Antiquity became ever-more Essential Ingredients of the Noble Upbringing so they predominated in the Guidebooks, particularly those devoted to the Italian Peninsula. Richard Lassels (1603-1668) wrote a Series of Manuscript Guides which were eventually published posthumously in Paris and London (1670) as The Voyage of Italy Grand Tour Guidebooks poured off the Presses throughout the Eighteenth Century.









  • Presentation by Dominique AUZIAS



  • Presentation by Dominique AUZIAS




  • Presentation by Dominique AUZIAS



  • Presentation by Dominique AUZIAS






The Modern Guidebook emerged in the 1830s, with the Burgeoning Market for Long Distance Tourism. The Publisher John Murray began printing the Murray’s Handbooks for Travellers in London from 1836. The Series covered Tourist Destinations in Europe, Asia and northern Africa, and he introduced the Concept of “Sights” which he rated in terms of their Significance using Stars for Starke’s Exclamation Points. According to Scholar James Buzard, the Murray Style “exemplified the Exhaustive Rational Planning that was as much an Ideal of the Emerging Tourist Industry as it was of British Commercial and Industrial Organization generally….
Following World War II, two New Names emerged which combined European and American Perspectives on International Travel. Eugene Fodor, a Hungarian-Born Author of Travel Articles, who had emigrated to the United States before the War, wrote Guidebooks which introduced English-Reading Audiences to Continental Europe. Arthur Frommer, an American Soldier stationed in Europe during the Korean War, used his Experience traveling around the Continent as the Basis for Europe on $5 a Day (1957), which introduced Readers to Options for Budget Travel in Europe. Both Authors’ Guidebooks became the Foundations for Extensive Series, eventually covering Destinations around the World, including the United States. In the Decades that followed, Let’s Go, Lonely Planet, Insight Guides, Rough Guides, and a Wide Variety of similar Travel Guides were developed, with varying Focuses. …


With the Emergence of Digital Technology, many Publishers turned to Electronic Distribution, either in addition to or instead of Print Publication. This can take the Form of Downloadable Documents for reading on a Portable Computer or Hand held Device such a PDA or iPod, or Online Information accessible via a Web Site. This enabled Guidebook Publishers to keep their Information more current….


Generally, Ttravel Guides aim to give you the Best and most Up To Date Information on the Major Travel Destinations around the World. You will find Budget Tips, Money-Saving Advice, Recommendations on Places to stay, Things to see and do, and where to eat. It doesn’t matter what Type of vacation you are going on : Cruise, Backpacking Trip, Island Getaway, Two-Week Holiday, Round-The-World-Trip, or a Family Vacation…. These Destination Guides will give you all the Information you need for your Trip so you can travel better, longer, and cheaper.

What about LE PETIT FUTE (French Guidebooks Company, Petit Fute Group) :
* 40 Years in the making a Worldwide Brand in the Touristic Ecosystem.
* Originally, it was created to edit Travel Guides for the New Generation of Travelers. Today, the Group activity which is mostly dedicated to Digital Activities.
* Data Basis is the largest Touristic Data Basis by covering : 800 Destinations, 192 Countries, 1,000 People are doing the Job in the Group.
* Exclusive Correspondants : 400,000 Contributors Affiliate, 800 People enrich &update all Touristic Databases, 191 Sales People market all Digital Products, 60 specialized Employees (30 of which travel permanently managing them).


Where does the Guide fit in the Travel Ecosystem (5 Steps / Areas of Influence) :
* Inspiration : (Blogs, Travelogues, Travel Guides, “Best Places to visit” List, Social Media).
* Research & Planning : – Once a Person is inpired, start looking around for the Place to go and basically get a Sense of what to do while in the City / Country.
* Booking : (eg. Transportation, Accomodation, Fooding, Museums & Sight-Seeing, Leasure…).
* Travelling : – Opportunities to upsell Local Services (Places to visit, Best Places to eat,.. presented in the Travel Digital Guide).
* Sharing : – help Users get inspired by others (sharing of Experiences through Travel Reviews, Social Networks Tools & the Ability to “push” a personalized Taylor-Made Guide).

Over the last 20 years, the Entire Contents have been digitalized, standardized and geocoded into an Unique Platform : POWERFOX which has been developed to enrich, maintain, update, automated POI Management in order to exploit an Proprietary Database.
* Full Range of Online Tools allowing all Local Contributors around the World to onload & download Contents which will be validated by Moderators in charge of each Destination and being based locally in each Country.
* Multilingual Contents, through Partnerships with World Largest Neuronal Translation Engine Providers. SYSTRANS : testing & training Neural Motors with structured Petit Fulté Basis.
* In-House Powerful Tools to generate Content in Real Time (Digital Content, e-Books, Traditional Guides, Direct Marketing…).


* Customized and Taylormade Guide Multilingual Sites, SEO Develpments, Intermediation’s Contracts, New Traffic Sources Monetization (Displays, Postings, Native Ads, Affiliation, Audiotel, Data…)
* Readers (PDF & ePub) : : Available for 800 Destinations. Development of Multilingual Platforms & Supports, Monetization with Transportation & Communication Companies, Intermediation Companies, Airports, Tourists Autorities Board…
* Apps (Interactive Travel Guides) : IOS, Andro¨d Web OS, Bada ; Petit Reporter ; Interactive Travel Guides City & regions ; Interactive Travel Guide ; Tips while Travelling ; Ready2Go Tools case for Travelers.
* Delivery Contents with MSN.
* Delivery Contents with Google.
* Delivery Contents with Airline Companies.
* Conciergerie Service.
* Direct Marketing Qualified Databases : More than 1 Mo Socio Demo Profiles that can be reached by email or while connecting to all Services.







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May 08, 2019



  On Thursday May 17, 2018, the new 30,000m2 Outlet Village created by the Phalsbourg Company was opened to an over 7,000 People. It was opened to the Public on May 18. During the Opening Weekend that has attracted at least 150,000 Visitors and 750 000 Visitors after one Month of Opening. Ideally located, 12 minutes from Lyon’s Saint Exupéry Airport and the TGV Station, 30 minutes from the Centre of Lyon, 1h15 from Geneva, directly at Exit 6 of the A43, The Village Outlet intends to position itself as a Nerve Centre of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and thus increase its Influence in France, Europe and Internationally.


By The Phalsbourg Company

To further improve its Connectivity, The Phalsbourg Company has implemented a Shuttle Service from Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport in Partnership with OuiBus, servicing The Village. For Loyalty Scheme Customers, a Limousine and Valet Service are available as well as a Helicopter Drop-Off. Many Tour Operators have already included the Destination in their Programs for Tourists.
































  • La Suite By Baccarat (for VVIP)




  • La Suite By Baccarat (for VVIP)



  • La Suite By Baccarat (for VVIP)



  • La Suite By Baccarat (for VVIP)



With a Population of 2 million People living within a 30 minutes’ Car Journey, and 6 million Inhabitants within 90 minutes, The Village is located in an Important Catchment Area, which is increased by the number of Tourists : 167,8 million Touristic overnight in 2017 in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, 25% of whose are Foreigners. With Direct Flights from Russia, the Middle East or China to Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport, a large number of Tourists are to be expected.

The Village, which has a Total Commercial Area of 22,000m2, was marketed in Two Phases. The First Phase offered 80 Premium Sites to Brands wishing to embark on the Adventure, with Leases for Three Years. Once it opens, the marketing of Phase II will increase the number of Boutiques to 120 and possibly even 150. Many Luxury Brands have already expressed their Interest in the Project. For the Opening 65 Shops have opened to the Public. In July 2018, 80 Signatories have opened their Doors.
Gianni Ranaulo, the Italian Architect and Designer behind The Village has an Office in Dubai and another in Los Angeles. After Several Projects in the United Arab Emirates and in France, he has collaborated on Numerous Occasions with The Phalsbourg Company (Waves in Metz, the Company Headquarters in Place Vendôme). His Work seeks to free itself from the Norm and focuses essentially on “Light Architecture”, a Synthesis between Physical and Virtual Worlds. For The Village, which is built on the Site of an Old Gravel Quarry, he imagined an Architecture inspired by Traditional French Villages.


As a Result, the Village wall is over 3 metres high and made of Black Cast Concrete that echoes Stone. This Delineation, which contrasts with the Bright Green of the Landscaped Surroundings and the Sparkling White of the Buildings in the Heart of the Village, creates a Striking Contrast and better marks the Entrance to the Site. Inside the Village, in the Central Hamlet, 78 Buildings employ a Timber Construction almost 6 metres high, with pitched Roofs, similar to those of Mountain Chalets. Walls abut this Wooden Structure along with Facades in White Screen-Printed Glass. None of these Buildings is Identical. And this Worldwide first required a year of Research and Development because of the Different Types of Materials. As for the Landscaping, designed by Landscape Architect Paul Arène, all the Roofs have been planted in 80cm to 1.20m of Soil and the Silo Parking, which rises over 4 Floors, is concealed by a Row of very tall Birches. 750 Mature Trees, each already over 10 years old, have been planted, and 460,000 Plants and Shrubs complete the Landscaping.

Whether you’re looking for High Street Chains, Exquisite Designer Boutiques, or quirky Vintage Finds, Shopping in Europe is a Fashionista’s Dream come True, but also a Challenge for the Uninitiated. The Chic Outlet Shopping Villages the dot the Outskirts of the Old Continent’s most Fashionable Cities are your best bet for finding great High-End Pieces at affordable Prices. An excellent Alternative to the big, bland Malls, outrageously expensive Fashion Houses, and crowded Flea Markets, these Clusters of Outlet Designer Stores, Restaurants, and Cafés make for the Perfect Destinations for your European Shopping Break. Plus, they offer incredible Discounts, a Stylish and Relaxed Ambience, and Unmatched Facilities such as Luxury Coach Service or Personal Style Consultant. 


Examples of Villages in Europe : Bicester Village (London), Kildare Village (Dublin), La Vallée Village (Paris), La Roca Village (Barcelona), Torino Outlet Village, Wertheim Village (Frankfurt), Ingolstadt Village (Munich), Valdichiana Outlet Village, Maasmechelen Village (Brussels, Antwerp, Cologne), Fidenza Village (Milan), Las Rozas Village (Madrid),…

THE VILLAGE By The Phalsbourg Company : The First Phygital Outlet (Physical, Digital, Experiemental). Philippe Journo (President of the Company) said “Phalsbourg will celebrate its 30th Anniversary in 2019. Since its Inception, we have focused on reinventing Commerce, particularly Peripheral Commerce. We wanted to deliver the Four Pillars on which our Vision is based : Exceptional Architecture, an Exceptional Environmental Quality, Constant Attention to Customer Well-Being and a Digital Service… We brought the Best of the World to make The Village a Success : the Best of Fashion, Home, Sport, Gastronomy, Architecture and the Environment, the Best of Culture and the Best of the Digital World… In the Competition between the Great Metropolises of the World and within Europe, every Major Project matters. Our Ambition is for “The Village” to consolidate the Position of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region in Europe and confirm the Economic Dynamism of the Lyon Region. “

* THE VILLAGE will offer Customers the best of both worlds by using New Technology to enhance the Shopping Experience, in Partnership with the Start-Up Wishibam, which has developed the Online Advice and Sales Technology.
* Customers order their Items Online or Directly from their Smartphone in the Village’s Shops and pick up their Parcels
within the hour at a Central Point or in each Store.
* To access the Application and THE VILLAGE Website, Visitors need to create their Loyalty Card.
* To request the Shopping Assistants, a Free Service managed by Professional Stylists, Customers should fill out a Simple and Fun Fashion Profile, which will allow us to identify their Needs.
* A Member can also create his or her Alerts to receive News about the Brands in the Centre via Push Notifications (in
the Centre via Beacons or Outside the Centre via Push Notifications) or Newsletters.

Source : “The Village” on May 21, 2019.


City of Beverly Hills Recognizes National Travel and Tourism Week as New Visitor Profile and Economic Impact Results are Revealed


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May 08, 2019





Yesterday, the City of Beverly Hills presented a proclamation to Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau (BHCVB) recognizing U.S. Travel Association’s 36th annual National Travel & Tourism Week (NTTW) which began on May 5 and ends May 11. Established in 1983 by President Reagan, NTTW unites destinations across the nation to take part in the weeklong initiative that spotlights the travel industry’s contributions to the economy and American jobs. For the City of Beverly Hills, the travel industry plays an important role to the economic vitality of its businesses and hotels, a message BHCVB is passionate about communicating.

Released today, the most recent visitor profile and economic impact study*, which focuses on visitor** activity for 2018 and also compares results and trends to 2016 when the study was last conducted, reveals that more than 7.5 million visitors ventured to Beverly Hills in 2018, versus the 7.4 million visitors in 2016, an increase of just over 2 percent.


  Growth Increased in 2018, with Beverly Hills Annual Visitor Volume Rising to More  Than 7.5 Million and More than $2.27 Billion in Direct Spending in the City by Visitors

Credit: Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau


Consistent with national trends, the city’s international visitation increased from 2018, now accounting for 80 percent of the city’s total visitors versus 50 percent in 2016, while domestic travel decreased to 20 percent in 2018 versus 50 percent in 2016.

The main purpose of the study is to assess the economic contribution that travel makes to the city. In 2018, more than $2 billion was generated in direct and indirect revenue from visitors, with $64 million in lodging and sales tax dollars, 25 percent of the city’s general fund revenue.*** Visitor activity also supports nearly 13,000 Beverly Hills jobs and saves each resident household $3,300 in equivalent city services.

“Visitors continue to make a great financial impact on our city each year and we are committed to providing an experience synonymous with our brand’s reputation each time they visit to ensure they keep coming back,” states Julie Wagner, Chief Executive Officer, CDME, at Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau.

“We are thankful to our city council for approving initiatives such as BOLD as well as the support they provide for our visiting international feeder markets to continue to build awareness of and demand for the experiences that we offer.”


The comprehensive Beverly Hills Visitor Profile and Economic Impact Study reports detailed statistics and growth across a range of tourism indicators for 2018 compared to 2016, including:

  • Total annual visitor days in Beverly Hills were consistent with 2016 at 8.85 million.
  • Beverly Hills hotels generated close to $48,000,000 million in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), a 17 percent increase over 2016.
  • Visitor spending in Beverly Hills generated retail sales tax to the city of more than $16 million, 4 percent increase from 2016.
  • Of visitors’ major spending categories, retail (i.e., shopping/gifts) totaled $1.3 billion, accounting for a 59 percent share of total visitor spend (including taxes).
  • Visitor spending generate an average of $4,300 per Beverly Hills household in equivalent services provided by the City.

BHCVB conducted the visitor profile and economic impact study with Lauren Schlau Consulting, a Los Angeles market research firm specializing in the travel and tourism industry. The firm conducted similar studies for BHCVB that analyzed the same visitor numbers and trends in 2004, 2007, 2014 and 2016 so as to track visitor trends and growth in the market over time.

Source :  Beverlly Hills




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May 2019




Built Specifically for the NILE RIVER

Viking announced on May 1, an expansion of its Egypt program for the 2020 season, which will include the launch of a new ship. Inspired by the design of the award-winning Viking Longships and built specifically for the Nile River, Viking Osiris is currently under construction and will double the company’s owned capacity in Egypt when it debuts in September 2020. Also launching in the next year are two new Pre-Cruise Extensions designed to enhance guests’ base knowledge of Egyptology prior to arriving in Cairo. These five-day extensions to Viking’s Pharaohs & Pyramids itinerary will provide guests with Privileged Access to archives and exhibits in London and Oxford that are not normally accessible to the public. This announcement comes as Viking guests continue to express strong interest in Egypt – and just one year after the company launched Viking Ra, a completely renovated vessel and Viking’s first owned and operated ship on the Nile.





– Viking Osiris

Hosting 82 guests in 41 staterooms, Viking Osiris will be a state-of-the art ship with the clean, elegant Scandinavian design for which Viking is known – and will join the company’s other ship on the Nile, Viking Ra, which launched in 2018. Viking is the first and only Western company to build, own and operate ships on the Nile.

– New Pre-Cruise Extensions

Building on the success of the Oxford & Highclere Castle program – Viking’s highest-rated Pre/Post Extension that visits “The Real Downton Abbey” – the company has applied the same degree of Privileged Access to two new curated Pre-Cruise Extensions that allows guests to retrace the steps of the world’s most famous Egyptologist, Howard Carter, and his benefactor, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon. Guests on the five-day British Collections of Ancient Egypt extension will meet their Viking Tour Director, an expert Egyptologist, in London and experience Privileged Access to two museums: first a private, early morning visit to the Egyptian Collection at the British Museum before it opens to the general public – and then a visit to the home and personal museum of world-renowned architect, Sir John Soane, where the tour will be illuminated by candlelight, a re-enactment of how Soane entertained guests and showcased his exquisite collection of Egyptian antiquities, including a 3,000-year-old Egyptian sarcophagus.

Guests will also visit London’s Petrie Museum, which houses more than 80,000 artifacts from ancient Egypt and Sudan. In Oxford, guests will visit the Ashmolean Museum, one of the oldest in the world, and home to a varied collection of Egyptian mummies and art – and go behind the scenes at Oxford University’s Griffith Institute, where they will enjoy a Privileged Access visit to see Carter’s archives, which detail the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Lastly, guests will have an opportunity to visit Highclere Castle – the country seat of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon – and enjoy an exciting opportunity to view the earl’s magnificent private collection of Egyptian artifacts. Guests traveling through April 2020 may opt for the new five-day “King Tut & the UK’s Egyptian Collections” extension, which also includes an opportunity to visit “Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh”, a special exhibition at London’s Saatchi Gallery that is presented by Viking.

– Pharaohs & Pyramids

During the 12-day Pharaohs & Pyramids itinerary, guests experience Egypt’s cultural treasures in seven destinations. The cruisetour begins with a three-night stay at a first-class hotel in Cairo, where guests can visit iconic sites such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, the necropolis of Sakkara and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. Guests will then fly to Luxor, where they will visit the Temples of Luxor and Karnak before boarding a Viking river ship for an eight-day roundtrip cruise on the Nile River, featuring Privileged Access to the tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens, and excursions to the Temple of Khnum in Esna, the Dendera Temple complex in Qena, the temples at Abu Simbel and the High Dam in Aswan, and a visit to a colorful Nubian village, where guests can experience a traditional elementary school. Finally, the journey concludes with a flight back to Cairo for a final night in the ancient city.

Source : Viking

* Photos details:
(L): Artist rendering of Viking Osiris, Viking’s new river vessel for Egypt. Inspired by the design of the award-winning Viking Longships and built specifically for the Nile River, the 82-guest Viking Osiris is currently under construction and double the company’s owned capacity in Egypt when it debuts in September 2020.
(R): Artist rendering of the Pool Deck on Viking Osiris, Viking’s new river vessel for Egypt. Inspired by the design of the award-winning Viking Longships and built specifically for the Nile River, the 82-guest Viking Osiris is currently under construction and double the company’s owned capacity in Egypt when it debuts in September 2020.
(Down): Artist rendering of a Veranda Stateroom on Viking Osiris, Viking’s new river vessel for Egypt. Inspired by the design of the award-winning Viking Longships and built specifically for the Nile River, the 82-guest Viking Osiris is currently under construction and double the company’s owned capacity in Egypt when it debuts in September 2020.



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April 2019

Ontario Passenger Volumes are expected to rise further in the coming months, Thorpe noted, as Delta Air Lines initiates Daily Nonstop Service to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Monday, April 22, with a Second Roundtrip also to its Atlanta Hub beginning in June. In the same month, United Airlines will begin one Flight a Day to its Texas hub, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, while Southwest Airlines will add New Service to San Francisco International Airport with four Daily Flights. Southwest will add a third daily flight (Monday-Friday) to Denver International Airport, also in June.
Air Cargo, meanwhile, was essentially Flat in March compared to the same month a year ago, declining less than 1% from 60,200 Tons to 59,900 tons. The vVlume of Commercial Freight dipped Two-Tenths of one percent from 57,700 Tons to 57,500 Tons approximately. Mail Shipments decreased by 8.9%. On a Year-To-Date Basis, Air Cargo Shipments grew by almost 1% to more than 171,000 Tons compared to the first quarter of 2018.
Ontario International Airport (ONT) is the Fastest Growing Airport in the United States, according to Global Traveler, a Leading Publication for Frequent Fliers. Located in the Inland Empire, ONT is approximately 35 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles in the Center of Southern California. It is a Full-Service Airport with Nonstop Commercial Jet Service to 19 Major Airports in the U.S., Mexico and Taiwan, and connecting Service to many Domestic and International Destinations. There is an Average of 67 Daily Departures offered by nine Air Carriers.

Source : Ontario International Airport

Domestic & International Passengers


The number of Airline Passengers who traveled through Southern California’s Ontario International Airport (ONT) increased by more than 5% last month compared to March last year, the Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA) announced. Overall, Passenger Numbers grew from 415,000 in March 2018 to 436,701 last month. The number of Domestic Travelers increased by 2% to 412,440 from 404,334 in March last year. Meanwhile, the number of International Passengers rose to 24,261 last month, up from 10,665 in March 2018, an increase of 127.5%. In the first three months of 2019, nearly 1.2 Million Air Travelers passed through ONT, an increase of 4.6% over the same Period a year ago. The number of International Travelers rose by nearly 135% while Domestic Passenger Volume grew by 1%.

ANNE RIGAIL, CEO AIR FRANCE (France) Facing New Challenges


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April 09, 2019

Chinese Business Club Lunch with Guest of Honor Anne RIGAIL, CEO AIR FRANCE France answering Journalists Questions regarding the Chinese Market and hosted by its President Harold PARISOT.
@ Intercontinental Opera Hotel in Paris, on April 9, 2019.




EVENT ORGANIZED BY Chinese Business Club

Air France–KLM is a Franco-Dutch Airline Holding Company incorporated under French Law with its Headquarters at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Tremblay-en-France, near Paris. The Group has Offices in Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris, and in Amstelveen, Netherlands. Air France–KLM is the Result of the Merger in 2004 between Air France and KLM. Both Air France and KLM are Members of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance. The Company’s Namesake Airlines rely on Two Major Hubs, Paris–Charles de Gaulle Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol respectively.

On May 4, 2018, Jean-Marc Janaillac announced that he will be resigning as CEO of Air France–KLM, after Employees rejected new Salary Package. On 16 August 2018, the Board of Directors of Air France–KLM announced the Appointment of Benjamin Smith as new CEO. He took up his Duties at Air France–KLM on 30 September 2018. On 26 February 2019, the Dutch Government announced that it had “purchased 12.68 % of Shares in Air France-KLM” and “plans to build up its Stake to around 14 %. Anne Rigail is the CEO and Executive VP at Air France from Paris since December 12, 2018. She started her Career in Air France back in 2004. In fact, she is the First Female to hold her Current Position in Air France.



Air France is a Leading Global Player in its Three Main Areas of Activity : Passenger Transport, Cargo Transport and Aircraft Maintenance. From its Hubs at Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airports, the Airline operates Flights to 195 Destinations and 91 Countries. Air France is a Founding Member of the SkyTeam Global Alliance, alongside Korean Air, Aeromexico and Delta. With the North American Airline, Air France has also set up a Joint Venture dedicated to the Joint Operation of Several Hundred Transatlantic Flights every day.
** 101,4 Million Passengers carried in 2018
** 200 International Customers for the Maintenance Activity
** 350 Destinations for the Cargo Activity
** 25,545 Ground Staff in April 2018
** 12,033 Flight Attendants in April 2018
** 3,602 Pilots in April 2018
** 312 Destinations in 2019
** 116 Countries in 2019


The Air France-KLM, Leading European Carrier between EUROPE and CHINA :

Air France has had a Presence in Continental China since 1966. This Shared History has led to the Airline and its Personnel having a Strong Attachment to this Country. Air France and KLM were the First European Carriers to serve : Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, and Xiamen. In the Past, these Two Airlines provided Custom Services for all Chinese Passengers both during and after Flights for all Journeys originating or terminating in China. In order to provide its Passengers with ever more Choices and Possibilities, Air France now offers Four Classes on its Flights to Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, including La Première.

Today, Air France-KLM is the Leading European Carrier for Flights from Europe to China. Air France-KLM offers 90 Weekly Flights from the Hubs at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol Airports, to 9 Destinations in Greater China : Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Wuhan, and Xiamen. With its Partners China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Xiamen Airlines, Air France-KLM offers up to 132 Weekly Flights to China. Air France-KLM operates a Joint Venture with China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines to serve some Destinations in China.


** In 2016, the Hurun Best of the Best Awards, organised by the Shanghai-based Magazine Hurun Report, named Air France’s La Première “Best First Class available” in sSrvice to Greater China and Europe.

** La Première, a Designer Suite : At the Airport, Exclusive and Personalised Service – On Board, uniting Comfort and Prestige – Menus planned by Michelin-Starred Chefs.

** Business Class, a Cocoon in the Sky providing Comfort, Space, and Privacy inside a Cabin made entirely of Curves (“Full Sleep” Seat for maximum Travel Comfort. Over two-metres long and 61-cm wide, it transforms into one of the most Spacious and Comfortable Seats on the Market. Equipped with easier-to-use Electronic Controls, the Seat also boasts a new 16/9 Video Screen).

** Premium Economy, more Comfort and Services with 40% more Room compared to an Economy Seat and located between the Business and Economy Classes ( access to SkyPriority, allowing them to move more quickly, smoothly, and calmly through any Airport.)

** Economy Class, OptimaL Comfort for Every Passenger. Air France has completely redesigned its Seats, especially the Cushion and Backrest, using new Foams. To charge Electronic Devices, there are two Outlets located in each Row of three Seats along with a USB Port for easily charging your Mobile Phone… A more Generous Dining Offer with more Choice.

** Customers travelling to Chengdu, Hangzhou and Xiamen can enjoy a new Flight Experience aboard KLM’s latest Boeing 787 Dreamline.

** Custom personalised attention for Chinese Passengers : Dedicated Reception Staff (at the Airport), Teams trained in Chinese Culture (on Board), SkyPriority: Exclusive Advantages from Check-In to Baggage Delivery.




Designed For Women  By Women



“Our Guests expressed a Strong Interest in an All-Women’s Adventure and it just made so much Sense for us to create this Kind of Trip,” says Lisa Malmgren. “After all, our Team is largely made up of Adventurous Women and we all know there is a Uniquely Female Story to tell on Our Trips, provided we make the Space for those Stories to be told and then experienced. We kept that as the Focus as we crafted this Trip through Peru.”

The Trip, which travels from September 14 – 21, 2019, kicks-off in the Peruvian Capital City of Lima before it’s on to Cusco and the Sacred Valley, where we visit Moray and Maras the Incan city of Ollantaytambo, followed by Machu Picchu, and Chinchero before returning to Cusco for a deep-dive into the City and a Final Group Meal. Trip Extensions to other Regions and Extra Days in Lima or Cusco can also be arranged.

Exclusive Experiences include the Opportunity to witness the Sunrise at Machu Picchu, the Chance to take part in Textile Creation at a Women’s Weaving Collective, dine Al Fresco in the Urubamba Valley, and cook with Local Chefs. Southern Explorations has also been Careful to carve out Free Time for Travelers to further explore Together or Independently.

Encouraging Guests to experience Latin America “Their Way” is Central to Southern Explorations’ Approach to crafting Revelatory Itineraries and the New Peru Women’s Adventure is an Important Part of their Commitment to this Goal.



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March 2019


Southern Explorations, specializing in Crafting Custom Small-Group Trips and Itineraries to Latin America, has unveiled its Newest Group Trip : Peru Women’s Adventure. This All-Women Special Departure explores Peru for an 8-Day Adventure Guided Exclusively by Peruvian Women. It brings together Like-Minded Women to travel through the Heart of the Andes together from Lima to Machu Picchu, exploring Archeological Sites, tasting the Tropical Fruits, Seafood and Sweets in the Market, Hiking, Walking, Talking and Participating in Peruvian Life from a Woman’s Perspective.


Source : Southern Explorations



With Mirabel Youth Centres Association


Photo: The Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge launch event where a cheque of $45,000 was presented were, from left: Sabrina Abdeddaim, Director General of the MYCA; Marie-Claire Certiat, Director of Programs, Airbus Foundation; Philippe Balducchi, CEO of the Airbus A220 Partnership & Head of Country Canada, Airbus; & Mayor Jean Bouchard of Mirabel.



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March 2019

The First Canadian Edition of the Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge has been launched in Québec, in Partnership with the Mirabel Youth Centres Association – bringing the Ttotal Number of Sites conducting this Flagship Program of the Airbus Foundation to 17 Worldwide. The Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge is a Youth Activity and Mentoring Program involving 50 Local Students to interest them in Aerospace and raise their Awareness about Training and Future Employment Opportunities in the Field.



The Planned First Year of Activities of the Mirabel Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge include Visits by Participating Youth accompanied by Local Airbus Employees to the A220 Final aAsembly Line in Mirabel, to the École Nationale dAaérotechnique (ÉNA) in St-Hubert and the Cosmodôme in Laval. There will also be Various Conferences and Workshops including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Activities. AnotherIimportant Aspect of the Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge is to create Mentoring Opportunities between Airbus Employees and Local Young People who are Potentially Interested in a Career in some Sspects of Aeronautics.
“The Airbus Foundation is committed to bringing together all of its Resources to help address the Challenges of Society Today and Tomorrow. One of our most important Projects is the Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge to engage Young People and encourage both Personal and Professional Growth through STEM Activities,” said Andrea Debbané, Executive Director of the Airbus Foundation. “We are very pleased to be expanding the Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge with this pPogram in Mirabel to add to those already operating in France, Germany, Spain, the UK, the USA and Brazil.”
Thanks to CDN$45,000 in Funding from the Airbus Foundation, the Mirabel Program will be managed by the Mirabel Youth Centres Association, which operates Six Youth Centres throughout the Mirabel Community. The Association also recruits the Participants.

“We are very excited to be able to offer the Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge & its Stimulating Activities to the Young People of Mirabel & we thank the Airbus Foundation for bringing this Opportunity to our Community,” said Sabrina Abdeddaim, Director General of the Mirabel Youth Centres Association. “We are sure these Bun but Very Educational STEM Activities will inspire some Young People to consider Seriously what they need to do to pursue one of the many Possible Careers in Aerospace.”

Running since 2011, the Airbus Foundation Flying Challenge has reached more than 4,800 Students Worldwide & involved over 1,900 Airbus Employee Volunteers. The Program is now operating out of 17 Locations across Seven Countries.


Source : Airbus Foundation





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February 2019

Was held a Press Conference at CRT (Comité Regional Du Tourisme – Regional Tourism Committee) Headquarters in Paris, with Valérie PECRESSE (President of the Paris Region), Hamida REZEG (Vice-President in charge of Tourism) and Eric JEUNEMAITRE (President of CTR). The Theme on that Day was the “2018 Ile-De-France Balance Of Tourism”. The Previous Mass and Unprecedented Deployment of Initiatives in Paris and Ile-de-France shows that Tourism Professionals, who are committed to this Regional System, are aware that the Quality of Hospitality is a Strategic Issue for the World’s Leading Tourist Destination. The Challenge for the Destination is Clear: to welcome Visitors to win their Loyalty and encourage their Return.

at CRT Headquarters in Paris – February 14, 2019 with ERIC JEUNEMAITRE, VALÉRIE PECRESSE & HAMIDA REZEG

For Several Years the Destination “Paris Region” has been the most visited Tourist Region in the World. Widely Popular for the Diversity of its Natural, Heritage and Cultural Wealth, the Destination offers Visitors of all ages, from near and far, a Wide Choice of Holidays. The Principal Region for French Art Of Living, it promotes the Influence of the Cultural Values for which FRANCE is Internationally Famous.
You can discover the Many Faces of Paris and its Region with a Variety of Themed Guides such as : The Best Jazz Spots and Events, A Shopping and Eating Guide, A Journey of the Senses through the Parks and Gardens of the Paris Region, Impressionist Journeys in Paris Region, Shopping the French Touch, Follow in the footsteps of Louis XIV, A Journey through History via Five Unesco World Heritage Sites, Sports in Paris Region (internationally Renowned Sporting Events), Art Deco Temples in Paris and its Region…


— FACTS SHEET for 2018 :

* 50 Million Tourists in Paris Region (+ 2 Million Visitors since 2017)
* Tourism Consumption : 21,5 Billion Euros (+ 974 Million Euros since 2017)
* 400,000 People are living from Tourism
* Hotel Bookings : 25 Millions (+ 3,6% since 2017). French Customers : 17,5 Millions (- 197,000 since 2017) – International Customers : 17,6 Million (+ 1,413,000 since 2017)
* Top 5 Hotel Bookings by International Customers (since 2017) – USA : 2,823,000 (+ 383,000), UK : 2,067,000 (+120,000), Germany : 1,223,000 (+ 159,000), China : 1,193,000 (+ 44,000), Spain : 1,142,000 (+158,000)
* Visiting Museums and Monuments : Musée Du Louvre (+25,9%), Centre Pompidou (+5,4%), Arc de Triomphe (6,4%), Château de Versailles (+5,4%), Château de Vaux-Le-Vicomte (+8,6%), Château de Vincennes (+15,5%)

* Forecasts of Airline Reservations for 2019 : In general -6% : North America (+11,3%), South America (-7,9%), Africa (+6,6%), Europe including Russia (-19,6%), Asia (-5,4%), Oceania (-12,5%)
* Projections 2024 with Perceptions of Tourism by Ile-de-France Residents : 52% consider the Impact of Tourism more Positive than Negative – 77% agree with the Fact to promote Ile-de-France Destination help to attract Tourists – 3% are “Tourismophobes”
* Projections 2024 : 62% of Residents are Positive to Welcome the 2024 Olympic Games
* The International Costumers making most Progress visiting the Region are Italians (+27,5%), Japanese (+18,5%), Spanish (+16%). They are followed by far by British (+6,2%), Chinese (+3,9%) and Dutch (+0,9%)
* Progress of Main International Costumes between 2017 & 2018 : USA (+15,7%), UK (+6,2%), Germany (+15%), China (+3,9%), Spain (+16,1%), Italia (+27,5%), Middle East (-3,4%), Belgium (-3,1%), Netherlands (+0,9%), Japan (+18,5%)
* 50 Million French & International Tourists in 2018
* 650 Volunteers deployed in the Tourism Sector in 2018
* 900 People trained (Public and Private Tourism Sector) in 2018
* 2,000 Professionals participated in 2018 in Promotional Operations organized by CRT
* 18,8 Million Euros were invested in Tourist Information Points/Spots in 2018
* Launch of a Digital Platform in July 2018 with 3 Actions : Paris Region / #VisitParisRegion, Click & Collect “Place du Marché” (Market Place offering a Wide range of Offers)
* 43 Promotional Operations are planned for 2019, in France and Internationally : Cross Canal, Online:/Offline,Welcoming Activities, Shopping Promotions, Gastronomy Promotion,…
* 12 New Welcoming Points will open in 2019 (Airports, Train Stations, Tourist Info Points in Differenrt Places…
* Focus on developing Visiting Facilities in 47 Languages
* Increasing Security Measures in Trains, Buses, Underground… with Video Cameras,, Translators helping “Victims”, Mobile Precincts, No Cash Facilities…



“Corporate Responsibility is an Anchor of our Company’s Character, Values and Culture, and is Central to our Employee Engagement, Customer and Business Expansion and Reputation Growth,” said Jim Murren, Chairman & CEO of MGM Resorts International. “Phyllis has been the Architect of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Practices and a Staunch Advocate of the Advantage it brings to our Spirit, our Culture and our Business; we are Proud to call her One of our Own.”

BE’s “Most Powerful Women in Corporate Diversity” identifies Women who are Vital to the Management of Major Corporations, from Marketing and Talent Development to procurement Spending and FinancialPperformance, among other Areas. This Prestigious Listing will be published in their Upcoming First Quarter 2019 Issue.

MGM Resorts Executive In BLACK ENTERPRISE s 2019 Most Powerful Women

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February 2019


BLACK ENTERPRISE (BE) Magazine named MGM Resorts International’s Phyllis A. James, Chief Diversity & Corporate Responsibility Officer, as One of the “Most Powerful Women in Corporate Diversity.” Ms. James leads the Company’s Corporate Diversity and Philanthropy Departments and is Responsible for Managing MGM Resorts’ Policy, Business Strategy and Initiatives focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which includes the Company’s Diversity and Inclusion, Philanthropy and Volunteer Programs.


Beyond her CSR Activities, Ms. James is a Director on the Board of and Special Advisor to MGM Grand Detroit, LLC. Throughout her Career, Ms. James has received Several Recognitions for her Legal Accomplishments and Civic Contributions. In 2015 she was admitted to the American Law Institute, the Leading Independent U.S. Organization producing Scholarly Work to clarify, modernize and improve the Law. In 2016 the National Bar Association conferred upon her a Lifetime Achievement Award.

She has also received many Recognitions for her Civic Service. This year, Ms. James was named to receive the First Annual FOCUS (Feeding Our Community Unparalleled Success) Award presented by In 2017 she received the Human Rights Campaign’s Equality Award at the HRC Las Vegas Gala for Outstanding Leadership and Service to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Community; the “Community Achievement Award” from The Las Vegas Asian American Group; and the “Make An Impact” Leadership Award from Las Vegas’ City Impact Center.


Prior to joining MGM Resorts, Ms. James served with Great Distinction with Mayor Dennis Archer as Corporation (General) Counsel and Law Director of a Department of approximately 100 Lawyers for the City of Detroit (then the Nation’s Tenth LargestCcity) for TwoTterms, from February 1994 through December 2001.

From 1979 until accepting her Position with the City of Detroit she practiced law with the San Francisco-based Firm of Pillsbury, Madison, and Sutro (now Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman) and became that firm’s first African American Partner in 1985, specializing in Complex Litigation. She commenced her Legal Career as a Judicial Law Clerk from 1977-1978 for the Honorable Theodore R. Newman, Jr., then Chief Judge of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.


Ms. James graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in American History and Literature in 1974 from Harvard/Radcliffe College after having received the Honors of Phi Beta Kappa junior year, the Captain Jonathan Fay Prize (then Radcliffe College’s highest honor for a Graduating Woman based on the Graduate’s Scholarship, Conduct and Character) and the lsobelle T. Briggs Fellowship for Graduate Study. She earned her J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1977.

In addition to the feature, BE will honor all of this year’s Most Powerful Women In Corporate America & Corporate Diversity during a Special Recognition Ceremony at their Annual Women of Power Summit: an Exclusive Networking Opportunity with Fellow Top Business Leaders, Motivational Speakers and Women CEOs, held February 28 through March 3, 2019, at The Mirage Hotel & Casino.

Source : MGM Resorts International